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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Testing over to the danger-zone

Good morning. This is me. We are being a little weird this morning. We are messing with the script. I don’t know maybe just a little change up. We’ve settled now on Lucida handwriting, but I don’t know how long this will last.

We are already done with our shower and all that comes with that. I’ve got 15 minutes before I wake up sir sweetie. He was being very nice to me last night. Ok, so most nights he is very nice. But, it is always something a little special when he doesn’t turn on the TV at the same time. It can be so distracting. I fell asleep toward the end and he woke us up at 10 pm to go to bed proper, but then we stayed up and read for a little bit.

Hmm, I think we did some looking too. My mother and Helen had both sent stuff about the family that we opened up and looked at. Helen’s is primarily from her great grandfather’s side of the family, but I will want to look at it more closely when there is better time. The package my mother sent was very complete – about her father and siblings. There are a lot of dates and such. It will take a bit of time to add to I’m not sure if someone else already added it, but it is very good information. My grandfather was the oldest of 14 kids.

I believe we wrote yesterday, but I left it at work, so I’m not sure what was said or not said - Maybe then not too much on yesterday. I would like to say there was some playful going on between myself and Carolyn. She’s funny. I would get something done and then she would ask for something and then I would ask for something. At one point it was more like ok Carolyn just talk to me … I think we were pretty restless. At one point she said to cut the “about” sections in half … so we *sighed* and then completed the task. She said afterward that we took direction well and she wished all her authors were like that. We might tell her today that multiples are known for being able to adapt.

Good good. I just woke up Rich. We have this ritual thing going on where I just massage him until he wakes up … usually there are some really comfortable noises as some part of his body is recognizing the touches. Good Rich.

So as to where we are at. I don’t think there was anything real special about last night. Let me try to remember. I think we just played with sweetie and then tried to read and then fell asleep. Hmm, maybe we already said that. Ok, then I guess it’s time to move on. What are our global thoughts this morning?

We’ve been having a lot of thoughts toward the writing and that is about it. We’ll have a couple of annual meetings today. We’ve got one for this morning at 10 am and then again another at 1 pm. Usually, we don’t do this many in one day, but it’s just the way things fell. I will have that on my mind this morning. I will need to write up a few things when I get into work, and then we will have to talk to a few DSPs about goals. This is not going to go down as one of our more fun days. But, I know it has to be done.

I got a real positive response the other day toward having put up the “about” sections of the author and the book. I was pleased with that. Deb, Bill, Mia, Nicole, Lorie, Tammy, Cathy and Diane all clicked on like and then Deb, Carrie, Debbie, LuAnn, Bill, Mia, Sandy, Maury, Julie, Orla, Deb, Vickie and my sister all left comments. Most were like we are looking forward to reading your book.

Pswhoo. I sure hope so. I’m hoping that some people actually follow through and
We get some positive responses. I really appreciate that so many people stopped by to give support.

We worked a bit on collecting pictures for Carolyn in that she and their graphic design person are going to use the pictures from our collages for the cover of the book. It’s very exciting to think that a professional has got some ideas. She had asked if we had copies of the pictures individually and we were like ok, this is impossible, but then in writing that back to her, we were already trying to figure out if we had access to that kind of thing. As it turned out we found that we had saved in our Photo Shop the original collage effort, so that we were able to click on each picture and then save to a jpg file to send to Carolyn. We completed that last night. We also left a copy of the pictures on Facebook, because we had thought at first that would be the best way to send the pictures. It turned out Friesen had another way to transmit pictures, so that was all good.

Carolyn is warning me that there is going to be some time – maybe a couple of weeks where nothing seems to be happening, but in actuality someone will be getting the proofs ready. My take on this is that there will be some editing, but primarily this is the part where they get the manuscript in page order so that we can see what the book is going to look like. I’m so excited. That reminds me though … we were going to go back over the list of books we had mentioned in the manuscript and put them in APA format. We didn’t have that knowledge when we first made a list of about 3-4 pages of references to books we were going to purchase.

Better set that as something to do after the 1 pm meeting is over. I don’t want anything on my end to slow down the book process. Carolyn is also a psych major so she understood that kind of thing. Yeah Carolyn!

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been trying to figure out how to put together $500 more so that we can get the services that are at their most extensive list. I also like that we would be getting hard cover copies and we would be getting the restocking insurance so that we can get the book into the book store.

I’m looking at the account balance now and I think that I’m going to take it out of the account before Rich gets a chance to pay the bills - except I’m going to need waiting until the next month. It seems like there is $500 in there now, but I don’t know where he’s got that money scheduled to go. Maybe some of it would be left over and then we’d have the extra couple hundred from the next month. We would have to wait until the middle of the month October check got deposited. I don’t know that means about 3 weeks to figure out whether or not we’re going to tell him or just take it out. We’re thinking this is a high enough priority that we might do it before some of the other bills get paid. The only thing I know is coming out yet is that we’ve got to pay the license plate. As to Maury’s birthday, I don’t think he’s going to get one unless he considers the book a gift, but then that is going to be given to the other boys too. I’m not sure if taking this much money out is going to affect what we give in gifts for this Christmas.

Maybe what we can do is ask Carolyn if we can get the services now and then make a payment or two. It seems that we would get an additional proofing round plus a lot of extra stuff. This all the additional part with the extra $500

• eBook Premium Distribution—incl. Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and BlackBerry devices (black & white book publishing only)
• Hardcover Edition (black & white book publishing only)
• Google Books/Barnes & Noble See Inside
• Amazon's Look Inside!
• Radio & TV Promotion
• Print Media Promotion
• Book Promotion Plan
• Sales Monitoring by Traditional Publishers
• 15 Paperback copies of your book
• 10 Hardcover copies of your book
• 100 Postcards, 100 bookmarks, and 100 business cards displaying your book cover and ordering information
• 10 Posters displaying your book cover in full color
• First 20 interior image insertions (black & white book publishing) or 48 interior image insertions (color and children's book publishing) free of charge
• First 3 table insertions, first 20 footnotes or endnotes, and first 20 layout complexities free of charge
• Additional proofing round

Oh Lordy. Rich is going to be mad. I better talk to Carolyn. I know I would be able to appreciate the extra and I want all the services I can get … especially things like hard cover, having the search inside, kindle download, and insurance to stock shelves at the bookstores. I would have to be very sure that I would get all this for the cost. I don’t know this is hard. I did check and found out that I have $100 left in my envelope. I could deposit that tonight. Better check to see if there are any automatic bills going out, or if anything has been spent with that money. Man this is going to be tough … better plan on checking these things out after the two meetings it is going to take some real soul searching. I wish I had SOME other kind of income coming in to balance the costs. Rich is going to be furious; maybe the idea is to not do anything until we check with Carolyn to find our alternatives. That’s a pretty good idea, right?

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