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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of the year ... shoot ... pretty must still liking 2010

Good morning. We are getting an earlier start on the day … it’s about 5 A.M. now. We’ve been up for an hour and have had our first cup of coffee. We read over our notes from yesterday, checked the email and then went over where we had left off from our assignment. It is on the competition. Normally, we have been looking at just the multiple authors who have been writing there own book, but because it was the end of the year, we decided to do a sweep of all the books referenced under multiples or dissociative Identity disorder (DID). There are about 273 books and we are up to about 80 so about 40% through. I am learning quite a bit as we are doing the work. There are also about 253 books on multiple personality disorder.

We are going to need cross checking them. I think most of the books will repeat, but it is worthwhile as an end of the year experience to get the complete list.

I guess that is what is mostly on our mind. There were a few nice surprises when we woke up in that Cari our DIL contacted us back and it seems she likes the idea of a special blanket. She’s going to check when her new work schedule comes out January and most likely before the next two weeks when her classes start again for a time we can get together to work on the new quilt. She mentioned picking out fabric, so we’ll have to be sure she knows that a pattern has to be picked out too. There are lots to do lots to do.

The other nice surprise was that Pat our old girl scout leader left us a note saying that she will be getting the book soon and is looking forward to reading it. AND, she passed on some love! Well you know me enough to realize that I just love that up like a sponge! Pat was my biggest role model when I was younger. I think we were together from 7th through 12th grade. It was a marvelous time with her. I don’t know what she’ll think of the book, but I hope it makes sense to her.

Hmm, Missy seems to have waked up since I went to get a fresh coffee … what is up with that? Much too early to mess around with all that! Maybe we just ruffled her feathers a little bit.

Yesterday we had kind of a long afternoon with the work on the Amazon list. I think we kept going until about 7-8 P.M. Rich got home about 5:30-6:00 P.M. He ate and then watched a fishy show or two, and then he put on “The Closer.” That produced some crabby Ann’s . We have been enjoying the show, but thought it was unfair for him to put it on while we were doing something else. We told him that was like a command performance to get me to stop working and come over and massage him. Well, he didn’t disagree, but there was some playful grouchy moods as we transferred from one part to the other so that we could get someone out who wouldn’t mind watching TV rather than do school and business work. I think part of that problem was that we have stern rules within the system as to the manipulation of parts. Rich knows better than that.

I don’t think we stayed up to watch a second show. We lost ourselves to whatever happens when one loses themselves and before you know it we were tucked into bed and Rich was happily reading. I haven’t the faintest idea of how long. The next thing I remembered was Chief gently tapping on my face because it was 4 A.M. and time for us to get up and feed the kitties. We’ve agreed on this time for quite a while. And, we will usually get up for such a nice pleasant waking of the Ann. I really would prefer to be up writing at 4 A.M. than other. And, were finding it makes a whole lot of difference waking up at the big computer rather than the couch computer. On that machine we have more tendencies to fall back asleep where over here we feel rather alert.

We did wake up this morning though with a headache. It seems we are getting them more often if we lay down for a bit on the couch like when watching the Closer. It seems though SOOOO comfortable when we are lying down to do it. We’ll have to work through that issue some more. Maybe a better angle of pillows compared to the straightness of the couch arm. Yeah that might work.

I don’t think we have too many other thoughts than these few expressed. When we are with Rich we are thinking pretty much just Rich thoughts. He talked about his day a little, but not a lot. There was something going on for him yesterday in that a membership came up in Bob’s fishing club. Rich has stated an interest in it, but he didn’t want to pay the full $3900 to do it. I don’t know, but that might be the general cost. I think it is driven up because so many guys want to join. I think that Bob had a special connection to this last one, or at least knew the guy. I think Rich is just going to have to bite the bullet. The group – 200 hundred fishermen own the lake and only so many memberships come up a year. ½ a percent ownership is better than no membership! Hmm, that couldn’t be so bad … if everyone paid $4000 it would only cost $800,000 to own the lake. Wow! That be quite the deal! Maybe my figuring is off.

So, we’ll still be wrestling with him on those thoughts, because someone else got the deal. It’s a toss-up if it went for about that or a little less. Rich said he and Bob heard different things from the guy that was selling it. He’s going to either take up what’s offered or most likely lose the deal. Poor Rich … he has a hard time losing the bigger bucks even though I think he has it. I think it’s a pretty exclusive club. I was there only once, but it was sure enough a lake. I think too … it would give Rich a place to keep his boat in the summertime other than at his Mom’s though I think he didn’t mind having it out back either. We’ll see.

I think it would mean to me a lot more fishing … in that Rich could be taking off during the day to fish or odd weekend days. Bob’s been fishing there in a tournament the last several years and he’s done very well for himself. I think last year he took first place putting his name up on the “magic” board. Good for him! And, I’m sure it is good for Rich.

Ok, then what’s next? This might be one of those old fashioned entrees where we talked about more than just what was happening. Well, at least the chronological information. There’s part of me jumping at the bit in wanting to go back to the project with the Amazon list, but there are parts a little stronger voting for the freedom of thought. That project is better for when we are feeling a little less on the tip of our toes.

I could say something about the weight. I think today we went an opposite direction in that we just weighed ourselves and we were at 296.8. That’s up 8/10’ths of a pound from yesterday and the day before. Maybe if we don’t eat anything before Rich gets up we’ll be better, but I’m not counting on it. We ate some berries left over from last night and there were mistakes made yesterday. One thing was that Rich put Fluff on the berries. We didn’t want them last night because they were frozen, but we ate the Fluff. And then because we were still hungry we had a tortilla roll-up with one piece of baloney and some salad dressing. We probably shouldn’t have eaten chocolate covered pretzels instead of lunch and we had a glass of wine. Ok, maybe these aren’t magic diet ideas. But, to be truthful that’s about how it went down. Rich on the other hand is skimming by because he isn’t eating breakfast and lunch. That’s a near impossible idea for us! Yeah … like we could do it … like I don’t THINK so!

Hmm, wouldn’t we like at least one or two more days of Christmas music? Ahh music! We’re going to try Charlotte Church Christmas music. And, you know what … we got up to change into lighter pajamas and we discovered that it is raining out AND thunder and lightning. Almost all the snow seems to have disappeared. There’s just a little ruffle left to each side of the driveway. Rich said that it got up to the 50’s yesterday. That would about do it. Hmm, that makes it a short season. Likely though January will bring back some colder temps. We cracked the door a bit because the breeze is friendly.

We are not missing work yet … I heard that Dr. Marvin is going to be off a week after next on the 13th. I hope we are going to be ok with that, especially since we skipped this week.

Just cleared off our screen from things that didn’t need to be opened, which is not the same as saying we have cleared off our entire screen. We are down to one Internet file with eight tabs open. We’ve got open our blog, AOL email, school, Facebook, our web page, our old (11-30-10) ranking of Amazon books, and two Amazon links one for DID and one for MPD. We’ve also got this screen – Word and one Word document for the new ranking sheet, plus our Rhapsody. Hmm, I don’t think we’ve told you that kind of information for a long time. Maybe we’re fishing. We WANT to be writing, but haven’t yet thought of something important enough to be writing on.

I’d like to say something toward the New Year, but I’m again not sure. We know that through Rich we have the goal of weight loss. He wants to get us both under 200 this year. I don’t think I’m as positive to that happening as he is. I don’t want to throw negative on the goal this soon. Just it’s going to be hard and need many concentrated hours. Both of us were on the cranky side last night around 7-8 P.M. when we are both usually having a snack. We didn’t want to believe that his fruit with or without Fluff was going to hold us over. Maybe going to bed early was the best result of that. Hmpf!

I think other than weight – writing the books will be the biggest deal. We’ll have to make sure to talk to Carolyn today if she isn’t already off. Hmm, I bet she is gone today. Today would be a holiday. Maybe we better put that thought aside - maybe next year?

Hmm, that’s a goal. Maybe we could ask Rich to take us to the store … or he himself go so that we can get a light for the piano. It is nice to pick up some music too. I wonder where we would go. I used to know of a Schmitt music store around here, but that was a long time ago. Ahh, would figure that Amazon would have music books. We just spent $57 on three books. We got Library of Easy Piano Classics (about 130 songs), The Ultimate Pop Sheet Music Collection (Easy Piano Edition – about 80 songs) and 150 of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever (Easy Piano).

So what’s that about 360 songs? Hmm, that should keep us busy for awhile.

Ok, we’re trying not to be over excited. I might go play the piano a bit now, but there are no earphones for that and there’s no light in that corner. I think Rich is going to let us use the $25 gift certificate from Target for a new light for the piano. He’s just so cool! Ok, ok … happy Ann!

Not so happy Ann. We just checked our bank balance. We had enough for the music, our rent, and our car, but there’s only $60 to pay for the $80 car insurance. I think we’re going to need asking Rich to pay some money in the bank that he still owes. $300 went to the kids (dinner and the last two), $100 should be for spending cash, that leaves $200 in the bank PLUS the $60 in there … I think that should be enough for the regular payments that come out of there, but there will be no money for the extras. I hate that when it happens. BUT, that is the way of a check to check bank account. *sigh*

Ok, we’re caught up again. I’ve got kind of a happy glow. We’re so happy to think of having music back in our life again.


Do we have any quilting thoughts? No, I don’t think so. We’re going to make time to work on Joe and Cari’s wedding quilt. I am looking forward to that now I think. I’m wondering though … maybe I should take down the gorilla quilt for a while? Hmm, if I do that I will never get it finished. Maybe I can still work on that too, but on the side. We might have to clean up one of the tables though either in the front or back if we are going to sew. Shoot. We forgot that we were going to look at the new EQ7 for a pattern for CS.

