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Friday, December 31, 2010

The 30th ... Just one more day to go...

Good morning. This is me and we’re back to our regular computer YAYY!!! We started off the morning over at the couch on CS computer and it took a couple of hours getting into the swing of things. We hadn’t been around for a couple days and there were like 328 emails. YEEKS Yes, like 1% the good stuff 99% the advertisements. Still you gotta go through the whole thing to find the good stuff. It’s now about 11:15 A.M. so just chasing down the morning. Rich was here for part of that too. I think he left about one hour ago. He had three client meetings up north.

Rich wants to go to the zoo again and I would like to go … he said it was going to be a mild day, but there’s the part about walking. Somehow on Tuesday I overextended something in that my left foot is sore to walk on. Rich said that we could get a chair at the zoo, but if it’s on the other side or I have to walk down the long corridor, then it might be too much. It’s not fun going to something that is going to automatically make you cranky. We’ll have to see. Maybe it will depend on if there are wheel chairs/adult strollers at the south gate.

Hmm, we checked the zoo out, but there was no reservations that could be made same day and we had to talk into a recording so we won’t know if we can rent them from the south gate – where the parking is closer. We’ll have to see. I left a message. Maybe someone will call back. It defeats the purpose if you have to walk as far to get the devise as if walking the whole distance of the park. I know … you are walking less with an ECV, but it’s just too far without the assistance. I don’t think it’s going to happen. We’ll see.

In other news … it’s been a very busy sewing couple of days and YES we finished all the Christmas projects on time. You had already known we’d given out the blankets to Sr., Rich and Bob, but then we came closer to finishing the last wall hanging and Joe’s Taber on Tuesday with Linda, and we DID finish both for sure on Wednesday before the big party. Everything was done so there wasn’t too much panic. There was panic at Linda’s. I think we must have left about 7 P.M. and we thought we were leaving at 4 P.M. We fell into being afraid that we’d stay until after Tony and we didn’t want to get into that. We felt that we were invading his space, and I knew by the end of the time Linda was tired too. There was more pressure on her than me, but we both worked on figuring out the design elements and how the pockets were going to fit. In the end, one pocket went in and the other didn’t. That just couldn’t be helped and it made an easy project very difficult. If Joe wants us to make some more, he’s going to get NO pockets! That’s the deal!

I was really appreciative of all the effort Linda put into things. Fortunately, she had enough humor to end the day with it, but at times it seemed touch and go.

Hmm, Missy and Chief seem to be negating the space we left over on the couch with the new blanket. I’d hate for them to get bounced because they weren’t getting along. For the record too we ate three chocolate covered pretzels, but that is going to count as our lunch. We feel quite full now.

Rich and us started diets EVEN before the first of the year. I have weighed for two days 296.0 pounds. Rich weighed on the first day 287.7 pounds, but this morning he was at 285.2 pounds … so somehow even after having gone out for dinner last night he seems to already be losing. Go partner! Now the secret would be for me to come down.

I ate for breakfast about 1/4th of my dinner from last night which was chips and all the toppings including cream cheese and guacamole. That might have something to do with my weight, but will see if we can get through the day UNTIL dinner without eating with the exception that Rich says the hard candies Sr. gave us are only 5-10 calories each so we can do those. It’s something. I don’t think Rich is eating breakfast or lunch so that is kinda cheating. We’ll have to see … I know that he’s got more endurance and is more active than me, but we’re going to try to do something here with the weight. Our body is just too heavy to carry. Rich says we have to get on the scale EVERY day. So … again, we’ll see.

After we got home from Linda’s we went straight to sleep. It had been a long late trip and it was before the diet, so we had a hamburger and fries off the $1 menu and we drank about 1/3 of a shake. We were pretty filled up with that and we WERE really tired coming home. Rich said that we went straight to bed and he had to follow us in there to get his kiss. I remember him meeting me downstairs to help with the sewing machine and not too much else.

