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Monday, September 6, 2010

Research on Amazon Books for Autobiographies or Memoirs of Multiples

Brought over from 8-23-10

One line comment describing Multiples’ Autobiographical Books in Order of Popularity Highest to Lowest

1. $9.99 – 512 (4/2009 & 1977) First multiple case, psychoanalysis, journey to wholeness, best-seller/televised
2. $4.90 – 312 (9/2009) Angelic spirit guides, journey, societal rejection of abuse
3. $10.88 – 400 (2/2002) Business woman has clusters of 80 Parts, psychiatrist, sensationalized, convincing
4. $10.17 – 256 (1/2009) Football running back, faith/spirit, insight and control, integral life role
5. $22.41 – 268 (11/1992) Practical challenges & skill building, clinician, reintegration, insight & structure
6. $22.95 – 375 (8/2007) Women’s Issues, Indie Award, multiples’ stories, important recovery keys, inspire
7. $11.04 – 156 (1/2010) Survive abuse after placement in Child Services Home
8. $6.99 – 368 (11/1999) Therapist and wife, journey to sanity, gains PhD in Psych, coping, honesty & insight
9. $16.29 – 304 (9/2005) Humpty-Dumpty metaphor, scholar Asia Society, psychiatrist, insight and courage
10. $13.45 – 164 (4/2009) Ritual abuse, journal excerpts, Christian woman, offering insight
11. $5.78 – 299 (9/1989) Former 3 faces of Eve masters intruders, therapist, family, devotion & commitment
12. $16.95 – 256 (3/1997) Fragmentation to wholeness between sisters, reconciling in writing, therapeutic
13. $93.58 – 396 (2/1995) Nazi-mother, father dies, hospitalization, psychiatrist, integration
14. $39.99 – 416 (6/1997) Account to overcome fragmentation of 3 parts through discussion
15. $11.95 – 256 (10/1996) French professor and writer portrays suicide to success, psychologist
16. $2.43 – 461 (6/1977) Former 3 faces of Eve, tells of intelligent creative self, finding equilibrium
17. $18.40 – 142 (11/1995) Former multiple and therapist, conjoint narrative, integration and post
18. $15.75 – 236 (4/2002) Intimate detail, human spirit, capacity for transformation, honest & hopeful
19. $22.45 – 352 (7/2007) Journey multi-psychiatric disorders, hospitalization, leads to personal redemption
20. $19.80 – 338 (6/1993) Continuing treatment – 3rd account, Satanists, low analogies, victim shamed
21. $1.45 – 250 (9/1990) Journal entries, satanic cult, fusion/integration, doctor includes notes/cares
22. $14.95 – 242 (4/2010) Southern, evolution of self, therapy redemption, wisdom
23. $19.18 – 334 (1/2010) Self and Alters tell story, share insight, after counseling normalized
24. $17.95 – 129 (1/2004) 3 personalities, poet ambling in dark, mad and without love/care
25. $2.35 – 303 (10/1989) psychic, beings of light, poltergeist, journalist interviews 7-8 parts, friends & family
26. $32.99 – 84 (10/2008) Secret levels, therapist, journaling, understanding, healing & integration
27. $41.90 – 213 (2/1994) Sharecropper’s farm, assists mother to murder father, faces demons & normalizes
28. $2.00 – (1/1988) 56 personalities, strain belief, suffers “hysterical neurosis” caused by traumas
29. $1.15 – 289 (1977) Not specified – Autobiography of self with 5 alters
30. $18.96 – 336 (6/2007) Goal of integration, life restored, conquered, lead to divine nature
31. $11.99 – 232 (8/1996) Not specified – the psychology of a multiple
32. $19.95 – 168 (10/2002) Spirit possession, overcome loneliness and helplessness, to find strength
33. $3.06 – 211 (8/1978) Not specified – Tell me who I am before I die
34. $26.95 – 286 (2/2007) Business woman, love affair, twelve-step program, dignity and humor
35. $27.97 – 159 (3/1999) Personal enlightenment story, critic does not recommended
