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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wow not only the future, but we work our way back in time too

Good morning. This is me and we’re up and at it this morning, but somewhat late. It’s already 9 am on a Saturday morning. Rich left about an hour ago to ref two games. Problem is that it’s raining out so we’re feeling kind of bad for him, but he seems to have set it in his mind that it is going to be ok. He says that he would like to either go fishing or play cards later when he gets done and that he would then like to take us out to dinner afterward. That seems to work fine for me, because we’re going to need the majority of the day to continue our editing work. I’m a bit of a couch potato as you know so we’re going to need fighting the temptation of slipping backward and not wanting to go out. But, we have faith in ourselves. We can do it right?

Yesterday we did a good amount of work on the editing in that we made our goal of getting through 80 pages. Now we have to do 80 more pages today and 80 more pages tomorrow so that we can be finished with this round of editing and that the manuscript can go into the publisher by Monday morning. This is making me real happy.

I was very pleased yesterday in that we called Carolyn the Author rep to just catch up on the progress made during the week. She seemed to be in a happy mood and she seemed grateful that we called to check in. The people at Friesen Press that I’ve met so far have just been incredibly nice. We talked of several things, but one of the highlights was that I asked her about how many books are normal to be sold and she gave us a few numbers and then we told her that we were working in the range of selling 50 books to 140,000 books and the optimal goal was to be buying a house.

Carolyn seemed to appreciate that. I told her the next thing we were going to do was to send her a picture of the house. She wrote back later and said she loved it and had made it into her screen background picture so that we can work on the same goal together. I was just so happy that she’s being this optimistic and has given us such a nice warm personal take on our life that we’re just feeling fantastic about it.

We also talked to her about getting the spreadsheet that we’d sent Natalie earlier. By the time she responded she had gotten the download for the research on Multiple’s who had written autobiographies. She was really pleased with it and said she looked forward to looking at it more closely. That made me happy. I told her that it might be something that we would want to pass on to the woman who would be helping us market the book. Carolyn said that there was a direct correlation as to the amount of time we put into marketing the book with the outcome of sales. I’m afraid of the cost that’s going to be involved, because I think it will be a matter of going places that are going to cost money, but if there are things we can do just through effort, then I’m going to be all feet forward.

There are just so many things to be looking forward to at this moment. I did talk to Maury yesterday about some of our thoughts toward if this really worked out and we got a house out of it that we’d put forward an offer that we’d written about yesterday. He made a comment something on it would be better if we just gave him the money so they could live in their own house, but I told him it wasn’t going to work out like that. That he would have to save and pay-off debt to get them out of trouble. I wish I could have a magic globe telling me the future as to whether or not we’ll make it far enough to get the house and to be really offering Maury and his family a place to stay where he can save and pay-off debt. I don’t think it would be an easy arrangement, but if there was enough money to fix up the downstairs like we imagine then it might work out. No doubt all of us would be strained at times, but then there would be the days when everything was working out well and everyone would be happy.

I think it would be an awful lot for Maury to give up the kind of independence he wants. But if we could do our part, then it would be up to him to do his part too. He got into trouble the first place because people bailed him out. He’d gotten money from his grandmother and brother – I’m not sure about his father. Even we gave him a couple thousand dollars at one point. But, he never got out of financial trouble because he didn’t appreciate the sacrifice others had made in giving him money. Now I believe that he is paying of credit cards, and doesn’t have any more to be adding to his debt. But, I think the manner in which he’s living with the four girls and his girlfriend is pretty tight. I wouldn’t wish it upon him, though I believe in Maury and that he’s making the best out of the situation.

Basically, the biggest value in what we told him yesterday was that we were thinking of him and his situation and in our own way was doing whatever we could to make the situation better. There was the other part that was being built up too in that if Maury and his new family weren’t interested in making some kind of deal where we shared living for up to four years, that Rich and us could have a lot of fun with a house that size. One thing we figured out yesterday was that even if Maury and his girl moved in – naturally after we earned the house, that we’d keep the study for Rich instead of giving that space to the kids.

Basically, we had looked at the floor plans enough to think that really there was going to be as much space under the house as there was on the first floor. So that allowed us to imagine that the kids could have downstairs a nice family room, a kitchen with an open space for dining between the kitchen and the family room, and that we could use the space under the study and next to the bathroom (all up above) for a very large full bathroom, and then next to that would be two nice size rooms with an open front on both – one being for the kids to be doing homework and then the other a bit of a second family room – or basically, a den so that the kids could pull off from the parents space to be hanging out with each other separate from the adults. I think both would need their own space sometimes.

