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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas was a big hit! We'll just start her here

Good morning. This is me. AND, guess what?!! We’re back to using the big keyboard. Yup yup … the new one finally came in and its working and everything. I’m so happy to be back over here at the big computer. It’s been about a month. I’ve been very grateful to CS for letting us use her laptop while these transitions were happening, but I’m feeling much better at getting back to home base. Pswhoo.

It’s happening!

We’ve only got about an hour before we need to leave. We’re going over to Rich’s Mom’s – leaving in about an hour. We’re happy about that. I’m looking forward to being with the family. There was some problems in that Rich’s youngest son felt slighted in that I was going to be there and he wasn’t, but it had already been established and he was going to spend the time with his grandparents and dad on New Year’s Day. But, I guess Rich got a note this morning saying the son wasn’t happy with the situation. I don’t know what else to do or think about it. I know its Rich’s business and that of his sons. I’m just here. There’s nothing I can do about that.

So that’s that with that. Did that makes sense? Three out of five words being the same, hmm, I don’t think that’s happened to me before. Sweet. The start of something new!

We’ve been having an extremely nice couple of days. I just LOVE Christmas and ours was perfect. I talked to all three boys though the call to Thom was short. I still felt good about it. He said he loved me and that about floated me to the top clouds of our minds. Then we got to talk a little longer to both Joe and Maury that was super nice. I just can’t say enough about how much I love these kids.

Every word spoken with them is golden. I’m looking forward to being with them in a couple of days. We’re still planning on meeting on Wednesday about 6 P.M. We’re going out to dinner … it will be a big group of about ten I believe. We might have to remember to make some reservations … we need to talk about what kind of meal we’re going to be having. I’d like to go somewhere like a steak place. We’ll talk to Rich about it on the way to his Mom’s maybe.

Maury is doing more than his share in that he’s got some special discount things so that we should be able to save about $50 or so if we go to the right place. I’m really looking forward to that. I think we’re going to ask Rich if we can split the cost 50-50. I think he’s already inferred that he can help out, but then it’s like partly we’re both giving to the cause. I’m so happy to be going out with everyone. It still means that I have to finish over the next couple of days the lat of the wall hangings and I’m still trying to figure out if there would be enough time to do one more in that I don’t have anything special for Cari yet and I want to do that. It would make me feel sparkly. I think that will be on the agenda tomorrow morning.

There’s more to be reporting though in that we’ve been having the greatest couple of days too just with me and sweetie pie. It’s been such a nice Christmas.

Christmas Eve we spent some time cleaning and Rich was doing some cooking. Bob came over for dinner and there was such a ton of food. Rich had gotten shrimp and crackers and cheese and meats and then there was stuff he made in that there were cookies, bars and he made pie – but, we didn’t get to the pie there was so much other stuff. There was some gift things of the pretzels covered in chocolate and candies and a tin of cookies one of his fishing buddy’s wife made. Then Rich was afraid there would be enough so he ordered pizza too. There was so much food!

After talking and dinner the guys watched a couple of fishing shows which was nice and gave me some time to be doing writing. I was in the mood to record stuff. I don’t know how far I got and I do hope that it got recorded in the blog. We’ll see … it might be over at the other computer. This one is feeling oh so good! Oh good, I checked and the information is where it’s supposed to be – posted on the blog. We’re very happy about that.

It was a big deal to be giving Bob his blanket and then before Bob left we got a picture of the guys both together with their quilts. I was so happy that I’d created all that it was just the most amazing thing. I have to remember too that I want to bring Rich’s quilt with us to his mothers so we can show it off. I wish mostly that Rich’s Mom could see it, but at least some of the others can. I’m pretty gosh darn proud of it. Maybe she can see a little about it. I want to let her know how special her son is to us. It’s a pretty big deal.

I also want to give Jon and Jillian a copy of the book, but we’ll just tell them about it and give it to them later when Rich is taking them back. I don’t want to get them in trouble with the mother for having contraband. Hmpf! Ok, enough of that. We are mostly though just happy that we have something special to be giving them. Jillian has had the electronic copy but I don’t think she’s reading to fast, but the book can sit around and not have to be read to remind them there was a book. I’m so happy to have both the quilts AND blankets AND wall hangings done.

It leaves me with a very strong feeling of being creatively productive.

Now we’ve been talking to Rich about the plans for the afternoon. All the schedules are set to be jiving. It’s going to be me slowing down the works if I don’t get around to moving soon, We’ve got about 45 minutes yet, so I guess we’ll have to get dressed and ready so we’re ready to leave with Rich on time. I don’t think he’s taken out the goodies from the oven yet … we’ll check on that in a few when he’s off the phone making last minute arrangements. He made dressing and apple pie this morning. We were the chief apple peeler of course. There were apples in both items.

Oh oh he’s talking to his brother and the brother appears to already be complaining. Maybe everyone is a bit festivaled out. I think there is a lot going on … I think his brother’s kids got there early because Rich is already saying the kids are going to miss each other. That might work out better so that Rich’s family gets more time with their grandma.

Whoops better get going … time’s not standing still!

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