Yesterday for most of the day we sewed. We didn’t pause to do any writing or work on homework. Shoot, we gotta do that too. Maybe we’ll work on it on Friday. I don’t remember, but I think Rich was doing something, though I usually now days get to spend New Year’s night with him. Maybe we are going to need taking some kind of small nap. I was really pleased how the sewing pieces came together and we were very happy to be at the restaurant with so much family. Cari wasn’t there, but Nikki and all four girls were there and that seemed very comfortable. As it turned out we also gave the girls some hot chocolate mugs and then Isa got Rich’s cash register and Ame got the somersaulting dog. It was just a little extra, but all of them got then the wall hangings and the $25. I think only Jade and Jasmine had spent the money so far, but I’ve no doubt the other money will spend just as easily.

We finished the money thing by giving Joe his and Cari’s $100 and then we gave Maury and Joe a poster for the book, Cari got another thread catcher, which was really funny because before Joe knew what it was, we’d already made sure Cari had one. They are just too darn convenient. Linda made them which were really super and she made one for me too, but then I figured that should get Cari something extra. Rich found a special star bucks cup and traveling mug, but the bigger deal was that we gave Cari some quilting magazines and asked through him that she looks at them and gets some idea. Then we told him that we wanted Cari to come over and we would design something together, and then we’d pick out fabric – most likely through Jinny Beyer’s on-line and then I would try to finish it before her birthday in April. I would like to start today on the 2nd wedding quilt, because I’d like that late project finished before starting on the next. I am looking very forward to seeing what the two of us might come up with. Cari is very creative and as Joe said we can be pretty sure that it’s going to be pink. Silly Cari! Hehehe gotta admire her gusto!

I think everyone liked their gifts. I felt bad that we didn’t have more to give out. Poor Isa throughout appetizers and dinner kept asking Granma when we are going to open those presents. Poor girl … she was pretty fluttery. I told her at the start when it was finally time that her package had gotten ripped so we were going to take it home to re-tape it. It took her a moment. At first she said ok.

But, then she said Granma it’s ok if it is torn. We just laughed and laughed she was so gosh darn earnest!

Joe also seemed to like the tabard. It came out pretty gosh darn cool AND he liked the emblem. It was a series of 8 weighted triangles of two different colors every other position. It was like a star pattern. Joe started to talk about his next game coming up I believe the second week of January, so that gave me a good impression that he was surely going to be using it. YAY! Joe said something about when you are a geek, you don’t mind looking like one. He’s just so gosh darn cool.

Maury and Rich sat next to each other so there was some stuff they were talking about. I think they went through the cool thing about the dinner, which was that Nikki and Maury had found the location and they had a $50-75 coupon that they paid only $6 for. It really took a nice piece out of the cost. Rich and I were going to share the cost of the meal, but he was indicating he might take it, but maybe it’s something I want to do too, because I don’t want him to feel pressured financially by my family. We’ll work it out. He’s pretty good about handling the money stuff.

Joe is saying the next Nero event is January 29th. MUCH TOO LONG! That’s at least what we texted him back. We’ve got to work on that boy’s sense of timing.

We just emailed a note to Thom asking if any of his plans have been made yet. I don’t know who’s picking him up at the airport or who is getting him first. Or, for that matter if he’s going to stay at only one place – maybe he will answer pretty soon. I’m so looking forward to seeing him. I don’t know yet … haven’t thought about it at all, but I still might take some time off … I don’t know if I can arrange to take off sick time, but I might do that. I really want to be home when Thom is here, even if I don’t get to see him much. Lord only knows I have enough to do in the meanwhile. That should help my anxiety about the vacation ending too soon. I really want to be off for an extra week. Again hadn’t thought about it for awhile, but I know that what I’m going to do.

I’ve got to remember too that I have Dr. Marvin’s tonight. It’s always a little harder to remember when you are out of order, for example staying home on a wonderful day off.

I sure do like getting back to this keyboard. I think it helps to be sitting up in the chair and our fingers go really fast and I’ve got the big double screen so can be seeing more at once. This is definitely the thing to do. Depending on how much we spend with Thom here, I would like to really get my little keyboard fixed so I can return CS computer on the 8th. We just sent back and forth a message to Linda and the girls as to be meeting on the 8th. I think that’s going to go through just fine.

