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Monday, November 15, 2010

A couple on the mend

Good morning. This is me. We’re having a bit of a slow morning. Rich has been hurting so there is a lot of checking in with him. He did something to his right ankle and he’s pretty sore by now because he wasn’t taking it easy afterward. He did stuff like not letting me drive home. That wasn’t a good idea at all if you ask me. He has been letting me help him around the house. And, we’re going to need checking in on getting him some crutches. He’s determined that already, but now we are going to need waiting until Walgreens’ Home Health Care opens after 8 A.M.

I have a staffing today too, so we’re going to need checking if that is the morning or afternoon as to getting something ready and helping Rich out.

Then to make things worse, we stubbed our toe this morning getting in bed with Rich to wake him up. It really smarted a lot and caused some bleeding and bruising. At least I can walk though … Much better off than super buddy friend. He’s just a mess.

Ok, enough of the injury report. However, I did just see Rich hovel to the shower … it took him about two and a half minutes to cross the floor. Yeeks!

Not sure where we left off. Maybe by saying that it’s some kind of sign that we don’t have everything under control with what we’re doing – well at least with some things. I think we last left off writing before we had gotten to Indianapolis, IN for the Grand National Band Competition. It was really really something! We got in for the semi-finals last part … that took about 4 hours and then we had to leave – everyone had to clear out of the stadium because the finals was another part of the financial picture. We had gotten the finals ticket in the mail which was good because they were sold out afterward. The daytime one we got for less money fortunately.

I had a hard time getting to the place because it was a stadium with stadium parking and even if I had remembered my disability pass, the parking in that lot was already over-crowded. Rich says that in comparison to the parking in Chicago for stadiums we were much closer, but I still didn’t make it all the way without stopping to rest, and then right after we got in the door, Rich found customer service and they had wheel chairs so he got one for us. I wasn’t arguing. It wasn’t my idea, but I was very grateful that Rich could make it happen. This was before Rich hurt his ankle.

The other nice thing about that is that it allowed us to sit in the handicapped part for wheel chairs. Rich was able to pull up a chair beside us and that was a lot more comfortable than being squeezed in the middle of a row of seating with little leg room or closer toward people. Where we were … there was nobody to Rich’s left and I was a foot from the person to the right. There was also an elevation from where we were from the people in front of us. Our ground was about their shoulder height and there was a plexi-glass wall between us.

I ran into trouble at one point. The bathroom was like 100 feet away which was great and I could do it walking so I wouldn’t lose my spot, which might have happened if Rich needed to roll me to the bathroom. But, on the way back, the next band had started and they didn’t allow movement within the stadium. I thought I was going to pass out from standing for 10-15 minutes. It was terrible.

Especially since I could see my chair twenty-five feet in front of me, but other than that, we did pretty good.

We stopped to have a brat on the way out of the building the first time and we went
to the car … so many people had left at that point, it allowed us to re-park the car at a spot closest to where we could be parking. It was very nice. Afterward, we stopped at guest services and someone came with us to exchange the chair for Rich’s driver’s license and she let us out at a much closer door. It had been drizzling. So all in all with that it worked out. We’re going to have to remember this kind of stuff for the bigger walking trips. I felt bad for Rich in having to push me, but I couldn’t go much farther and then we were fearful of the trip back to the car. But all is well that ended well or something close to that.

Speaking of … Rich is in the shower now. There’s some progress. I think he’s going to make a doctor’s appointment today. He had his leg up thought and heat on it as was someone’s suggestion. He decided between heat and cold. I never remember which is which. Good ending though!

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