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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's call this our funny morning ... must involve leaving the house

Good morning. This is me. Just wanted to launch the though … It’s a SATURDAY MORNING!!! WooHOO!

We’ve just finished up our regular morning things to do. We haven’t been corresponding in letters for a week or two, but then I’m trying to get in so much even in the morning. I have been trying to do the shortened correspondence which means I’m still reading entries and writing a morning blurb on the wall. This is kind of my chance to think back over the last 24 hours and then write what it was that was accomplished. This morning I mentioned the excellent meeting yesterday with the publishers, adding that it was just the right amount of reality, though seemingly fading back into quieter reserves and then just how nice it was to be with the kitties and I didn’t exactly say who I was snuggling with, but indicated that life was just happening. Very glad to see that!

It’s about 7 A.M. and we figured we should take our medicine, but other than that not so much responsibility. Well there is the writing here, but that seems more the stuff that I GET to do! Rich is still sleeping. His alarm had rung during its normal time at 5:30 A.M. so we went in to shut it off and we snuggled him a bit. Man-o-man if you’re not snuggling with someone or something … something has gone wrong!

I don’t think we’ve written now since Wednesday and that’s because all the spare moments were going into editing the first proof. We are at 81% right now completed. It came in at the same time the cover did. Ericka at Friesen did just the nicest job! I’m so happy with how it turned out. It just seems to leap off the page.

At work normal things we’re happening in that we had a staff training meeting on Thursday and we skipped the Thinking Group because they were doing a celebration of Don Guanella our founding father at the center. I didn’t participate in that much this year other than have lunch – it was being catered by a special Pizza place near the center.

During the staff training meeting, I brought in some pencils and drawings of animals and I talked about communication. I had one staff volunteer at a time (there were four in total) sit with their back to the group and they described the drawing they were looking at and then it was up to the people at the table to draw the animal. It was really pretty funny. Everyone starts out thinking that they can do so much better at describing the picture, but then it doesn’t happen so well that it’s being picked up by the people drawing. I was happy the day after the session one of the DSPs came in and told me that it had made quite an impression; she would look differently at how the group perceived her directions. That’s all I could have hoped for! Success!

Friday Robyn was in and she finished the last of the Qnotes that I’d presented and then she went back and finished the end of the year for the client’s satisfaction surveys. Right before lunch then it was a matter of her going into the next year, because she had July and August, or if she would go into the analysis. We wanted the latter, and there was some figuring out on our part, so I sent her to lunch a little early and worked through the time she was gone. I’d figured out a lot by the time she came back and was settled, but she made it clear she couldn’t pick up on her own what was happening. She claimed to be not good at numbers, but we know that she graduated with a psychology major, so she must know something about something statistical. I think it’s just that she’s not familiar with Excel.

We’ll give it time. We left her to starting the New Year stats entry. That should have kept her busy most of the time left, we’re not sure because it was Friday and we let at 2 P.M.

I thought the meeting with Carolyn and Maria was going to be at 3 P.M., but it turned out that the meeting was 3 P.M. their time, which is 5 P.M. my time. I had no problem with that because it gave me a couple of hours to relax. I think we turned on Enya and probably had dinner, and I remember that we were petting Missy when they called. I didn’t hear the phone ring at first even though it was sitting on my lap. I must have been really tuned into petting Missy, plus it’s not a real loud ringer.

Carolyn put us into a three way call with her peer and this was the first time I was meeting Maria. It was a good first time impression, but she seemed a little less secure than Carolyn. It was important to her to keep on her agenda and she had to be pushed a little to give us some information as to what was really going on with the marketing – first thing first. She gave us a small outline pretty much stating the three areas that were important to her. I don’t have recall to that exactly though we’re thinking part of it had to do with communication. Hmm, thinking now the first part was on analysis. She didn’t seem real familiar with what I had given Carolyn, but it appeared that Carolyn pulled up our author study of the 47 multiples and that seemed close to something she had in mind.

She talked a little later of one of the first steps as going to bookstores and doing a little research on where our book might fit in with what the store had.

I’m figuring that in most stores, we are going to fall into the psychology section. I think too that most stores list by the author’s last name, and I’m not so sure there are specific spaces for mental illnesses or dissociative disorders. We’ll see when we get out there. One of the things I did this morning was to make a list of the nearest 100 bookstores to our location.

