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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Few notes ... processing the day

Wow … it’s got all the way until Friday since I’ve written. It seems there’s been Christmas stuff that’s going on especially today. It is the day we have Christmas celebration at the center. It was suggested that we go to chapel this morning to be a part of the Christmas Mass. We did go, but it was hard because of all the standing and then sitting. I also have some difficulty because I’m not Catholic and so being at a service where they don’t include you in all the elements is hard. Mostly it’s the host part. I have never liked that. If I had a church, I would have a service that included everyone throughout. But, I’m just being a little grumbly where I should be.

This morning we woke up about 4 am and we completed Sr.’s quilt. The blanket was don, but we wanted to so on the strips that would hold it on the rod; we ended up taking 10 strips from one of the jelly rolls CS gave to us and folding them to the appropriate size and then we measured and sewed them down. It was pretty smooth until the very last inch. That’s about the time my sewing machine decided to go haywire. I fussed and fussed with it, and then decided to bring it to Sr. Marcella and I would just take my shower. But, then in the shower I remembered that sometimes it’s because your needle goes bad. So even though it looked fine and had been sewing fine, I replaced it and WALLAH! It WORKED!

I was very happy to be able to finish it …

I brought it to Sr. Theresa and she had an idea that it could go on top of the chalk board until it was ready to hang in its permanent spot in the dining room. It’s pretty cool … I felt proud to be standing there thinking of it with her. I also liked how the straps turned out. They are solid, but soft, and there is just the right number of them.

I also brought in today Sr.’s book and Margarita’s book. I wrapped them in a box with nothing too fancy on it except to say Merry Christmas to them from me. Sr. took hers and put it down for a bit … she’ll probably go back to it when nobody is around. That’s about when we took care of the blanket with her. Sr. now knows that just Karla and Margarita got the book.

Margarita wanted to share hers with Maria, but we said a soft no. I feel bad for keeping those boundaries, but I’m more worried about overwhelming Rich. I don’t want that to be all of what people remember this Christmas for. It will get out soon enough.

Today Sr. Marcella found out about the book. She’s so cute … she said when do you have time!?? I told her we get up early because we love to write.

And, then as it turned out she and Margarita and us took another tour to see the blanket and she said when did you do this? We just laughed and laughed I told her remember we wake up early. I guess if there was a life lesson here to be known it would be the early bird gets the worm.

Everybody seemed happy with everything and so it made it a special morning for us. I know there will be more going on at the Christmas party, but I don’t think the staff is really giving too many gifts out this year. I decided against giving out to everyone because of the finances this year.

Besides the books and wall hangings and Joe’s deal then we’re going to split up the December money so that there is $100 each to Maury, Nikki, Joe & Cari, and $25 each to the four granddaughters.

I wish it could be more, but that’s about it. Thom doesn’t want his gift, so we will use it to take people out to dinner. Maury didn’t want to go later with his big group because of be sidestepped because Thom was there.

He said if he was around he’d drop in, but didn’t want that to be the main dinner. We agreed to keep the Wednesday between Christmas and New Years open for he and his girls. I’d like Joe to be there, but if he wants to wait for Thom coming back that will be fine too. If not … I guess that means a third dinner out.

I’m still hoping my mother gives us her gift. Usually it is the $200 … so I figure with that I can buy something for Rich. I’m thinking of giving him the gift card at Cabella’s. He’s really lining up his summer. He is going to be part of his regular group, but he is also going out with another local fishing group except they may go out on day trips, BUT THEN … he is joining Bob’s fishing club. It’s a group of 200 men who OWN a lake. Sweet! It might cost a couple thousand though.

When that thought hit me this week it was like. Umm Rich? I don’t understand. Last year you didn’t finish the year because there wasn’t enough money, now this year THREE fishing groups? But, he seems to think he can handle it … so there’s not much more to say about that, except we better get SOME time in with him. We might be bringing our netbook though instead of doing too much fishing. There’s just so much to be getting done.

I haven’t thought out too much … in the sense of making Rich’s Christmas morning special. I have to think about that. Anything I give him takes away from the big gift. He’s been hinting that his kids chip in and buy him a $450 fishing pole. But, I don’t know what they think of that. I could be giving him half the money if he doesn’t get it from the kids. I know that he would find something to buy in addition if they were giving him something. I would like to have something Christmas morning … the only other thing would be to go with him on Christmas Eve or the day before so that he could have something to play with. That’s important to me … that he can play with something. Hmm, that’s a thought … I wonder about getting him a phone … He could play with that!

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