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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About time we update ... don't you think? Lots of Editing has happened :)

Good morning. I thought I’d start here for the day. I’ve been up for about an hour and half, but we were taking care of other stuff. Now we are here taking care of THIS stuff. AHA!

It’s almost 6:00 A.M. we woke Rich up about a half an hour ago and we’ve been in and out of the shower including taking the medicine. Lunch has been a matter of putting a can of soup in the bag, because we’ve got excess puddings and fruit cups left at work. I think we have one more bottle of water. Yeeks! I forgot we left our coffee cup down in the car. That’s no good! I think I have enough money … we’ll probably get coffee on the way to work. My Fritter went up by a dime too! Man what is the problem with that! Well, there is one problem. I’m going to need bringing in 2 extra cents when I’ve got a couple bills, because the way it is now, we’ll only get one quarter back and change. That’s no good. With 2 cents then we’ll get TWO quarters back. Yes, it’s about masterminding your life! We’ll that and Rich really does appreciate the extra quarters for doing laundry. It’s all about systems. 

We switched over from the big computer to the little computer so we could sit in our nicest comfy space. This way too Missy gets a chance to sit with us and that makes her less complaint like. Good girl! Rich is working on his business goals. He’s concentrating pretty hard. He’s got the computer up and he’s writing on the yellow legal pad with his clipboard. He’s just the kind of guy that makes sense. He’s been working hard with the new job and has been scheduling in clients to visit and then visiting them. He’s the hardest working bunny friend I know. That’s my guy!

We haven’t been here I think since about Saturday so there will be some catching up to do, but I think we’ll have to take it slow and spread out the work over some time. Basically, it is Wednesday and I think we last wrote on Saturday. Yeeks! That’s going to take some reconstructing. Maybe if we just jotted down some notes and then went back and filled in the details – it might help to look at our email file to get some of the important things included.

I would like to say first that we finished our last update yesterday and it’s already gone in to Carolyn. She’s very good at making sure all the pieces go together proper. We really started the editing process on Saturday and finished it up yesterday between leaving from work and sending in before the end of the night a few more changes. We worked on an extra part to get something down on the United States of Tara and Oprah - maybe more on that later.

The editing took the majority of the weekend. We got about 200 pages done on Saturday and then about 150 pages on Sunday and then finished up the last 50 pages yesterday, between odd jobs. Pswhoo! It’s an effort!

We were able to keep the place pretty much picked up and got a couple date nights with Rich. Last night it was so romantic. Rich decided that we should do some reading after having watched a couple of his shows. I was pretty beat. So he made up the bedroom including putting the pillows down at the bottom of the bed for BOTH of us (better light). I was reading from the book, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” on our smart phone, by Dale Carnegie. I think I wrote before we ordered one e-book and then five other books mostly on being in the public spotlight. I’m not sure if it will happen, but we’re pretty sure we should be prepared if it does. Most of those books have shipped by now and we’ll have to check downstairs for them when we get home.

It should be pretty obvious by now that we would fall asleep first. So after a bit Rich pushed us to the other side of the bed where he could tuck us in. Yup that’s the way we roll.

One of the things that happened over the weekend was that we got our disk from the library on the first season of the United States of Tara. Unfortunately, we broke our CD trying to get it out of the container. I’m going to have to bring that back to the library and most likely pay for it. I should get that accomplished today, and we’re going to need picking up medicines too. *Sigh*

I was pretty disappointed, but our bunny friend was right on top of things. He found Showtime which I guess we get now and he found the series for the second season was “On Demand.” That was really nice. Between Saturday and Sunday we watched all 12 episodes. That was pretty cool and will need more explanation when we’ve got more time available.

We stayed home yesterday … Oh man that’s right we were confused. Saturday we did most the day in writing to our journal, and then everything is backed up a day from what we just listed above, so that Monday was the day we did the 150 pages and Tuesday we finished with the 50 pages. I forgot that we wrote so much on Saturday that we had to take a day off on Monday. We were back at work yesterday … Good girl!