Ok, back again. I took a few moments. I wanted to condense the list from 14 pages and it ended up as 3 pages. I just included the name of the store, the phone number, and the address. Sweet! My plan is to ask Rich for some help and that we start going to bookstores to find what they have and then think through the strategy in getting books into their places. I’m thinking I’m going to need more meetings with Maria to find the proper way to self-advertise, and I’m thinking that we’re going to need the business cards. I’m thinking that for all the books that we sign, we’re going to give a book marker too. With our order we get 100 bookmarks, 100 business cards, 100 postcards and 10 posters. I think the posters will be saved for book signings, and I’m not sure of the post cards yet. I’m thinking I’m going to need more bookmarks and business cards fairly soon. I really don’t know how fast this is all going to go, but at this point I’m excited and not tired.

There was one worrisome part though in that Maria said something about … you are not afraid of going on TV are you? My first thought there was that I’m about 300 pounds, have bad skin and don’t have clothes to wear, plus we get nervous. But, I’m thinking that when the time is right we will be prepared. We still have to do things like figuring out where money is going to come from to be doing all this stuff. I don’t think we would get a royalty check until April-July. That’s IF the books are selling enough to make a difference. I’ve got to hope that though.

Maria seemed very confident that there was going to be a lot ahead as to marketing.

It’s a little frightening, but again … we’ll just have to take it a step at a time.
We’re still looking at between the 12th and the 19th as to getting books up to the FriesenPress site. There will be anywhere from one to five weeks as to getting up and ready at the on-line stores. Wow. That sure is a lot to come up in one small amount of time.

One of the three things that Maria talked about was some kind of variables. I forget her terminology. Oh yeah, I remember she was talking about “tools.” When I asked her what that was, she talked about things like the blog, the Facebook, the web sites, radio, TV, stores, etc., - there is going to be soooo much to be learning. I’m going to have to stay somewhat organized.

I did ask them about the EIN # and they didn’t seem to know much about it, possibly because they are Canadians and it is an American thing. I left thinking that I should talk to Rich’s accountant or someone like it. I’m not so sure he’s sold on his accountant – he’s one of his fishing buddies. We’ll have to see. I think the basic thing as we looked at the other day was to pay $187 for cost of registering and receiving an EIN #. The importance of that is for tax purposes. I think Maria explained it like we needed to report income, but then something happened that you didn’t have to do before $30,000. But, I don’t remember exactly what that was.

My understanding is that you need the EIN # to open a business account. Neither Maria nor Carolyn had much knowledge of this at all … again, probably a good time to check in with an accountant. They thought things could be put off a bit, but my thinking was that I’m going to want separate business accounts to be dealing with money. Things should be listed as expenses such as the cost of publishing, the cost of mailing, the cost of a website, the cost even of the EIN #. I really want that all as a separate account. I really believe I can start itemizing expenses and they will count against profit if any … many first time start-up costs again early profits.

We took a break here in that we’ve been up with Rich for about an hour or more.

It’s 9:30 A.M. now. We had a “business meeting.” I’m not sure how it started, maybe something like he was planning his schedule and I added I would like to go to bookstores with him. Wow! It was a long involved conversation after that. First I would like to think that everything Rich says or does is trying to protect us from “the big bad wolves,” but Pswhoo … only so much negativity in one conversation. He likes the role of playing Devil’s advocate. It’s hard to go through especially, because we fly so often in our positives and possibilities. I suppose between the two of us there is a reasonable balance.

I’m thinking that we’re both having such new thoughts they are pretty scattered. Rich doesn’t work yet with anyone in my regard, so he’s only hearing one side of any argument. He doesn’t hold as much trust as I do toward the people because I’m the one talking to them. He’s still on a roll that our publisher is after us just for the money. I don’t believe that. Yes, I do believe they need to make a profit, but I believe they are in it for us too. It makes sense on a business forefront that we both are going forward on parallel tracks. Rich also has his own sense of business acuity so he wants to strong arm that he might know better than a professional marketing person. Sometimes he fades off to something he was dealing with. We’ve known this for a while in his conversation. Our talks open doors in his mind and then he’s thinking of some of his other priorities and conundrums.

It’s natural, but not as much fun, because I just want to talk about this other process that I’d like to include him on.

We teased at the end that he has some responsibilities, but then we have to fade out saying that he will receive 25% in 5 years. Maybe I will have to rework that.