Pswhoo – we just were over at EQ7. We hadn’t installed it until now. We went over the ten main video’s It seems pretty much standard from what we remember from the last version. There is a part on help where it talks about what has been added since the last program. We’ll take a look at that after a bit. After we installed the program we looked around to see what we might pick up by skimming. I think it’s going to be good, though we are worrying that a lot of it might be too hard for us as to the sewing. For example we love the Mariner’s compass, but we don’t know how to do with the intricacies of the points and such. I think we’re going to need a few more lessons from somewhere before we get to that point. I think that Linda might be of help too in that she has knowledge about paper piecing which is some part of the more difficult designs. We’ll see, we’ll see.

I had started off thinking that we were going to do something special for CS, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m going to wait until we’re a bit more inspired. I need to figure out what would be special to her. I was looking at the alphabets to think through stitching in her name, but I’m not sure how all that is going to go … there’s a lot more thoughts to be thinking through with all that.

Better take it slow and steady. I want to do something really special, but it has to be within our realm.

Hmm good - we are back to listening to the music. We had turned it off for a while so that we could listen to the videos from the EQ7 program. Rich is up by now.

He’s been listening to his fishing show. It’s about 8 A.M. now. I think he’s checked into work and is just getting his day off to a good start. We haven’t been talking too much because I’m over at the big keyboard, and we’re not in visual contact. It seems to make a difference - especially since he’s interested in his fishy world.

Hehehe … that was unexpected. We had an urge and followed through in going over and giving our lover bee a special hug/hold. He’s such a doll! We got all kinds of snuggly feelings now from having touched him. We so much love our guy!

Ok, you … calm down, calm down. We aren’t getting anywhere real fast. I’d like to think of something seriously, but I’m not sure how well our minds are working … seems we’re a bit all over the place. Ok, girls. Concentrate. Where is it that we’d like to go … what is there to be thinking of this morning – hmm?

Cool … we just got some more coffee for Sweetie and us. He’s doing something with his phone. I’m not sure what, but he seems pretty intent. We snuck in one more kiss. He’s just so loveable!

It seems that of late we are more process orientated than anything else. We’re having a hard time letting our thoughts drift. Hmm, maybe if we thought of our book projects some. We need to be getting a little farther ahead as to the next book. I wonder where we last left off. I’m not sure where we last saved the new edition. Maybe I should look on this computer to see if we’ve got it saved. The next idea would be to look at our flash drive. I haven’t any idea where we last left off. Maybe I should look, hmm?

Ok, think we’re on top of things. Well sort of … our mind has been a bit turned inside out. We didn’t remember how the 2nd book ends. It’s got all the stuff about the bad web sites and we were just in and out of a knife incident with Dr. Marvin. That makes us feel a bit racy. It seems we’ve gotten one of the last copies. It looks like we haven’t really worked on it for two entire months. It’s about time to start again if we’re going to do this by the time taxes come in.

We’re going to hope that we have enough to cover it. We’ve got about $4-500 more as to having money for this last month without school loans. It is going to be quite a shock not having that money available again to us.

I think we’re going to know how much is in our Friesen account by mid-January, but I don’t think we have access to that money until the end of March. It’s like mid month for the posting of the amount from the end of the month prior, but then I don’t think they pay out until the quarter ends. I’m thinking the first amount will be from $25 - $100. I don’t want to think more than that for fear of being disappointed. It will be some extra money going for the 2nd book and that is what we need to be concerned with.

One of the things I’ve learned from doing the lists from Amazon is that some of the books that have been in front of us on the ranking are books that have been out several years. The average of the 10 autobiographical books ahead of me after just going through the first 80 books has been in the system for 5.2 years. I don’t want to use that as an excuse because there are like 3other books written in 2010, but still even with those included in the average – most books up there have been around longer. In this group at the 80 mark I’m the newest book by a couple of months. We’ll see … just have to be patient to find out how we turn out …
Just that I can’t let the current standing put me off the game. We should be working on the second book.

Maybe if we come up with some kind of schedule. We want to continue with the list and have that included as part of our assignment, edit book #2, get a light for the piano (Rich), and do some sewing on Cari and Joe’s quilt. I suppose that would mean that we’re not going to get much further in our writing for the moment. Well, wait … shouldn’t we be able to put something into the writing as to it being the last day of the year? Just that we wanted to publish three books this next year … that’s a pretty ambitious goal isn’t it?

I think we’re going to need going back to doing some marketing with Marie, but it seems that we’ve laid low over the last two weeks. I think its ok as to being the Christmas season. Hmm, that’s something else we need to do. We’ve been collecting news on Multiples, but haven’t done too much with it. AND, we have to do a business accounting for the end of the year. This last one should be done sooner than later so we have something to turn into our business accountant. Ok, make a neat list Ann …

1. Complete our last day of the year blogging entry (5 - 9:30 A.M.)
2. Work out a light for the piano (9:30 - 9:45 A.M.)
3. Complete business journal for the year (9:45 – noon)
4. Complete the ranking list from Amazon (assignment #6 of 8) (noon- 4 P.M.)
5. Edit book #2 (4 P.M. – 6 P.M.)
6. Write out some news articles for multiples (6 P.M. – 8 P.M.)
7. Start the wedding quilt again (8 P.M – 10 P.M.)

What to do about Bob and Marcia? Shoot shoot. Rich wants to go out to dinner, but to a movie too? I’m not so much in favor of that. Going out to dinner takes one of these tasks out or makes something shorter. It seems like the edit book part is going to be the task immediately short-suited. Why, oh why isn’t there more hours in a day? Well, time is a wasting. Better get to it, hmm?

The 30th ... Just one more day to go...

Good morning. This is me and we’re back to our regular computer YAYY!!! We started off the morning over at the couch on CS computer and it took a couple of hours getting into the swing of things. We hadn’t been around for a couple days and there were like 328 emails. YEEKS Yes, like 1% the good stuff 99% the advertisements. Still you gotta go through the whole thing to find the good stuff. It’s now about 11:15 A.M. so just chasing down the morning. Rich was here for part of that too. I think he left about one hour ago. He had three client meetings up north.

Rich wants to go to the zoo again and I would like to go … he said it was going to be a mild day, but there’s the part about walking. Somehow on Tuesday I overextended something in that my left foot is sore to walk on. Rich said that we could get a chair at the zoo, but if it’s on the other side or I have to walk down the long corridor, then it might be too much. It’s not fun going to something that is going to automatically make you cranky. We’ll have to see. Maybe it will depend on if there are wheel chairs/adult strollers at the south gate.

Hmm, we checked the zoo out, but there was no reservations that could be made same day and we had to talk into a recording so we won’t know if we can rent them from the south gate – where the parking is closer. We’ll have to see. I left a message. Maybe someone will call back. It defeats the purpose if you have to walk as far to get the devise as if walking the whole distance of the park. I know … you are walking less with an ECV, but it’s just too far without the assistance. I don’t think it’s going to happen. We’ll see.

In other news … it’s been a very busy sewing couple of days and YES we finished all the Christmas projects on time. You had already known we’d given out the blankets to Sr., Rich and Bob, but then we came closer to finishing the last wall hanging and Joe’s Taber on Tuesday with Linda, and we DID finish both for sure on Wednesday before the big party. Everything was done so there wasn’t too much panic. There was panic at Linda’s. I think we must have left about 7 P.M. and we thought we were leaving at 4 P.M. We fell into being afraid that we’d stay until after Tony and we didn’t want to get into that. We felt that we were invading his space, and I knew by the end of the time Linda was tired too. There was more pressure on her than me, but we both worked on figuring out the design elements and how the pockets were going to fit. In the end, one pocket went in and the other didn’t. That just couldn’t be helped and it made an easy project very difficult. If Joe wants us to make some more, he’s going to get NO pockets! That’s the deal!

I was really appreciative of all the effort Linda put into things. Fortunately, she had enough humor to end the day with it, but at times it seemed touch and go.

Hmm, Missy and Chief seem to be negating the space we left over on the couch with the new blanket. I’d hate for them to get bounced because they weren’t getting along. For the record too we ate three chocolate covered pretzels, but that is going to count as our lunch. We feel quite full now.

Rich and us started diets EVEN before the first of the year. I have weighed for two days 296.0 pounds. Rich weighed on the first day 287.7 pounds, but this morning he was at 285.2 pounds … so somehow even after having gone out for dinner last night he seems to already be losing. Go partner! Now the secret would be for me to come down.

I ate for breakfast about 1/4th of my dinner from last night which was chips and all the toppings including cream cheese and guacamole. That might have something to do with my weight, but will see if we can get through the day UNTIL dinner without eating with the exception that Rich says the hard candies Sr. gave us are only 5-10 calories each so we can do those. It’s something. I don’t think Rich is eating breakfast or lunch so that is kinda cheating. We’ll have to see … I know that he’s got more endurance and is more active than me, but we’re going to try to do something here with the weight. Our body is just too heavy to carry. Rich says we have to get on the scale EVERY day. So … again, we’ll see.

After we got home from Linda’s we went straight to sleep. It had been a long late trip and it was before the diet, so we had a hamburger and fries off the $1 menu and we drank about 1/3 of a shake. We were pretty filled up with that and we WERE really tired coming home. Rich said that we went straight to bed and he had to follow us in there to get his kiss. I remember him meeting me downstairs to help with the sewing machine and not too much else.

Yesterday for most of the day we sewed. We didn’t pause to do any writing or work on homework. Shoot, we gotta do that too. Maybe we’ll work on it on Friday. I don’t remember, but I think Rich was doing something, though I usually now days get to spend New Year’s night with him. Maybe we are going to need taking some kind of small nap. I was really pleased how the sewing pieces came together and we were very happy to be at the restaurant with so much family. Cari wasn’t there, but Nikki and all four girls were there and that seemed very comfortable. As it turned out we also gave the girls some hot chocolate mugs and then Isa got Rich’s cash register and Ame got the somersaulting dog. It was just a little extra, but all of them got then the wall hangings and the $25. I think only Jade and Jasmine had spent the money so far, but I’ve no doubt the other money will spend just as easily.

