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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our first trip to Borders in La Grange

Good morning. Hmm, why is my script so big? Eh, it will sort itself out with the wash. We’re using our netbook this morning. Sometimes it falls out of vague, and then comes the time when we realize we can put our feet up on the couch if we use it and then it is worth all the effort of charging batteries. It seems we are also still into Judy Garland … these things as well slip into vogue … who knows how these things work out.

I just got a little drifty because I’m listening to her song Born in a Trunk Medley and its 15 minutes long. It ends with a really big Swanee River.

Ok, maybe too much before 6:00 A.M. We turned on Kitaro. We needed something without so many words pulling us away from our typing. Sheese! We had a pretty interesting night last night. I want to jump you to the part right away where Rich and I went out. This was a very big deal, because usually you can push me out with a 30 foot crane. But, I did it and I was the one who was asking to go and we were just feeling so alive … it was like a miracle!

Basically, we were just following the advice of Marie our Marketing person. She said that we needed to go out and get a feel for the bookstores and get an idea of the space we would be in with the books. Wow! That was a pretty big deal. It was a windy day out yesterday and I remember that the sky was a little strangely colored kind of a greenish glow. Hmm, maybe because it’s getting close to Halloween – yeah that must be it. We were going past a lot of houses made up to be scary, but sometimes just because you see spiders webs and bats you’re not really scared, but you are paying attention none-the-less. We had three stores on the radar and we ended up going into a fourth.

The first store turned out to be inside of some kind of school run by the nuns. It had said Joseph’s, but Rich was right it was St. Joseph’s. So, we kept on going … and the next one was real close too it was kind of spooky though so we didn’t go in there either. It was a small place on a back set of stores and it turned out to be like a spiritual occult like place and we for sure weren’t going in there! We had saved up the for sure place next … It was a Borders. I can’t believe I’ve lived here for 10 years and have never been inside Borders … it’s in La Grange proper, but that is just the next village over. We go past it all the time – anytime we head west. Rich pulled into the parking lot right off the train place – it’s a very busy store because tons of people get out and then again maybe it’s just handy.

Shoot … we got to take a shower. Rich has gotten up and it seems like nothing is getting done. What is going on with that? And we finally got to some of the right music. We’re listening to Nature Sounds – mostly the ocean.

Back again. And, now it’s crickets on the pond. Hmm, no wonder my kitties are having so much trouble adjusting this morning. What? Ok, ok … we’re going to do bookstores. I remember.

Anyway we got to Borders and it’s a nice corner door and Rich was deciding to stay in the car with his own book, and the door WAS very inviting so we gathered our courage and walked quickly to it allowing it to pull us in. It was a feeling of an old fashioned store. The first thing you notice are that there are people all over the place and it’s two stories inside and there are books galore and all kinds of signs suggesting you turn one way or another. It was very inviting. I was also aware of the cash registers to the left. This place surely wanted to separate you from your money! Oh and we noticed a help wanted sign, but it was in maintenance so we pretty much skipped that idea. Beside … Rich just GOT a job! He starts on Monday.

I started to read the top of the shelves where the signs were thinking I would need to orientate myself. It seemed like the new stuff was on low shelves or tables to the front of the store, and then to the right were local city attraction stuff and cooking and such, but when I took a larger scan of the place I was extremely happy to see the sections on Psychology and then secondly knowing I wouldn’t have to climb those stairs. Pswhoo! The psychology section was toward the back. We studied the heading at the end of the shelves and decided that we should look in general psychology first. That was a good idea … and we found unlike the book store at Wal-Mart … the books were in order by last name.

We started our search from the beginning of the shelves, which were VERY high. It was uncomfortable looking that high and we noticed the last shelve toward the bottom was hard to read too. But, we started again from the top and worked our way down. It seemed there were some books that were favored and faced cover forward so that there were multiple copies of the same book directly in back of the first.

The majority of the books though you just got a side view. It seemed that the face forward books were primarily on “the mind.” There were other books though that one might expect in psychology such as stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, Borderline Personality, obsession and so forth.

I didn’t go through it as slowly as I could have, but I found two books on multiplicity. One was the book I just read where the author was a psychologist who was treating a multiple that he said he integrated, and the other was a sourcebook. I’d obviously seen both books on-line. But, it was interesting to know which books the bookstore had picked up.

I think the part that made me the happiest was that when I got to the G section … first it was the middle of the shelf which made it easy to look without struggling to see too high or too low. The next part was that I discovered that if I were to get into this bookstore, I would be on the same shelve as Freud and Fromm. Wow!

That was fantastic news. To be specific I would be between Gardner the guy who wrote about multiple intelligence and Gorman or something like that … I can’t find the Gorman at Amazon so maybe I got that name incorrect, but basically, I would be ON THE SHELVE with Freud! WooHOO!!! Wouldn’t that be something!

There is a lot in between though in that first we need to hope that our local Borders is going to be interested in putting us on the shelve. Compared to all the books written on multiplicity or by multiples, there selection is actually very slim. The general psychology took up almost two sections and then it switched over to child psychology. I don’t know how I feel about being in the middle of so much abnormal psychology, but then I suppose that’s what happens and should be expected. I don’t know where else unless they had a section on autobiography’s or memoirs. I didn’t hang around too much longer to check that out. I felt like I was so brimming with information and excitement that I’d better leave before I burst!

There was one other thing that was strange. I opened one of the books while I was there – from the shelf I would be on. And, there it was … words that were saying something to someone. I had a very unreal feeling in that it could have been me that was being picked up and browsed through and there you would have it all about my love life, or what had happened at work or even that I’d listened to Judy Garland! It was just surreal. I didn’t know what to do with that information though I found myself quickly putting the book back on the shelf as if I’d pried into something much too personal. Yeeks!

I guess that is going to take some getting used to, hmm?

It’s about time though that I get ready for work. How about now? Yes, maybe a good idea. Remember today is the day we get to meet the accountant. I sure hope he and his family are nice. I liked it when she said they were just a small family business. Perfect!

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