He’s doing work now, but it’s more the work of a boyfriend. He’s the one that still feeds me and tucks me in at night. We don’t want to downplay that role. I reminded him his profit starts after I’m out of debt and after the house have been paid for. He didn’t ask for anything, but he’s a pretty integral part of everything that happens as to being my love, my business partner, and my key relationship I’m writing about. Lord knows he deserves more, but then we’re not married. That still has something to do with it and why my debt gets paid down first and MY house gets purchased first. Obviously, we want like the dickens for him to live with us, but Hehehe we just told him and he laughed. We told him we’d split 50-50 if he asked me to marry him. He said, “I see.” Dear now I suppose I will have to worry if he’s marrying me for love or money. Don’t worry; he’s pretty sure he’s not going to get married for any time soon. It is just random dreaming.

Hmm, that alters the day a bit. I had gone out and started a second pot of coffee, and the coffee maker no longer works. This is terrible! Fortunately, Rich saw that it was a near crisis too, so we’re planning on going to Walmart to get a new one. When Rich goes off to get the pot, then we will go to the book store part and check out our marketing leads. Good girl. And, then with any luck we will go to the UPS Store and get my name registered on Rich’s box and then we might go to Brookfield Library. I need to get a library card and I’d like to ask them a few questions about how you get your book into their library or any library for that matter. I have to remember that our distributing company is Ingram’s.

There … we just looked up their site … it is I don’t have enough time to go through it real careful now. We’ll look it up again later. It led me at one point back to Amazon books. Through that I came across a multiple. She just happened to be on one of the books as a reviewer and I followed her back to some of her sites. She is an author of a book on poetry. Her name is Ref Criss Ittemann (Crisses). Sounds like an interesting person. I might try to make contact later, but it will be better with book in hand. It looks like she was going to write another book, but it doesn’t appear to be out. It might have been an old site though. Her big thing seems to be she doesn’t think integration is necessary and she’s pretty much I’m normal and this is who I am kind of a person. She seems a little more battle fatigued than us, but that might be because she’s been further out then we have. She was diagnosed in 1986, four years earlier than me. Cool, cool.

But, as to the other … it looks like Rich is done watching his fishy show. We’ve been listening to the music on earphones. He seems to be in the washroom now … aha! Progress! Bob just called though so I’m not sure if that means that Rich and my plans are going to change. He said if he was going to play cards today WITH Bob, they’d leave around 1 P.M. That was why we got showered and dressed so fast … he thought around 11-11:30 A.M. we could get this other running done. I was looking to get a nice little lunch OUT with it. Maybe Bob will come for that part if they go out. Otherwise Rich is going to be home maybe working on his boat. He had first asked me if I wanted to go to a play tonight, but it was something between Housewives of … and something worse even … and it was like NOOO. It’s like when you watch TV you turn on anything that they want to show you without being choosy. I wouldn’t want to watch a show on gossipy housewives.

Maybe I seemed grouchier than I meant to it’s just that time is very valuable to me right now. I complained his plan was going to cost me four hours of hot weekend time. *Sigh* somewhere in there he got to making plans with the guys for cards.

It is not like Rich to stay home for long periods of time. He’s pretty active.

Now he’s started the shower because Bob called. Bob has to answer his other phone messages to see where he’s at. They both crossed each other up as to getting Bob’s motor on Rich’s boat. But, that’s not my business … my thing is that Rich was going to give me a couple afternoon hours. And, we’re reminding him his shower is coming in on my time. Hmpf!

Poor Bob … think he feels more put out than me cuz Rich wouldn’t tell him what he and I were doing so that he could conclude his time with Rich was more important.

BUT, I figure since he gets Rich all afternoon – I get my turn too! Hmm, there is then the part about dinner too. I’m not sure if Ron is going with the guys to play cards or if they are going to grab something to eat afterward, but Rich’s original plans was to put something in the crock pot and that Bob may or may not come over to eat. Just not sure what all the plans are anymore. My thing is to look at least at ONE bookstore, get my post office box AND maybe lunch or library. We’ll see.