We finished the money thing by giving Joe his and Cari’s $100 and then we gave Maury and Joe a poster for the book, Cari got another thread catcher, which was really funny because before Joe knew what it was, we’d already made sure Cari had one. They are just too darn convenient. Linda made them which were really super and she made one for me too, but then I figured that should get Cari something extra. Rich found a special star bucks cup and traveling mug, but the bigger deal was that we gave Cari some quilting magazines and asked through him that she looks at them and gets some idea. Then we told him that we wanted Cari to come over and we would design something together, and then we’d pick out fabric – most likely through Jinny Beyer’s on-line and then I would try to finish it before her birthday in April. I would like to start today on the 2nd wedding quilt, because I’d like that late project finished before starting on the next. I am looking very forward to seeing what the two of us might come up with. Cari is very creative and as Joe said we can be pretty sure that it’s going to be pink. Silly Cari! Hehehe gotta admire her gusto!

I think everyone liked their gifts. I felt bad that we didn’t have more to give out. Poor Isa throughout appetizers and dinner kept asking Granma when we are going to open those presents. Poor girl … she was pretty fluttery. I told her at the start when it was finally time that her package had gotten ripped so we were going to take it home to re-tape it. It took her a moment. At first she said ok.

But, then she said Granma it’s ok if it is torn. We just laughed and laughed she was so gosh darn earnest!

Joe also seemed to like the tabard. It came out pretty gosh darn cool AND he liked the emblem. It was a series of 8 weighted triangles of two different colors every other position. It was like a star pattern. Joe started to talk about his next game coming up I believe the second week of January, so that gave me a good impression that he was surely going to be using it. YAY! Joe said something about when you are a geek, you don’t mind looking like one. He’s just so gosh darn cool.

Maury and Rich sat next to each other so there was some stuff they were talking about. I think they went through the cool thing about the dinner, which was that Nikki and Maury had found the location and they had a $50-75 coupon that they paid only $6 for. It really took a nice piece out of the cost. Rich and I were going to share the cost of the meal, but he was indicating he might take it, but maybe it’s something I want to do too, because I don’t want him to feel pressured financially by my family. We’ll work it out. He’s pretty good about handling the money stuff.

Joe is saying the next Nero event is January 29th. MUCH TOO LONG! That’s at least what we texted him back. We’ve got to work on that boy’s sense of timing.

We just emailed a note to Thom asking if any of his plans have been made yet. I don’t know who’s picking him up at the airport or who is getting him first. Or, for that matter if he’s going to stay at only one place – maybe he will answer pretty soon. I’m so looking forward to seeing him. I don’t know yet … haven’t thought about it at all, but I still might take some time off … I don’t know if I can arrange to take off sick time, but I might do that. I really want to be home when Thom is here, even if I don’t get to see him much. Lord only knows I have enough to do in the meanwhile. That should help my anxiety about the vacation ending too soon. I really want to be off for an extra week. Again hadn’t thought about it for awhile, but I know that what I’m going to do.

I’ve got to remember too that I have Dr. Marvin’s tonight. It’s always a little harder to remember when you are out of order, for example staying home on a wonderful day off.

I sure do like getting back to this keyboard. I think it helps to be sitting up in the chair and our fingers go really fast and I’ve got the big double screen so can be seeing more at once. This is definitely the thing to do. Depending on how much we spend with Thom here, I would like to really get my little keyboard fixed so I can return CS computer on the 8th. We just sent back and forth a message to Linda and the girls as to be meeting on the 8th. I think that’s going to go through just fine.

Pshwoo. Just got a return note from Linda. She was afraid that she stressed me out, but I was afraid I stressed her out. She is giving me more credit than I deserve in figuring out the zipper, but she’s the one that sewed it and started the whole thing. We figured when we had to but it was hard work getting us there, but if stuck with something to do, we can usually get around to it. It was hard getting the parts there that could conceptualize the work, because we wanted to be depended on Linda for figuring things out. We heard her though she kept stressing she does well with directions, but she doesn’t like to conceptualize. We’re learning … we haven’t had TOO much experience with us working together, but we’ll get there too.

There-there. We just wrote a note back to Linda. All is balanced when I keep up with her notes. She’s on her way out to lunch with her hubby. Sweet!

So, what’s next? Should think through the day. I think we last wrote on Tuesday morning right before going to Linda’s and then there was the BIG sleep, sewing, party, this morning, and NOW! I think were gosh darn caught up. We did get a little note from Diane saying she’s reading the book and she thinks we write well, YAYYY! I’m just sneaking back into the time where we read everyone’s messages.

Sometimes we get off-track and a little overwhelmed with the project. Taken that there are so many people who leave notes, it sure is a lot of thinking to balance each other’s lives out. I really really do love Facebook. It’s just such a good “getting out there” tool. On the side though we’re hoping that Thom writes back and we check that space in our email box often. Who woulda figured, hmm?

Let’s see about 1-1 ½ hours before taking a shower. We don’t want to get into the next project until after the appointment. AND no … well, ok, maybe I should take a look over at school to see where all that is. Hold on. Hmm, it looks like a couple people did lessons while we were gone, but not many … Lesson 5 was only done by me and one other person and it closes Jan 4th. I’ve still got to do lesson 6 & 7 last date due on Jan 6 and Jan 11th, plus there will be another new assignment coming up tomorrow. I better shake a leg, but I will do them on Friday. I think I just about ran out of today, especially if we go to the zoo. I wonder if there is a chance that Rich can go for the chair and meet me at the front – whether it be the south or north lot. Maybe that is an idea! I know he really wants to go out and I don’t want to disappoint him. We’ve had such a good time with it in the past – especially that one time when it was snowing. Really nice - he’s such the romantic!

WooHOO … a couple nice developments. Pat is on-line and we are talking back and forth. I want her to have a copy of the book and I darn well know she wants a copy! Pat’s like our oldest and dearest friend. She’s still out in Virgina Beach so we’re hoping that maybe before the end of next year we can get out and see her.

I would like to visit my cousins out there as well. And, there is something else of news! It turns out that Pat used to save copies of our transcripts. I hardly remembered that at all, but she brought it up so it must be. I told her that I’d be interested in the manuscripts for books 4 & 8. As long as we have money coming in we’re going to buy the next book and the next.

The other development is that we sent a note to Dr. Marvin canceling the appointment tonight. We also talked to Rich and he says that we can go out and that he’d be in as soon as he could, but it might be more toward 5:30 P.M. I think we’re going to eat around 4:30 P.M. But, I would definitely look more forward to the zoo if we could go earlier – so it’s not as rushed, and if I hadn’t put all that time into walking before I got there. Dr. Marvin’s is about 4 blocks all together from the parking garage to his place and back.

AHA! Dr. Marvin just wrote back and we are now officially cancelled for the night. I’m pretty sure he has tomorrow off and this will give him a jump on the weekend. It seemed like a really good idea because last time was just so nice … it’s how I want to remember the end of the year. We gave him the book and although we talked about CS and stuff, we really did talk about some good stuff in that we were worrying more about the intelligence – ours, and he did his best to reassure me without me pressing him too much. I don’t remember why … Oh yeah it had to do something with the homework. I don’t recall though what we were working on. I suppose it might be a good idea to visit the school site once more.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It be one of those very happy mornings!

Good morning. It’s me. We woke up right at the right time – 4 A.M. Sweet! This is going to give us some time to write, but STILL get out of the house on time. We’re leaving at 6:30 A.M. to be at Linda’s about 8 A.M. We are all packed and ready to go. We just got our coffee, and the only delay was that we were watching Missy play with a rubber band he stole from Rich’s foot stool for about 12 minutes. She is sneaky kitty! Chief isn’t much less to blame. He is over on Rich’s chair. They seem to like it over there. Good kitties 

Otherwise the house is pretty quiet. I’m thinking I should let Rich rest and bring my own things down, but then I won’t get to see him. It turns out that he’s going to wait on bringing his oldest son home because he’s got a party he’s going to at the end of the week. It’s nicer that he is around the area for longer. Maybe he and Rich will get another chance to be getting out.

There’s not too much news today. Yesterday we did work on one thing though; we got Isa’s top of her snowman wall hanging done. I was really pleased with it. The snowman is sitting on a hill guiding our view with his hand at the snow coming down. I sewed on 14 buttons that were really snowflake designed. There were two designs actually … I couldn’t have been more pleased. I think that Isa is going to like it as far as these kinds of things go.

We did most of it in the back room … Rich was here for the part where we were appliqueing and then he went out with Bob and Bob’s father to talk about phones and to go out for dinner and then later I heard Bob went bowling while Rich went out to another store with the Dad, and then he brought the dad home. So during all that time I was able to get done with the quilting part, and then I was able to sew on the buttons with Rich being here and watching a couple of shows. Well for the most part … the shows obviously took longer than the button-putting-on. All the time we were pretty sure we were queen of the buttoners. Pshwoo! Nice feelings!

We took a little nap before Rich left. I’m not sure where that came from, and I think we wrote in the morning. Don’t think there is anything else.

There was one fun part in that … we realized that Rich hadn’t done anything with his “candle” fountain so we put that together. It was a matter of getting a couple of batteries out of the freezer and then putting some rocks in the base of the fountain and putting some water in it – less than a couple of cups. It’s really nice. Each of the plastic look-alike candles has LCD lights in them so they stimulate in their unevenness in going on and off real candles. The middle candle is bigger and there are two even smaller candles the first one cascades on to. It’s as if the bigger candle has melted on either side and the water is more like melted wax. The sound is very pleasant to listen to.

Ok that’s really about all that happened yesterday. We didn’t get a chance to play on the new piano keyboard. We were pretty focused on other things.

