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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pretty much just scheduling in our time

Good morning. This is me. We are listening to rain already and it’s about 4:15 A.M. We have fresh coffee and hopefully have shaken off the morning tasks enough to concentrate a bit before we need to wake Rich at 5 A.M. I think we went to bed about 8:30-9:00 P.M. last night. We were too tired to do much after we got home.

We did talk to Maury a bit and we watched the election results. I think more than anything else there was excitement because there were soooo many of CNN’s people if not on stage – at their election headquarters around the country. I think absolutely everyone they had was working.

A few of the guys did the special parts like Anderson Cooper facilitated the two large tables that took up the majority of the pundits and then Wolf Blitzer did the main wall where they were announcing what was happening as it became available that they could predict the winners and well I didn’t see Ali until later, but John King was playing with the magic wall. It was like everyone had their specialties. I think what’s amazing too is that with all the regular people on there weren’t fights it was more like good times the gang is all here. Oh and Spitzer … he came out pretty outstanding for being such a new superstar in their lineup.

I don’t know where Don Lemon and TJ Holmes were, but if they weren’t out covering something maybe they were left because someone had to do the news this morning. I don’t know it was pretty something. The amount of knowledge these folks have is terrific and they are just so gosh darn well at what they are doing it’s pretty amazing. NO one has the depth of coverage that CNN has. I think one more Donna Brazil was kind of funny last night in that she was bringing up special races and they seemed to hold her in a bit of a soft warm fuzzy place like she had the Mom role. Everyone LOVES Donna! She’s always the voice of practical reason.

So anyway … that’s pretty much what we did … I went to bed when Rich came in and there wasn’t much playing around with that. I think he said something about his mother giving them a bit of a hard time again, because they were trying to taper her off the morphine, but then the ruling doctor came in and said she’s 80 years old and if she needs more than just give it to her. Yeah, ok … maybe that will work. I’d hate to see Granma out on the street trying to get a drug fix, but in general … I can see how that is going, Hehehe.

Chris was there too and I guess that he and Rich went out for dinner. I hope Mom wasn’t being too belligerent while Chris was up, but he’d probably have to say go Granma! He’s not the type to take much garbage either. I didn’t hear how Bud was doing, but I think it was pretty much just the three of them there … I don’t think Karen was in though she usually keeps pretty good phone contact with Bud, if not Rich. Oh … there was one more thing with all that.

I guess the plan now is that Mom will be going to another nursing home for some of the therapy. The Doctor also thought that it was too much on Bud, and I think he strong armed that decision. I was so glad to hear that. I know the reason they want her home is so that she can be somewhat peaceful with her alcohol and smokes, but that’s not really the thing she has to be looking at right now. I don’t know if she won’t give the nursing home so much trouble that they are going to kick her out, but nothing to do there, but wait. Bud just doesn’t have the wherewithal to fight Mom on a mental basis if she wants something she wants. I think she can be pretty commanding. Rich was saying that she got that from her Mother and that when time was time … she certain was going to have her way. A little scary, but we knew Rich had to get there someway and fortunately for us … most times he’s right. I’d much rather have Rich winning though on things like not smoking rather than smoking. He’s got a pretty balanced head on his shoulders.

Maybe I will learn more of what’s happening this morning while I’m awake, but believe me I must have been tired, because we didn’t give him any trouble when he suggested we go to bed. I think we just nodded our head. We’d taken our medicine too because we had a little headache … other than that I don’t know what tired us out.

We did have a meeting late in the day and we’ll have another meeting today.

Yesterday’s was one of my toughest in that the parent really works with us on fine tuning the client’s goals … It’s really a pleasure to be held. I like the feeling of working together. Often the case is that the parent just agrees with what you are saying with little feedback. It’s much more dynamic to have the parent involved, plus I think the goals the team came up with were of high value. Looking forward to writing it up and I think the DSP did well in contributing to the meeting and Sr. was there too and gave it her best. The other person at the meeting beside the client was obviously the CSO person, and she did her part too.

It was really a group process and as you might guess the meeting ran a bit long, but was so involving in a good way … people really listened to each other.

