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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tumbling along the path of publishing

Good morning. This is me. It’s already late in the morning it’s 10 am. We were working on things, but needed a break. I’m hoping that today turns out to go quickly up until about 4:30 pm when we have our appointment. I didn’t hear much from Dr. Marvin … he says that the people he needed to talk to from the legal department haven’t called back yet. I asked him in a Very short email just “any word yet?” I’m hoping it reminds him if he’s forgotten, but we’re thinking he’s too organized to have REALLY forgotten, so then I suppose it’s just to make me feel like I’ve done something to care about it. I do want him to know that it is still important to me. It’s also very hard to wait.

I figure if he knows something too he might be saving it up for the meeting – especially if its bad news. BUT, I’m hoping that it will be better than not. I’m also hoping by now that he sent something to Dr. Woollcott. I think though his original plan was to get word from the legal program and then pass that on to Dr. Woollcott, but I don’t know if he planned that it would take this long. It’s just hard to wait.

I want to talk to Carolyn too about the cost of the better support, but now Rich is in the room. AHA! He’s planning on leaving in a half an hour … that would be good then. Carolyn doesn’t get into her office until 11 am our time. We made sure to be charging the phone. I think we left her an email to call us today, but I’m not sure if she’ll be back at work yet. She was supposed to have eaten something bad at a foreign restaurant and she said that her neck and face swelled up, so she stayed at home to work. Yeeks! That’s not a good thing to do to you!

Maybe I can look that over again. Let me see. The biggest question is do you get the insurance if you get the better package. I’m thinking that you don’t and that would be a big deal. I have to ask does that mean there is no hard copy or paperbacks going to any of the 25,000 stores they advertise.

Ok, ok … it’s now 12:30 pm. I’ve got a half hour before group. I haven’t talked it over with Rich yet, but I figured out what to do. Basically, I looked at the bank statements and decided that I should give the school loan people a call. And, that seemed to work out. I deferred both loans until February. This would give me a chance to pay $580 in October on the 17th and $580 in November on the 17th. This would also give me some money to be doing Christmas presents in December. And, maybe by January we could put $4-500 away for emergencies. It really does give me a break. The school loans are just over $400 together, so that means for the next two months the couple hundred extra I get will mostly go to book payments.

I have to find out from Carolyn if they offer any kind of deal. I know that Natalie said something before of doing something, but I don’t quite remember. I think their best offer was that I could pay the following month. At the time that didn’t do anything for me. I’m pretty sure that it’s a regular business in that things don’t turn until the wheels are greased. But, there really is some important things going on with the costs.

I think I listed yesterday all the extra stuff that came with the package that was $500 more and then there is a $650 cost added to that. With the total of these two costs, plus what I paid for before we get their best options which included look inside at Amazon and other and it especially includes the book insurance for restocking so that people can get my books in the bookstore. I don’t know if anything can be done, but we’re thinking we can’t pay the second part which would get it in the bookstores before November. I’m thinking most of the holiday books are already going to be in the store by then. But, it’s the best we can do, so we have to be ok with it.

I’ve been on the edge of my chair waiting to talk to Carolyn and Dr. Marvin. Dr. Marvin sent a note saying he hadn’t talked to the legal department yet, but if he could find the time he would try again. You already heard Carolyn’s situation of food poisoning, so I’m not sure if she’s in yet. If she was … she’s just doing her first 1 ½ hours so maybe not so organized, or maybe busy, or maybe whatever. I had left the message saying if she couldn’t call by noon, to wait until after 2 pm. Most of the time we talk it’s past our 5 pm – she’s 2 hours backed-up from us. I wonder if there are other multiples publishing books at the same time ours is coming out.

I’m still having trouble considering myself an author, but once I see the first book, I am going to know it. Villainous laugh here. Ok, then we probably won’t rule the Earth!?? Well, just thinking is all.

I think this is what is called our racy mind. We want to think or do something just a little too frazzled to do something real unless it has specifically something to do with the book. I’m not sure what we are going to talk to Dr. Marvin about. I don’t think there is anything family orientated. Maury is coming over tomorrow and then there is the deal with getting Thom’s TV put up in our bedroom, and then have I told you all this? After that we’ll be going over with Rich, Maury and Joe to get the table and china cabinet and we’ll be bringing that up in a uhaul to CS. I believe we are going to be coming back at the same day.

We’ll meet Maury around 2 pm, get to CS about 5 pm, have dinner and leave by 7 pm, and then get home at 9-10 pm. Wow! That’s going to be a long day.

I’m thinking already where is my phone battery? – I’m going to want to use stuff in the car. I don’t know if Rich bought a new plug in yet for regular stuff. I could be reading the kindle on the computer if that were the case. Also though I have to remember that I can read it on the phone, the iPod or the computer, so likely all those batteries would hold just have to use them one in succession with the other.

That’s a plan. Maybe too though I should plan on charging up at CS? I’m thinking we’ll end up going out for dinner. It sounds like Mark might be home, but I’m not sure where he will be in his sleep cycle and I know he’ll go out to work afterward.

WooHOO!! Just scored on the candy dish – we took 4 to keep us going until we return to the table for group. Many this is just the devious stuff you keep reading on and on for. I confess they are very good. Sister has been putting out Dove caramel dark chocolate pieces. Mmm. Ok, then we’re not really going to concentrate before the meeting right? No. 6 minutes of free time. Maybe we’ll go in ahead of time and be early … that would be a good idea wouldn’t it?

WooHOOO!! I’m back, but just for a brief time. I did a few things. I had the meeting with the staff, I talked to Rich about the school loan money going to pay for the books, and I had a phone meeting with Carolyn. She said that she was actually pretty happy when I call her even after I asked and found out she had 60 authors. Wow! Oh … my gosh this is news too. Rich just called and said that I was correct. And, I was like umm correct in what? He must have done some figuring, because he was telling me if I borrowed $1200 from school loans not being paid that I would like owe an extra $1000 in interest. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around that because it didn’t make sense. I think the worst could be a $100 or so interest ad up because I’ve got more loan than being paid normally over this next few months, but the major deal was it was going to take me that many months at the end of the school loan to pay. I think I have about $50,000 in school debt so that’s like 10 years I’ll be paying school loans … so that we can do what we have to do here.

Rich and us didn’t discuss things so well. I did maintain steadiness but at some point he just didn’t want to talk. He had said at the beginning of this deal that it would cost more money and now he sees me doing that and so it frustrates him.

Our point is that it was never an argument. I knew going into it we were just paying the middle service cost because that was what we could do with the money my mother had paid, but now there’s a way to do things, naturally, I’m going to bump up the cost.

There will be now talking to Carolyn the question of whether to spend the $650 insurance to get the book into the major stores, or whether, I will take that much in books, which might be like 65 books and sell them in small mom and pop stores for double the money. She called it selling on consignment where I guess you ask for space to put the book out and then if it doesn’t sell you go back and get the book. Well something like that. I’m thinking if the book sells for $20, and you have paid $10 to the printer, then the book guy gets $20 and you give him $10.

Does that sound about right?

There was a lot of conversation on the marketing. I think basically that Friesen gives you material to read and questions to answer and then you go over things with their marketing person – in our case Marie. And she clues me in on what to do. She said there was no exact amount of time we got or didn’t get with her, though after we knew certain things we wouldn’t come back for so many questions. She says that her and Marie were like 5 feet away from each others’ desk and that she had a Que, so she’d try to get her and call me back in a couple of weeks. She said that we could take pre-orders, but the cost wouldn’t be pinned down until we got the further proofs closer to the number of pages we were going for.

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