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Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a short here we are and there we go

Good morning. This is me. It’s about 4:45 A.M. and we think we’re up, but I never know if I’m staying anymore. It seems though I got a good night sleep. I went to bed before Rich told me to go. I believe it was about 9:30 P.M. I had fallen asleep a little before that too.

The big deal was that Rich said he was going to make us a surprise and then that turned out to be apple pie. He makes it in individual custard size serving cups. And, it is very good. We were being WAY too ancy for it though. We kept checking to make sure that he didn’t burn it and he kept saying just a little longer and a little longer and then it was finally done and he said we’d have to wait until it cooled. Well, you can imagine that almost put us over the top. That’s when we figured we better fall asleep for a little bit. And, we did and then Rich woke us up and it was time!

Rich and we had been enjoying the afternoon and he had gotten us to peel the apples too, I think I forgot to mention that part. Surely it shouldn’t be forgotten though because if it were not for great apple pealing then it might not have turned out so good. I sure am lucky to have Rich even for more reasons other than apple pie, but this one on itself would be a good reason too.

Yesterday the biggest deal was that we got to see Jon. It was a very nice meeting. He was talkative and I was surely interested. I think Rich had a very nice visit too. We ate at Beef and Brandy – that was the B and B Rich said, but I couldn’t figure out. It is a nice restaurant, more on the order of an old fashioned family place. I had a Gyros and fries and soup. It was baked French onion. WooHOO!!

I’d like to obviously talk more of the conversation, but I really can’t because we’re thinking Jon isn’t going to want to be a big part of our book some years down the line, but it really was a nice conversation in trying to get caught up. He’s such a delightful speaker. Even if he wasn’t Rich’s son he’d be fun to talk with.

We did end up saying something about our book in that it was going to be published and I wasn’t so sure of the family’s reaction to it. He asked what kind of book it was and I told him journalistic. I also told him the Rich character was named JPR. He didn’t seem disgruntled so I was grateful for that. I really tried not to talk about family stuff so much, though later it happens more often. We didn’t go into anything in too much detail, but I’m guessing that Jon would be the most relaxed about it.

I felt bad though because during the meal he got a call he didn’t take from his mother and it was insinuated that she was going to be very unhappy because she found they had gone out with me. That never makes me feel good in that someone after all this time hadn’t accepted that I was a role in Rich’s life. It makes me feel like we’re a villain, but I don’t think we are. Rich said that after plans had been made that Chris had suggested he went to dinner with Jon and his Dad, but Rich had to tell him other plans had been made and then he got upset and most likely told his mother. I don’t know pretty much I have to let them all figure out what to do.

But, one of the questions then came up was that Jillian was going to need to be picked ups to go home too. We had brought Jon to the train station and now today Jillian has to get picked up to go to the airport. I had asked Rich if I were going to get to see Jillian, but he said I’d have to go to work, and then we reminded him that it was a holiday. Then he just said we’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to get her in trouble, but like Jon I do like meeting the kids when I get the chance. I know though that they get grief about it and I don’t want to make things worse. I do, however, not want to live my entire life depended on Rich’s ex. I know she’s as much a part of real life as I am, but the point would be I’m not less important than she is.

So that’s pretty much it there. After we’d gotten back from the train station, Rich and I sat down to watch the Bears game. He had had it taped and took great pains not to hear who had won before he got to see the game. AND, it seemed the won anyway! Yay!!! The only thing that can be said there is that it wasn’t quite 3 hours, because he skipped commercials, but it WAS an awfully long massage he got. Hehehe … he’s such a loveable glutton though!

That’s pretty much it as to all the back-dated stuff. Other than hoping we’ll get to see Jillian, I don’t have anything really on the schedule. Yesterday we seemed to have taken a break from the editing and I don’t think we’ve been getting to the sewing either. It makes me sad that we’re almost out of our days off again and that we have to return to work. It’s not that it is bad, it’s just that days off are so very nice.

My horoscope today – It says that my heart is going to be set to fluttering. I think its supposed to be part of a courtship though so that I have to keep enough distance and play it out as somewhat hard to get. HA! If it’s Rich it’s pretty much come and get me and let’s do it soon!

I think I may go over already to the part where we are editing. It’s just 5:15 A.M., but maybe we could get pretty close to finishing. I believe we only have like 146 pages left to go. For sure it could take through the week, but with a little determination. One never knows. We’re just at the stage we are making it look pretty and all formatted evenly without the squiggly lines. Next step will be to read it silently and do some editing as to figuring if anything should come out. We try to leave it as much as possible so we get a realistic picture of our thoughts, but sometimes I’m pretty sure we say too much and some would be invasive to others. That’s really the majority of what we’re looking for now.

Oh, there is one more thing too, maybe more as a marker. Lately we've been feeling real jumpy as to the parts. There's a lot of whining and negative stuff, it isn't lasting long, but it seems that we are toggling back and forth. Last night Casey was saying that see we're still happy, but then somewhat like the disappointment of having to wait for pies, then KC is out and she's being very grouchy. It's happening at very quick intervals. We might have said something toward this before. Usually, Rich has to only wait it out a few moments or blink and it's back to regular, but I'm not understanding because as happy as we are all feeling in general, there's a part of us that IS feeling very terrible and most likely depressed.

Rich had asked us if we were taking our medicines right and we could easily answer yes, although we will run out a couple today.

Ok, good there. We just ordered the medincins from Walgreen's. One needed a prescription, but that is one we had a few more days on. The rest should be ready by 8 am. I had enough to take some a few moments ago. That was a good idea. If it were a regular day, I would just be getting in the shower and I would get the medicine afterward. That reminds me ... if the currency exchange is open, I should go there too so I can get my licence plate sticker. It seems they open at 8 A.M. if they are open on Columbus Day. I asked for the medicine to be available then too, so I'll make a trip. Better check the bank.

Hmm, it seems that there is enough money in there. It says $268. There's about five different $20-25 expenses though that Rich is most likely not so happy about. But, the license renewal is $100 and medicine will be abour $40-50, so we're good and there should be $100 left. We have to worry about the car insurance and one little thing though, I don't remember what it was. Better look again. Ok, just $80 in car/apartment insurance and then $30 for Bally's that will pretty much use up the money, but it should just make it ... BUT, I can't spend anything else .

Cool cool. I just checked my cash in the envelope Rich leaves me and there is $130. That should get me through as to gas and Dr. M's parking. I should be good then. Just remember ... DON'T SPEND MORE MONEY!

We've got now til the end of the week and then we'll have the money we need to be spending on the second book payment to get us up to the better service. I'm really happy about that. Yup, yup you heard it here folks this is the big world of mega-financial uptake!

So with that best be getting to it!

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