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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Man-o-man!!! Cover is ready!!!

Good morning good morning! This is me. I’m soooo so very excited! The cover just came out on our book. You will have to click on it to read, but this is it!!!!!!!! I soooo love the cover! I had no idea and hadn’t even thought to ask what color it was going to be. I had and I knew they were going to use the pictures of us growing up, but had no idea what that was going to look like. I was just bowled over. It came in yesterday afternoon. I didn’t know how it would turn out, but we printed out three copies from the front copy machine. It was really great - very red.

One copy went to Sr. Tess. She seemed very happy for me. She read the cover and asked how many parts I had because it turned out that she had thought there were only five parts. That was a little exciting. She said that she hoped the book sold very well. I was so excited. I didn’t know how she would feel about the character that is her portrayal would be mentioned so prominently on the cover.

She took it though in stride. I’m hoping too maybe just a little proud. I hope she’s ok after she reads the whole thing. I’ve forewarned her that the book ends in the part where she’s very mad at me and we are very mad at her. I think she’s taken a sort of we’ll wait and see attitude. I’m just hoping that I’m not going to be fired! I really did try to take very good control of not saying anything about specific staff or clients. I hope we did ok.

The other person we talked to is Margarita/Marinna. We told her we used her name and her youngest daughter’s name and when she saw it in print it seemed that she liked that part too. I knew she was a little surprised to see the cover, but I knew it was a good surprise in that she took a picture of it right away and then sent it to her older daughter – the one that used to work at the center. It made me feel very proud almost like being included in the “in-group.” We talked about the book for a little bit. When I handed her the copy she automatically folded it like it were a real book. I knew for sure at that point that that copy would go to her.

Margarita still had to finish mopping the floor, so then I asked her to come back to the office when she finished, because we wanted to read her something. When she came back she pulled up a chair and then I read her the last 6-7 paragraphs at the last two pages of the book. She was so surprised – happy surprised. The book had ended on the day that she and her family had come over to watch TV and eat Chinese with us. We talked about her and her husband fixing our TV – we couldn’t get the volume right on our 1984 TV given by my father’s estate and then there was the part about her mother washing dishes. I was so happy to have them over. I also was afraid that I was going to need going back to work with so much frustration in the air, but I knew that night was special. I’d been building up to have guests over and it was really happening. I don’t think it has really happened since, but that night was special! It always will be.

Yesterday Sr. ended up coming back to the office to talk for awhile. We didn’t talk about the book though we talked about other things going on. We like when Sr. talks to us, just as long as it doesn’t mean more work. I think we are being work avoidant. *Sigh* I like the feeling that she trust me with whatever concerns her.

Somewhere in all this, we’d posted a copy of the book cover on Facebook. Man-o-man can you say thrilled enough!?? By this time there have been a couple dozen people to have either commented or said that they “like.” I’ve read over quite a few times the comments left. They are so fantastic. My horoscope says today,

“Come out of your shell today. There is a big bright, wonderful world waiting for you. Many Cancerians are shy, retiring creatures who are most comfortable as homebodies. But if you take a reclusive tendency to the extreme, you will miss out on a lot, especially now. The universe is encouraging you to get out and about.

Something very special is happening. Take advantage of your current wave of good fortune by experiencing every single moment of it, and embracing it without modesty or fear. If you put yourself out there, you will reap some fabulous rewards.”

WooHOO!!!! That a way girl!

So as introverted parts of us are feeling … there is another part of us – that which certainly has been reading her horoscope that acknowledges that these good feelings I get from this kind of positive attention should be accepted.

Very good, we just woke up Rich and gave him his little morning massage and then we took a shower, had our medicine, made our lunch, put away a few dishes AND filled our coffee cup. The next hour belongs to ME - Yahoo! Good Ann

We had a little bit of a conversation with Rich when we got home last night. It was about the regular time and he was in the kitchen making dinner, but we’d carried home specially the third and last copy of the book cover for him. We carried it special like Zu-zu’s petals making sure it didn’t get creased badly.

Specifically he was unloading the dishwasher and we held it up to him and he said “That’s nice …” and then he faded into something else. Well obviously that wasn’t the answer we were looking for. We wanted him to be proud of our work. So we started fairly calmly, but concretely some basic thoughts out loud about somebody being more excited for us. Well long story short … Rich is proud of us, but not necessarily jumping out of his skin. He’s still worrying about his role, though he’s not saying as much directly.

I asked him to read the cover, but he said he had to eat dinner first, and then he couldn’t do it because he had to wash his hands first, and then he said he was too tired to get up, but that I could read it to him. That took a little bit of effort for me to settle down with all that. We prefaced it by letting him know that he was going to be on the back cover and that he was called my special male friend.

The general story here is that he accepts stuff, but it is slow in coming. He’s also putting some negative stuff in - in that he said something about if I sold a million books. It was then like you mean I gotta sell a million bucks before you know if I’m successful? He was like no that’s not what I said.

Ok skipping a bit here, but that’s in general how things went. But, then things we’re ok again, because I stopped giving him such a hard time. I don’t remember the exact moment of reconciliation, but I knew that we weren’t really upset with him; we were just giving him a hard time. It sort of follows the line of thought where we’d sent a note through Facebook saying that we wanted to acknowledge we were in a relationship with him. And, he was not for that idea at all. He said something about privacy and we told him what? We are about ready to go public with our whole life story and you are worrying about saying you are in a relationship with me? But, then we ended up giving him the benefit of the doubt, because we realized that he has business connections on his new Facebook page and we really didn’t want to mess up that part. Life’s such a tizzy.

After dinner and having talked to Rich for a while, we went back to the computer and started doing some editing of the proof. We completed the first two chapters.

Granted they are shorter chapters than the later ones, but we felt good about the progress none-the-less. I’m happy with how it is so far. Because of our memory problems, we don’t really know what is going to happen next and next until we read it over again. We are trying to see it as if we were people in general we know and they were reading it. There were only a few changes.

The proof came back in a PDF file and Friesen gave us simple directions on how to make changes. I’m looking forward to getting back to it. This whole book writing thing in general is pretty exciting!

So that’s about it for yesterday.

We woke up around 4:30 A.M. this morning and it’s now about 6:15 A.M. So far so good! Rich is busy on his computer. He’s doing business things. He’s such a hard working bunny!

So, where to go from here?

Hmm, we just reread what we just wrote. It seems pretty good as to our normal standards. We’ve now got a half an hour and we’re not sure where to go from here.

I should make sure the updated copy is sent through email so we can continue the work.

Ok, something happened to time here, but it’s about time now to go. One of the things was to be getting dressed. I’d almost forgotten that we have the steamer. I think the clothes must have come out of the dryer a little extra wrinkly this weekend. BUT, we DID have the steamer so all that ends up to being a happy ending story *giggle*.

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