And then the other big deal would be if there was space under the garage … I think there was open space. That would be really ideal in that we would put in one more half bath under where the upstairs utility room was and then we’d make that large space into 1) a long closet against one whole wall if not two for extra storage of clothing and other things, then we would have a large open space and put down there things like a small bar area, ping pong, pool, bumperpool/poker table and maybe some exercise equipment. Basically, the idea is to give the kids a place to work off some physical needs that would be fun and inviting for all. Oh yeah, we’d want a foosball table too!

There’s a little uncomfortableness in that so much would be at the basement level, but I’m thinking this house was like others we saw in that it could be raised so that it would have a walk-in basement. That would allow for people to come in and out without having to check-in upstairs. And it would then allow some of the windows to be placed so that people could look outside and not feel totally underground. Part of it would be in building light systems so that people don’t feel everything is just dark.

I don’t know if you could do as much as we would hope around the area of $40-60,000, but that’s our thinking level now. The other advantages would be that it would make a nice in-law arrangement so if somewhere down the line we needed an extra income or living situation for others, it would be useable and if nothing else, it would add tremendous value on the house if we were ever to sell it. I like that our families could come over especially if the kids were no longer living there and there’d be places for everyone to split up and find enjoyment. I just love all the diversity the situation offers.

I think I would go as this plan suggests rather than building more bedrooms downstairs. I don’t know how inconvenient it would be that the 6 of them have bedrooms upstairs, but in utilizing the space as best we could they would have a lot more living space, which is going to be real important as the girls start to grow up and need otherwise to be accommodating one another.

As to Rich and us – we’d last left off on our thoughts by thinking of the arrangement in the formal living and dining room, which we would make into our offices. I’m sold on the idea of having a huge table in-between the offices in case we would be able to help one or more of the girls with homework upstairs on our own turf. We’re really satisfied with each of the girls having their own laptops … and of course there would be wi-fi accessibility throughout the house. But to get past the part where Rich might at some point have to share office space if one of the girls or more were quietly working in the office it would be important for him to get the study area in back of the kitchen for his tackle room. I could see a couple comfortable chairs in that so he could play with his stuff while maybe talking to one other.

I figure it would be a way he could shut the door if he wanted to have real private time, and I figured that it might be a good place for him to meet-up with Bob if he came over and the guys wanted to be on their own. Of course they could use other parts of the first floor particularly the family room, but then there always has to be a means of him having really private space – like his man-cave – especially with so many girls in the house.

I think there are other advantages to having such a big house too in that say Maury and his girls were there for four years, and then moved out into their own house, by then the girls would be so used to the space and us, they could come and spend time with us giving their Mom and Dad a break. In the meantime the rooms would be done enough so that we could have visitors sharing that space too. I’m thinking that we’d have one big bed in the long bedroom and then two sets of bunk beds one in each of the second and third bedrooms.

Does this never stop? Hehehe I can’t believe how readily we plan our future banking on something we will not know if we can will into existence. Today’s horoscope is very encouraging. It says:

Hurrah! It’s about time! That light at the end of the tunnel is so bright you may need sunglasses. You’ve endured som hardships, some heartache, and a while lot of aggravation and worry lately. But all that is quickly coming to an end. Even if you haven’t received the final word yet on the dissolution of a problem, begin giving thanks to the universe and showing that you believe in the power of positive manifestation in your life. You have fumbled along attempting to be proactive with affirmations and visualization, and it has paid off!

So, basically, we are taking this to mean that it is a good idea to be planning for what we mean to happen and that our visualizations of a house will manifest itself. I think it’s a matter of believing. It’s like we are setting the course for our destiny and although we leave a small space knowing that none of it may happen at least it hasn’t happened yet, but that it might … and that possibility of it might happen is what we need to believe in at the present. It gives us a sense of purpose and direction.

We look at so many people in the United States who own homes. We think that the house we have chosen isn’t beyond financially where most houses are at now days. Maybe a lot of people have owned their house for so long it didn’t cost nearly as much as it is valued today, but I think to get this much house starting at $250,000 and if we could add another $100,000 then we would have the dreams that so many other households already have. We’re not asking for more, we’re just trying to get caught up.

