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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Description Expenses Publishing Cost for Package Credit
8/13/2010 Were working on creativity through the quilting - frustrated with Sister's medical
8/13/2010 Contacted Friesen - Received Authors' Guide - Natalie Beaudet Publishing Consultant
8/16/2010 Digital - Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, Fifth Edition (Kindle) 39.21
8/20/2010 Sent Friesen Ayn's Multiple World Table of Contents and snippets
8/20/2010 Talked to my mother about funding project
8/21/2010 Mailed copy of book to our mother
8/21/2010 Told Rich and Dr. Marvin about publishing
8/22/2010 Responded to Natalies questions concerning the book in general
8/23/2010 Began the research project on 47 Amazon authors who were multiples and had written autobiographys or memoirs
8/25/2010 Digital - Sky Eyes (Kindle) 4.90
8/26/2010 Dr. Marvin states it was an "I don't give a f**k stage about fears." He wanted us to move beyond them and have them lessen their control over our lives
8/27/2010 Told Friesen we might be able to do something with the book project asked to talk by phone again - meeting held
8/28/2010 emailed Friesen the 47 authors chart
8/30/2010 Compared Friesen to AuthorHouse … decided to stay with Friesen - signed Friesen contract
8/30/2010 Received $1000 check from Mom and John 1000.00
8/31/2010 Finished first edit on manuscript and emailed to Friesen also idea on coverand pictures
8/31/2010 Began working on First draft of 2nd book
9/1/2010 Paid Friesen check for $1004 to pay for Essentials package 1004.00
9/2/2010 Turned over to Carolyn Author Account Manager
9/2/2010 Began writing foreword to the book
9/2/2010 Asked both Doctors if they could write forewords to the book
9/2/2010 Received first email from Carolyn intruducing herself and asking for us to fill in the New Author Questionnaire
9/3/2010 Had our first phone meeting with Carolyn
9/3/2010 Forwarded 1rst foreword to Carolyn
9/3/2010 Emailed Carolyn 12 formatting questions
9/4/2010 Digital - Switching time (Kindle) 9.66
9/7/2010 Began talking to Sarah E Olson on great book marketing resources - added a new AMRP blog to her blog roll for people with dissociative disorders
9/9/2010 Missed Dr. Marvin appointment
9/10/2010 Phone meeting with Carolyn - sent her picture of the house and she posted on her computer screen
Was having problems with CS and we had fallen into work for the ancestry with Helen
9/20/2010 Wrote two sections on About the Author and About the book
9/21/2010 Re-wrote short version of author and book about sections (for back cover of book)
9/22/2010 Sent Friesent update of manuscript and foreword - new title Ann's Multiple World of Personalities: Regular No Cream No Sugar
9/24/2010 Julie asked and was given manuscript to edit
10/1/2010 Purchased House Beautiful Home Design because of the obsessiveness with purchasing a home 19.99
10/1/2010 Missed Dr. Marvin appointment (CS problems continue) Dr. Marvin received notice from the lawyers that it would be ok for him to write foreword
10/4/2010 Asked Julie, Caroly, three boys, Rich, Sr. Theresa, Vince, and my mother to write questions for Dr. Marvin to answer in his foreword
10/4/2010 Julie sent back edits that were then edited a quick 3 times to assure everything in order and that numbers were spelled out
10/4/2010 Letter sent out to Sarah Olson - lots of buzz no real conversation
10/5/2010 Copy submitted to go to 1rst proof
10/6/2010 Oprah has guests on who are multiple
10/12/2010 Wrote to Astraea's Web for contact/marketing, but they did not respond
10/12/2010 Forwarded note to Oprah producers and received transcript of show then forewarded to Dr. Marvin and Carolyn
10/13/2010 Digital - Belt Buckles & Pajamas (Kindle) 1.99
10/14/2010 Note to Vince asking about his connections within the book (name and interview from school)
10/14/2010 Digital - The Gatekeeper 9.99
10/15/2010 Meeting with Carolyn and Marie cancelled, but submitted 18 questions for Carolyn to ask, especially on timing, costs, and progress notes - also set goal for second book by early February
10/15/2010 Paid Friesen check for $560 to upgrade from essential package to Mass market 560.00
10/15/2010 On alert for Manuscript submission form
10/16/2010 Wrote schedule of books to be produced, estimate of book costs (prior to Carolyn's counting of pages) and wrote distribution of capital in case something were to happen to us - gave to boys, Rich, Dr. M., and Carolyn
10/16/2010 Dr. Woolcott completes and sends us his preface
10/17/2010 Noted that Mark Twain also wrote a blog type book that was to be published 100 years after his death - that is just coming out now
10/17/2010 Purchased from software for wills and last testiments 14.95
10/18/2010 Develop plan for Series title being "Journey of Quite Frankly Ann."
10/18/2010 Purchase web site from Sitecube ($19.95 per month after initial costs) and then set up initial pages 117.95
10/19/2010 1rst proof is ready for editing
10/19/2010 Receive a copy of the book cover for approval
10/21/2010 Sent Jillian a copy of the book and then later the cover
10/22/2010 Dr. Marvin's foreword received and submitted to Friesen
10/24/2010 Created Journal of Journey of Quite Frankly Ann

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