As to Maury’s discussion … it was a good one. Maury is pretty enthusiastic in his thoughts. We made sure to tell him that we’d like to take him and his family out for dinner, but it might have to wait until the next check. We also talked about not having money for presents if we were going to save up what we needed for books. He talked about maybe making something for the girls and I liked that idea a lot. After I got to thinking about it, I was thinking that maybe we could do the wall hangings with their birthday months. I think I could get that done and would give them each something personal. I don’t know what to do if the months fall the same. Maybe I’d do the same month, but use different material. I’m not sure. I know the November one is made already, which would cover Maury, but one of the girls birthday is pretty close just not sure if its end of October or November 1rst. I’ll have to check with Maury to see what he says. I like honoring the day that everyone was born. There would be five to make, but they are smaller so hopefully we could do it. AND October is almost done … I think its Jade’s month, but we’ll have to see. Jasmine might have a birthday pretty close to Maury and Jade too so we’re going to need getting on top of things. We’re going to want to sew their names into it too.

Pretty cool! We just got Rich up … that took me 36 minutes on the clock … Sheesh! We’re going to have to think of a more efficient system it is already time to take my shower. That’s no good.

Ok, we’re back … It’s 5:45 A.M. I guess I still have over an hour left … just startling to know that Rich took so much time. It’s not bad time in that 15 minutes went into his massage and another to listen to his schedule for the day … that’s the sort of thing people should aspire to in the morning just being with someone else. But it’s definitely taken out of our time for self figuring. Eh … a toss-up good thing that I have something to talk about, right? Silly is our Rich.

Now we’re listening to Healing Sanctuary by Dean Evenson. I like it better when those 50 minute songs come on … This one is only 9:29 minutes. Hey … is that all you are going to do is complain this morning. Yeeks! Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed! Sorry! I guess healing sanctuary doesn’t do it for us? Shhh … feel the spirit.

Ok, then moving on. I don’t think there was too much else for the day. We worked on the staffing and then had it and then there was some kind of work trying to get into the editing of the second book, but we still haven’t made it past page seven.

We had sent Carolyn a note asking her if she was ok. But, then we decided to call … It was one of those things where she said I thought you were going to call me.

It has to be set in stone when we make the commitment to talk that someone’s name is going to be referenced as the caller and the other as the callee. Sheesh. But, for the most part she wasn’t feeling good again. She says she gets these migraine headaches about once every couple of months. She wasn’t at work on Monday.

We gave her some time to pass on a message to Marie, but this time we also asked for her extension. Today if we don’t here from her we’ll give her a call ourselves. I don’t like putting Carolyn in the bad spot. I don’t think she realized that Marie hadn’t talked to me. It’s been now 8 business days and she WAS going to work on my stuff last week and we were to talk on Friday night. I don’t like this at all. I paid for the more expensive package I’m suppose to have a marketing consultant. There’s so much to learn. That might be something I need – to get a book or two on marketing. I want whatever materials they hand out directly first … I deserve that much if I’m not getting someone to talk to.
Ok, yes, yes … we’re a little huffy. Missy decided that she should come up and calm us down so we went into pet the kitty mode for ten minutes. It was a little awkward. First she stood on her hind legs and just let me pet her head and then when she got us relaxed, up she jumped. Truthfully she only jumped half way and got air lifted the rest of the way.

Now Rich has us without music because he’s having connection problems. This is not going quite as smoothly as I need. It’s 6:06 A.M. I’m starting to panic and thoughts of doubt are seeping in. Is this the way the day is going to be?

Interruptions and all – I’m not going to tolerate that at all! Good he changed his mode of connection. He’s going through his phone. I KNEW it wasn’t the music.

But, I’ve been in that desperate feeling of something not working and I don’t blame him for that, but I didn’t want his feeling to get on me either. I don’t think we’re being patient or empathetic. What to do what to do?

Maybe if we could just get somewhere where we could talk peacefully for 45 min?

There that was a nice thing. We just poured a cup of coffee for each of us and made a new pot. That is the mellow stuff.