So many people live in areas like where we live where houses are rather limited and old fashioned, and we know these houses cost about as much as the house we want to be building with Ryland in Montgomery, so in our little way we’re trying to compensate our patience in having waited so long to be getting something truly of value. I don’t know given a choice why anyone would want less when they know there’s something so much better out there. It’s just that most people have put enough into their house that they pretty much are stuck in it because the market isn’t that good for selling right now and their house is devalued enough so they can’t get out what they put into it. It kind of leaves them stuck, but then maybe a lot of people really like the house that they have.

We will be looking at our house someday and wondering how we could get one more advanced architecturally like our house is now according to the norm. Who knows what the preferences will be down the line, but I know that I’m absolutely in love with the design of this house.

I love the openness between the family room and the kitchen and the dining area. I love that it has three extra rooms past that being the formal living room, dining room and study that will become Rich’s office, my office and Rich’s tackle room. I love that there are so many bedrooms and opportunities to be using those rooms, and I absolutely love the loft is going to open up for my sewing. Ok ok … maybe you can’t manifest anything more than we are doing already. It’s just that I believe in this dream so much. It’s just got to happen, right!?

Oh Lordy how are we going to settle down? Maybe we’re going to need getting back to the work at hand? There is still quite a bit to be doing. Right now we are just getting to the part of the story where the CARF survey is over. So we should mentally mark that as halfway through the book. We’re at the point now where there are only a few months left – 3 to be exact, plus the appendixes, but at that we’re only half way through. The previous chapters there were written a lot of short entries, but at this point, the entries are long and encompassing.

I hope it is true in that Carolyn said yesterday she read the first 10 pages we’d pulled together as a sample of our writing. She says that we write in an easy to understand and engaging manner. I hope that others find this as well. It was complimentary that she said so many nice things. I’d like to think she meant them and it’s not just a ploy to get us going. I really do feel that I can like and appreciate both Natalie and Carolyn. They seem like honest folks and both very caring. I also like the part that they get excited like we are. They are not so used to their jobs, that the process has become ho-hum.

I’m thinking now of having read a little bit more on the book we are reading. For the sake of argument, we are reading Richard Baer’s “Switching Time.” It feels fairly easy to read, but we’re still having trouble that he is spending so much more time with the parts then with the host. The host seems unaware of a lot going on in her life, because the therapist doesn’t seem to be relating to her as anything but a gate toward getting back to the seemingly more interesting parts. I do like the way when he does talk to the parts that he has conversations and tries to further them in their thought processes. I don’t like the part where he seems to be on his own agenda.

I’m thinking that Dr. Marvin must do that too where he has certain ideas that he will stick with, but it always seems to be from the position we are at rather than the one he wants us to be at. If we bring up something like suicidal ideations, he’s going to want to stick with that especially if it means leaving us somewhere safer than might be, but he is still asking us from our perspective where we are at with it and how to make it more workable to the part he is talking to. We have to develop trust between us that its more for our good then just his security in not having to deal with “being dead as an issue.”

I’m sure he can’t like that kind of pressure of him needing to be called on the spot to “save us.” But, pretty much we know that he works very hard to reach agreements that we are able to be taking care of ourselves. He does give us some leeway in there being a little more contact if need be, but even that’s within the arrangement of his general schedule. It has to be the majority of us being trustworthy to not do damage.

I don’t mean to just focus on the suicidal parts of our life, because realistically, they are a lot fewer and far between than they had been in the past. It’s just the level of intensity that we’re picking up here. Basically, as to life in and around our multiplicity, I feel kind of envious that Karen in the book has such a well-defined system that they could know each other as parts in and out. I do think that when you have to be so responsible for defining everyone’s role in day to day life, you give up on parts where its more about the collective thinking of all those parts pulled forward.

Like it’s interesting that Part C wanted to go to the fish store, and that Part J paid for the fish, and Park K took care of dinner, but I think in our own way of thinking and being – it’s more about “We went to the fish store, paid for the fish, and then went on to be making dinner.” I don’t want to demean the parts part in the action, but you get to a part where what we as a whole are doing is more important than in acknowledging instances where each part took a separate role. In some ways it turns toward that direction anyway in that the doctor suggests something such as well now that you have the fish maybe you can use this in getting to know the other parts if everyone took a part in caring for them.

So, then the multiple is in the position that all the parts have to check in on the fish? That would really be overkill. I think in our own situation where we should be sharing responsibilities would be the example of doing dishes. We know there are parts who are more apt or need to be more responsible, but the situation is that we all need to be aware that it is a system’s responsibility to load and unload the dishwasher. That means that now that I’m aware of it, can I be responsible without putting that off to it being another parts job. Yes, I’m the one writing right now and we could claim that to be our only responsibility, but then that would be unfair to other parts, who might want to step away during their time out to be doing something other than just unloading the dishwasher.