Nothing new is happening in the book world. We didn’t talk to anyone at FriesenPress over the last six work days. No reason really … just not much going on. I am going to need paying attention to school work soon. I don’t have the last lesson done. Maybe I should take a look at that right now.

Hmm, that is discouraging … only 7 of the 18 people finished the 3rd lesson. It closes two weeks later, which is tonight at midnight Pacific time, and then 5 of us did the 4th assignment and I’m the only one that did the 5th assignment and no one has done the last assignment given last Friday on Christmas Eve. This is really a big shame that so little is actually carrying out the assignments. It just doesn’t make too much sense. I think the sixth session is on customers. We’ll get it done on Wednesday or Thursday … depending on how much I get done before going out with the kids on Wednesday. It’s just a shame that the class isn’t getting more out of the course. It’s really an important course.

Hmm, how did we get Missy sitting at our left arm … just how did that happen?

I was just reviewing our management team for the company. It was an assignment that we worked on for lesson 4. It was like …

Management Team

• Accounting – Our accountant, Ann
• Operations – UIC – Dr., Ann
• Manufacturing –Our Publisher – Manager Book Publications, Our life partner, Ann
• Customer service - Ann
• Marketing – Our Publisher – Marketing Manager, Ann
• Sales – Our Publisher – Manager Book Publications, Ann
• Information technology and computers - Ann
• Industry-specific challenges, Our life partner, Ann

We should be having a business meeting … I will actuall meet with the accountant like the third week of January if he has time. By then I should know if we made anything off the book sales. The operations part is really during our meeting with Dr. M., but maybe we can update things a bit. I know that we haven’t updated our business journal for a bit and that’s going to have to be done as soon as we get past some of the sewing. PLUS, we have to catch up the multiple news and come to some kind of an accounting for the Marketing plans through Marie that aren’t taking place. I don’t think there is much that can be done with manufacturing other than a BIG thing … and that is that we have to start on the editing for the next book very seriously.

Customer service might be taking a look at how we are doing with our first wave of customers. They each got the book before Christmas. So we should figure out how they did with the book and also check to see if some of them couldn’t write some kind of review for Amazon. I’d like to ask that of Linda today too. I’m not sure if she would feel comfortable with that kind of request, but it would help in general. We checked on our Amazon again today … and by now we have the “look inside” feature going. Over at Barnes & Nobel, they have both the hard and soft cover and the soft cover is actually almost a $1 more than the hard cover in cost. That’s a little confusing. Nothing much happening over at Borders … they just have the electronic copy and there is not book jacket yet.

I haven’t checked lately on the web site either. Might as well glance at that. Hmm, it says about 99 people stopped by and that they are staying about 6 minutes on average. Sure could be a lot bigger, but I’ll be satisfied with we’re still building.

It’s about 5:30 A.M. now and we’ve been drifting. Better get in and take our shower. I think we’re going to need stopping in the 7-11 for coffee because the cup is down in the car.

AHA!!! Rich is up … well yes we had to wake him, but he was pretty insistent he’d be the one bringing down the sewing machine and starting up the car. He’s such a good guy. I suppose there’s not much more to do except finish this note up and be getting on with my day. I don’t think other than the phone there is much else I have to be doing. Whoops … just got the call on gas. Yes dear. I will fill up. I checked the bank account to make sure I had enough … she looks good, but will still have to get Rich’s money in there. Maybe $400 in the bank and $200 cash – we’ll see how that goes.

Is there anything else? I don’t think so. We’re very excited to get on the road again. So until the next time … smiles away!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with Rich's Mom

Good morning. This is me… We’re getting a late start because its already 8 am. I wasn’t too with it the last couple days, we find ourselves writing Linda and then in the playing around stage afterward, we’ve been falling asleep. This time though after nodding off for a few moments we met up with Linda in an IM and now Rich is up so we chatted for a few moments. He’s in-between and we’re in-between each other and each of us on our own computers. It’s that stage where if someone says something you wait and hear the other out. Right now he is talking to his brother and letting him know that he appreciated all the work that Mark went through in cooking yesterday. That was a nice thing.

We did go to Rich’s mother’s … it was sort of the same in that there was a fair amount of screaming. Rich’s Mom is in the middle of it and particularly it’s thick between her and Bud and her and Mark. I know this is a form of communication that is a norm for them, but it is still difficult to hear. I was a comfortable size in that there were Mom and Bud, Rich and me, Jill and Jon, and then Mark and one of the folks very good neighbors Jeff. Bob and Marcia were supposed to go, but they stayed home and created an apartment party instead and then Mark’s two daughter’s and Crystal’s son was supposed to be there, but Crystal had to work until late and Brandy wasn’t up to it.

We came in a little earlier in that Rich thought dinner was going to be at noon when we were expected, and so when the kids were late – after 1 pm, Rich asked the dinner be pushed back, but Mark had thought the dinner was at 2 pm so it was pushed back to 3 … so in-between 1-3 there was more preparation for the party things going on. It worked out ok.

Mom was in a cranky mood when we got there. I walked in while Rich was still getting things out of the car. She was at the table in her Pjs and Mark was there rolling out the orduerves, Jeff was new to me, but was at the back end and Bud was sitting in the main rocker. They were all testy and there were comments made as to bringing things in and I said we were just helping Rich and then there were comments negative on him and it was noooo it’s not like that … he just had a lot to be bringing in … and it went on from there. I walked out of round one kind of stunned. When I got my next handful from Rich I said those people in there are being mean. He seemed to have expected it, but they were still doing it the next time so I slowed down. I went as far as the door and I got something for Rich, but I went out to the outdoor room instead of going into the party.

I made sure Rich knew his mom wasn’t dressed yet even if it was after 1 pm.

So Rich and us finished bringing in stuff and then we both sat outside in the sunroom. It felt like it was tiring all ready. When Bud came by to ask why we weren’t coming in I explained that Mom was in a very slow process of getting up and since she had a walker and the space was small we were waiting to go in until after she passed through the hallway. That got interpreted from Bud back to Mom that Rich and Ann were refusing to come in because she wasn’t dressed. *Yeeks!*

I think it took Mom about an hour to get dressed and there was some more arguing back in that area. It did give me a chance to talk with Jeff and get to know him. He was a real nice guy. After a while Jill and Jon came in so it was Jill that helped her grandma finish up. Jill and Jon seemed positive. Especially Jill called her grandma when the granma was pushing boundaries. Jill seemed to hold her Grandma to proper boundaries though it seemed that Mom was drinking. Mark complained later she was up and down all night.

I think the situation got better though in that after Mom was comfortable and had happier people around her she started to brighten up and become more talkative. I didn't like that Mom was riding over a conversation Jillian was having, but Jillian knew how to handle that too. It would have been much better if Mom were a better listener, but her grandaughter understands her.

I’ve been talking to Rich again about the experiences of yesterday. I think he was feeling more nostalgic, so we mostly just listened. But, there was one other thing I wanted to note about yesterday and that was the situation with Jon.

When I had come in I took the chair in the back of the dining room closest to the window, but then when Rich’s Mom got out of the bedroom she was seated next to me, which is generally the situation in that I usually listen to mom and fill her in on things that she is missing. I don’t think about it normally, but that’s been an accepted role. But, then when I got up to use the bathroom, I had noticed that Jon had taken my seat so I sat down a couple chairs away. I changed chairs twice at the dining table and four different chairs in the living room until I found myself sitting with Rich's brother Mark. That was different, but I had felt bad that I hadn't recognized that I might be invading John's opportunity to sit with his Granma. Naturally he didn't say anything, but there was a lesson learned there in ettiquete.

It was the right thing to do, but on the side of feeling so much less important it was still hard. But, then if that’s the way I felt maybe the kids were feeling it too … Basically the farthest from Granma IS the farthest from the center of the room. This should be a lesson learned. I am glad that I got a few moments in-between things to spend some time with Mark and before Jeff … Just it was different. It was hard to feel heard so far away from the action.

I think its natural when we are there normally in that Mark’s kids sit in the corner with him and when Buds kids are there they are liable to spend more time away from Mom, so I make it my part to always give her someone like me who will listen to her. It think now something positive could be said in that Jon if not for his own opportunity to be with his granma, but also for his granma that he be her wingman … well it was just a real nice thing for him to do. I took that gesture earnestly. Again I didn’t like the feeling of being out of the loop,” but in respecting their space, I’m glad it happened without much adieu. They deserve every second with her they can get, and she the same.

So that was pretty much it of it. Gifts were exchanged and everyone got nice things. I think even though there was yelling particularly at the beginning it got better and people will remember more of the good stuff than the bad. There was one part in that Mark tried so hard to get his girls their in time to spend some moments with their cousins, but there was really enough going on that that would be something better put off until there was a better time frame for all. The kids wanted to get on with the evening and they would had to commit to a much longer time frame to get the other visit in. They really were there to see their granma more than anyone else. And, that has to be honored, just like Mark’s girls got time with their granma the night before.

We managed to stay up with Rich the whole time back to the place, but the trip didn’t seem so long. Rich was in the forward car to get Jon and Jill somewhere they needed to be, so I could tell for that period of time he stayed in a quiet tense mode. He was worrying about Jillian – not that she was a bad driver hehhe although she DID go through a red light! Poor Rich wasn’t having such a good time with that though, maybe not Jon either. I can see though how it happened. Anyway … after Rich could step back a bit … he seemed to relax and talk more. It seemed a good conversation. I think it’s normal for people to sorta de-brief after events such as this. I’m sure Rich’s Mom and hers, and Jill and Jon were doing the same thing.

When we got home, Rich needed some chill time. I think we talked a little to finish our conversation, but then I remember Bob calling and maybe Doug?

