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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It sure is a relaxing Sunday :)

Good morning. We’re just singing and dancing here. It’s already noon and we’ve been at the computer most of the morning just taking care of correspondence and such. We watched some of Rich’s Sunday morning program with him, but then he went out to bring back the U-Haul and we continued at the computer.

Our favorite part is that Julie and us are both at the computer and we’ve sent notes back and forth to each other. It is a Godsend that she has come along when she did. I’m thinking we mentioned her before, but she’s the one who is doing the editing work with our book. I didn’t even know that we were going to get this kind of blessing. If we haven’t said it before, Julie is another Marine Mom and we found her through Vickie. It turns out Julie writes for the court where she does some editing. I’m just SOOO lucky! Hmm, I wonder if we should tell her we spell out SOOO with three “O’S”. She’s already reminded me that numbers under ten are spelled out. We knew that rule about 2005, but even then I think we were a bit sloppy with it. Good Jules!

Rich is back at home now and he made lunch and then turned on the game. I feel in a bit of heaven in that I have the better part of the next 1 ½ to write. I’m not sure if I will take up that much time or go back to working on the 2nd book. It sure would make Carolyn happy if we continued, but I don’t know how long it will take to make enough money with the first book to pay for the second book. I’m pretty sure the publisher is going to be happy with all the follow-up business.

Yesterday turned out to be very nice. I did what we wrote about in the morning, but then about 2 pm Rich and we went to Maury’s old place. We had kept Joe and Maury caught up to our time schedule through text messaging. They were both there when we got there. We went up to see Maury’s apartment and it turned out to be sort of on the small side. I’m afraid to think what his current place might be like. We better get rich real fast. AHA! Rich just became JPR in the book. Good good. It was Julie’s suggestion to do middle, last name, and then first name initials.

I can’t tell you how nice and relaxed I feel having Julie read the manuscript. It’s the first time we’re actually talking to someone reading the book. Several have read parts, but no one with the intent to get from front to back. I hope she continues to like it throughout. *sigh* … let it go, right? I know Julie’s enjoying it so far, but as time presses on her it is going to become more like work. Just so happy she’s doing this.

As to other news – we switched a few notes back and forth with CS. That was a good thing I think … we’re both settling on the part where the Table et all are going to be hers for quite some time. The way the day turned out everything seemed pretty good. I got a chance to meet the younger girls at Maury’s. We had a longer time to be with the younger who turns out to be 4 months younger then Ame. Those two are in the fourth grade and the older girl is in the sixth grade and Isa is in pre-school.

Jasmine did a lot of gymnastics and we talked to her and timed her as the others were moving the hard stuff. We were like the door holder and “stuff” watcher. The younger one made my day when I walked with her through the hall upstairs and she asked me if I were Maury’s “REAL” mom. LOL – oh man … she’s in forever good in my book!

There was one bad part … she had been playing with Joe … he collects kids wherever he goes and sometimes like this time the “kid” gets unruly. In this case Jasmine went to karate kick Joe and Joe just grabbed her foot and held it for a second. It was like a roundhouse kick and she fell down on the sidewalk and scratched herself. She may have also hit her head. She just started crying and she went to hold her Mom’s middle. I just felt so bad for her. Eventually, she went to their car and by about then Rich was ready to say goodbye, so we stopped by there a moment, but she was still feeling bad. I know Joe went over to talk to her and seemed to calm things down a bit. But, it must have been a hard thing for her. I felt bad.

The trip up and back was less remarkable. I had a lot of thoughts, but Rich not so many. He did seem to talk a bit more on the way home, but inevitably I fell asleep though just the last 20 or so minutes. I was really happy that Rich had done so much for us during the day. He helped Maury, Joe and Nikki move, and then he took up the spirit to see it through with Uncle Mark. Before we left, CS was doing a mighty job of washing down the table with glass sparkle stuff and both her and Mark seemed pleased with the table when they woke up this morning. She’s gotten ideas already how to recover the furniture to help clean it up and look more country than urban. That’s ok with me. She does appreciate as well the wider seats and the rocking motion of the chairs. They are very sturdy so nothing will happen to them for quite some time.