And, who is to say that it isn’t them that is controlling these sets of thoughts to be saying is it fair that you expect me to do something you wouldn’t do yourself? So then, is it them breaking into my writing thoughts to get their point across? I don’t know maybe you could think of this in a hundred different ways. Maybe one of the parts is assisting another in getting her needs met (dishwasher loaded), or maybe it’s a part saying we can’t be in our minds so much that household doesn’t get taken care of. You see it could go all these ways, but the real deal is that it matters most that we can continue writing AND that we take care of the chore.

We don’t have to name a part, we just have to sit up and take notice that it’s something we are aware of but hasn’t been cared for … so we’ll give you a count of three and then I just have to do it. Ok, one, two … three!

Pswhoo! We were very good. We did the dishwasher, ordered the medicine we’re out of and we took a shower. That was pretty good for being in the present. It’s almost 11 am now and I think Rich will be in by 12-12:30 pm if his games are on time. He’s going to be so pleased that there was this much progress. We also checked the table and counter tops to make sure everything of ours was picked up and we filled in new garbage. Wow! Now we are way ahead of ourselves!

I don’t know I think we left off on thinking about the multiples book. We hadn’t liked the way the other one turned out, but maybe we wrote about that already. We are kind of frustrated the other one left us with such a bad image of her mother’s chest being used to … ok, it was a terrible trick of the mind we’re not going to repeat here, just that it seems to be a part of over-sensationalizing the multiple’s story to get points across.

Sometimes I feel used when reading that kind of material that asks us to stretch our imaginations as to how bad the abuse could be. Maybe I’m just defending myself because there’s so little I do remember. I know that there are times we can get a gist of what the younger ones went through, but we don’t know how to handle it. We can only see through them the kind of anger or other amazements they fall into.

There have been so many years figuring out anger management, that I think what they go through now is minimal to what created them in the first place. I think time eases some of the memories. We get as far as saying we know our parents and grandfather were abusive, but we don’t desire to go back each time and ask how abusive what did they do.

Most often we just think about being a multiple and because of that we know some very terrible things happened. If I were to capsulate that experience, I would have to know something now we don’t know and maybe we would get clues from the younger parts, but I think what we get more than anything is leftover feelings rather than exact scenario building of what happened to them. We think too that before the age of four or so that us as younger people didn’t have the same kind of mental schematics to be pulling together memories in cognizant manners. We can for example know that we used to hide in our bedroom closet or behind and under the basement stairs, but to get a sense of the feelings that were strong enough to make us do those things – It’s very hard to imagine.

I don’t need to leave the reader thinking oh man how terrible that was. I’m more interested now in how as 51 years of age, we still hide from things that are difficult for us. If there is a way of being with the younger parts to work our way through it, I would feel guilt for making them re-experience their trauma when it is me as an adult part that doesn’t seem to handle adult responsibilities. I have to look at what is so threatening about it. What is it that I fear? Can I combat that fear without regressing to younger part who seems better experienced to handle fear? Is it no doubt they are going to do the same thing and as before put us in a situation of hiding? Then it would seem to be me hiding behind them.

I think often in this situation, that it is us as adult parts that have to become aware, we have tucked ourselves behind the bed and realize that never had been our intent and that we can take care of responsibly for those feelings. I think when it happens now usually it is something like feeling anger that causes us to hide. So sometimes when we have to deal with hard things that we can’t escape we become angry, and then we get afraid of the anger and then we hide. It’s pretty cyclical. Sometimes it seems that we just want someone to know that we were feeling so bad that we needed to hide. It’s a toss-up now a days as to whether it is you the reader that is there for us to validate our experience, or if we can work it through with Rich or work it through with Dr. Marvin.

It’s a much better situation when we can do as above and just get up and take care of whatever it is we are hiding from or avoiding. I don’t think there is much secrecy that the part where we much prefer to sit in one spot and think through the writing rather than make ourselves to things with the body. I’m thinking and wondering now how closely this aligns to the experience of sitting in the closet thinking through life though be it much safer than we’d felt outside the closet. I can remember going there when we were having our feelings of crashing, but then I can remember going in the closet on perfectly good days when we just wanted to avoid people. It was our space, not much different perhaps than Karen in the story hiding underneath their stairs behind the false wall.