I don’t know I had taken medicine as soon as I got back and I got very tired and fell asleep on the couch. I don’t know what time it was when Rich woke us up to go to bed. I don’t think we gave him any trouble. I’m pretty sure before Rich got back into bed we were sound asleep. And that brings us up full circle as to the day.

There was one extra exciting bit of information … well maybe two things. We connected to Linda via the phone on the way back and she had communicated that Tony had gotten her a computer for Christmas. Man-o-man I couldn’t be more excited. We wrote a note to her after getting up and then we talked to her in an IM before Rich woke up. She’s really starting new so we’ll be very patient in helping her out. I’m so excited that she got the computer, I think she’s going to learn yards and yards of stuff. This morning we gave her the link to get to the Quilting Bloggers. There is a group of like 4700 quilters that all blog. I told her she should blog and join the group and she’d never spend a lonely day!

This was prefaced of course by her statement, now that she had a computer, she really didn’t know what to do with it other than Facebook. You can tell she’s at the very beginning, but I think her own natural curiosity is going to pull her up to the game! So excited.

The other part of excitement was that she agree that we could come to her house tomorrow. I had written to her before the party about coming on Tuesday and hoping that she’d help me with the zippers in Joe’s tabard. I’m soooo happy about that. I’m sure there will be enough Christmas chat for all along with us both getting something done on the sewing machines. Now that I know where she lives … 1 ½ hours seems like nothing. I’m thinking we’ll plan on leaving here at 6:30 A.M. and leaving her place before dinner at 4 P.M. Rich is planning on bringing Jon back so he’s going to get home about 7 P.M so then maybe we can have him bring up the sewing machine. It’s easier to take downstairs than up. That also means that I have to be getting along pretty soon here if I’m going to finish or get mostly the way through with Isa’s wall hanging. I did ask Linda if we could get one more thread catcher for Cari. I was looking for something special and I think she’ll like it because she can use it with her yarn trimmings. WooHOO!

Then all Christmas shopping will be done. Still waiting on Thom … don’t know if I will have anything left, but I’ll find another hundred if he’d like anything while he was in. Rich is going to owe me his $600 soon, so that should cover if Thom will accept a gift. I had asked Rich to pay early rent and my car from my money so I wouldn’t pre-spend it. I would be brave to look in my checking account, but we’re not ready to do that much quite yet.

Rich is back in the room and he’s turned on some Christmas music. It’s been so long since we used the sewing room we’re sorta looking forward to getting back there. I can imagine we might even turn on CNN … it’s been a long time since we did that too. It’s hard though in that we’d gotten the piano keyboard and the computer keyboard and we have to leave the living room to get past all that, but if we’re not here … those things just sit begging for us to come back. So much to do … BUT! It’s Christmas and first come first … lets finish those gifts, right?!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas was a big hit! We'll just start her here

Good morning. This is me. AND, guess what?!! We’re back to using the big keyboard. Yup yup … the new one finally came in and its working and everything. I’m so happy to be back over here at the big computer. It’s been about a month. I’ve been very grateful to CS for letting us use her laptop while these transitions were happening, but I’m feeling much better at getting back to home base. Pswhoo.

It’s happening!

We’ve only got about an hour before we need to leave. We’re going over to Rich’s Mom’s – leaving in about an hour. We’re happy about that. I’m looking forward to being with the family. There was some problems in that Rich’s youngest son felt slighted in that I was going to be there and he wasn’t, but it had already been established and he was going to spend the time with his grandparents and dad on New Year’s Day. But, I guess Rich got a note this morning saying the son wasn’t happy with the situation. I don’t know what else to do or think about it. I know its Rich’s business and that of his sons. I’m just here. There’s nothing I can do about that.

So that’s that with that. Did that makes sense? Three out of five words being the same, hmm, I don’t think that’s happened to me before. Sweet. The start of something new!

We’ve been having an extremely nice couple of days. I just LOVE Christmas and ours was perfect. I talked to all three boys though the call to Thom was short. I still felt good about it. He said he loved me and that about floated me to the top clouds of our minds. Then we got to talk a little longer to both Joe and Maury that was super nice. I just can’t say enough about how much I love these kids.

Every word spoken with them is golden. I’m looking forward to being with them in a couple of days. We’re still planning on meeting on Wednesday about 6 P.M. We’re going out to dinner … it will be a big group of about ten I believe. We might have to remember to make some reservations … we need to talk about what kind of meal we’re going to be having. I’d like to go somewhere like a steak place. We’ll talk to Rich about it on the way to his Mom’s maybe.

Maury is doing more than his share in that he’s got some special discount things so that we should be able to save about $50 or so if we go to the right place. I’m really looking forward to that. I think we’re going to ask Rich if we can split the cost 50-50. I think he’s already inferred that he can help out, but then it’s like partly we’re both giving to the cause. I’m so happy to be going out with everyone. It still means that I have to finish over the next couple of days the lat of the wall hangings and I’m still trying to figure out if there would be enough time to do one more in that I don’t have anything special for Cari yet and I want to do that. It would make me feel sparkly. I think that will be on the agenda tomorrow morning.

There’s more to be reporting though in that we’ve been having the greatest couple of days too just with me and sweetie pie. It’s been such a nice Christmas.

Christmas Eve we spent some time cleaning and Rich was doing some cooking. Bob came over for dinner and there was such a ton of food. Rich had gotten shrimp and crackers and cheese and meats and then there was stuff he made in that there were cookies, bars and he made pie – but, we didn’t get to the pie there was so much other stuff. There was some gift things of the pretzels covered in chocolate and candies and a tin of cookies one of his fishing buddy’s wife made. Then Rich was afraid there would be enough so he ordered pizza too. There was so much food!

After talking and dinner the guys watched a couple of fishing shows which was nice and gave me some time to be doing writing. I was in the mood to record stuff. I don’t know how far I got and I do hope that it got recorded in the blog. We’ll see … it might be over at the other computer. This one is feeling oh so good! Oh good, I checked and the information is where it’s supposed to be – posted on the blog. We’re very happy about that.

It was a big deal to be giving Bob his blanket and then before Bob left we got a picture of the guys both together with their quilts. I was so happy that I’d created all that it was just the most amazing thing. I have to remember too that I want to bring Rich’s quilt with us to his mothers so we can show it off. I wish mostly that Rich’s Mom could see it, but at least some of the others can. I’m pretty gosh darn proud of it. Maybe she can see a little about it. I want to let her know how special her son is to us. It’s a pretty big deal.

I also want to give Jon and Jillian a copy of the book, but we’ll just tell them about it and give it to them later when Rich is taking them back. I don’t want to get them in trouble with the mother for having contraband. Hmpf! Ok, enough of that. We are mostly though just happy that we have something special to be giving them. Jillian has had the electronic copy but I don’t think she’s reading to fast, but the book can sit around and not have to be read to remind them there was a book. I’m so happy to have both the quilts AND blankets AND wall hangings done.

It leaves me with a very strong feeling of being creatively productive.

Now we’ve been talking to Rich about the plans for the afternoon. All the schedules are set to be jiving. It’s going to be me slowing down the works if I don’t get around to moving soon, We’ve got about 45 minutes yet, so I guess we’ll have to get dressed and ready so we’re ready to leave with Rich on time. I don’t think he’s taken out the goodies from the oven yet … we’ll check on that in a few when he’s off the phone making last minute arrangements. He made dressing and apple pie this morning. We were the chief apple peeler of course. There were apples in both items.

Oh oh he’s talking to his brother and the brother appears to already be complaining. Maybe everyone is a bit festivaled out. I think there is a lot going on … I think his brother’s kids got there early because Rich is already saying the kids are going to miss each other. That might work out better so that Rich’s family gets more time with their grandma.

Whoops better get going … time’s not standing still!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It is soooo Christmasey Eve!

Good morning and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! It’s us again and here we are all together and there’s Christmas music playing there’s still time to write – though starting late, and I’ve got two cozy kitties curled up next to me. Rich was here but in a whirlwind of Christmas goodies thoughts, he whisked his big heart away to the grocery store and we’re flying! I’m thinking we’re taking ourselves off coffee at this point. I only drank the normal half pot, but my brain is so jingly I don’t know how the cogs are still managing to turn. It’s now 11 A.M.

So wow … where do we start? I guess I’m going to do better with recent stuff first, so like what’s been happening? Hmm, Rich was home later last night, but not too late to party a little. He came in with Eggnog and SOME thing!

Pshwooh! We didn’t even NEED that to get happy. He came and sat over by me and said we hadn’t been spending enough time together and I turned so gooey I almost fell off the couch. I think what happened is that we’re both finally feeling good again after each having colds since Saturday. It must have been a small bug. First we got it and then he did and there was no Mickey Mousing around if you know what I mean. HMPF!

Ok, moving along as if on a slider floor. Hmm, we seem to be more slippery today than normal … where does THAT come from?

We had a good talk this morning, but it was pretty much me getting sillier and sillier … there was way too much cookie and pie talk to be thinking serious. PLUS … we’re on vacation now! WooHOO. I was pretty much counting down the minutes … It was fairly quiet at the center because the party had been last Friday and nothing special was happening. Some of the staff turned up to say Merry Christmas and there was a few presents. I got a Mary and Jesus glass globe, and a quilting book, and some candy and some chocolate and almond bark pretzels. Those were nice additions to my life. I thought the globe was too nice and I should re-gift it to someone, but Rich says that it’s Christmasey and we are not Christmasey enough so that it is going to stay.

I thought I had some stuff up in the cupboard, but now that I’m thinking about it. I probably DID give stuff away. There is one Christmas ornament I really like … it’s small, but it’s a five inch three-piece ornament that says, “JOY” and in it is the baby Jesus and an angel on each of the two other letters. That decoration is three feet from me on the bookshelves in direct line item view and it stays up 356 days a year. If we all just practiced Joy a little bit each day the world would be a whole lot better.

