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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Forgot this one from Thursday...

Good morning. This is me. It’s a dreary raining day, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Today is getting ready for cleaning day – which means everything is moved and professionals come in to clean the floors. SOOOO … that means that tomorrow is a non-working day and it butts up to a holiday weekend meaning we’ve got 4 days off!!! This is the good news. YAYY!

Now for the bad news. One of our friends and regular supports on Facebook lost his son yesterday to Afghanistan. He was a Marine scheduled to come home in just a couple of weeks.

We lost time to reading comments there have been hundreds of people to stop by his Chris’ the father’s home page.

Ok, just drifting for a bit. Not sure where or with whom internally we’ve been. Just know that we have to lock in on at least the keyboard. We might have been doing that? We are thinking that we need another keyboard here at work, but do not want to put in the money in getting them. The whole staff should have one. I really like the one we’d gotten at Christmas. Hmm, it was a Logitech illuminated keyboard for $79. I wonder if I should bring mine in and ask sister about getting them. I’m thinking new mice would be nice too though mine seems to be working ok.

I like the one at home.

Rosa is wearing a brace because of possible carpal tunnel. After being on the other computer at home … pressing these keys is a bit of a struggle. I would like Rosa to try the other one out to see if she likes it. With both of us having overuse injuries – I don’t think it would take much to persuade Sr. I don’t know if she too would like one and Holly, but that could all be checked out. Ok … then it’s a done deal. We’ll bring ours in next week. K?

We sent a note to Natalie. I hope we don’t get to pestering her too much, but we wanted to know and think we have a right to know what to expect next. I want to be put in touch with the next person and know when she is planning on calling. If I have to wait 2-5 days, I’m going to want to better understand what we are waiting for and I’m going to want not to be expecting a call if I find out I’m not on her schedule for that many days ahead.

CS just texted a message, but I’m not sure why she sent it. She said she had a hectic day, but all I heard was that she helped Mark get ready and she washed clothes. I guess I’m having a hard time understanding how she is filling her hours. I asked her if she’s still lying down, and she didn’t respond, so then we asked her more directly what she is planning on doing with her time. I’m afraid that she is going to be aimless. I don’t know if she’s set aside any personal goals. Probably isn’t my job to worry about it, but she seems to be pretty much living from one moment to the next with Mark or Nathan calling in. She’s not getting very much out of life being sick and watching TV. Maybe she can’t do more than that. Maybe she’s reading? I think she knows how to download the Kindle books. We’ll remind her next just to make sure. I mind is a horrible thing to waste.

Last night we finished the book we were reading called Sky Eyes. It’s the story of a multiple who talks about her story through childhood. It ends in a terrible death of her mother. I think she finally gets therapy in her 40’s, but maybe it is sooner and she’s just come out of it by then. I didn’t understand her treatment at all. I know it had to do with spirit guides and energy forces. I don’t have any experience with all that to say whether it is good or bad. It’s pretty different.

It seems she has a position as some kind of healer. I wish her the best, but it’s never going to be my cup of tea. I thought her writing style was fairly easy to follow. I didn’t over-identify with it though. She talked just about her child life from pre-birth up and it seems like her guide did a lot of work acting out the part of her parts by communicating with them for her. This was pretty different. When we have had parts out they talk to Dr. Marvin, but we are while there sharing some kind of co-consciousness. We do have trouble understanding afterward what has happened, but I think in later years we understand more because there is less talking of the younger parts to Dr. Marvin.

I think last week we did have some trouble because we were dealing with anger. Toward the end is when we’d talked more of the book, the multiples we’d studied etc. It seemed that he was so happy and maybe that we could understand a little more about that today. We’ve got our regular scheduled meeting with him. I’m wondering now if we shouldn’t do something before the meeting as to coming up with some kind of summary of the story. He thought there could be more to hold it together and that is actually a good deal. I’m still interested that even if I did offer a summary that he might be able to offer something on top of that for the book.

AHA! We’re back. We wrote a 5 page foreword to the book that we are happy with. Most likely it could still be revised, but I’d be willing to send it down the chute. I did send a copy to Dr. Marvin to be read at the session and I sent a copy to Dr. Woollcott. I am asking both of them to write some kind of additional foreword. I would like it said that the book included it, but may just include it without a lot of extra. It’s just that I want it to be their words in support of us. I don’t know how much could afford to do or if there were any legal complications. I’m pretty sure if there are problems the good Doctors will tell me about it. I don’t want a whole lot, just something.

I’ve got then about a half hour to be waiting before I go to this afternoon’s appointment. I wonder … could I read it just one more time? Yah … that be a good idea!

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