I might want to go back to the conversation later about the call last night with Carolyn and Marie. There was one part that I didn’t like so much … Marie said that she has a pretty full schedule and that someone else might take my case. I asked and she said that the person hadn’t been hired yet. That meant to me that I was going to get someone without as much experience and I didn’t have her full 100% commitment. I didn’t like that part at all. She did say something about scheduling me for some time each week so that we can just keep track with each other. She thought the Friday night time as we had last night worked well for her, and she said something about switching me back and forth from her and Carolyn according to needs at the time. I’m a little hesitant about losing my Carolyn time, but we’ll see how it goes. I think their desks are just four feet from one another. So, I’m not getting a lot of privacy between them. That has its pros and cons.

She was different to talk to than Carolyn or even Natalie. I had the feeling that I was serving her busy schedule instead of being listened too. She seemed a little insecure in her knowledge. Don’t get me wrong I think she has a lot of information, but she wasn’t as polished as Carolyn as to talking with her customer. She had a hard time slowing down to listening to my additions or concerns and she had come in with a short agenda which didn’t include giving me something very concrete. I had to push for that. Maybe we’re just really spoiled with Carolyn. I like the way she “handles” me. I like the special feelings and two-way conversations.

Anyway … that is enough of that, k?

Rich is in the kitchen putting the dinner together and I found some mail to verify address at the library if we get that far. I’m more interested in all things books. I think there is some kind of system where you can order books on line and pick them up at the local library. Rich prefers La Grange over Brookfield, but it seems that you can go to other libraries than your own and they will respect the card. There is no reason I should have waited this long after living in Brookfield for eleven years, but I guess that about sums it up …

Whoops better go for now see you!

Ok, we’re back and we’re kind of cranky. Rich said two hours and then it was like 50 minutes. We went to the store, but it was a half hour late because of the time it took Rich to be ready. And, then he was in a hurry and said meet me up at the front now because he was ready to go and he was at a register. So we got to look at only one of the two sides and at that we were rushing. Then Bob called again and Rich had to pull over to park with him and it was all grumbly and he was saying he HAD to do stuff with Ann and he WOULD have gone out to eat with him, and then by then it was pretty much f*****. We were angry all the way to the UPS store, but we stabilized enough not to look angry, but then there was just this kid who didn’t know what was going on. I said that we’d called and papers had been sent and we were told to just come in and sign and this kid doesn’t know ANYthing. I don’t think he could have found the bosses desk if he tried. Is registering for a box like a national guarded secret?

And, there wasn’t time for the library and there wasn’t time to eat out, so then Rich said he’d grab a sandwich for us. And it was like I wanted lunch out not to grab something and be dropped off. I was just angry. So then he was like I don’t know what I was supposed to do … this other thing was set. And, then we were like set?? You just arranged it 15 minutes ago. By that time I didn’t want to be understanding … I was just mad. I rarely go out of the house, so when I do go out I expect it to be a good experienced. I was rushed through, my trip was cut short, and there was no eating out. Fine be gone for the whole day … I don’t care if you come back at 2 A.M. Just be gone.

Shoot, shoot, I’m pretty mad. How did that happen anyway? Maybe someone could lighten up on the keystrokes? He was like you are making me feel bad. And I said I feel bad, it has nothing to do with what you should feel like. You cut me off … that should make you feel bad. You did something wrong! I got just 50 minutes and it was a bad time. HMPF!

I think I just have to slow down in the next twenty minutes and then he’ll be gone. I’m with music at the computer and he’s eating his lunch with the TV. Fine, fine, fine.

After he goes I’ll have something to eat, and then I’ll get back to work. There’s nothing to say that I can’t take myself out tomorrow. I don’t need him to go to little stores and I found the big stores have little cars. I went half way into Walmart and my back started aching. I had to come back and get the cart. That took up some time too. Just in a frumpy grumpy mood. Hmm, maybe we better read our horoscope.

It says, “When you least expect it, some absolutely wonderful news will reach you. This may occur after you’ve given up on a certain goal or dream, and will renew your hope for a more abundant and fulfilling life. Until then, be receptive to new ideas and enticing opportunities for improving your prosperity. When you stir up any kind of good energy, it tends to attract positive energy that can manifest even more wonders in your life and can put even greater power in your hands. Don’t take anything for granted now.”

Rich’s horoscope says, “If you’re already in a committed relationship, stormy weather may leave yo feeling cold, but do your best to warm things up if you want to take it to the next level.”

Yeah ok, that makes sense.

Pretty icy cold around here – I think he came up with going out tonight because he already had made plans with the guys – Bob and Ron both knew about the cards. I was the last one to know. Tonight was a way to get past the guilt of going out with the guys and not making plans with me. When I told him what I wanted to do he just went on and on about his negative stuff. Ok, ok … shhh girl you were going to put this down, remember?

