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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Checking off the day

Good afternoon. I’m not sure if I’m really here, but for the moment the words keep jumping to the paper, so we are voting in that direction. We’ve been busy at work today getting things done and needed a bit of a break and further organization. It feels warm in the room making it hard to focus.

The big news of yesterday … well except for Rich’s playfulness is that we got to see his daughter! She seemed to be in a good place and as always there is a lot to talk to each other about. We find her pretty amazing. Sometimes you can watch life spinning from her and you gotta hold on tight because a lot is happening.

She’s pretty darn incredible. I won’t go through things on her agenda, but I will say that we did a good Ann in that we told her about the book, and then she gave us her email and then we sent it to her so that it would be home when she got there.

I was pretty excited to be talking to her about the book. Sometimes when you write there are certain people you REALLY want to have read you. And, this is the case between me and Jillian. She said something interesting too. She said that she never showed her mother the other stuff she’d found from me on the surgery place.

I had been prepared for the worse on that, but it felt nice to too to know that wasn’t burdening someone. I don’t want to see though that the kids have to work especially hard at keeping things secret between me and them.

But, how they choose to handle the import/export of their mother’s whatever then that is up to them. We want our own existence and we’re very happy to get the part where people want to be with us, and the others? We just don’t need. So that of that.

I will say that I was extremely appreciative that Jillian thought so much for us in having not only written the book, but published it. I hope never to let this kid down.

Rich said something interesting anyway. I think if Jillian wasn’t doing anything for Thanksgiving, he would think about going down to see her, but then that opened the question as to seeing Thom. If he can make it to one, shouldn’t there be a priority of making it to see the other? But, then that part got side tracked in our fears for being able to fit in an airplane seat. I just don’t see that happening. We’ll have to see.

Rich seems to have several things planned. He’s talking about taking a four hour trip on Sunday after getting back Saturday from Doug’s party. He wants me and him to go to Jackson something Lake for fishing. He wanted to try his boat our once more before he parks it for the season. I’m thinking it’s not going to be the last time, but I can appreciate he’s got to think in that direction.

After that he’s going the last weekend of the month on a four day trip with just Bob and maybe Doug if Doug could make it. That second part is doubtful, but it is an interesting thought to get the three of them together again. And, then there is another trip that Rich wants to take where somewhere in Iowa or Indiana there is a marching band competition. He came up with that idea all on his own. Like Wow!

You really want to get me out of the house!

So I think that’s the plans. I do believe he wants to do something for Thanksgiving not necessarily on that day, but it would have to include him having time out for Chris and maybe then doing something together over at his moms. You know me. I just want some time in with the boys. It’s funny to be thinking of Thanksgiving already.

I’m still not real happy with doing anything with my sister. She said something about sending the fishing blankets out in exchange for some magazines from someone she knows. That was fine. I didn’t want to talk about it. I’ve got nothing I want going in that direction at all. We really do need to sit down with Dr. Marvin, but with the book foreword there really won’t be time this week either.

Hmm, just had some other work space for a bit, Sr. Theresa came in and wanted me to check on something so I made a call and will wait back to hear from that person. This I believe is like a regular part of my job. I was doing something else too. I typed up something for one of my clients regarding an annual and I liked what happened. I might try to something like that with others … maybe tomorrow. I’m happy to say that on Friday excellent progress was made on the Qnotes! Yay!!

Ok, where were we.

Hmm, there was something we did … oh I know two something’s for the book. The first was to check into the Oprah site and then the second was to check into Astraea’s web site. We sent a note to Oprah’s producer in one of those precut email notes that had to be fewer than 2000 characters. We pretty much used that up.

Basically we told her we were a multiple and we would be publishing a book in November/December and that we were from Chicago and utilized 18 years of service through UIC. I don’t know if she would ever write back. I’m thinking that after a show on multiples a lot of multiples probably write to her. We could be casualties of war.

Today I was thinking of marketing and I also thought toward Astraea’s because they are a multiple who has a very distinguished multiples book shelve. I think he’s always been an advocate for the people and I’m hoping that both he and someone from the Oprah show writes back. We had filled in a pre-cut box for the guys too.

Fortunately he allowed more than 2000 spaces. We sent him a note, plus we sent him the places in our book that they are mentioned. I’m hoping that we get some good marketing from it, but as well give him and them a reason to smile today. I would want to know if someone was going to mention ME in a book. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing something like that before today, but today seems good too.

This morning’s horoscope read “A bridge you burned in the past can be reconstructed now. Someone you clashed with at some point over the past two years or so has been thinking about you and wishing things were different. If you wish to reconnect, the stars are offering you an excellent climate in which to do so. Don’t allow a sense of awkwardness to prevent you from rekindling a friendship or romance that once had so much promise. If you can get past your discomfort, this could be the beginning of something wonderful.” I’m thinking that the guys could be that something wonderful. I think we are both strongly into the multiplicity and hold similar beliefs, but they are much more intellectual and consistent than we are.

But then again – we kept writing as they kept their web presence. So in some ways we might equal out? Not sure. Just nice to say hi is all. I would like to know how they are doing. Their space indicated that they may be having trouble with everyday matters – of course, like us all.

We just got a note back from Carolyn. She just downloaded the Oprah show and she said she is excited to be reading it. Good Carolyn! Hmm, Carolyn wrote back saying she would keep her comments in mind, but she didn’t add any herself. I’m not sure then I know what she’s thinking. We’re pushing for the Friday meeting to talk about all these things coming up. She made a reference to it being pre-marketing. That lets me know that whatever she has she’s considering more validated. That’s ok with me. Anything better is just … better!

We’ve been hanging close to the mail boxes this afternoon. We’re not too focused. We did write to both doctor’s asking them how they were doing. I feel in some way, I am being pushy, but it’s hard to be patient with things outstanding. We feel a certain amount of responsibility. Like we need to check up on people to make sure they aren’t getting overwhelmed with tasks. Maybe though it’s just me getting overwhelmed - probably an ok thing to be going home soon. I’d like to try that … a lot!

One more thing? We wrote to Thom. We feel a pretty bad case of missing him a lot. He'll come home soon, right?

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