I thought the table fit very nicely in the space. It wasn’t any bigger than when she had her other table extended. It is a wider table, but at the size to be comfortable in the space. As to the TV, she had said something to Nathan after we came back into the room about giving it to him. We nixed that idea and followed up with another – no it will not go to Nathan. I had told Rich before we got there that she would try this, but I was surprised how little time it took. Always between Nathan and Mark, Nathan gets the “good stuff.” She was trying to tell me what a big apartment Nathan had, but I was like no. I don’t think so.

I don’t know who implies guilt to whom about who gets the good stuff, but I don’t want to be a part of it. If there is any chance at all we’d get the TV back, I don’t want it wandering over the countryside, and she doesn’t have so much right to the table, china cabinet or TV that she can give it away. That would be a breach in the verbal contract. I think Thom would be upset to know it was no longer my TV because Nathan had taken it over. That thought would make him see red.

There were a lot of negative thoughts from me both before and after the trip. I don’t know why our mind acts that way. I think the worst of it is the feelings of being manipulated. Between the two of them, you are never really sure which ones are telling you the truth and they often contradict each other. At one point he was teasing CS and she came back real nasty like. I don’t remember the content, just that it was very strange. They didn’t seem to get along at all.

I know that I told CS about the furniture Monday, and she told me she talked to both Mark and son right away, but then I heard her on the phone with her DIL saying that she didn’t know about the furniture until the day before. Mark said he hadn’t been told we were bringing up furniture at all. Mostly the problem with all of this is the way people control others through information. It just gives my stomach a real bad turn.

So, that’s enough about all that. CS was very considerate in asking me if I wanted to get the colorful gorilla fabric, which I did. She used the time with me out of the room to quiz Rich on whether or not she could keep the furniture. Rich was going to bypass that conversation with us afterward, but I’d heard enough to let him know that I knew something had happened. I think CS implied to him that it was unfair that she would have the furniture and that I could come by “suddenly” to take it away. I can let you know at this point how much I might appreciate that kind of conversation.

Rich’s big point was that yes he could see how those kinds of conversations are manipulating, but that was the way my sister was and that we had to accept it as being part of her. My thought is that I don’t want those kinds of things on me, or that I be a part of the manipulations. It drives me crazy and I think she knows it. It’s probably more her own defense patterns than concern over me. She basically doesn’t trust others so has to control them so they do and take care of her, or keep her quasi-world intact. We’ll most like lose more time in talking to Dr. Marvin about it. But, after that … really not much I can do about it. Just gotta work on keeping my sanity. I need to know what’s what in either version of real life compared to Cs’.

Hmm, where to go next? Everything seems to be fine. Everyone seems to be happy. Rich is fighting leaving the show to get his shower. I think there is 54 seconds left in this quarter. He’s got a half hour to get through the shower, so shouldn’t be too much problem. I still have to get dressed. Probably where the same clothes as yesterday, because whatever I wear is going to smell like cigarettes.

It does seem like this weekend is a bit of relaxing after being so focused on the book. If it weren’t for Julie’s volunteering to edit, I would have the work in to the proof stage. Carolyn liked the idea that it would be checked out before going in. She explained it took twice as long to make a correction after its been through the proof state. I think we told you about the part where we’d redone the school loans to have 3-4 months of money toward that effort going toward the book.

We’re still not sure whether or not the second five to six hundred was going to get the book into the bookstores rather than doing running around work selling the books by hand.

I think that’s where we left off the other day is in figuring out where and how and how much effort was going to go by me into selling copies. I’m not overly excited thinking that I will have to make so much public contact. I think our first problem is with our size and the second problem our dress usage. We just don’t have the clothes to come off so professional. Plus it is going to take time. I won’t be able to take a lot of time off work and I’m not sure if most managers are around during the weekend. We’ll have to see - one problem at a time.

I don’t know how much we’ll get to do on the ride out to Rich’s Mom’s, because Rich has been feeling neglected when I'm on my electronics. But we'll see.

AHA! I snuck in a half hour nap while Rich got ready ... that was SWEET! Better get going though. We're ready to head out!

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