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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is it Monday already?

Good morning … this is me and we’re going to try getting going here. We need to do a bit of catching up. We did write a short note yesterday and I wish I would have taken notes of the conversations first with Carolyn and then with Maria. My mind continues to go back to that space because it had felt like two very substantial conversations. I couldn’t do the content of either justice, but in general we were talking multiples … you would have to know that much ;)

We’re being silly with Linda … someone put out a picture of scarves coming from Japan. They are shaped in the form of women’s breasts. We’re teasing Linda and CS to go into production. It be the silly thing to do Hehehe.

Ok, ok … we’re not getting too far here. CS and Linda are both writing and we’re then writing back with them. They seem to be having interesting lives. Linda is up cleaning, doing odds and ends and is then planning to shop, cook and then sew. CS is up to having ideas about a business, but then she paused for a dentist appointment. We told her to take a class then gave her the link. The class is starting your own craft business if she’s serious she’s going to need putting out. I’ve seen how that’s gone so far.

We really need to focus here. We have talked to Thom and I’m not sure if we mentioned it, but it looks like he might be coming home in early January for something maybe up to eight days. We tried to get his office so we could send him a Christmas present, but he wouldn’t give it to me. He said not to bother and then that made me feel bad.

I think my keyboard should be in very soon … I know the boxes came in over the weekend and the shipping tape is coming in today for sure. We got a delivery notice. Speaking of mail … I should be on the look-out for the twins’ pictures too. I’d still like to get them up on Facebook. We’re setting up really going up to Sue-sue’s for the 17th and 18th. We’ve invited Emily, Linda and the twins in case they have time. It’s maybes all around, but no definite no’s yet. It’s a good time to get together in that there are holiday things being finished up.

As to the book several things are going on. Yeeks no time!!

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