I’m not sure how our feelings of security and safety align with other peoples who haven’t been abused. I don’t know what it is like as a child to be scared and go to a parent for comfort, because most often they were who we were scared of. I know we compensate in our present life by having a Dr. Marvin type person. We know if there are strong feelings we really need to figure out that it is with him that we do it.

We love to experience life with Rich, but there still is a distance between us where our lives really do feel separate. It’s more than I am here today and he is out as very often is the case, it’s just that I would share anything in the world with Rich, but I know with him, we are going to meet up against his negative side and we don’t always choose to go through that. Even now with the dreaming of the house. He knows only a smidge of that … maybe more in that we don’t know all the parts that have access to him. Sometimes we think you don’t know anything, and then he says yes, I do someone sent me an email detailing it out. Its then like Oh - I didn’t know. So do you know this part too? I’m often surprised with how much he does know, but he gets frustrated because he can’t help us sometimes or help us help ourselves. He’d much rather we lived a safe life, like with the house he says that he doesn’t want us to get our hopes up because then we might be disappointed, and then he is going to have to deal with that part. Hehehe we tease him that it always comes back to him and him taking responsibility.

We know that he has to only be responsible for he, but that wouldn’t be fair credit wise. We know that he’s a fixer-type person in that he’s always trying to make things better for others. Maybe it’s true it’s because of the selfish reason he doesn’t really want to worry about things. He’d much rather be out doing the games, fishing, cards, golf etc. I think when he is into those modes of wanting to be out doing one of these things, is because he can escape even his own thoughts.

He only gets so far in worrying over things, and then he has to do something about it or we’re going to ask him not to talk about it anymore. One of our favorite things to do used to be after he ate fully to stop him from complaining that he was going to need going on a diet. If you are serious about a diet talk to me before you do the eating!

Hmm, I’m kind of lost here though because I don’t know which points we’re trying to make anymore. Maybe we’re just up to the point of thinking how special our love is, with or without his peculiarities. I figure in the long run if he puts up with me, then I should put up with him too. As long as we’re able to dialogue back and forth then that’s really the major part. That and I always want to be jumping back into bed with him. Ok, ok … shhhh… that’s enough of that.

I think he’s doing relatively well with the thoughts of publishing. He’s gone past the first wave and I think secretly he’s happy because I’m feeling so fulfilled. Maybe doing something isn’t as bad as him worrying about me doing something. At least when it’s in real time – the pluses and negatives are in real time to so much more doable than when one is worrying only about the future. We’re trying to help him understand something that will probably be argued later down the line. Like this morning he woke up and we’ve gone to such a point of daring in our manifestations that our hoped for house is sitting brightly on our big computer screen.

We’re no longer asking Rich do you want to move into this house. We’re saying this is the house we are going to buy and if you want you can come and live in it with us. Pretty much like, no you don’t have much choice, as long as it’s me making the big bucks. This is of course if we sell more than 50 books. Then we got so daring as to have a conversation out loud with Maury the other night where we told him that we are planning on having enough space so that if he and his girl want another option to save and pay-off debt that that would be available to them. Does Rich have a say in the matter? Somewhat, but not much in that if I can do something for one of my sons, then he has to put up with it or not, but we are not going to stop doing it as long as we are being as fair to him as we are.

I keep working out these little details in my mind and maybe we are back toward the top of where we started or in general are doing a circular discussion. If I can work it out to be giving Rich his own garages, office, tackle room and up to four rooms (kitchen, dining, family room and bedroom) that he will share with me, then certainly he really has no say if I offer the other 6 people I plan to move in with us the other three bedrooms and fully-fledged lower living space. Right? Ok, maybe we deserve to here him grumble. He’ll do it more like … but you won’t be able to walk through the house naked. I’ll say I know. But, it won’t always be quiet. I know. But, but, but. BUT it’s my son. Hard to get past that argument Hehehe.

Ok, ok … It’s already 11:30 pm and we haven’t started our 80 pages of reading out loud today. We better get started, hmm? Ok … oh and we got a note from Sarah yesterday and she said she makes updates in her showcase on Sundays, so we’re thinking tomorrow sometime she’ll add this blog. All good for me! I don’t think there is much else - just a lot of work ahead.

