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Monday, September 6, 2010

Business of the Day

Brought over from 8-28-10

Good morning. This is me. It’s already 5:15 am. We’ve been up for about 30-45 minutes. We’re just trying to take in the day. Yesterday evening was pretty exciting. I loved talking to Natalie … they are based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

She’s just so nice. We talked for a bit in warming up, but that might be a misnomer because at least after she could place our name things were nice and warmed up from then on. I think that we could become friends who encourage each other, but then again as soon as we turned back to business she really knew her game. It helps that I like and trust her from the start. With this company it seems I just keep finding more and more good stuff – like a flower that is beginning to bloom.

Ok, girls keep it simple. Now where for a flower to run this morning … it’s still early!

Natalie and us talked over some of the things that would be coming up … I hadn’t told her right away that my mother was funding the project, but it came up soon enough and from there we had business to discuss. My most imploring questions were of course providing for the rights of the people I know so that their privacy is maintained. I will have to keep a good look out for problems when I reread the manuscript this weekend.

I put something in Facebook about it looking like we have a publisher and about a dozen really nice thoughts came in that were very supportive. I’m so happy inside were just percolating! We might have to take our medicine soon so we don’t get lost in our own space. Hmm, that’s an idea … better do it now. It is close enough to the proper time. My right arm is a little tingly too so we’re going to have to watch that. Oh, enough medical … let’s be moving on.

Let’s see … half an hour from now should be about 6 am. I’m going to wake Rich up then enough to be finding out when he really wants to get up. I don’t think we got too much time to spend together yesterday. He didn’t get in until 10:15 PM or so.

He had a football game with his crew and then they went out to get something to eat afterward. I know Rich says these guys are only acquaintances, but I truly believe it’s more and that he enjoys their male bonding time very much. I was getting pretty tired by then and I’d already taken my medicine so while he was getting comfortable I decided to go to bed. I don’t think I could be mad because of how he spent his time, but I was a little disappointed in the conversation we had between things while he was driving to meet the guys.

Basically, something had happened to me that was a very big deal. I was going to get published, but he only said a line or two and then he went back into explaining some call that one of the refs had made. This was soon after I had talked to my sister and she’d done pretty much the same thing. I got from her more that it was something super, but then it was a lot of listening to her medical situation. She is now finally home. She got there sometime Friday morning. I hope that I listened patiently, but more of me might have been happier to be off the phone with both these people and back to thinking of what was happening or with what I had to be doing.

There is a lot of editing ahead and hopefully some of the concrete thoughts we had as we were listening to Natalie will float down. Stuff like being published to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google – though we won’t be able to pay for the stocking fee. I think if there was one thing we nudged out of the deal it would be covering that part. I would like to be in paperback on the shelves for Christmas time. That really is our goal. She says that 60% of publishing sales take place over the Christmas season. What’s something else? She says their sales reach world-wide to 25,000 book sellers. That’s pretty impressionable.

I didn’t catch on until yesterday when I reread their publishing guide, but they say that they act as a talent scout for some of the bigger publishers. So they help us to get started and then if we want to sign on with the bigger guys it’s something that can happen. I think they share our stats with the big guys so the “industry” monitors are progress. Maybe it’s sort of like being picked up by the minors in baseball, and then sometimes one of us gets shot up to the majors.

WooHOO! That be great wouldn’t it? I think by then though we might need someone to help us with more of the regularity of stuff. I’m not sure how out on a limb we’re going here in thinking that people are going to be interested in things we have to say. But, we’re going to hope for that anyway.

Natalie had business with other authors this week too. I’m not sure how many are signing on, but she really did seem to have a productive week. I think we’re going to send her the chart we made up. We just mentioned it, but there is no harm I believe. She said most likely she’ll be working over the weekend which means she really has stuff to be doing. She sounded almost eager to get started, though I don’t like the idea she has to miss out on some relaxation. Maybe she won’t have to work so hard. She seems like the kind of woman who doesn’t like getting backed up in her work.

Good good … that went out and we included the paragraph we’d summarized as to the abuses that happen to multiples and others for that matter. It just seemed appropriate.

Hmm, back. We just left a little progress note in Facebook. It’s been almost an hour as to absorbing the effects of the medicine, but we’re still a bit scattered.

I’m not quite up to editing yet, but I know that’s going to happen. So then what?

Focus, focus - let’s see … we’re all good with Rich. We talked of his schedule a few moments ago. We did nudge him to find that he’s going to be getting up about 7 am, which is in about a half hour. I think he’s going to do a game, and then he’s going to be playing poker – in real time with Charity poker the organization that does the poker tournament with St. Rose. I think he’s looking forward to that.

It means for us another day without too much contact. But, as you know there is plenty to be keeping us busy. I feel bad that we’re behind in the Unearthing Quiltability podcasts, but we’ll catch up to that in a bit. First we need to finish the editing of our book. Wow. Does that seem so strange to be saying?

Better not get too excited … we’ve got quite a few more bridges to cross.

I’m so appreciative of my mother for putting up the $1000. I think there is something to that which balances our lives in ways not distinguishable yet, but it is like so many things we strive for – a progression.

