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Monday, September 6, 2010

It seems like a time of coming out ... so cool, so cool!

Good morning … or mostly morning … well at least 15 minutes of it. We’re going to be leaving in about 45 minutes to go out to a late lunch with Rich, Bob and Marcia. Rich wanted to do something as did Bob and Rich suggested his favorite Mongolian place. It’s not really my favorite, but by now we’re taking the direction of least resistance.

I think it’s been a few days since we’ve written. There’s a lot going on right now. First thing is that Thom is again in the US, although he’s not contacted us. I don’t know how long it will be before he calls or writes. He made a general note in FB so that’s a start, but we left a couple fairly direct notes that we wanted to have him contact us and since he hasn’t we can’t really leave too much on his site without giving the appearance we’re begging. So we’re letting that one go. We just don’t know what else to do about it.

There’s been a lot toward working on publishing issues and that seems to be going ok, but not nearly enough time to do what you want. We worked pretty solidly on Saturday and lost yesterday to visiting. We saw Rich’s cousin and her family from Michigan – it had been like 10 years for them. And, then we went to Chicago to wait for Rich’s oldest son to come in on the train and while we waited we sat down at Buckingham fountain. That was nice, though we were eager to be moving on. We did meet up with Jon and we ate at an old restaurant that Rich remembered from his college days. That was good conversation as was the conversation with his cousin. And, then last we went to his Mom’s to join in the celebration over Bud’s 78th birthday. We got there in time for brownies and ice cream cake … Sweet!

In all it was a good day of visiting, but not much for getting work done. We’ve been introduced to the Author’s account rep. Her name is Carolyn and she’s done a great job so far. We talked to her Thursday and she gave us a list of questions for Marketing and then we had sent them in fairly early on Friday, so she got back in touch with us Friday night before she left for the long weekend. That was the nicest thing to do because we were unsure how to progress and we thought we had time so should be doing something.

Carolyn had another chore – a big one that we are not finished with. We needed to edit again the book to be putting it in the acceptable format. This included taking out a lot of extra stuff on the technical side such as all paragraphs needed to be indented and we had to put margins, font, spaces and such all in order. This is the part we’re still working on. There is one more thing that will probably take until past next week to get done unless I can really burn through it over the week. We need to read the entire book out loud so we clear up awkwardly phrased sentences. That’s going to be another bear to get through. It’s not impossible, just takes x amount of hours. But, it’s a fair thing to do considering so much work has been put into this effort.

We had already gone through the book to try and edit out locations and people, plus we took out some parts that might have caused friction between sister the center and us. I need to tell the story of what a difficult time we were having with the anger, but we don’t want to be as crass as we might have been while writing. Now from the down the line perspective you have a better understanding. I’m afraid before we got to the point where we didn’t care who heard us think what. There was the perspective that no one at that time was reading the work, so it didn’t matter, but now we all have to live with what gets done and in the end I want to have maintained my job until we wouldn’t need it financially. That could be years and years yet if not for the rest of my life.

I’m pretty happy though and keeping upbeat because we’ve been following our horoscope on our Evo and it seems to say we’re going to have a good life, I think because of the book. This is what it says today:

“It’s time for you to shine, Moonchild. You now face – or will soon face – a monumental opportunity to showcase your unique talents and abilities. This is way more than just your fifteen minutes of fame. This is something that could change your whole place in life, and will offer a lasting improvement in your financial well-being, your sense of security, and your ability to find harmony in your life – with yourself and with others. Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn. The more confidence and enthusiasm you exude, the better.”

Nice, hmm? It’s been like this of late saying things that are very nice dreams to be having. Well yesterday it did say something about treading water, but I think that was fair too in that we were so busy visiting that we didn’t have time to work on things. We will work solidly after lunch on the last 100 pages that need to have that first edit Carolyn suggested for the weekend, but now we figure we get just a few moments to catch up on our note taking.

There’s this whole another bid deal thing that’s happened. A couple of days ago, we got an email from someone we would have never guessed. You know about the chart we’d been making on the spreadsheet for multiples who wrote autobiographies and that are on Amazon. Well the cool thing? The multiple who was 12th on my list of 47 people wrote me and she’d found my writing on the Internet and that we’d been talking about publishing. She invited us to be a part of her collection of other multiples that are blogging. She has about 170 bloggers.

It took until this morning to figure out the situation, but we decided to start a new blog just for the book. This way we don’t have to open up all our other stories that may someday be published, and we don’t have to mess up our quilting blog. I was quite happy with the outcome. But Sarah this other multiple – though she might be integrated – she reminded me of giving away information as to our location after we’d hidden so well in the book. I went back and as suggested taken out the questionnaire that the publisher’s had me fill out and I changed some things in the foreword, but I’m unsure what to do because there’s so much written even in my earlier blog entries that got turned over plus I’ve been on the Internet for so long that it wouldn’t be hard to figure things out as to location. There’s one part where maybe it’s ok that some people figure it out, but maybe not all people will? Or, maybe as long as it isn’t me who is saying or giving the information it be ok? I’m really not sure about this. I will ask Carolyn tomorrow.

Wow! For now? It’s time to get going, hmm? I’m not sure if Sarah has me included in her blogs yet, but soon I most likely will be and that’s a big deal too. We need more time to talk about the excitement of being around so many other people that are in similar situations to us as far as being multiple. I’m sure that came about as being the right time and the right place for something meaningful in our life or life circumstance.

Pretty cool all in a day gone by!

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