We have been keeping up with Linda in the three-way conversational space we have with the Facebook notes. CS has been an obvious quiet partner. You’ve heard in the past how we feel about her being bed bound. But, we don’t want to go there with her. We also grew frustrated to know that Mark’s Mom had made such a big deal about getting her son Mark a new car, that as soon as it came home, CS "got better" and pushed Mark to be driving the old truck so she could have the new car. That for some inexplicable reason drives me nutty. Shoot, shoot where is all this frustration coming from? I wasn’t going there remember? Ok, then maybe it’s time we put all that behind us. What is our next plan? I don't know about 12 days of not responding. Not sure what world she's living in. :( Ok, we don’t want to end this cranky. CS is just a part of our life, and she might be having trouble accepting where we are too. I don't know the affect of our publishing to her.

Hmm, where is it that we’d like to go? I will say thankfully we got another note from Jaime our cousin’s wife. She’s into some new role-playing experience, so I think we’ll go cheer her on. I like that she’s doing something creative with her interests in writing. It’s really a big deal to have another writer in the family. I love her for that already. We also left a phone message with Rich’s cousin yesterday. I don’t know if she’ll respond back, but we’re hoping to connect with her too.

Wow, somehow we really got ourselves stuck in a bad mood. Are there any good thoughts? Hmm, maybe not good, but I did fall into thinking last night about something from the past. I had looked for those short paragraphs where we explain the parts relationship to one another a little better. But, instead we found some material left from our Grandmother on her family. Basically, who was who and when and where they came in – and we have some pictures too.

My Great Great Grandmother on my Grandma Rasmussen’s side was named Albertine Pagel and she was born May 4, 1848 in Pruessen, Germany. She married my Great great Grandfather when she was 20 years old. His name was Carl Wolfgram and he was born August 3, 1840 in Berlin, Germany. There was another record saying he was born in 1844. They both immigrated to the United States. It doesn’t say which year, but it states that they first settled in Fondulac, WI and then in 1882 came to Walsh County, Acton Township, ND in 1882. So at that time she was 34 years old, and he was 42 years old. He was a farmer and a carpenter. At one point they moved to Marshall County, MN and my Great great Grandmother died and was buried in Warren, MN on January 1, 1903 at the age of 55. She had been married for 35 years. My Great Great Grandfather must have moved again, because he died and was buried in Raleigh, ND on October 13, 1913 at the age of 73, so he lived 10 years longer than she did. The confusion in his birth date confused the point of him dying at 66, 69 or 73.

They say that my Great Great Grandfather build the school house in Action Township, ND District 15 and was a member of the school board from 1892-1898. That would have been when my Great Great Grandmother was still alive. He was also a charter member of the Zion Lutheran Church Congregation founded in 1887. My Great Great Grandparents had at least 8 children though there were 9 children in the family portrait. Otto was born one year after marriage, and then my Great Grandma Bertha was born 3 years later, and Annie was born 2 years later, and Ida was born 2 years later than that. Each of these girls were born in Fondulac, WI. It’s assumed then that Otto was born in Germany. Charley was born 3 years later than Ida, Minnie was born 4 years after Charley, Henry was born 2 years after Minnie and Herman was born 3 years after Henry. Henry would have been 15 years old when his mother died. She would have been 40 years old when Herman was born.

My Great Grandmother Bertha married my Great Grandfather Emil Hoenke and Emil was 10 years younger than Bertha’s mother. He was born April 12, 1858 in Shoenfield, Posin Germany and immigrated to Berlin, WI America in 1882 when he was 24 years old. He stayed there 2 years, and then moved to Acton Township. My Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather got married on February 15, 1992, so he was 34 years old and she was 20 years old. My Great Grandparents had 7 children by the names of Carl, Henry, Alfred, Fred, Alice, Myrtle and Charlotte. Myrtle was my Grandmother. My Grandmother Myrtle would then go on to marrying Albert Rasmussen the oldest of 14 kids from International Falls, MN and they would have 4 children, Wesley, Carol, Joyce, and Charles. Carol is my mother. Carol married Larry Ludford my father and they had 3 children Scott, Ann Marie, and Connie Sue. I would go on to marry Maurice Garvey, and we had 3 sons, Maurice, Thomas, and Joseph. My son Maurice (Maury) married Lauren Beeks and had 2 girls Amethyst (Ame) and Elizabeth (Isa), and Thomas had a son with Laura (?) named Austin.

Ok, that’s enough of that. Wow … that’s a lot of getting married and having babies! Maybe one day this will be interesting to my sons or grand children. I did send the information to CS, maybe it will draw her out. But, other than that? I think we are going to have a quick lunch and get down to the business at hand. It’s almost 1 pm already. Be taking care!

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