Yeah. I know I’m sorry … I kinda picked it up and ran with it too. It’s ok. Let it go. It’s over now. Just give him his kiss and let it go. Ok? You do owe him a kiss. He shouldn’t go out feeling cranky. Yeah especially, because then he’ll go tell all his guy friends how miserable we made him feel for going out. Seems like a rotten reason to be friendly though just to avoid bad consequences. But, I’m thinking we’re not far from that point. Ok, then let’s push the envelope that says wouldn’t you feel bad if something bad happened to him? And, do you want to go through all this all over again when he gets back? Let us let this go, Hmm?

Fine. Fine!

Deep breathe. We ARE going to be out of contact though. If he wants something from me he can come home. I know, I know … it’s hard.

Damn straight!

Ok, just another 5-10 minutes. You can do this. Don’t you have something else you would like to talk about? Well actually I did just go to the store, we could talk about that. He just brought the coffee pot into the kitchen. When he asked if I wanted the sandwich, then he remembered he said I could have a sandwich last night when he was gone too. I said I just had a baloney roll-up, so then he said can I have my money back and it was in that frosty area of fine. So we’d placed the $5 on top of his things. Like yeah. I could keep that now?

Weren’t we done being mad yet? Yes, that’s right … I’m sorry we forgot. There should be something … oh yeah the short trip to Wal-Mart book store. We only got down one aisle and we didn’t get to the one on the other side or against the back wall. We didn’t see much. The area didn’t look very well stocked. It’s just the shelves had books all across the shelves, but they weren’t filled out to the edge. And, I couldn’t discern any order to them. They weren’t in alphabetical and there were no markings as to category. I did see a couple of the books that I had spotted at the Ingram site before leaving. And, there were a few other books I was familiar with like Obama’s book. I also saw one auto on Marlo Thomas and the one on Mark Twain. So, it seems that the popular “books” are the ones they carry.

There’s nothing there really of any kind of other specialty. It just didn’t look very cared for.

There were a few other people who came over like I did, but it seemed they also were going pretty fast though the shelves. There weren’t any natural borders of one section where you could span three to four feet across and then lower your gaze. It was just multiple very long aisle length shelves – not much different than you would find in the underwear or toy aisles. There was nothing up as to cost that I saw. Maybe I missed that part, or maybe the prices were on the book?

I just picked up one book – the one I’d seen at Ingram’s with the dog who had lost his ear. I guess that’s the kind of stuff that sells, because my eye was drawn to it two times now. It seemed to help the dog was white and stood forward on a darker cover.

I don’t think I noticed much else. There didn’t seem to be anything to designate it a book store, but there was a sign that matched all the other ceiling signs saying that there was books. The aisle on either side said different things, so I supposed that it was going to be a very short book store. It was disappointing, but something maybe I would expect at a Wal-Mart.

Ok we’re all back again. Rich has left and we took a half hour break to eat lunch and we’re now sitting back down to our first pot of coffee from the new machine.

Rich made coffee before he left. I had gone from the computer to my couch and when he came out he said what happened you moved. And, so we told him we’d stopped typing so we could say goodbye to him. And, then he looked confused, but started to turn toward making the coffee, so then we added … don’t worry it’s not a trick.

He said something like are you sure. Yup! Not a trick.

After he came out somehow we got TWO kisses. One was a regular good bye kiss and he said the other one was a good luck kiss. Then he said something about maybe bringing Bob home and we were like huh? He’s not on our good list yet. But, then we said he could bring home whomever. I got the feeling he’d call if he was bringing Bob home. I guess then we better answer the phone, because we’d hate to embarrass him in front of his friend. Our whole take on that deal is that everybody should know how happy we are with our fuzzy bunny ;)

Well, maybe not that he’s a fuzzy bunny. Shoot whoever started that anyway?

Ok, ok … enough of that! It’s about time we get to work. It’s already after 1:30 P.M. There is something very liberating about writing it’s hard to stop after you get started. It just feels good on the mind and within the fingers. Thinking here … we better get going though. I think we have to keep our clothes on just in case Bob comes back though it means 4-5 hours dressed. I guess it’s only sweats so not real dressed … how did we ever get so indecisive? Go … just go! You’ve got work to do, hmm?

Yes, Ma’am…

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