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Monday, September 6, 2010

Just meanderin through

Brought over from 8-29-10

Good morning. It is me. I’m being so happy yet. It’s almost 8 am and I’ve been up earlier, went to bed and then got up again about 7 am. Maury gave me a call and might stop over for lunch … we’ll have to see. Looking forward though! Rich is just getting up and we’re pretty sure he’s going to need shaking some sleep off before we do too much talking. He’s setting up his computer which is usually one of the first things that happens in his waking up stage.

Ahh there we go. We’re back again. About 40 minutes have gone by. We’ve talked to Rich a little, but pretty much he’s gotten through a fishy show and had recorded Sunday morning and is now listening to it without commercials. It’s hard not to turn around to listen, because the show really is pretty good. I like the stories. They are nice and relaxed. Now they are talking about rooftop farming.

That’s cool.

But, as you might guess there’s a whole lot going on in our mind as well. Hmm, it’s about 9:30 am now … we had to get caught up in our correspondence. I think we’re good to go. I’m so happy to be having the supports I have. I really like Facebook for that aspect of connecting you to friends throughout life. I’m as happy to get a Marine Mom commenting as to getting an old writing friend or high school friend or neighbor. It makes me feel SOOO connected.

I think when the book becomes real; I will open a separate account that is like a social media business account or general support group. I’m so all over the place … not sure what to be looking at next. I do know that I will have to be getting back to the editing work after not too long. We’ve had a nice meandering type life this morning. I might as well do a few things since I’m not concentrating. We’re pretty sure there are kitty duties that deserve some attention. Ok, hold on … another BRB.

Ok, are we like ready now???

There will be some picking up in the living room too, but I’ll do that after Rich goes downstairs. It will only take 5-10 minutes. Rich is going to be getting dressed and then going down to work on his boat. I think he’s as happy as a clam.

Basically, he’s figured out that he can park his SUV on the street for a month or so and leave his boat parked in his spot out back. That’s a big deal because usually he parks at his Mom’s and it’s a whole entire commitment to be going that far out. He does have Bud when he works at his Mom, but then he might have Bob if he does the work here. I think he’s happier though with it close by. There was a gap in that kind of emotional cover before. It’s like having all your hens in the hen house.

I feel a little bad that I’m not getting to the quilting, but then sometimes that must happen where things have to be put aside. I do remember Natalie asking if I had any hobbies other than writing where I could be relaxing. I told her about the quilting and she seemed to think that was a good hobby. Hmm, back to hobby, craft or art. I guess when you are not doing it it’s just that “thing” you haven’t gotten too. Part of our problem with that is that we don’t have the fabric for the colored part of the gorilla that we were working on. With CS being ill we had to cancel our plans. I know that the backup would be to find a quilt shop location here, but we’ve really been trying not to spend money. It might be like a $40-50 trip. Best to put off just a bit longer – maybe the urge will take me forward after I get done with the editing work today or tomorrow.

I’d like to try finishing by today just in that I will need a day to talk to Sr. Theresa about the book. Just not sure if I can do it because we’re getting a late start and we’ll be going over to Bob’s for a fish fry later. Rich says we’re leaving at 5 pm. It’s now 10:30 am.

Just keep inserting little thing in that we need to be doing. It will be better after Rich goes outside … he presents his own list of interruptions. I also though pulled him out a copy of the cost and contract so that he might look it over. I have down in writing where he said when I publish he’ll be our manager.

AHA! That theory was tested out … It’s now 11 am and Rich just made us omelets. WOOHOO!!! We talked about him becoming my business manager. He wanted to hold out until we saw a check, but we told him it already started and he should read the contract before it goes in tomorrow. He said that would be ok, but for now it’s 4-4 ½ hours of both of us working on our pet projects. I heard him testing out the drill. I know, but I don’t know what he is doing on the boat. Whoosh he just stepped out. Rich has left the building!

Most likely that means I should really then get to work. Lots to do today, right?

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