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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How was it that people relax?

Good morning. We’ve been up for a while, but just settling in for the day.

It’s taken almost a couple of hours. To be fair Rich has been up for an hour too, so that is part of it is averaging his morning with ours to come up with a group effort. He’s watching his fishy shows and we stop to talk to him about it and other stuff in our in and out of thoughts. Nothing seems to be new going out there as to the regular things we check. I’m not sure if we are going out with Maury and his girls today. Nothing has really been arranged. It was a loose idea. I think he was going to check on things and things never got resolved. It would have to be lunch if anything, because Rich has got a game that he has to leave for at 3 pm. I don’t think there is anything else really scheduled this weekend.

As to our schedule, we have to do

Writing in the blog
Sewing of the last wall hanging
Sewing binding on the three blankets
Getting caught up on our business journal
Get caught up on our news in the Paper Tiger
Think of a few more questions for the FAQ
Do school work – brainstorm toward our business niche
Maybe lunch with Maury and his.

Is there anything else? Does that almost get a handle on things?

Wow just checked the email and Bernie Madoff’s son was just found after having committed suicide in his NY apartment. That’s gotta be a terrible loss for the family. That’s got to be something that is going to wear on his father the rest of his life. What did he do to cause that. I’m automatically thinking the father was mostly to blame, just because it would have put so much negative pressure on the son AND I think the son was part of the bad business. I seem to remember at the time where they were saying the kids weren’t a part of it, but then it was like how couldn’t they have been a part. But, if they were they would have been convicted by now and also in prison. The news is just breaking there will be more of that later I’m sure.

Ok, that’s as much as it should affect my life.

I left a message on Maury’s phone so that we can find out if that’s on the schedule or not. We’ll see. Rich was saying we could do something after he got home about 6:30 PM tonight, but we were pretty sure that be too late for us OR the girls to be out eating dinner. Too much crankiness by then – not from the girls, but from the Granma.

Hmm, maybe we better look at that list now and try to break things up. What is going to need my morning attention? How are we going to group things

1. (AM) writing (blog, keep & Share organizing) – Now until 11:00 am Sat, 7 am to 11 am Sun

2. (AM) school (web/niche, mission, vision) – 11:00 am to 2 pm Sat, none Sunday

3. (PM) sewing/Christmas (wall hanging/blankets) - 2 pm to 6:30 pm Sat 11 – 6:30 Sunday

4. (PM) book/web business (business journal, news & FAQ) – 7 pm to 9 pm Sat/Sun

5. (?) social (Maury, Rich, Linda) – In between other stuff

Ok, where did the time go? It’s now 1 PM and we are soooo far off schedule.

It isn’t a bad thing, but definably a break in our minor little contract. We never did more blogging. We did spend a good amount of time working through our business journal. Until that gets caught up … it’s like the blogging journal, we just feel we need to stay in the past until things catch up. I’m glad to say it’s now caught up, posted, and we’re on our way. But, in the meantime we came across our Keep & Share tool. I don’t know how that happened, but it’s officially opening up a new scheduling attempt. Maybe we should do something with that. I think the niche work of webbing it along with mission and vision is going to need being put off. We can reschedule for Sunday at the same time. Literally it isn’t due until Wednesday. Just we’re NOT going to be getting behind!

Ok, that works. It gives me about an hour then to work the calendar and to-do list before sitting down to sew for 4 ½ hours from 2 – 6:30 pm. 6:30 is about when Rich is getting back. He went to his mothers, and then he has a game at his oldest son’s old high school. He got some work done while watching his fishing shows, so I think he left feeling better. We might too work on cleaning a little before he gets back. Maybe we should clean from 2 – 2:30 pm and then afterward start the sewing project. That will help too clear the space we need to be working with the two big blankets. I think we’re going to need doing some work on the kitchen table trimming down the blankets.

We just wrote a note to Linda and we’d concluded that Sr.’s blanket is due first – we’d like to give it to her on Friday the 17th. Bob’s blanket isn’t due to the 24th, so his will be the 2nd of the 3. Rich has to wait for last. It’ll be ok 

Ok, it’s a plan … to the schedule! We’ll leave this note open to continue it … I like the idea of not being all alone. With this communication I feel I’m in dialogue with you and its good company. We did seem to forget our general facebook over this last week, but that will have to wait. Right now first is first. I would like to say as to what this Keep and Save project is – is that we’d found the program after opening up the web site, because it helped us to upload a PDF file so we could get a httm:// location for opening our documents from the web site.

Originally I was thinking it was the only value, but they have some persistent advertising and through the last couple of weeks, we’ve been invited to look more and more closely at it. It seems it’s main values are as a calendar, a to-do list, an uploader for PDF documents and pictures, It’s got an address book and an bookmarker, and last it has a discussion area to do written communications with others. It’s specialty is that not only can you get the information on all your devices, but you can share your space with others.

I eventually ended up getting the pro account which was like $49 for the year. As much as I wanted I could never get Outlook to share the to-do list with my phone and that was frustrating. It did work with the calendar so that was handy, just not a complete section. This tool allows you to upload both of those things from the outlook file, but for now we are going to concentrate just with IT’s systems. It does some really handy things. We’ve looked at a few online teaching videos and it seems pretty simple. By buying the pro model, we also got rid of the commercials. That was a big deal, because you know how much we love all that!

I think we can have up to 9 calendars. Maybe we’ll take a look at that first and just add the few things we just listed above as getting done.

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