Ask the kitties! Bob sent over a big box of these miniature size kitty foods in a can. Thought we’d just got a discount at the bank! They were like all over it. Happy kitties, happy kitties!

Another thing to be happy about is that most the people we’d sent out books too were reporting getting them yesterday just in time for Christmas … That made me SUPER happy! Most were excited to read them, but that part makes us a little more nervous. We still aren’t in the know about how people in general are going to take our books … both the people who know us and the people that don’t know us. I want to be successful, but I don’t know if we’re going to be understood by people or if the books are worth … ok, ok … you get the drift … we’re just a little negative part of thinking that good things really aren’t going to be happening in our life, but here it is!

Last night we were with Dr. M. and was trying to prove some point and in our frustration it was like YAH! It must be right, because dammit there’s a finished book on the table! I really don’t remember the context, but it was funny. I’m sure it’s not going to happen again that we come to that line of thinking and Dr. Marvin has a copy on the table. Most the time book thoughts seem to be more virtual. There’s a space in our brain not fully wrapped around the literalness of there being a book. I think the closest we get is that we check almost every day and sure enough there it is over at Amazon.

Today just I’m in the top 20% of books on Dissociative Identity Disorder and sometimes I’m better and sometimes not, but that seems about where we stay.

Ok, not remembering where we were going with that … better read back.

Hmm, well maybe we haven’t gotten too far into our thoughts yet. Did you know that it was snowing out? Yup, yup. Did we mention Rich was Shopping!?? We actually went last night just to work on the part where there was going to be some Christmas presents for Rich to open. Nothing big … we can’t of course stand so long so we did our shopping at Walgreens. I’m pretty sure that most of you have an idea of the kinda stuff that’s there.

But, we tried to shop specific to Rich. We got him some under the hood type stuff, but then there was special stuff like his athletic tape and something on his dash to hold his new phone AND well some happy Rich stuff … but that’s enough of that … oh the tape? He wraps up before games and we got him some toys … just a couple food items, not sure what else … but there was a bottle of barefoot wine in there.

It was just the happy kind of random shopping that multiples do … you know you see it and think THAT will make him smile! It did confuse us that after all this time we haven’t exactly picked up what kind of deodorant or after shave he uses. Silly Ann … usually Rich does the shopping. BUT, it was the thought that counted. AND, he got a twirly toothbrush. He NEVER gets the fun stuff!

Ok, shhh … that’ll be a surprise, right?

We found that he wasn’t coming home for a couple hours when we called him, so we got out the wrapping stuff and fixed up the presents already. We usually have a pretty good time wrapping presents. When you are at a store the trip goes so fast, you never really remember just what it was that you bought so wrapping presents gives you that one last chance to look at them one last time … and all the time you are thinking how the other person is going to like it or if you think you got just the right thing for him. I wish we had a lot more money, but I’m pretty sure the electrical bill will wait an extra month. That just be the nature of the beast.

You’d heard the part about me getting the cold and then about Tuesday Rich getting the cold so we weren’t moving around too much here. I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday and the big deal was in virtual shopping for Rich’s phone. After giving us a very hard start-up on the project he finally started really having some fun with it. We were both talking and breathing phones for quite some hours, and even further into the day … he’d call and ask a question about it or perhaps I’d find something and I’d share back.

We narrowed it down a bit or at least tried. He needed to make a decision to Go with Sprint or stay with Verizon, and from there he had to decide whether his Smart phone was going to have a keyboard or not. He came to the decision the hard keyboard was redundant if the phone had one on the screen. We weren’t getting far fast with the phone companies. So in the end we were between Sprint’s EVO and Epic and Verizon’s Galaxy S series or Droid X. We shopped on Wednesday at both locations. We got terrible service at Sprint and very good service at Verizon. That did count. And, eventually Rich went with the Verizon phone. He got the Droid X.

The salesman was the manager and he knew how to push buttons … what sold Rich over was that the salesman was showing him something and he pushed an icon with a microphone and said 2-3 words and in an instant the phone googled his items and there he was … Rich about dropped his pants. It was a deal maker.

Rich and us knew at that move it was no going back to the other store – a different sprint store although the girl at the bad store did manage to tell us that Sprint now had swipe. Wow that knocked my knees

Just checked all that out … couldn’t find off the top where to get it or how … I’m hearing it’s supposed to be an auto thing … to many of the links we were picking up were old – from the summer. There were two newer ones, but they didn’t have too much info.

Rich just came back … heaven what have we been doing. I know we wrote to Linda, but other than that? Not much. He came in bustle grouchy. I knew it was going to happen after he stuck his head around the corner saying, I thought you were going to move just a little. MY GOSH … don’t you know where my minds been since he left? We’ve been all over the place. He steps in the room and expects we’re going to change over our interests, but we’re still doing stuff.

Then he through at me a UPS envelope … he knew I was waiting for that. It is the package with my fabric for Joe’s birthday present. I want to start that right away, but … hmmm, wouldn’t it be nice to give to him early?

Dear dear … now Rich is rushing me again. We paid him a courtesy visit out to the kitchen, but he started giving us tasks and it was like WAIT WAIT … TOO MUCH! So now we are out here hiding again. We know what we have to do, but it’s not time yet. We barely wrote anything  We haven’t even talked about how beautiful Joes fabrics are. We keep stopping to touch and feel them. I LOVE new fabrics! Especially the kinds you pick out. I haven’t been disappointed by Jinny Beyer’s yet. Damn here comes Rich.

Oh. He was just doing something nice by bringing flowers in … he put them by the TV. Well that was nice and now we’ve got all three fabrics. The black had gotten here earlier. It’s going to be a really nice combination. I can hardly wait, but by then things will be neater around here. I know I know … someone has to splash around that pixie dust. BUT NOT ME NOW!

Shhh, shhh girls don’t get in an uproar. As far as we’re concerned there is 4 ½ hours to finish things and the picking up isn’t going to be more than 30-50 minutes. Mostly it’s just moving around all the Christmas presents around here. How did THAT happen!?? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be setting out some plans how we are going to move this congestion. It’s happening in all four rooms so to move one thing is putting something else in the way. Hmm do you remember the olden days when we used to talk about FlyLady? Sure be nice to hear back from her one day. She has to work some magic into our lives.

She does like to say don’t worry, just jump in where you are. I think the first thing I will do is take my sewing things back to the back room, but I’ll have to move some stuff in there to get to the new stuff.

Shoot shoot … this is going to be hard. Both the gray and maroon has little parts of smeared in black and it looks so tough next to the real black. It’s just so gorgeous! I’m such a sucker for color … I think we’re going to be ok moving around in the house pretty soon, but we don’t want anyone barking orders at us. Ok, we’re thinking maybe in about 20 minutes if King Tut in there will give us a little break. He’s still out in the kitchen sorting through stuff he went downstairs to get some more stuff and we asked him to remember the pretzels, because we will put them out tonight.

Rich has got some idea that when I move my sewing machine he can move the drafting table next to the glass doors and that we’ll be able to put something on it so we can fill it up with Christmas presents. That’s actually a pretty cool idea. Then in some of the hours to fill, maybe we can start and help with wrapping some of the packages. Most his are for his kids, but I have some wrapping to do myself. I think that maybe I’m going to have to give Joe and Cari some fabric that’s going to LOOK like their items.

Remember? We still got the wedding blanket to catch up with. It’s something I’m going to need getting excited again about. Just been out of sorts since this book thing came up, I’m thinking I should really be retired so I can do everything. *sigh* Wouldn’t that be a nice dream?

Hmm, 16 minutes … maybe I better put something in about school … I have been working the last couple days of doing it. The time we were sick we forgot all about the part where there was something else going on. We’re still a little worried about the school in that I’m feeling guilty for doing work. I think everyone that was going to be in the class – about 18-20 people did the first lesson and about 80% might have gotten done with the second lesson, but then it went down to about 45% in the third lesson and about 20% are done with the fourth lesson and I’m the only one that did the fifth lesson AND we’re supposed to be starting the sixth lesson today.

It just doesn’t make sense why people are so far behind. The guilty part is that mine might be showing as being well done, but I couldn’t help that part … I just did how we do things. I didn’t think of trying to show anyone off.

I don’t know. Feel kind of terrible and terrible for the teacher. She hasn’t said anything to anyone, but I don’t know what she must be thinking.

Is it like this with other classes? I’m thinking she’s been around long enough to see all varieties of classroom activity, but there’s another part.

I don’t feel like I’m getting my share of people to talk to about stuff, either my stuff or theirs. I did run into one woman, but she didn’t seem to appreciate me. I’m missing out on peer support.

I think I had advantages … in that I’ve worked Master’s level work on-line so I’m more used to the format and deadlines, where others might not be. But, I think each of them are in here because they want to think about developing their business so in that respect, they aren’t doing anyone a favor. If they aren’t confident enough to work on their own businesses … I’m sorry just grumpy … I wish people were doing more together. But, there’s sure no problem getting the teacher to look at your work … I’m glad she has SOMEthing to do when she’s here.

Hmm, more Rich encounters. He came in to do his lunch. He was eating leftovers and he had to have a fishy show on, but I don’t know how much got watched because we were talking about Christmasey stuff. His daughter called to talk over something and said that Rich’s mom is still mad. I guess she’s not talking to anyone including Jillian. Rich seems more calm about the waves … like it’s just happening and he doesn’t want to get really involved, but he was the one to tell Jillian. Yeeks! Rich has got a back-up plan and that’s good and I think what’s relaxing him. He says he’ll just invite people over here … That’s fine with me. BUT, I’m pretty sure the mom is going to come out of it. I don’t know why its so hard for people to get along.

Of course I get along with everyone … ok, well let’s not go there.

