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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keeping the dream alive

Good morning. This is me. We’re just getting to the blogging part and it’s already about 9 am. We seem to have been very busy this morning. I think we got up about 6:30 am and we’ve been at the computer most of the time. Part of the time we lay on the couch and talked to Rich about stuff, but then I realized that it was making me a bit drowsy, so we figured we better get back to work. Well, actually work more like play. We seem to be having more people that we are corresponding with. First there is the regular correspondence stuff from Facebook in that we need to look at our groups and thinking where people are at and if possible to leave some kind of message where applicable.

There’s so much happening on Facebook and so many excellent connections that I just can’t imagine before it was around. It seems like we’ve got some continuity in life with it in that people that we’ve been in touch with at all or some part of our life are here together and we’re all speaking at the same time in our life.

Basically, we like to add something most mornings as to how we are doing on our wall, and from there there’s always the surprise comments or “Likes” from people you connect with. It just makes me so happy. I can’t imagine what Facebook will be like 5 years from now. It doesn’t seem to change that much, but it’s such an important element to so many people’s life; I can’t believe that more won’t be invested in it.

I’m thinking over time we get kind of mushy over so many things in life. Maybe we’re just a little sappy, but we’re hoping sappy in the right way.

This morning the correspondence that we’ve been doing in the morning before blogging or other work, took up quite a bit of time. We sent Facebook messages to Bill, my sister, Linda, Carrie and Jaime. Then we sent out emails to my mother, Helen, Emily and Rich. It seems like more, but I think these were the main people. There’s so much to be invested in.

I don’t know if I will be doing too much with Rich yet. I know there is part of him that wants to go to his mother’s and we want to be part of his efforts, but then there are the parts that want to get stuff finished up on the computer. I don’t know that he isn’t going to want to go just about the time I need to be getting things done. He was busy this morning too in looking up something on the computer about bands in Indiana. Somehow he got into wanting to see drum and bugle bands and then he was on the computer then he was asking if I had time sometime in November. ROAD TRIP!!! So cool … he said it was just 5 hours away. I keep reminding him I want to go see Thom, but the difference in cost from one thing to another would imply one isn’t quite as equal as the other.

I know, I know. But, I can’t help thinking I would really like to see Thom. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal, but intrinsically, I don’t think mother’s were meant to stay away from their sons for 1 ½ years. It just makes them goofy!

Rich is now listening to his good morning show. He had it recorded so he can see it without the commercials. I think that Rich and us spent time last night. We watched something … I don’t remember now … just that he was getting a massage throughout. What did we see. Hmm, just asked Rich. He said we saw something called, “I Spy.” It was kind of a funny silly movie. The big deal was that he was being made happy. He’s saying now he slept through most of it, but that would be like cheating. I’ve seen Rich do this before. As soon as you stop massaging him, he wakes up. Uh-huh uh-huh can we talk about his training of me?

We had the funniest of times earlier in that we were teasing him and so over made a deal where he was looking over and we brought his attention to giving the kitties foot a massage. It was like Chief was getting all our sympathy. I don’t remember what made it so funny, but we just laughed and laughed. It was not that much later that he was over kicking said cat off Rich’s couch! Hehehe.

Funny Rich.

Yesterday was so much fun for us in that we were getting work done, but we were outside and the weather was so nice, we just felt in heaven. We had taken our chair outside and put up our feet, brought out the computer and headphone and had something to drink. After a while we brought out our blanket too. Rich was in and out so that he couldn’t be too disturbed, but I think he wasn’t even when he was in. We just kept recording and recording and we got to the point that we only had 14 pages left. We had done a few of those pages from inside the quilting studio, but mostly outside.

We realized that when the guy across the street was leaf blowing that our voice had gotten louder to make up for the level being recorded. We seemed to be in another land when on our soap box reading out excitedly some of the emotions that we were feeling. I liked how the book ended and now we’re just finishing up on the three appendixes. We’re almost done with the last one. After the story ends there’s a little bit on Sarah’s love of V’s vampire, one more section, I’m not remembering right now, but the last part is on the journal for FlyLady. I like it as it is because it gives something a little lighter after the shock of realizing the story has ended and there has been questions left unanswered.

That’s it … I think that’s the hard core part of where we are from the things that happened between yesterday and today. I wish there could be something more prophetic, but I think that’s really about it. There are things on our mind, but we feel a little strung out as to what’s happening to turn one day to the next. It seems that the major part is getting the story finished with this last edit, but then we figure if its over then we’re done and we’ll have to be moving on. I’m not sure where we are heading, though perhaps, I could pick up some clues as to the bread crumbs we’ve been dropping.

You know the part of publishing, but you may not realize how much we’ve been putting into the horoscope part. We wake up every morning and nearly knock over the cats to get there. I don’t know which version of horoscope we are reading. We just know that it comes from our phone. This is this morning’s:

“Don’t think twice about a decision. You may have made a choice that you are now hemming and hawing about, but that is futile. It is too late to undo what you did, and it’s too late to change or redirect the decision you made. But that isn’t a problem anyway. Even though you may have agonized over a certain issue or change in your life, you did exactly the right thing. So stop second-guessing yourself and looking in the rear view mirror. Everything will work out far better than you expect.”

It is telling us that it is ok where we have come to about the writing. I think that the worry comes with the general worry of seeing a project through; we continue to go back over all the elements in the effort to make sure that everything is in its place. I think we got it. We really do like how things end up. It’s a little too soon to be thinking of anything different because it’s such a main part of our life. The part where we keep rushing over to see the house pictures, hoping and hoping that we could be well off enough to afford our dream … well it’s just pretty demanding.

I don’t want anyone to get the idea that this other part the writing for the sake of writing isn’t equally as important. I don’t know what I would have done in life, if it weren’t for the writing. I would add here that if you have any inclination whatsoever that you might want to try the same thing. I’ve seen it with so many of the other journalists and bloggers. It’s just that people sometimes come to realize that their life – the day to day version is as important or if not more important than anything else in the past or future. It’s like living right now with the best of your brain.

Right now my brain is fighting not to become engaged in an easier path of listening to Rich’s show. They just had an interview with Jamie Lee Curtis. I have to admit that was interesting though we refused to turn around and watch it, because we DON’T want to give into something that isn’t being planned by our mind directly. It’s the shame of TV is that it just organizes hour by hour for you and the decisions of whether to turn it onto one channel or another. I’m thinking in a few moments his favorite Sunday show is going to be over. Maybe he will do something else? I know that he gets frustrated afterward for just sitting there, but will he call all that out and do something that he’d really like to get done.

Maybe I shouldn’t worry about him … it’s more me. Am I going to let our brain go lax? NOOOOOO I refuse!

So, then what were we thinking we should be thinking? Is this metacognition? Maybe it’s time again we look at the house. We need to keep THE dream alive.

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