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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Waiting and waiting...

Good afternoon. This is just me. We have a few moments before the staffing and we are all ready so we thought we’d write down a few notes. The day has gone pretty well so far. Rich came in about 11 A.M. and stated that he has a new job. WoOHOO!!! I don’t think it pays well, but his hours are very flexible. He is responsible to get eight people with mental illness working for at least 90 days. That’s pretty much it. It seems to fill the niche he was looking for. So we’re all good with that.

We completed the editing work that we had in front of us. And, we got the copy back to Carolyn exactly by 11:00 A.M. That was the goal. If you asked me over the weekend if it was possible, I might have said no, because it seemed like such a big obstacle. But, now that it’s done … it is like why sure, why not? You are familiar with the other things we were working on and we also want to note for the record that we have an appointment with the accountant we’d found through the web pages yesterday. We will meet him on Wednesday at 3:30 P.M. WooHOO!!!

I told Rich about it later and I got his usual grumbles and he stated that it costs him $500 to talk to his accountant. Well, I figure that’s something we are going to need knowing. I told him the first appointment was free and he said that they are going to get me involved in something because he knows me and I said probably.

So then we told him when the appointment was and said that he’s invited to come along if he so chooses. He didn’t think so, but we’ll wait it out. I will be going one way or another. It would really be better to talk freely without Rich’s doubts, but we want him on board with what we’re doing, so I’m not sure which way it would turn out better.

I told them that this company does small business start-ups and that’s really what I want to know. I want to know that if I have to register with the state and obtain some kind of license that I’m doing it correctly. Rich of course uses for an example the way he’s doing it and we’re familiar with that somewhat, but I want to do it differently. I want the correct way to sell books on line and through the mail to people in IL and to people outside IL whether it be through friends and family or through book signings.

I told him I also would want to write off business expenses this year. His thought was that I could do this just through my regular taxes. If this is the case, then that is what the accountant will tell me. If there is a better way to do it, he will tell me that too. The lady who answered the phone named Cathy asked if I was going to want and incorporate. I told her what a small business we were and the general nature of selling online, through the mail and through the big wholesalers. I told her I have only one product, well really three products in that we have hard cover, soft cover, electronic, but then I’m not sure if it will be different products for the kindle explicitly or something specific for the other stores. Things like sales tax have to be taken care of and we should know that sort of thing up front so we know what to charge.

Rich is like you don’t have to do any of that, but my point, is that SHOULD you be doing that? I want to do it the right way. He said that we’re going to have to fill out quarterly taxes. And, I was like ok … if that’s what has to happen. He just isn’t getting the part that we are in a business.

Cathy said that I would be talking to Dennis … I had noted that he was the owner. She said it was just a small place with three family members. She didn’t identify which role she was in, but the voice sounded that she could be Dennis’ wife. I was grateful to find them and have so much comfort of them already by the kind of web site they’d left up. She seemed to appreciate getting that kind of feedback.

I just gave her a little information and pointed to the part about having sent an email to their info email. I don’t think she had looked at it, so we made sure to identify it to us. I didn’t want any double booking. I think I represented myself fairly and I did ask if the initial visit would be a charge, so she knows we’re already talking about a limited budget. She’ll see that when they look at our taxes. I sure hope I can find them no trouble. I do know where they are supposed to be. I don’t thing HR Block is open at this time of the year to ask if that would be necessary. The taxes are so simple at this point; I can’t imagine they would charge me more than HR Block. I think they charge a lot, especially because they are only inputting numbers and the program is doing all the work.

I’m glad I sent them ahead of time the materials. I took the phone in another room just so I wouldn’t have to deal with Rich at the time. I have to just remain calm in the prospect that I may be an adult and be capable of adult things. Look how far we’ve progressed so far. Our book is going into the second proof. That has to say something, doesn’t it? It didn’t just happen on its own. I think after we get back from the meeting, we are going to pay more attention to the small business material that the government puts out that we learned about through the accountant. Just want a better idea.

Oh yeah forgot about the PO Box too. Rich said that he would do it later; well you can see how well that isn’t settling. I think he forgot the name of his guy. So then we’re like, ok can you call Bob? Could you do that soon so I know how to schedule my day? If I have to take off early to meet this guy, I’m going to want to know soon. I just asked if he could be ready with this information within the next hour, because my meeting is due now, but shouldn’t last more than an hour. I also got an email from Brookfield Library, they have my card ready and we are going to need picking that up. We’re moving here.

Ok, used the washroom … we’re doing ok so far. Just like to progress this day. I looked at my hair and discovered that this is one of those days we’ve got Dresden curls. *Sigh* Not much to do about that. It seems like sister has been out of the building all day so it should be a pretty quiet meeting. Both the DSP and the client are ready. I think we’re going to call Carolyn after the meeting to see how she’s doing with Monday. I want to make sure she looks at what we sent her. As to the next thing, I think I’ve got this week to be doing one of several things. Most likely it won’t be until Friday or maybe early next week before getting the proof so we should be working on second edit of book two, going to the store to scout out our marketing plan, or doing something else that might be on the list from Maria.

She sounded busy and I’m not sure how she is about getting things accomplished.
I’m thinking too we should ask Carolyn about that missing paperwork and if she is going to need the page where we give credit or dedicate our book to. Hmm, maybe we can think of that now.

Is there anything special we want to do with a dedication? The regulars would be Rich, the boys, Sr. or Dr. Marvin. I just had a though about dedicating the book to my father and Sandy. This would seem of all the books I might right – be the right book to do.

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