Well a little … We’re still having problems with CS. She’s being very one-tracked and thinking mostly about an inheritance. I’m so way sick of that … I did give her a call yesterday to see if there’d been any progress. At one point I even asked. Do you have anything on your mind besides the money.

She just sounded then confused like there wasn’t any other worthy conversations. When she jumped suddenly over to Thom being somewhere there was a war easier then rolling toilet paper … HMPF! Yeah like there’s no way we’re playing that game. You gotta pretend it’s of interest first. I just don’t get her.

But, Dr. Marvin said boundaries. So we’re focusing on that. I’m going to give it ten minute intervals and if she can’t sort to some business more important by then then I’m just not going there. I can seeing the two or maybe now 3-5 of them jumping through the same tired conversations trying to progress something. I think that Nancy is there now and I’m thinking that Nathan and Dani were over last night. I hope it worked out. CS is saying she’s going to be moving into the MIL house with Nancy for a while. I think it’s under the pretense of sharing responsibility, but pretty much I think it’s just no one trusts that the other is going to get more. That’s enough of that though. All speculation on my part. AND, we’re over our self-imposed ten minute boundary.

I would like not to end things here though. Rich is taking a 15 minute nap so I know we have to wind things down. I am not going to like it if he stays in here to clean because he’s too bossy and acts like we’re an appendage instead of cleaning because it’s my house too. But, I could lick his ear in a second. I think that’s a barometer we use. Could we reach out and lick his ear or are we more upset than that. Usually we’re pretty good. But, we have our scarier stories. Fortunately, not now - It is the most wonderful time of the year.

You wanna hear something? It’s already later, much later about 7:30 P.M.

Before I think it was something after 1 P.M. SOOO now we’re like after the eating part of the party and to the point of Bob and Rich are watching a fishy show. It seems to have calmed them down some, but then all of a sudden they get a little crazy. That be fisherman for you. Hehehe

We have been having a very nice time … there was soooo much food.

Bob is so much fun to have over. When we showed him where the quilt was he staged that he was down on one knee having a heart attack. Poor Rich was like hey if that’s a real one you better tell me know. He was playing but it was real cute. He gave us a gift too … he gave us some champagne and I thought that was a fine idea … so like lets drink it right away, but you know stalwart Rich. BUT, they let me have some afterward. But one bottle three ways it’s not going make me lost going to the bedroom or nothing. And, then later we gave Bob one of our books, and then Rich gave him a book too.

Rich’s boat was Fishing for Dummies. *Gigglin* that went over real well.

That’s what got the both of them into fishing again. Bob was like reading stuff to Rich and I was thinking … hmm, this might be a good time to put away some stuff. I took off most of it and left the cookies and candy. You name it it’s on that table.

Rich got into a real baking mood. He made peanut butter cookies for Bob, and then he made these toffee bars and then he made a peacon pie. Did I tell you already he was going to do all that stuff. It was like the most amazing display. We helped cut the cheese, meat and we put out the crackers and stuff. There was a lot of stuff … shrimp too! Then Rich was thinking it wouldn’t be enough so he got some pizza too.

The disappointing part was that Marcia didn’t come over with Bob. She’s still at her mother’s house. I think Bob is picking her up later, but I don’t think she’s coming over any time soon. We’ll probably send packages home with Bob. She got a book and chocolates. We’ve been pretty happy all day.

Hmm, ‘cept for one part … Rich was like micromanaging me again so that every little thing I was doing he was correcting me … so someone didn’t like that so well and he got scolded back. I think afterward he tried to be more careful, but that didn’t last long. A lot of times we like to do stuff on our own because even if it isn’t the perfect way to do something it’s at least our way and there’s a smooth part to not having to readjust. Pretty much because if you were really doing that many things wrong, you would have to worry about why you bother getting up. AND, I’ve grown to be over 50 making that many mistakes that’s something hard to take. Just think how many mistakes we didn’t get corrected.

Ok, enough of that. Poor Bob is following around Missy trying to catch her.

I don’t think he’s going to win out on that shot. She’s not running, but she is staying pretty far ahead of him … just with her saunter.

Now we’ve had to pause to pet both cats. They are letting us know they were pretty put out with us. I think they felt they had to hide and then that turns out to be our fault.

Bob’s over here now and we’ve got a kitty between us that he’s petting. He said the other chair wasn’t as comfortable.

Ok, so that’s that … what else should we be talking about. Think we about got the kitty subject covered. Nice … Chief finally laid down. I haven’t heard from the boys, I’m not real sure what all they are going to be doing today. I know they were with family. I’m not feeling real bad about that.

I’m much more into Christmas morning. I think after Bob leaves today we’re going to be doing a lot of package wrapping with Rich. He cleaned off the kitchen table and instead filled up half the bedroom with stuff that he’s giving out. I think this is the one night of the year Rich gets us to bed without too many problems. He just has to say something like what? You don’t mind missing Santa? Like oh my God do we jump into bed.

I can’t believe it’s almost here. Christmas morning is just the best day of the whole year! Oh I forgot one of the gifts that Rich is getting is an omelet maker. That might turn out to be a good deal. Bob has invited us over for pancakes, but I can be pretty sure we’ll be hanging out in our pajamas all day. We think we know what Rich is getting us, and it’s going to be soooo cool if it is. I think we talked about this already something about being on a short list?

Let’s see did I do all my regular thoughts? I don’t think I told you yet how cool it was to be at Dr. Marvin’s last night … we were pretty sure he knew what the box was that we handed him and he asked if he should wait or open it and it was like OPEN IT! We directed him to the saying part and he said he liked it … he leafed through it enough to be polite. I know by now that there isn’t anybody stops to just read a book when they get it. It’s like you pick it up and test the weight, flip through the pages once or twice and then it’s all over. Well except Bob … he was interested in what dummies know about fishing.

But, anyway, Dr. Marvin was in kinda shakey form when we first came in … he was having trouble focusing. Later when we called him on it, he acknowledged that it had been kinda rough because he had sent everyone home about 2 P.M.
so he was handling most of the office on his own. I’m pretty sure that I’m his last client, but it’s still a very long day. He said that he was going to be staying in town, but that he was going to be off through Tuesday. I knew he was looking forward to getting home too. A little further into the session I think he started to return more to his effervescent self.

He seems to have been helping us quite a bit with our confidence of late. I think it was the third week that we’d been in school so he was getting parts of assignments. This last couple of days we had been working on an assignment where we had looked at goals, customers … maybe we told you about this part … we had this part explaining services and product and then how that part affected the customer. Later our teacher said in a nice way that our 2nd part was too close to the 1rst part and she said the second part should be more of an emotional response to the product.

I hadn’t gotten that do the reading, but this teach seems to be right on in explaining herself so we figured we’d have to think it through, but there had been so much done that we knew we wouldn’t do it over again. I don’t like the idea that I might miss out on something that she wanted me to learn, but I was pretty well burnt out with it.

Think was that with Dr. Marvin he was doing a pretty job at calming us down in that we were thinking that someone wasn’t writing right. We told him that it didn’t make sense and it was a language we didn’t understand, but then he looked at it and said that it was fine. There was really no where we could go with that.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday still recovering

Wow! I was going to go to work, but Rich said we should stay home one more day!!! Yay Rich! I’ve still got the cold and are achy tired, but I should do something constructive today either with the writing or with sewing.

Maybe writing first, but then within a couple of hours we could try sewing. I think if my sewing room were neater it be a different thing, so maybe we should plan on that too, hmm? Maybe we’ll do the cutting in the other room and sewing out here in the living room. That’s where the machine is now. Rich says we might put presents on the drafting table where the tree and sewing machine are, but that require some-buddy move something. Yeeks … We’re not so sure about that.

It’s almost 7:30 A.M. We went in and woke Rich up about 7 A.M. and now he’s up looking up his daughter’s plane schedule. I think she has to stop at Salt Lake City before coming into Chicago. Rich is going to pick her up at O’Hare and before that he’s going to his new company’s Christmas party. He sure gets a lot of them.

Ok, we’re not going to get into all that again right? It seems we’re in and out of a Christmas slump. One moment we are feeling fine, and the next moment we are dizzy and confused and not so much for Christmas. That’s not so good. We do have a whole day off I’d really like to see something get done.

Hmm, Rich said Bears won big last night 40-14. Pswhoo. That’s a lot. Brett Favre got knocked out of the game and the Bears kept scoring. I think we fell asleep. We were having a little trouble coming in and out of sleep and discomfort. That’s a terrible way to spend the day.

Rich got out to the post office yesterday afternoon and he said the books were no trouble. Did I say that part yet? I don’t think so … we last left off they were done being wrapped and labeled. It cost right at the average of $7 a box so that is good in that we figured that much. We saved 14% by doing it on line rather than at the post office. I felt good about that too. Big deal was getting CS computer hooked up on the printer and that didn’t seem to cause any real problem.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Not much for Sunday ... Have a cold :(

Good morning. This is me. We’re in the sewing room now and it’s about 10:15 am. We’ve been up with Rich for the better part of a couple of hours. I had come down with a cold yesterday and had taken Nyquil last night so I was coming in and out of sleep, but he had his Sunday Morning show on so we watched that without resistance. Just now we’re in the back.

We checked out our normal numbers and we’ve made an advance with the book ranking. We were going down and had gotten to about one 1,800,000 and now we’re again in the late 300,000’s. WOOHoo! We must have sold some books! That’s a great feeling.

We checked the Trib for Deborah Shelton and it doesn’t appear that she’s written anything yet. I think she’s just got a lot on her plate. I really think she’s going to contact us one more time before she finalizes our story. I hope that we’re still of interest to her. I don’t think she’s done with her research yet, because I think Dr. M. would have sent an email if she had called him. He’s pretty upfront about those sorts of things. I can be patient.