I think we’ll start on the editing as soon as Rich leaves. This gives us a little framework to go by so I’m not getting over excited about what is and what is not getting done at this very second. I’m still having focusing problems. I’m not sure what is important enough to be writing or thinking about. Sort of like … we’re going to publish, and that gets said over and over and turns out like we are just spinning our minds without too much progress being made.

Ok, where is it we want to go … half an hour of free time. Is there anything we can seriously focus on? Ok, that is besides petting Missy.

It seems to be a bit of a countdown – 15 more minutes before waking Sweetie – flittery, flotterly.

Anything on work? We had another staffing yesterday and then Thinking Group in the afternoon. We let one of the clients who like to otherwise talk through the meeting – lead the group. It was a very good thing. We let him choose and he chose to talk about respect, so then we had him talking to the group and having them come up with thoughts and ideas. We helped him to give them positive feedback. It turned out to be a really good deal and I think he took it seriously and got something out of it. The group respects him very much. Good meeting.

Toward the end we played a game which this lead client supervised. Basically we split the room in half and then let two people from each group take turns on discussing where they would like to take their boy or girl friend out to dinner and to a movie. They were to discuss which movie and which restaurant. We had people who aren’t used to talking to each other doing so so that they could practice relating to one another and thinking through having a purpose to their conversation.

And, then after they finished, we let the lead client decide which conversation was better and then he had to say to the group why he liked one conversation set over the other. He was very good in giving an honest appraisal without going just to his personal friends. I think the group listened too. I was happy with the result and they seemed to have a good time with it. The lead person also got to figure out how to quiet the group when they were over-excited and were talking to each other rather than listening as a group. It really was a good session and we’ll try this again with other questions or scenes to be acted out.

Hmm, something else on the day … Sister decided that we could order the scanner for work. I would like to get the client files scanned in for back-up. It is an expensive little machine, but I believe in it. There are other things that can be scanned in too and we’ll check how that all goes. She said I should buy it before she doesn’t have any money again. It had waited until this point she had something. I think it will go next to my printer and then the other thing that we were checking out was the new back-up Carbonite. This is the one that Leo Laporte supports so much.

I wrote a note to her saying that I was aware that Norton was out of date and that we had to make another choice. I did comment on the secretary for having given us the note saying it had expired when she and the other Q made such issues as to it slowing down their machine. I told Sr. I would try it myself and then if she wanted to she could try it and then if it seemed to her to be ok, we would back up the others, but that I didn’t want to go through their hassles again. I told her that we either backed up the computers or not, but that it should be an agency decision and not a staff to disengage from the program. The data that was in the computers is the center’s property and we’ve ran into a situation already where the work was not backed up when the State had come to inspect and that it had caused a problem in having records available. Beside it is something within our CARF accreditation to be backed up.

Ahh, Rich is up now … he’s online and quietly watching something on TV. It seems he had music on a few moments ago, but he’s switched over to something. It’s just commercials on now. It is 7:15 am and he says he has to be gone in an hour. Hmm, his friend is calling already. That’s when you know you have a good friend; they can call before 10 am. Hehehe. He was talking about eating over tomorrow and going out for coffee, but Rich seems to need his time in waking up before he leaves. Nice try though Bob.

We’ll catch up with Rich in a bit so he has some time to be waking up. He’s a little groggy in the morning … that is UNLESS there’s a fishing trip going on.

I was just thinking again about getting the book return insurance so that we could stock our title in bookstores, but it was an extra $650. I guess if we are enough of a success with the regular online books then we can consider that with the profit we make, but for now it’s a bit much. There’s no way that Rich or I could come up with that kind of money and we already agreed with my mother that $1000 would be enough. We just have to play things out, right?

Hmm, Rich just turned up the TV. A little harder to concentrate … that hasn’t been one of our best features this morning. It’s going to be ok … just for a little bit and then we’ll turn on some music. That be a nice thing. There is a part of me that wants to use the small computer over on the couch, but I really appreciate having the big screen. The trade-off is that its more comfortable sitting on the couch then the chair, but it will be ok. Just gotta be resolved to getting things done while being fully functional.

Pswhoo … this is the tough part. We’re waiting for Rich to go. We just talked to him like 10 minutes, and then we followed him into the bedroom and talked while he was getting dressed. He has to confirm where the game is today, and then he should be going and we can get on with our day. He should be home about 1 pm today … It’s 8 am now. He hasn’t decided whether he is going to work on his boat or go play cards. If he stays home he might be washing some clothes. We’ll see. I just asked him if we had anything planned for tonight, but he said dancing … so then we told him that was passive-aggressive in that it was to make a point that I tend to stay home – especially because neither of us dance.

AHH big bear has left the cave. We smooched him and reminded him to be safe. Ahh … quiet!

Hehehe I can’t imagine if we were around each other ALL the time, I’d never get anything done! But, speaking of, we should probably be doing something work related? Let me think just for a second if there is anything else to pre-think.

Anyway have anything they want to put out on the table?

Nope, nope … just let’s get our thing on!

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