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Monday, September 6, 2010

Catching you up on Multiples Autobiography data

Brought over from 8-25-10

Good morning … this is us. We’re going to write a little bit, but we’re having trouble settling down. Shoot, shoot … it’s 6 am too, better wake sleeping beauty.

Ok, good first round is now done. He had come out to the living room last night because his legs were so restless. I pulled back the pillow to give him our smooches, but then when I tried to pull the pillow away slowly, he caught it and pulled it back over his face saying something about the light being so bright. I thought … hmm, it’s not a really good idea for a person waking to hide under his pillow, but then again … it’s his schedule not mine. I did my heroic part … and now the rest is up to him. He be such a beauty!

Oh there’s some wiggling on the couch. Better get some coffee. I’m not sure if he appreciates it yet, but he will. Missy is having a terrible meowing spell … we’re thinking she isn’t happy about something, but we don’t know what. We petted her for about 10 minutes, but in the morning that kind of thing could get old fast because there is always something else to be doing. Ahh … beauty is up at least sitting on the edge of the couch. He likes to think about moving before he actually does much moving.

Ok, we’ve got to settle down here. Yesterday was a productive day and we got done with an important chart. It is really pretty interesting at least from our perspective. I went over the lists we’d made over the last 48 hours or so and we then went into more detail and figured out how to do it so that it looked very neat and ordered. I’ll give you a little picture of what we are talking about. Hold on.

Whoops … forgot that it was at work we’ll have to insert something later. But, basically the chart took on the format of having all 47 of the multiples who were writing about their lives on the left side of the spreadsheet, and then we came up with categories as we were working through stuff so that everything fit into a general spot. These are the categories that we filled in as much as we could from the information that we had available to us from the product description.

ID #
Name of multiple(s) author
Popularity place according to Amazon ranking
Years ago the book was written
Range of years
Number of pages
Name of Book
Assisted in writing effort
Cost of book
Stated abuse
Named abuser(s)
Critic’s appraisal
Speaks of Internal parts
Catch phrase or hook
Journey/learning process
Professional assistance
Integration & post-integration
Purpose of telling the story
Product dimensions shipping weight
Average customer review
How many customers reviewed
Bestsellers rank 8-22-10

Ok then again … all that times the 47 books we found that seemed to be autobiographical of the multiple who wrote any one given book or another. It seems like a good amount of work, but then it came together fairly quickly within the perspective of a day or so. When I get to work, I will publish an example of what we’re talking about. It might be a bit hard to fathom from just the brief description we are giving here. It seems a little more intuitive when you see the chart. I really like the project as to how it turned out. It met the specifications that we had yesterday in getting something very neat and tidy and easy to comprehend.

I had wanted to put something into categorical form so that it would be easier to compare elements of apples to apples. It’s not a perfect work yet, but for the time being, I’d like to say it is good enough. AND, there has to be a caveat here in that the data collected comes from the perspective of whoever wrote the product review or if that was missing who had written a reader’s review, or if that was missing it would go down as not otherwise specified.

You’ll get the gist when we get something up that you can look at. I still need to do some figuring out as to where to take her next. I am eager to bring this into Dr. Marvin to see what he might say. I think he usually smiles and seems to appreciate when we do something fairly creative. I don’t know if Dr. Marvin has ever said it, but I think in general he likes when we do some creative thinking. I don’t know nor have I ever known how my thinking compares to others he works with either professionally as a psychiatrist, as a director of residents, or as just personally between us. Of course his opinions are always highly sought after.

There’s something else we’d like to get to although we might want to go into it more later, but as to now just leaving a note … well first … I do want to say as to the rounding off of our day, Maury gave us a call around 7 pm. He and Nicki were in the area and he wanted to know if he could just stop by to say hi. We were like of course, SURE SURE!!

I don’t know if we’ve done a full analysis on what they had perceived walking into our situation. This was the first time that we met Nicki in our home and in general although Maury and she have been seeing each other about 8 months, it is only the third time we’ve seen her. Both the other revolved around Joe’s wedding.

I liked the impression that I got from her though I wasn’t sure how to greet her. I gave Maury a hug, but didn’t feel I knew her enough to do so, so I reached out and shook her hand. I’m not sure what she thought about that, but I was at a loss.

It was a little uncomfortable too in that Maury was already downstairs when he called, so there wasn’t much time to put the house in better order. It wasn’t bad, just it wasn’t perfect either. It was a pretty honest appraisal of where we were at. AND, for some odd reason or another, we were still dressed. That rarely happens, but I was glad that I was. They didn’t stay much longer than about 15-20 minutes, but it was a very nice start.

Maury wasn’t sure about sitting down, because he’d meant to be fairly quick, but we were like … sit, sit! We were hoping if they were comfortable they might stay longer. I looked around for where everyone could sit and we pointed out there was a spot on the couch and then another chair with the desk/drafting table chair. I didn’t mean to distance anyone, but that was the best we could offer because of our general arrangement. I think it gave her a little optimal space, though I don’t know if they would have preferred sitting next to each other. Rich was already sitting down and I zoomed over to my regular spot on the chaise part of the couch.

Fortunately as to conversation … Maury noticed our Sprint Evo on the table and picked it up and the conversation went on from there. It was nice in that it probably made us seem a little smarter than we are. Basically, we’ve got a toy that he wants and we got it first … WooHOO! Now to be fair, I didn’t know he wanted one until after we’d gotten it. So there! From that spot we had an opportunity to talk about the podcast. I think that he was surprised to find out how many people had subscribed. We’re up to like 2,280 … that’s a pretty nice number, but not spectacular. If we sold that many books though on multiplicity at a 10% of 25.00 then we’d have $5,700 … that’s a respectable start, right?

But, anyway the reason that conversation went on as long as it did was because Maury had talked about stuff that his father was writing and we were trying to tell him that he could publish in iTunes documents such as that and that it would give him a viewing audience to anyone that keyed into his key words. I had asked who was reading it now and I don’t think there were a lot of people. He definitely needs an audience as does Joe with his karate. After that we got a little show-offy and we told him that we were talking to a publisher about the book. I don’t know how that really came through in their thoughts, but it is so rare that we get Maury to be here that we went full board in trying to communicate the best we could in the short time.

It’s like Maury … don’t you know anything about my life? Hehehe he’s a kid – well a 30 year old kid, but still their keen interests at this part of life aren’t focused on your Mom. So, we let it go. Too soon, they had to leave, but I was really glad that we had the opportunity to meet. I think though the only new thing I know is that Nicki was born and raised in Arkansas. Well, that’s something isn’t it? Yay!

Well, we’re not going to get much further. Oh one more thing on that … Maury was eager to show her the quilting studio and the pictures on the wall … we went with them and when they seemed confused … I pointed out to Nicki all the places that Maury was in the pictures. I don’t know … Just seems like a mom thing to do. The pictures I have of the kids being young are hanging in the hallway. They didn’t say too much about the sewing space, but we gave them the tour anyway and pointed out what we were currently working on … though I have to admit that since the last podcast just a week ago, I haven’t progressed the sewing at all. Basically, CS had gone in the hospital and that created some attention needed and then the whole thing with publishing came up … so we’re a bit sidetracked.

One thing now … just for a marker. I had tried twice to get a hold of CS and that didn’t work, but I had made updates to her progress in several places including Facebook and emails.

Ok, then I guess officially there are two things … the second being that because I was on the phone it reminded me to call my mother. I wanted to assure that the package had gotten there, which it had. We’ll go into that later though. It’s already 7 am, and I’ve got to get going … so for now … that’s a wrap!

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