Another thing that happened yesterday is that we got an email from the Oprah show (we’re on a list serve), but it gave a link for the show they had on 200 guys being in the audience who were all sexually abused as kids. It was a pretty good show and they edited out the commercials. That made it that much better. We sent that on to Carolyn. I’m not sure if she’s going to get time for it, but we’ll also cover it with Marie when there is time. It seems that Oprah was sexually abused as a kid and she’s done a lot of work since in trying to establish communication between the public and the professionals about what is happening because of abuse. We wrote last night as an extra part of our first book introduction about our immediate thoughts on that kind of exposure for people with abuse backgrounds. I’d like to think it’s a better deal than not in that people really should understand the effects of this kind of behavior, especially on young kids.

That’s something else that happened yesterday. Remember the part of Marie telling us that she needed to split her load between her and her new peer Amanda? Well, as to Carolyn, they split the load yesterday AND we got MARIE!!!! I’m so excited about that. I wasn’t sure at first, because we felt we’d been put off, but then we had a very good meeting on Friday and we decided that we really wanted Marie to be our go-to person. We pitched ourselves if that can be said. I’m so happy! And, because she is splitting her load, I should get more of the contact that I’d been missing the first couple of weeks. We won’t take advantage of her time, but we will do our best between Friday meetings to be progressing things. I’m just so happy. I’m sure Amanda is going to be fine and there may be times we work with her too, but I like the way Marie talks … she is very intelligent and positive. I think she’ll have a lot of good advice for us. She’s very up front in her knowledge and ability to make things happen.

Carolyn had been holding out on the information that we were looking forward to as to the pricing of the books through Friesen. So right after we gave her our updated manuscript, she sent out the information we were looking forward to on pricing. We had put it out of her mind, but then there she was giving us the information and we were pretty gosh darn happy about that. Unfortunately, she was having problems with her computer yesterday. The note on Marie didn’t get here until 8:45 P.M. though she’d sent it hours earlier, and we still haven’t gotten the price list. We’ll have to send her another note. PLEASE get another computer or use someone else’s to email our information. It was hard to wait another night.

I guess for the short hand version, this is pretty much it. We did get popcorn for our date night with Rich and yes he’s still working diligently. We haven’t talked much since getting up. He did for the record get woken with yet another massage. The guy is incorrigible. I think both of us forgot to turn on the music or the TV this morning. It’s pretty quiet here and we’ve got a peaceful kitty sleeping to our right.

I guess if I were to say anything about the last couple of days it would be something like our appreciation of the editing system. I think if I had a hundred more edits there would be changes that happened each time. But, as to the way things work … we’re going with this edit and it is going to have to suffice. I am so looking forward to getting a copy of the book back. Next copy is going to be the sign-off copy. I will ask to look at it one more time to make sure the sub-headings work out. Sometimes because the old copy went from one page to another, the old copy aligns with sub-heading on the second page, but after re-spacing on the next copy the headings get merged together incorrectly. Ok, maybe you don’t need this much detail, but it is a process that happens.

It is almost time to go to work, so we’ll have to leave further comments on the actual context go for later. I can’t remember at this second, what we were supposed to be working on next. I’m afraid to look at the copy again because it will just make us want to do that more changes. I’m going to have to settled with what’s there. I really do have to apologize to my readers. I am not an English major, and I didn’t have the capital to send our work through a professional editor. So whatever you get is whatever you get. I still worry about those people at Amazon or other who are going to be critiquing our work. I hate to start off on a bad foot, because they are realizing some incorrect grammar, but I don’t know what else to do about it. We just have to leave it be. It’s time to move on.

The section we were reading last night in Carnegie’s book was talking about living in the present. He gave many examples of it, but I really agree with his determination on this level. What is happening right now at this very moment of typing out my words to you … is the most important thing I can be doing as to building my future through the books. I write because it feels right to do so. I include parts of my past, but I really like to live in the present. And, we do make plans for the future, such as we are going to publish our first book, but it is these moments in-between one and the other that life is happening. I’m so grateful for the ability to capture these thoughts as they are happening. Good Ann!

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