36. $19.98 – 328 (4/2009) Automatic writing (Ouija board), schizophrenic/personalities, save sanity/soul
37. $12.99 – 109 (6/2005) Tragedy to deliverance from Satan to God’s protection, encouragement & hope
38. NA – 370 (2005) Not specified – multiple life in one body
39. $4.60 – 320 (2/1993) Journey to recovery, alter and psychiatrist write, re-parent/co-dependent
40. $23.43- 448 (1995) Multiple convicted of crime faces society to perhaps become whole, no therapy
41. $16.98 – 300 (5/2009) Occult, Heavenly Father/Daddy God, Christ’s love & strength
42. $28.00 – 362 (8/2009) Self-destructive inner voices, coping, counseling & exorcism
43. NA - 260 (1999) Privately published, healing through emails, straight-forward, hard to grasp
44. $15.00 – 53 (5/1995) Not specified – Strange case of multiplicity
45. $23.95 – 271 (8/1998) 24 faces, story in form of sorority sliding between happiness and tears
46. $93.92 – 200 (5/1998) Recreated experiences of a variety of personalities
47. $20.99 – 394 (2003) Not specified – Self and 2 alters tell autobiography

Brief Sentence Descriptions of Books in Order of Publication Newest to Oldest

1. 1 year (8/2009 – 8/2010) 5 Books - Averaging $15.61 cost, 281 pages, 19 place
a. (22nd place) Five Farewells – A Southern Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder by Liz Elliott Apr 15, 2010 $14.95 – Violent abuse from adoptive and regular family - accepts her time of evolution – redemption through therapy and hard-won wisdom
b. (7th place) A Shattered Mind by Dauna Cole Jan 12, 2010 $11.04 – Gang/Family rape – survival to overcome psychological and emotional aftermath after being placed in a home by Child Services
c. (23rd place) As if it Didn’t Happen: A memoir of abuse, multiple personalities, and hope by Maggie Claire Jan 12, 2010 $19.18 – Common abuse as told by alters and inside people sharing insights gained in counseling to live normally as if it didn’t happen
d. (2nd place) Sky Eyes by Kriss Erickson and Michael Erickson Sep 1, 2009 $4.90 – Learns to survive through psychic connections to angelic spirit guides and creating inner personalities – personal journey in describing each personality as it had developed in childhood though apparently ignored by society
e. (42nd place) The Huddle: Multiple Personality by Janet Cooper Aug 20, 2009 $28.00 – Woman coping with hearing voices which are ordering her to self destruct finds normalcy through counseling and exorcism by her Reverend
2. 2 years (8/2008 – 7/2009) 6 Books – Averaging $17.26 cost, 274 pages, 20 place
a. (41st place) No Tears for Carol: The Discovery and Day to Day Recovery of a Multiple Personality by Carol Vaughn West May 22, 2009 $16.98 – Born to incest and occult multiple finally walks in the arms of her heavenly father – Daddy God focusing on Jesus Christ’s love and strength giving her free will offering hope, courage and compassion to understand
b. (1st place) Sybil by Flora Rhea Schreiber Apr 1 2009 (1973) $9.99 – First case of multiple personality to be psychoanalyzed from extreme abuse to an ultimate triumphant case in which a multiple journeys to wholeness, which turns into a best seller TV movie that captures the entire nation
c. (10th place) Fire and Water: A Safe Journey Through Multiple Personality Disorder by Anna Thomas Apr1, 2009 $13.45 – Journal excerpts by a Christian woman healing from ritual abuse and giving deep insight and support to others in recovering from past trauma
d. (36th place) A Tale of Possession: A True Story of Multiple Personality Disorder and Spiritual Possession by Sophia Adare Apr 13, 2009 $19.98 – Automatic writing (Ouija board) leads to hearing voices – schizophrenia and two distinct personalities beginning a battle for her sanity, her life and her soul
