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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lost between the rafters

Afternoon this is me. We’ve just got a little time before we go home so figured we’d take a break and write up a few notes. We’re listening to Judy Garland now and we’re thinking it is pretty cool stuff. I don’t know if I could explain the mood, but can boast that it’s pretty happy. Not sure otherwise where we are. I might have lost something that I’d written before which would make me pretty crabby, because it was a substantial entry. I’m looking for the one where we completed the 18 questions. Did we do that from home or work and if so where is it? Did it get erased? I’m thinking that it might have been under something else as to title. Let me look once more, k?

Nope, nope … not finding it - I thought it was written Monday, just got to let it go, because that’s the kind of kink that could dent one’s armor. OTHERWISE speaking - we’re in a pretty good mood. We had a bit of a scare today and then decided that the whole thing with the horoscope is that we are supposed to stop being afraid. My thought here though is that Rosa now knows not only about Rich, but about the book. I had printed out documents and because they were in color I sent it up to the front, but then on the way up to the front Theresa stopped me to talk about a client. When we got up there Rosa was holding our papers, and it seemed she was reading them. She was also holding onto papers that she’d printed out for Sr. Theresa, so we’re thinking that one set got confused with another, and that it wasn’t malicious, but that she’s now got “secret stuff” types of information.

We told Sr. Theresa about it, and then she called back still thinking of it and asked why we were sending things up front that were private. We explained … I don’t think Sr. really cared one way or another. In my heart of hearts I wish too that this whole sneakiness business were over. I’ve always hated the secrets. It would be best if they knew I was with Rich and I was writing a book. Then I wouldn’t have to feel so diabolical. But, saying that, I wasn’t quite ready for it to happen today and I will acknowledge that there’s something to be said about privacy. I suppose it will just be, one way or another, we’ll maintain one way or another. Just feel bad for Rich … he’s the one that is going not to like the difference in others knowing. Quite girls … it will be ok.

In other news, we’ve been getting some editing done so that’s been good, but we were kind of lonely today too. I didn’t have much official business with Friesen. I did complete the acknowledgement and the dedication and sent that in to Carolyn. I haven’t any idea what to expect from Maria, but I did send out a hello to Natalie. Someone should talk to me!

I was happy though to get a surprise note from someone who had been listening to our podcasts. There have been a few others, but it always comes as a surprise and a happy one at that to be remembered. We wrote back to her and felt appreciative for her attention. Her name is Debbie Arrington. Nice, hmm?! She said that she’s tried, but failed to write consistently in a blog. Chances are though she’s found out how to be consistent at least with quilting which seems to be something beyond me at the moment.

I did tell her that we did something FINALLY with the sewing last night. It took Rich a while to get us there. We were restless without ourselves and didn’t know what to do. We were done with the “demand” editing for the first proof, and we weren’t really into working on the 2nd book. We had needed SOME kind of break. So Rich was like … why don’t you work in your quilting room. What? What? I don’t know how to do that! He was pretty convinced though if we went back to the room that we’d figure it out. We asked him if he wasn’t going to get lonely for us though. Ok, like who’s to say who’s lonelier than whom? Now that I think of it we were kind of confused all around. Our mouth was glued together, which is usually one of the cues that Rich uses to know that we should be taking our medicine, but it really was too early for all that.

About then he got in his mind that if WE peeled the apples he would make a couple of his mini-pies. Well of course that always seems to be a good idea.

Hmm, just lost ourselves to looking at the biography of Judy Garland – she sure had a super-stared life. We kind of lost ourselves to confusion again. It’s about time to be going home. Rich’s football season is over and basketball won’t be started until mid-November. Wow can’t believe we’re almost up to that month. It seems impossible. But, here it is already the 26th. I’m imagining that we’re going to have Halloween on Friday, but I haven’t heard much about it yet. I’m pretty much out of the current stuff.

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