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Monday, November 15, 2010

On the road to Indie...

Good morning. This is me. We’re doing a road entry. Rich and us are driving through Indiana on our way to the National Marching band completion in Indianapolis. It’s already about 9:15 A.M. I’ve been doing the morning things like before we left at 6:30 A.M. I wrote another invoice and then we talked for a bit and just watched the road, and then we finally took out our computer and started up our morning routines. Pretty much that covers checking out Facebook and looking through our emails. You probably know that about me anyway?

The most remarkable thing that’s happened with our excellent adventure so far was going through this long stretch of area where there were tons and tons of windmills – the electrical kind. It was something you could see them as far as the eyes could stretch and it went many miles deep. We had a nice conversation on it … and we had a nice conversation on pancakes … we just stopped to use the washroom, but our first REAL stop is at a pancake house that specializes in baked Belgian pancakes AND the best mushroom omelets! Yay 25 minutes!

I am not sure how long its been since writing last, but I can tell you that the excitement of late is two-fold, but pretty much covers the area of putting our books out on the market and then yesterday coming up with a new invoicing system.

I just love what we are doing. I think it’s really a very big part of being in business for yourself.

Oh yeah one other conversation. We talked to Rich and as most things he flows on the side of negativity, but we deposited our check for the 15th in the bank yesterday and we’re going to take out $500 when we get home and we’re going to open a business checking account. We’re really looking forward to that now. I don’t want to however skip over all this glory stuff in-between.

The thing that set all this off was just getting things sent off to FriesenPress.

When that happened then we talked to Carolyn and she gave us the prices for the books … well actually we gave them to her somewhat … well ok, we did it together.

It was a pretty intense little meeting and after we had the meeting we signed something saying the prices were going to be as they were. I’m thinking that they have to print them on books and put them into the distribution chains so you really do need to set a price and then stay with it.

After we did that then we started our thinking process … Friesen really doesn’t tell you what to do other than the business of making the book. After that you gotta start figuring things. We decided to tell about 110 of our Facebook friends that we were doing a book and they had options as to what to do about that. I think it was too difficult, but we want them to have choices …

Option #1 was to buy the books from Friesen
Option #2 was to buy the books from us (more expensive, but autographed)
Option #3 was to buy the books from on-line stores like Amazon (cheapest)
Option #4 was to help get the books in libraries or books stores
Option #5 was to tell Ann she’d done good, but not buy a book

Pretty much that’s the grand plan. I’ll have to figure a easier way to do it, but this is all preliminary in just pre-ordering the book before it comes out. We can wait until after to set out some real fliers in real time … by then we’ll see what the online stores are offering it for.

I think I sent out six groups (breaking the 110 down to twenty or less). I had four lists. One was the A list and these were the people that I was going to give the book to free, the B list was for people who indicated already they would like to read the book, the C list was for people who had some passing interest in the book since we started with Friesen, and the D list were the people coming to the project cold. This list included people we thought might like the book, but hadn’t indicated an interest yet. We only sent notes out to about 1/3 of the people on our Facebook list. We didn’t know everyone and didn’t want to bother them with sales ads.

We made a couple of charts using spreadsheets. One was a customer list and that had all the names. I think later we’ll add addresses and phones when we get them.

And then the second chart was all the sales information.

We’re coming up to breakfast though so more info later!!

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