e. (4th place) Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder by Herschel Walker and Jerry Mungadze Jan 13, 2009 $10.17 – One of greatest football running backs suffers controlling alters, but draws on deep faith and personal spirit in turning to professionals who assist him to mental health which gives him insight into his life and then enables him to give voice and hope to those suffering with DID to also becoming accomplished and life learning
f. (26th place) Finding Me: Dissociative Identity Disorder from Creation to Integration by Phoen J Moffett Oct 31, 2008 $32.99 – Described secret levels but then explained about MPD from therapist which led to understanding and healing which led to integration and teaching and was assisted by therapist who recommended journaling and then publishing the journal unedited and unaltered
3. 3 years (8/2007 – 7/2008) 1 Books – Averaging $22.95 cost, 374 pages, 6 place
a. (6th place) Moon Shadows: Stories of Trauma & Recovery by Colin A. Ross and M.D. Aug 15, 2007 $22.95 – Finalist winner for Women’s Issue of an Indie Award edits stories by abused multiple who write about their important keys to recovery in order of inspiring and motivating others with a sense of hope
4. 4 years (8/2006 – 7/2007) 3 Books – Averaging $22.79 cost, 325 pages, 28 place
a. (19th place) One Who Flew Into the Cuckoo’s Nest by Kathi Stringer Jul 12, 2007 $22.45 – Real life story reading like a nightmare, but leads to personal redemption and telling of a multiple’s personal journey including other multi-psychiatric disorders detailed by psychiatric hospital progress notes
b. (30th place) The Way Back: Inside the mind of a multiple personality by Donna Mae Rose Jun 26, 2007 $18.96 – Facing unwanted circumstances of fear and difficulties multiple leaves the old ways and embraces new ways until life is fully restored through goal of integration and trip to meeting her divine nature
c. (34th place) Offal Great – A Memoir from the Queen of Chitlins by Shauna Anderson with Elizabeth Place Feb 28, 2007 $26.95 – President and CEO of Chitlin Market takes you on journey and love affair with her mentally challenged building contractor/lover via the world of a twelve step program and through her application of business techniques and the acceptance of dignity and humor
5. 5 years (8/2005 – 7/2006) 1 Book – Averaging $16.29 cost, 304 pages, 9 place
a. (9th place) A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder by Robert B. Oxnam Sep 28, 2005 $16.29 – Humpty Dumpty metaphor leads to fractured mind – scholar and president of Asia Society seeks treatment with psychiatrist for good results through a touching and a powerful account of “inner world” which gives insight and courage
6. 6 years (8/2004 – 7/2005) 2 Books – Averaging $12.99 cost, 240 pages, 38 place
a. (37th place) The Dawning of an Ebony Princess by Celia C Canterbury Jun 1, 2005 $12.99 Deliverance from a Satanic darkness of tragedy, incest and pain found in the past to discovering a whole person in the present through writing and experience of God’s light and protection, which can then give encouragement and hope
b. (38th place) Not Otherwise Specified: A Multiple Life in One Body 2005 – no remarks
7. 7 years (8/2003 – 7/2004) 1 Book – Averaging $17.95 cost, 129 pages, 24 place
a. (24th place) Big Marcia H by Lisa Heibner Jan 2004 $17.95 – Three personalities residing within poet who expresses ambling in the dark, being mad and without love while asking does anybody care?