Isn’t there anything we need to discuss? I do want to check this keyboard thing out, but I don’t want to unplug my cords from the back of my system or take risk bringing my keyboard to work or back. Maybe I can ask sister to get one keyboard like this one at home and then have Rosa try it out … if she likes it she can keep it and then I will get a new one, or if she doesn’t like it I can have the new one and there is no harm in asking. One way or another I will get a new keyboard, and in the process maybe I can help Rosa. She is still wearing the arm devise. This keyboard is so much cooler … the touch is gentle. It makes the old one’s feel archaic. Hmm, that’s what I can do right now is send a note to sister. I think I’m going to do that now.

This is our note to her.

Sister, I would like to request a new keyboard, and I believe that Rosa would also benefit from a new keyboard. As you know she’s having trouble with carpal tunnel and I’m starting to have the same problem. I have a keyboard at home now that I like very much. It is from a very reputable company – Logitech. The touch is very light. It is something called “perfect-stroke” so the strokes are smooth, comfortable and whisper-quiet. Logitech offers two models … one with the cord and one without. Obviously we’d prefer the one without the cord, but if cost is an issue we’d go for the one with the cord.

If you would like to give Rosa a chance to test it out first, we could get just one. If she likes it she can keep it and we’d order another for me. If she doesn’t like it, I will take the one she is trying. I think it is worth a try and I’ve already tested it for myself and like it very much. There’s just not the big buttons to push … it’s very ergo dynamic. Please let me know what you think. with cord for $79.99 cordless for $99.99.

Ok, I feel better about that already. I really do look forward to typing on this keyboard. It’s really fast.

Good. It’s about 6:45 A.M. I wonder if there is any other official business we should be taking care of before we go.

Ok, that’s done. We got dressed a few minutes early. We’ve still got ten more minutes before we need to leave.

Maybe we could say something about we’re coming up to the holidays pretty soon. Maybe I should look at a calendar. Rich says that he’s got a 9-3:00 P.M. basketball seminar on Saturday and that the rest of the weekend should be taken up with his mother. Maybe I should plan then on going to that next round of bookstores on Saturday while he’s out, and then we can spend that night and the next day with his Mom if necessary. He’s not sure if she’ll still be in the hospital or if she’ll be in the nursing home. I think we told you that part already. Then the following Thursday is Veteran’s Day. It falls on a Thursday so we should check tomorrow to see if we have an appointment on that Thursday with Dr. Marvin. Friday is the First Aid seminar. I’m not sure if there is something going on this Friday at work. I remember we were going to put off seeing that movie “Up” with the clients I thought until after the First Aid day, but that will have to be checked.

The next thought is if we would be going to the quilting weekend … I’m not sure if it is still an option, but if we were to be working on the Christmas presents for the girls then that would be time well spent. We’d have to get over our qualms about my sister though. We did send a note saying that perhaps we should talk. As normal, she avoided the conversation so I’m not sure what to do about that. I’m not sure if she’s done something about getting rid of the tickets. I feel more thoughtful in having the time off because of Maury’s suggestion. I like that we have the materials we need. As a backup I could bring Joe and Carrie’s quilt.

That one hasn’t progressed at all.

CS sent a note saying that she is going to send in Rich, Bob’s, and Sr.’s quilts so that they can be ready for Christmas. I’m going to have to do a lot of finishing.

Not sure about all that, but it be nice to go all around the table in getting stuff accomplished. If I went to the quilting weekend it would be Wednesday, Thursday – through Sunday November 17th through November 21rst with maybe taking off Monday the 22nd. I will be done with staffings by that time. It would give me a six day weekend, plus then Thanksgiving would be off between the 25th and 26th. So one week from tomorrow we’d have a day off, and then the following week we’d have six days off and then the following week would be four days off. Man I’m liking the sounds of this.

Plus there’d be between the time of the 12th and 19th the chance that the book would be ready for sale. Most likely we’re looking at the 19th the day that we would be in WI for the sewing. I guess that would be better than being at work.

Maybe we should see then if that’s still possible. Sister already has been told we might take that time off. It would seem that it depends on how CS and us are getting along.


I am not available this weekend. I have my block of the month and then plans after that will take up most of the day. Sunday morning I am going to Sheboygan for a card making class and get dropped off at church to help Mark.

This weeK is swamped.

Connie Sue

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