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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If that was Monday, then THIS is Tuesday?

Good morning … this is me. I guess that we are starting the day differently in that we have to watch the front while people go to the Christmas party. The secretary is taking a class and she has a test today, so I’ll be here on my own. No problem there. We need to do some catching up anyway.

The first most exciting thing is that we did a bit of work on the marketing yesterday. We designed our first press release – though Marie had written the format … I just tweaked it a bit. Then I got up my courage and looked at her media list … I emailed a copy of the release to about 10 different newspapers/reporters/editors. Then I did my own version of a contact form – which again was pretty much like Friesen. One of the things that helped was that I put it on the excel program instead of hard copy. It should allow me to keep things up to date – with enough space to write the kinds of notes I write.

After that I started thinking through what would happen if someone actually wanted more contact with me. Along with Marie’s directions was information how to do a press kit. I studied it a bit and I came up with specific documents to fill in the kit. We used just an large envelope and stapled a business card to the outside of it.

Inside the kit, we put:

Business card
Brochure giving information on who, what, when, where, how and why as to multiplicity
Generic press release
Statement “about the author” and “about the book”
11 Page document containing snippets of each of the chapters
Brief Summary of our parts
Document on Where to find us “in the stores”
Schedule for release of books (Hopefully)
Research on first 47 authors who are multiple and wrote autobiography through Amazon
Satisfaction survey of the book
Satisfaction survey of the web site

It took a bit of work to put together some of it, but it actually went together fairly smooth. The brochure was probably the most difficult, but I’d written out the information before on the web page so it was a matter of having it fit. The few pictures in the mock brochure seemed to fit, so other than putting the business card picture on it, there wasn’t much work on that side of it.

The generic press release also took a little bit of time because I wanted to get it right. I started with the copy that Marie had sent, and then we added another paragraph or so and then did the standard type formatting following the instructions in her booklet for press releases. We changed the heading to whichever contact we were emailing, but otherwise we haven’t changed the format of this specific press release in-between people. We sent out the releases between noon and 1:30 P.M. And, the good news? Someone responded!!! She wants to talk with us.

We didn’t find the note until after 10 P.M. (we were with Rich for about 3 hours after his game). It is from a Deborah Shelton from the Chicago Tribune. She’s a reporter with their Health section. We did a little research this morning and it seems she writes very tight compact articles. She’s uses a lot of facts and figures and usually only one or two sentences in a paragraph. I think she’s a bit of a consumer watchdog. She has something new starting with interviews on topics on young people and old people and it seems she writes articles for the paper every week or two. She seems concerned about people and we think she’s been around for at least ten years. I’m looking forward and I hope that we can meet her with some objectivity.

I know that we have to prepare more for the conversation, but I’m not up to all that yet. We are going to need coming up with a list of sample questions which is what Carolyn started and Marie backed-up. We might have stated this before, but it will be added to the last page on the web site. Generically, it’s FAQ.

We’ve discussed with Marie and she thought and I agreed that the biggest selling point is that multiplicity is a lot less sensationalized then reported commonly by the media. The next chore then will be to write talking points for the main selling point. This is going to take some brain work. I also have to check back in with the news – we just gathered this last week without much reading. And, we have to ask again with our questions as to why write the book. We’re going to need keeping a small sheet of paper with this kind of stuff near us when we get the phone for interviews. I know you can’t talk about the points verbatim, but you can hold your knowledge a bit more firm than not. I don’t want to get real weird. The people this first reporter talks to are usually very knowledgeable in the field. Deborah asks straight questions and then she sits back and lets her story person tell her what’s important. I would like to do a good job. BUT, I know this is the first so I’m a bit nervous.

So … in all that’s pretty much of that from yesterday. There was a little extra conversation in that CS and Linda now have Kindle copies of the book and they’ve started to read. Linda’s first question was … hmm first CS … she noted my comments which are an improvement. I at least know the reached her.

Ok, skipping over all that ... Linda's comments were and should be noted something like ...

What about the physics?

and that ...

she recognizes me as Ann Marie, but not understanding the name changes? I think she means which part of me goes with the name changes

Good start.

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