8. 8 years (8/2002 – 7/2003) 2 Books – Averaging $20.47 cost, 281 pages, 40 place
a. (47th place) Irmantrude, Peggy, and Me: The Autobiography of Arnelda Eliza Baum Rasmussen 1935-2003 by Arnelda Eliza Baum Rasmussen 2003 $20.99 – not specified
b. (32nd place) From Ghetto to Glory: An Unusual Journey of Recovery by Monique Douglass-Andrews Oct 1, 2002 $19.95 – Overcoming spirit possession due to trauma, abuse, pain, terror and remembering to heal and share experiences with world confirming that you are never alone, never helpless, nor without the ability to heal and find strength
9. 9 years (8/2001 – 7/2002) 2 Books – Averaging $13.32 cost, 318 pages, 11 place
a. (18th place) A God Called Father: One Woman’s Recovery from Incest and Multiple Personality Disorder by Judith Machree Apr 3, 2002 $15.75 - Intimate details exploring the human spirit’s capacity for transformation through honesty and hope in face of tragedy and human depravity and then gifted to others
b. (3rd place) When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase and Robert A Phillips Feb 5, 2002 $10.88 Speaking through clusters a business woman with 80 “troops” consults with psychiatrist concerning rape and abuse, which is then sensationalized and strains credibility, though providing a convincing affective case study
10. 10 years (8/2000 – 7/2001) No Books
11. 11-15 years (8/1995 – 7/2000) 10 Books – Averaging $22.69 cost, 256 pages, 25 place
a. (8th place) First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple by Cameron West Nov 1, 1999 $6.99 Although melodramatic and awkward a multiple copes through honesty and insight with his pain found before and after the multiple diagnoses and with the help from his therapist and wife he recounts his journey toward sanity and decision to pursue Ph.D. in psychology to better understand illness
b. (35th place) Voices in the Storm: A Personal Journey of Recovery from Mental Illness by J. Alyson Hastings Mar 1999 $27.97 – An enjoyable personal enlightenment story that the critic does not recommend
c. (43rd place) Paperclip dolls by Annie McKenna 1999 Out of Print – A healing process written through emails that are privately published with few copies being sold that seems hard to follow because descriptions are straight-forward, but hard to grasp due to the subject nature
d. (45th place) Sorority of Survival: Memoirs of a Multiple by Katherine A. Newman 1998 $23.95 – Twenty-four faces of Michele is a moving story of her life which forms a sorority that slide between happiness and tears
e. (46th place) Welcome Home Stranger: An Account of Multiple Personalities by Matthew Daniels May 1998 $93.92 – Recreated experiences of a variety of personalities
f. (14th place) Silencing the voices: One woman’s experience with multiple personality disorder by Jean Darby Cline Jun 1, 1997 $39.99 - Fragmented at the hands of her father, one multiple’s deeply personal account and discussion of her three entities and her long battle to overcome problems
g. (12th place) Becoming One: A Story of Triumph Over Multiple Personality Disorder by Sara E. Olson Mar 1997 $16.95 – Through a process of courage, generosity, and providing of insights, the dynamics of a troubled family in a therapeutic process is printed as a first person account of reconciliation between sisters as one sister accounts for her fragmentation due to the terror and assault both she and her estranged sister experienced
h. (15th place) The Magic Daughter: A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder by Jan Phillips Oct 1 1996 $11.95  With the assistance of a psychologist, an award-winning writer and French professor writing under a pseudonym, leads us through a portrayal of multiplicity from suicide to success by overcoming all dysfunction, violence and degradation of early life
i. (31st place) As You Desire Me: The Psychology of a Multiple Personality by ET Aul Aug 1996 $11.99 – not specified
j. (17th place) Beyond Integration: One Multiple’s Journey (Norton Professional Books) by Doris Bryant and Judy Kessler Nov 17, 1995 $18.40 - A former multiple and her therapist present a conjoint narrative on the process of integration, post-integration and recovery of her lost developmental stages
12. 16 – 20 years (8/1990 – 7/1995) 7 books – Averaging $27.77 cost, 286 pages, 27 place
a. (44th place) - The Strange Case of T.L. (Artspace’s Series) by Tony Labat and Carlo McCormick May 2, 1995 $15.00 – Not specified