Pshwoo. Just got a return note from Linda. She was afraid that she stressed me out, but I was afraid I stressed her out. She is giving me more credit than I deserve in figuring out the zipper, but she’s the one that sewed it and started the whole thing. We figured when we had to but it was hard work getting us there, but if stuck with something to do, we can usually get around to it. It was hard getting the parts there that could conceptualize the work, because we wanted to be depended on Linda for figuring things out. We heard her though she kept stressing she does well with directions, but she doesn’t like to conceptualize. We’re learning … we haven’t had TOO much experience with us working together, but we’ll get there too.

There-there. We just wrote a note back to Linda. All is balanced when I keep up with her notes. She’s on her way out to lunch with her hubby. Sweet!

So, what’s next? Should think through the day. I think we last wrote on Tuesday morning right before going to Linda’s and then there was the BIG sleep, sewing, party, this morning, and NOW! I think were gosh darn caught up. We did get a little note from Diane saying she’s reading the book and she thinks we write well, YAYYY! I’m just sneaking back into the time where we read everyone’s messages.

Sometimes we get off-track and a little overwhelmed with the project. Taken that there are so many people who leave notes, it sure is a lot of thinking to balance each other’s lives out. I really really do love Facebook. It’s just such a good “getting out there” tool. On the side though we’re hoping that Thom writes back and we check that space in our email box often. Who woulda figured, hmm?

Let’s see about 1-1 ½ hours before taking a shower. We don’t want to get into the next project until after the appointment. AND no … well, ok, maybe I should take a look over at school to see where all that is. Hold on. Hmm, it looks like a couple people did lessons while we were gone, but not many … Lesson 5 was only done by me and one other person and it closes Jan 4th. I’ve still got to do lesson 6 & 7 last date due on Jan 6 and Jan 11th, plus there will be another new assignment coming up tomorrow. I better shake a leg, but I will do them on Friday. I think I just about ran out of today, especially if we go to the zoo. I wonder if there is a chance that Rich can go for the chair and meet me at the front – whether it be the south or north lot. Maybe that is an idea! I know he really wants to go out and I don’t want to disappoint him. We’ve had such a good time with it in the past – especially that one time when it was snowing. Really nice - he’s such the romantic!

WooHOO … a couple nice developments. Pat is on-line and we are talking back and forth. I want her to have a copy of the book and I darn well know she wants a copy! Pat’s like our oldest and dearest friend. She’s still out in Virgina Beach so we’re hoping that maybe before the end of next year we can get out and see her.

I would like to visit my cousins out there as well. And, there is something else of news! It turns out that Pat used to save copies of our transcripts. I hardly remembered that at all, but she brought it up so it must be. I told her that I’d be interested in the manuscripts for books 4 & 8. As long as we have money coming in we’re going to buy the next book and the next.

The other development is that we sent a note to Dr. Marvin canceling the appointment tonight. We also talked to Rich and he says that we can go out and that he’d be in as soon as he could, but it might be more toward 5:30 P.M. I think we’re going to eat around 4:30 P.M. But, I would definitely look more forward to the zoo if we could go earlier – so it’s not as rushed, and if I hadn’t put all that time into walking before I got there. Dr. Marvin’s is about 4 blocks all together from the parking garage to his place and back.

AHA! Dr. Marvin just wrote back and we are now officially cancelled for the night. I’m pretty sure he has tomorrow off and this will give him a jump on the weekend. It seemed like a really good idea because last time was just so nice … it’s how I want to remember the end of the year. We gave him the book and although we talked about CS and stuff, we really did talk about some good stuff in that we were worrying more about the intelligence – ours, and he did his best to reassure me without me pressing him too much. I don’t remember why … Oh yeah it had to do something with the homework. I don’t recall though what we were working on. I suppose it might be a good idea to visit the school site once more.

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