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Monday, October 18, 2010

What happened to Sunday> Over much too fast

Good morning. This is me. It’s REALLY late in the day to start and there won’t be too much time to be writing. It’s 11:00 A.M. now and Rich is getting the pre-game shows for football. Bears play at noon. We woke up at 6:30 A.M. with the kitties and then fell asleep for a couple of hours. We were up really late. I think we got home and to bed about 1:30 A.M. It was a very good night.

Yesterday was the night for the birthday party for the wife of one of Rich’s best friends. She was turning 65 years old and they went way out. They got together about 17-18 people and treated us all out to dinner and a dinner show. Then we all went over to their place for cake and such. Very nice! Rich’s three best friends and their women were all there. It is a couple of times meeting the others besides Bob, but I’m feeling very comfortable with them. The dinner place was a bit noisy so it was hard to talk, but that got accomplished.

When we got to their place we spent most of the time out with a group around a fire pit. It was so romantic and relaxing. I really enjoyed listening to the guys banter. They are all friends from elementary school and they know each other pretty well. I did good with the conversation – mostly guys through everything including politics, but when they switched over to sports, I went in and joined the remaining women. There were four women including the birthday girl, one of her best friends and two of the birthday girls adult daughters. They made me feel very warm and welcome.

Rich and I talked all the way home about the night and other things in general. I was so proud of myself for staying up. I had forgotten my medicine and I think that was part of it, but other than that, I was just having such a good time. Rich didn’t have to tell me to go to bed, he tucked us in and by the time he got to the bathroom door, we were already sound asleep.

This morning we watched the morning shows with Rich. That was fun too. The best story was about the upcoming book being released on the autobiography – 3 set written by Mark Twain. He wanted to make sure he didn’t upset anyone he was living with. The book was to be released 100 years after his death. The coolest part was that they said he talked in a style that odd in that instead of telling his story from one point out, he would just talk everyday about stuff that was on his mind – sort of like a blog. WOW! That’s just the coolest thing. Good timing Ann! We’ve come about full cycle with a man definitely before his time.

Rich is starting the laundry now. That means will have clothes to fold by about 1 P.M. He usually starts with the white load. He says about 2:30 P.M. dinner will be ready. He got a roast and vegetable fixings to go with that. Then after the game is over he says that we are going on an adventure. Basically, we’re just getting into the car and heading south. I don’t know how long he’s planning to drive or if there will be a fishing pole in the back of the car, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Think mostly though it’s a trip to look at the fall leaves. I should remember to bring my camera then. Hmm, the phone camera worked last time for the Arboretum. Maybe I’ll try that again.

I think we’re going to be going back toward Carolyn’s questions. I did want to say that we sent some of the correspondence out yesterday. We sent a copy of the last few paragraphs explaining the fee schedule and the publishing schedule and the part of where my money should go to Rich and the three boys. I thought they should know in advance how things are going to be.

When we talked about the money thing with Rich in the car on the way to the birthday party, he was like no; no you aren’t going to give me money. I think it was easier for him when we started discussing him being hired as my gigolo. I think in the end he felt appreciative that I would think of him and his kids. We felt it like … this is the least we could do for the amount of time you are being written into the book. Rich is my superstar. I told him that as soon as we could we would get something in writing as a will. He said we just have to have something written down and notarized, but I want something a little more firm. I want a real will. I don’t want to find out the government got into my estate and there is nothing left to pass down.

This has been a big thing for a long time – the part of thinking I would have nothing to give the boys and somehow they would end up with my debt. Rich says that the debt dies with me, but I told him they’d take it out of the boys’ inheritance. Rich was like no they will take it out of money first … and then it was like ok, dear aren’t we talking about the same kind of thing. One way or another … if I had debt then the boys would get less money.

I felt proud in my writing that for one I had plans to pay off my debt completely and that two I had plans to leave the not only money, but money that would continue after I was gone. It has been a very long time since thinking I might never have something to give them. I don’t know but at this point it seems like the most important thing I can do is leave them a legacy. I’m so proud that they are my guys and have stuck with me over all these years.

I am going to have to explain carefully that they can’t have money until I’m gone, but I’m so sure that they are going to be given gifts … that be just such a pleasure. I never understood the boys grandmother living in such a way there wasn’t more to be giving to her family. I guess necessarily the next generation shouldn’t depend on the older, but I would think it hard to live in a penthouse while your children or grandchildren were having such a hard time. I think first I earned a right to make myself comfortable, but I’m going to want to contribute to all the boys for getting their own place too. I just think it’s such a critical big deal for families to have houses to live in.

Maybe this is all part of living in a homeless shelter and government housing. I don’t think most people around me know what a big deal it is to get a place to call my own. *Sigh* but you have heard that before, right? Ok, let’s figure out where we are with Carolyn.

I don’t think we got to the part where we’d given Carolyn the $500 advance, but then it turned out to be a $560 advance. I don’t know how that’s going to affect Rich as he tries to pay bills; I just know that I shouldn’t even THINK of money. We had deposited $50 cash into the checking account just to make sure we didn’t bounce when the gym payment went out. Maybe we should look, hold on.

Well, easy come easy go. I think Comcast was about $180, Electric about $90, Sprint $130, medical $180, insurance $80, and miscellaneous $100, umm, then zero balance. But, at least there was enough to pay for what had to get paid for. Major deal was to get the publishing money out. So now we need to carry out, $500 to Carolyn November 15th, $700 to Carolyn December 15th, and $1200 to Carolyn January/February. Pshwoo. Two books $4,000. I don’t know what I could have told you if someone had asked me to come up with that much money for something else.

But, then again, I couldn’t have asked my mother for money for something less important, and I wouldn’t have deferred the school loan. Those were important things that wouldn’t be justifiable for just anything.

I feel a great sense of relief knowing that things are progressing at a paced schedule. I had started to say before, I passed on information to the four guys, and then I sent it to Dr. Marvin, and in part to Dr. Woollcott and Carolyn. Pretty much we’ve always had a system of sending things out to those concerned. Rich said something about the boys thinking perhaps I was crazy, but we told him then it wouldn’t be anything new.

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