We talked to Marie from Friesenpress on Friday and she had some tips for talking to Deborah and she also said that we should really hit the press releases today, but we’re not quite up to that. Maybe yet before the day is over, she is relatively young, but it is late for us to be writing and we have some of that discussion to go through. I don’t think we’ve written a lengthier piece for a bit.

We should write some on our whirlwind trip yesterday. We went to both Linda’s and CS. Linda’s was the longer of the two … we stayed from about 9:45 to 12:45. Then we got to CS about 2 and stayed until about 4 pm. We had coffee with Linda and we had lunch/dinner with CS. It wasn’t until after dinner on the way home that we were aware that our throat was scratchy and now we have a bad cough. Rich humored us though on the trip home and he got us a frosty to make our throat better and we drank a couple of bottles of water. When we got home, we changed clothes and slipped under a couple of blankets, and we slept for the better part of the night except the part where Rich made popcorn. We must have good nose sensors, because we woke up then, but fell asleep after sharing.

He got us to bed sometime in there – we had been sleeping on the couch.
The next thing I knew we were up about 3:30 – 4:30 A.M. and had written to Linda and then we fell asleep until Rich came in about 8 A.M. to watch the show. We got Nyquil last night and Dayquil this morning, so I’m probably not feeling the worst of it. I get really impatient being sick … so my thought is that we are already on the road to recovery. Yay ANN!!!

Being at Linda’s was very surreal. I was so happy to be there. She has the most charming house. It’s 2 story with two bedrooms downstairs, and upstairs there is a larger bedroom, bath and nice size loft. The downstairs had an open kitchen, dining and living room area and the living room was two floors so you come in and are looking up at the loft where Tony has the computer. It’s really nice. Linda decorates well and is the perfect hostess.

One of the next things you see beside the loft is some beautiful stain glass windows. It turned out that Tony made them. It’s really unique.

There is a lighthouse one over the big front window, a nice fishy one over the double fish tanks and this beautiful landscape one in the extra bedroom. Oh and that was another nice thing. Linda has her sewing room in the front of the house and the light is very cool! She has her sewing room set up in the front window so there is quite the view to be looking out when working. I felt very comfortable in her house and the majority then was spent with coffee in the dining area across the kitchen … there was a long divider/counter between the two rooms so it seemed that when Linda was in her kitchen proper she was on a stage. It was really comfortable and I liked it how the kitchen was longer along the dining room, instead of being at the end of the kitchen as in most places. It gave you the best angle on what was going on in the kitchen as you are talking to the cook. Sweet!

I took Tony’s chair, but Linda said it was only his chair during dinners. It was the best one because it was in the corner and you could look over to the kitchen and out onto the living room. Perfect view! We went in first and then when Rich parked the car he came in and Tony came down.

Tony showed us the glass and then went on to tour with Rich … he wanted to show him his special car out in the garage . I’ve heard Linda talk about it, but I just took a peek and figured it was man business. It turned out that Tony also made the wooden furniture about the house, so we’re thinking that between the two of them they are probably really “hands-on” literate.

There was a while that Rich talked to Linda and us and there was a time after Tony got off the phone that he talked to Rich and we just talked to Linda by ourselves. Everything that could be talked about got talked about and we just had the nicest time.

Afterward we went to CS. We met her at home, and then through a series of three to four calls, we ended up meeting Mark too at the restaurant. I was really grateful that Rich was there … it is a different kind of conversation with two males … like at some point they are going to be talking over football. Usually it is between the Packers, Bears and Vikings. There was a good amount of talking too about stuff that had been going on as to the result of Mark’s Mom passing. That was just stand to reason. Mark was the one who seems to talk the most which seems to frustrate CS and Mark clearly talked about things that were on CS mind that she was choosing not to talk about, but that just went on as it did.

The trip there, back and in the middle with Rich was very nice because we got to talk about our adventuring and about stuff that’s fallen to the wayside with Rich’s busy schedule. I was pleased with the conversation … only got frustrated a little bit and in general fall to holding hands.

It’s our status quo!

It was a very full weekend. Pretty soon we are going to take a break. We already took our shower. Maury has called and he and Rich and us are going to be meeting for lunch at some sandwich place called Potbellies ten minutes from here. It will be my first, but it seems to be a favorite of Maury’s and Rich says he’s familiar with it. I’d like a nice half sandwich and soup if they have it – seems good. I’m not sure if I should bring Maury his book or wait until we meet the following Wednesday. I think Maury is of the mind of getting it sooner than later, so we might just bring it with us. That be a good deal.

I’m going to need time afterward too to clear off some space so I can send out the other books to wherever they are supposed to be going. It would be nice if I got them in the mail tomorrow so they might make it to their destinations before Christmas. I don’t think that the post office is doing as much business as they would like. But, it should be busy enough.

We’ll have to talk it over with Rich to see if he goes for us, or if we leave for work late. We’ll see.

Hmm, doesn’t seem to feel like I’ve got as much to talk about as we were thinking. Maybe we could say some general things. Like I think we’re going to get Rich a phone for Christmas I’m really hoping so at least. He gave us a little trouble when we talked about it so that was like no good. We’ll talk to Maury about phones too. He’s really happy with the one he’s got and it’s got a nice swipe attribute, but I’m not sure if Verizon will have the same phone as sprint. I’m pretty sure Maury has Sprint like me. We’re sorta putting Droid X, Droid 2 and HTC Incredible to comparison. I still like Droid X better, but some of the reviews are older so I’m not sure if its still the best. Maury will know. It does have the slider and no extra stiff keyboard.

Ok this is going to take some time.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Few notes ... processing the day

Wow … it’s got all the way until Friday since I’ve written. It seems there’s been Christmas stuff that’s going on especially today. It is the day we have Christmas celebration at the center. It was suggested that we go to chapel this morning to be a part of the Christmas Mass. We did go, but it was hard because of all the standing and then sitting. I also have some difficulty because I’m not Catholic and so being at a service where they don’t include you in all the elements is hard. Mostly it’s the host part. I have never liked that. If I had a church, I would have a service that included everyone throughout. But, I’m just being a little grumbly where I should be.

This morning we woke up about 4 am and we completed Sr.’s quilt. The blanket was don, but we wanted to so on the strips that would hold it on the rod; we ended up taking 10 strips from one of the jelly rolls CS gave to us and folding them to the appropriate size and then we measured and sewed them down. It was pretty smooth until the very last inch. That’s about the time my sewing machine decided to go haywire. I fussed and fussed with it, and then decided to bring it to Sr. Marcella and I would just take my shower. But, then in the shower I remembered that sometimes it’s because your needle goes bad. So even though it looked fine and had been sewing fine, I replaced it and WALLAH! It WORKED!

I was very happy to be able to finish it …

I brought it to Sr. Theresa and she had an idea that it could go on top of the chalk board until it was ready to hang in its permanent spot in the dining room. It’s pretty cool … I felt proud to be standing there thinking of it with her. I also liked how the straps turned out. They are solid, but soft, and there is just the right number of them.

I also brought in today Sr.’s book and Margarita’s book. I wrapped them in a box with nothing too fancy on it except to say Merry Christmas to them from me. Sr. took hers and put it down for a bit … she’ll probably go back to it when nobody is around. That’s about when we took care of the blanket with her. Sr. now knows that just Karla and Margarita got the book.

Margarita wanted to share hers with Maria, but we said a soft no. I feel bad for keeping those boundaries, but I’m more worried about overwhelming Rich. I don’t want that to be all of what people remember this Christmas for. It will get out soon enough.

Today Sr. Marcella found out about the book. She’s so cute … she said when do you have time!?? I told her we get up early because we love to write.

And, then as it turned out she and Margarita and us took another tour to see the blanket and she said when did you do this? We just laughed and laughed I told her remember we wake up early. I guess if there was a life lesson here to be known it would be the early bird gets the worm.

Everybody seemed happy with everything and so it made it a special morning for us. I know there will be more going on at the Christmas party, but I don’t think the staff is really giving too many gifts out this year. I decided against giving out to everyone because of the finances this year.

Besides the books and wall hangings and Joe’s deal then we’re going to split up the December money so that there is $100 each to Maury, Nikki, Joe & Cari, and $25 each to the four granddaughters.

I wish it could be more, but that’s about it. Thom doesn’t want his gift, so we will use it to take people out to dinner. Maury didn’t want to go later with his big group because of be sidestepped because Thom was there.

He said if he was around he’d drop in, but didn’t want that to be the main dinner. We agreed to keep the Wednesday between Christmas and New Years open for he and his girls. I’d like Joe to be there, but if he wants to wait for Thom coming back that will be fine too. If not … I guess that means a third dinner out.

I’m still hoping my mother gives us her gift. Usually it is the $200 … so I figure with that I can buy something for Rich. I’m thinking of giving him the gift card at Cabella’s. He’s really lining up his summer. He is going to be part of his regular group, but he is also going out with another local fishing group except they may go out on day trips, BUT THEN … he is joining Bob’s fishing club. It’s a group of 200 men who OWN a lake. Sweet! It might cost a couple thousand though.

When that thought hit me this week it was like. Umm Rich? I don’t understand. Last year you didn’t finish the year because there wasn’t enough money, now this year THREE fishing groups? But, he seems to think he can handle it … so there’s not much more to say about that, except we better get SOME time in with him. We might be bringing our netbook though instead of doing too much fishing. There’s just so much to be getting done.

I haven’t thought out too much … in the sense of making Rich’s Christmas morning special. I have to think about that. Anything I give him takes away from the big gift. He’s been hinting that his kids chip in and buy him a $450 fishing pole. But, I don’t know what they think of that. I could be giving him half the money if he doesn’t get it from the kids. I know that he would find something to buy in addition if they were giving him something. I would like to have something Christmas morning … the only other thing would be to go with him on Christmas Eve or the day before so that he could have something to play with. That’s important to me … that he can play with something. Hmm, that’s a thought … I wonder about getting him a phone … He could play with that!