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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The day has beneficial thinking

Good morning … this is me. Bill said to say hi to me, so I’m going to take that up with a swoop! Hi Hi Bill! This morning seems to be a little busy. We have one of the volunteer groups come through and there is only six people and there’s only two groups that are operational. Kathy is out with workers and Theresa is not here - it puts the pressure mostly on Maria. We split the volunteers and it didn’t seem too long before things were set-up. We show them the video of the center first to get them acclimated, and then we take them on a tour, and then we see what’s next. Group one was doing exercises when the volunteers came in.

The other thing that seems to be taking up my thoughts is the miners from Chile. At this point they are in the process of bringing up the 16th miner out of 33. So really at the half way point. They started bringing people up one at a time last night and hopefully they will get to everyone by the end of the day. It is taking them about 20 minutes a round, which is faster than they had originally thought.

It’s just such a relief each time another comes up and they open the hatch and then let them hug a few of their family members. Each miner is allowed three people from the family, and then they go to triage and then a helicopter whisks them away, and then they are being brought to a bigger greeting place for meeting more family. It’s really impressive too that the Chile President is there to greet each family and miner. It is a very big honor to be a part of this process and we are proud of all of them for their courage.

Ahh there he is up! Nice Mom hugs for this one. And, then down they go again. It seems that the cage gets more dirty and scraped each time, but it’s not the victims so you just are grateful and hope that it lasts until the very end. No doubt it will sit the rest of its life in some kind of museum or another. It’s a pretty big day. I think they went 69 days in the cave.

Ok, shhh … we should be getting on here. I don’t think there is too much to say about the emails. Dr. Marvin says there is progress, but it is slow because other things are happening … he thanked me for the support. I think he will have something by tomorrow so we can look at it during the session. It’s hard to wait for so long. Dr. Woollcott just sent a note that says that he knows there whatever I said in his note and that he is working on it. It made it sound like we were being on the pesty side. I hate that when it happens. I didn’t want it to seem though that I had forgotten anyone.

Maybe in this last week or two of waiting for things to happen we might be repeating ourselves. Just that we are holding on to the information and we keep repeating it in our brain like counting all our sheep to make sure they stay together in a bundle.

We didn’t get to editing last night because we were just kinda coping. We tried to stay pretty clear for Rich so he wouldn’t have to worry about catching us proper from going over the edge. I remember that we ate left over pizza and Rich was really happy because we microwaved all by ourselves! That was a good deal. It actually seems to taste better that way. The cheese is all melty. Then later we made popcorn for Rich and us. I was going to read, but he caught me up in one of his TV shows. Then we fussed a bit about not having on the air. Poor Rich … he has to deal with us all the time. He was saying … it is NOT hot, but we were saying it IS hot. There didn’t seem to be much middle ground.

We had to remember to send in a note for prescriptions for Dr. Marvin. That was good thinking. Most were picked up but two were not. One needs paper and the other just a call. I know I know … nothing real exciting to write home about.

Hmm, we didn’t go over the horoscope today, better check that out.

“Do not… repeat… do NOT let a sense of defeat pervade a remarkable accomplishment. While it’s true that something you wanted very badly did not turn out specifically as you’d envisioned, it is still true to your dream and will bring you great rewards at just the right moment. Thank the universe that things are going exactly as they should. You will be a precisely the right place at the right time; there is no doubt about vibrations that are all around you, and get ready for fireworks of good fortune to shoot across the skies of your life.”

It means mostly that we have to be patient in our waiting. It was right in that it feels like we’re a little down about it. This was set up to be a more difficult stage in that we were done with our part for the moment, didn’t have direction yet to go forward – that will come on Friday, and we don’t have anything to do with the good doctors’ getting done any faster than they can. It’s just a game of wait and sees. Maybe we’ll work a little more on the second book to discharge some of these feelings of uselessness and doubt. The horoscope seems to know this is the kind of person we are … yet we haven’t yet conquered it. But then we think about the other 8% of the population who are also Cancers and we figure they must be going through the same thing.

Ahh there we go. We just met with the volunteers. You’ve heard this before, but we have a debriefing with them. They usually think of something that happened as special or felt someone they met was very special. This group was no exception. There was an older man who looked like the teacher, but he was very heartfelt with the acceptance our groups showed them. It’s kind of mind blowing. It just works. They get then to spend 20 minutes saying hello and goodbye to them at the back part of their lunch break, and then they will go. Pretty much we let them walk through this part on their own. It’s up to them to look for someone and then go sit down and talk or otherwise share their experience of being together today.

Hmm, the 17th is up now and they seem to be spending time working on the door latch. Everybody is so used to being calm and patient it just seems to be one more thing the world waits with and for. Nobody wants anyone jeopardized. It’s hard to tell which of the hard hats (orange suits) people is in charge, but I’m pretty sure that whoever is in charge is the brightest. It’s one of those days people get to sparkle. The group seems much more collaborative then confrontational. It’s a good thing to be keeping one’s eye over. I’m pretty sure they get relieved in shifts, but even at that … it is not an easy thing to be responsible for so many as the world watches. They just put up an open tent/tarp for shade - either that or for privacy. But, I don’t think they can get too much privacy with all these people looking in. Now someone is going to stand up to speak.

Ahh it’s a press conference. I believe the cage went down again with a new worker for the emergency workers that went down. He will be the last one to come up.

There was a lot of general information passed on.

Now the 18th.

It’s so heart spelling. Each one there is so much emotion as to the miracle it has become.

I’m stuck in my thinking … It’s hard to conceive of something different happening in my mind then looking for the next change when the cage comes up and another is put into it. They are saying that coverage will resume shortly. Maybe CNN went out to lunch? We are now at the point that the rescue has been going on for 15 hours and 42 minutes. It’s a long rescue. Now the 19th?

Think think … what else should I be figuring out. It was raining before, but now it is not. Maybe we should be working at least on the editing. That would be helpful, right?

Now at posting they are looking to rescue miner #24!

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