b. (13th place) Broken Child by Marcia Cameron Feb 1, 1995 $93.58 - Ardent Nazi Mother tortured her daughter/multiple when the girl’s father was at work, but the later the father removes her and her brothers until he dies, which then returns the children to their mother - she later grows older, but is raped while hospitalized though eventually heals and is integrated with the assistance of a psychiatrist, so then marries and has two children
c. (40th place) The Minds of Billy Milligan – 1995 publication by Daniel Keys $23.43 – Extraordinary account of multiple with a criminal background who then faces society without therapy to perhaps become whole
d. (27th place) Murderous Memories: One Woman’s Hellish Real-Life Struggle to Save Herself by Jean Small Brinson Feb 25, 1994 $41.90 – Through tenacity and courage in facing demons a girl dealing with trauma and horror grows up on sharecropper’s farm in SC with six siblings and assists her mother to kill her abusive father to then finally making a normal life for herself
e. (20th place) Stripped Naked by Lauren Stratford Jun 30, 1993 $19.80 – A third volume which shows the multiple continuing her treatment after being at the hands of Satanists then later tells stories with few analogies tying the stories together of her personal suffering with that of others who are abused, such as political prisoners
f. (39th place) The Flock: The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality by Joan Frances Casey and Lynn Wilson Feb 25, 1993 $4.60 – This was hoped to become a “safe” book due to no graphic details being given, but then becomes a book leading to co-dependency as a patient writes through her alters as her therapist becomes her pseudo father trying to seriously re-parent and then interjects his psychologist’s notes and which stretches boundaries of the therapist while not really elevating hope for others
g. (5th place) The Family Inside: Working With the Multiple by Doris Bryant, Judy Kessler, and Lyn Shirar Nov 1992 $22.41 – Practical book written by clinician and patient over issues and concerns that come-up during treatment over the complex challenges of shattered selves by the therapist teaching the multiple survival skills and then re-integration which gives insight and structure
h. (21st place) Becoming Kate by Theodore J. Jansma Sep 1990 $1.45 – Journal entries of an alter speaking of her life as she shares an informative look at her satanic cult before healing through fusion/integration assisted by a caring doctor who then includes his thoughts, actions and feelings of the process
13. 21 – 25 years (8/1985 – 7/1990) 3 Books – Averaging $3.38 cost, 150 pages, 21 place
a. (25TH place) Katherine, It’s Time: The Incredible Journey into the World of a Multiple Personality by Kit Castle and Stephen Bechtel Oct 1989 $2.35 –Journalist conducts interviews and recreates a multiple’s journey (7-8 personalities) from Hell sharing psychic phenomena of her beings of light and other poltergeist-like activities and then interweaves testimonies of friends and loved ones
b. (11th place) Mind of My Own: The Woman Who Was Known as “Eve” Tells the story of her Triumph over Multiple Personality Disorder by Chris Costner Sizemore Sep 1989 $5.78 – Former multiple of “Three Faces of Eve” gives credit to her helpful therapist and immediate family as she talks of her miracle through devotion and commitment in mastering the intruders who had submerged her
c. (28th place) Nightmare Uncovering the Strange 56 personalities of Nancy Lynn Gooch by Nancy Gooch, Emily Peterson and Lucy Freeman Jan 1988 $2.00 – A woman suffering “Hysterical neurosis” relates experiences which appear like multiplicity, but that strain belief and are not wholly convincing
14. 26 – 30 years (8/1980 – 7/1985) No Books
15. 31 – 35 years (8/1975 – 7/1980) 3 Books – Averaging $2.21 cost, 320 pages, 26 place
a. (33rd place) Tell Me Who I Am Before I Die by Christina Peters Aug 1978 $3.06 – Not specified
b. (16th place) I’m Eve by Chris Costner Sizemore and Elen sain Pittillo Jun 1977 $2.43  A woman from an uneducated farm family is punished for her apparent willfulness, but then the woman continues the abuse through marriage and relies on her psychiatrist who sensationalizes her story, so she recreates herself as having been an intelligent creative child dealing with fear, acting out of anger, and expressing frustration by cycling through personalities trying to reach her equilibrium
c. (29th place) The five of me: The autobiography of a multiple personality by Henry Hawksworth 1977 $1.15 – Not specified

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