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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Did we almost forget Thursday?

Good morning. This is me. We’ve got a few moments to write this morning before going into work. We figured this is the last day to pre-vote and we’d like to get it done so we don’t hassle over it when there is likely to be more people on the regular voting day. I don’t think that mid-term elections are like filling the lines to the brim, but I really would like to get it done before there is more hassle. It’s about 7 A.M. now and we will leave here at 9 A.M. WooHOO!! Two hours to write!

Not sure where we’re going here yet. I think the last we left off we were talking about going to the book stores with Rich. We’d talked about the Borders experience, but we thought we should add here that there was one more stop. We stopped at a CVS pharmacy because there bookstores were noted on our list. I probably won’t be going to any more. It was a pretty bleak experience. There was only one shelve about four feet wide of books. They had about 100 titles. Some were the “top sellers” and then there were a few others that were supposed to be new releases. From what I could see … 9/10’s were romance novels … YEEKS! Probably really don’t need to do that experience again.

Where Borders had been warm, friendly and inviting CVS was cold, stark, and unwelcoming. I’d be afraid if I got my book in there it would shiver to pieces. I don’t usually shop at CVS although they are right down the street. But, I for sure won’t be going back. I’m afraid if I got my book in there it would catch a cold!
So … moving on … the big deal of the day yesterday was that we got to meet up with our new accountant. His name is Dennis and he’s got his two daughters also CPA’s working with him. I just saw the front office and it was pretty small and crowded.

There were papers all over the time. They really have to come up with more filing space Hehehe. It was perfect though. It was small and family owned and he was a nice guy with a twinkle in his eyes. I found him to be very earnest and down to Earth. He was modest and seemed aware that we really didn’t have enough money to do anything big. He isn’t going to be the kind of person that affords his grandchildren’s fortunes from us. And, some of what was said was that he can teach me how to take care of the easy stuff.

There are going to be two points of contact coming up. We will contact him after our first sales and he will help us arrange to get our state sales tax information up to par. He says that we have 20 days after the month of our sales to report the taxes. And, then I think it is going to be a monthly deal after that. And, then the second point of contact, will be to do the taxes next year. I think that H&R Block charged about $187 and Dennis said that it would cost about $200 … so I thought that was fair. He said something about doing a “C” form. I think that’s about it, don’t remember exactly, but he said that the business could run at a deficit for three years, before the government expects a profit or otherwise they figure your doing something wrong. I HOPE I’m doing better than that!

He liked what we were doing in recording. He was quick to catch that we had to get $1000 from my mother to start the business. And, he seemed to skim down the other expenses and hold it well in his head. Rich suggested last night that we start tracking mileage too. Hold on we’ll do that for a moment.

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