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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It be one of those very happy mornings!

Good morning. It’s me. We woke up right at the right time – 4 A.M. Sweet! This is going to give us some time to write, but STILL get out of the house on time. We’re leaving at 6:30 A.M. to be at Linda’s about 8 A.M. We are all packed and ready to go. We just got our coffee, and the only delay was that we were watching Missy play with a rubber band he stole from Rich’s foot stool for about 12 minutes. She is sneaky kitty! Chief isn’t much less to blame. He is over on Rich’s chair. They seem to like it over there. Good kitties 

Otherwise the house is pretty quiet. I’m thinking I should let Rich rest and bring my own things down, but then I won’t get to see him. It turns out that he’s going to wait on bringing his oldest son home because he’s got a party he’s going to at the end of the week. It’s nicer that he is around the area for longer. Maybe he and Rich will get another chance to be getting out.

There’s not too much news today. Yesterday we did work on one thing though; we got Isa’s top of her snowman wall hanging done. I was really pleased with it. The snowman is sitting on a hill guiding our view with his hand at the snow coming down. I sewed on 14 buttons that were really snowflake designed. There were two designs actually … I couldn’t have been more pleased. I think that Isa is going to like it as far as these kinds of things go.

We did most of it in the back room … Rich was here for the part where we were appliqueing and then he went out with Bob and Bob’s father to talk about phones and to go out for dinner and then later I heard Bob went bowling while Rich went out to another store with the Dad, and then he brought the dad home. So during all that time I was able to get done with the quilting part, and then I was able to sew on the buttons with Rich being here and watching a couple of shows. Well for the most part … the shows obviously took longer than the button-putting-on. All the time we were pretty sure we were queen of the buttoners. Pshwoo! Nice feelings!

We took a little nap before Rich left. I’m not sure where that came from, and I think we wrote in the morning. Don’t think there is anything else.

There was one fun part in that … we realized that Rich hadn’t done anything with his “candle” fountain so we put that together. It was a matter of getting a couple of batteries out of the freezer and then putting some rocks in the base of the fountain and putting some water in it – less than a couple of cups. It’s really nice. Each of the plastic look-alike candles has LCD lights in them so they stimulate in their unevenness in going on and off real candles. The middle candle is bigger and there are two even smaller candles the first one cascades on to. It’s as if the bigger candle has melted on either side and the water is more like melted wax. The sound is very pleasant to listen to.

Ok that’s really about all that happened yesterday. We didn’t get a chance to play on the new piano keyboard. We were pretty focused on other things.

Nothing new is happening in the book world. We didn’t talk to anyone at FriesenPress over the last six work days. No reason really … just not much going on. I am going to need paying attention to school work soon. I don’t have the last lesson done. Maybe I should take a look at that right now.

Hmm, that is discouraging … only 7 of the 18 people finished the 3rd lesson. It closes two weeks later, which is tonight at midnight Pacific time, and then 5 of us did the 4th assignment and I’m the only one that did the 5th assignment and no one has done the last assignment given last Friday on Christmas Eve. This is really a big shame that so little is actually carrying out the assignments. It just doesn’t make too much sense. I think the sixth session is on customers. We’ll get it done on Wednesday or Thursday … depending on how much I get done before going out with the kids on Wednesday. It’s just a shame that the class isn’t getting more out of the course. It’s really an important course.

Hmm, how did we get Missy sitting at our left arm … just how did that happen?

I was just reviewing our management team for the company. It was an assignment that we worked on for lesson 4. It was like …

Management Team

• Accounting – Our accountant, Ann
• Operations – UIC – Dr., Ann
• Manufacturing –Our Publisher – Manager Book Publications, Our life partner, Ann
• Customer service - Ann
• Marketing – Our Publisher – Marketing Manager, Ann
• Sales – Our Publisher – Manager Book Publications, Ann
• Information technology and computers - Ann
• Industry-specific challenges, Our life partner, Ann

We should be having a business meeting … I will actuall meet with the accountant like the third week of January if he has time. By then I should know if we made anything off the book sales. The operations part is really during our meeting with Dr. M., but maybe we can update things a bit. I know that we haven’t updated our business journal for a bit and that’s going to have to be done as soon as we get past some of the sewing. PLUS, we have to catch up the multiple news and come to some kind of an accounting for the Marketing plans through Marie that aren’t taking place. I don’t think there is much that can be done with manufacturing other than a BIG thing … and that is that we have to start on the editing for the next book very seriously.

Customer service might be taking a look at how we are doing with our first wave of customers. They each got the book before Christmas. So we should figure out how they did with the book and also check to see if some of them couldn’t write some kind of review for Amazon. I’d like to ask that of Linda today too. I’m not sure if she would feel comfortable with that kind of request, but it would help in general. We checked on our Amazon again today … and by now we have the “look inside” feature going. Over at Barnes & Nobel, they have both the hard and soft cover and the soft cover is actually almost a $1 more than the hard cover in cost. That’s a little confusing. Nothing much happening over at Borders … they just have the electronic copy and there is not book jacket yet.

I haven’t checked lately on the web site either. Might as well glance at that. Hmm, it says about 99 people stopped by and that they are staying about 6 minutes on average. Sure could be a lot bigger, but I’ll be satisfied with we’re still building.

It’s about 5:30 A.M. now and we’ve been drifting. Better get in and take our shower. I think we’re going to need stopping in the 7-11 for coffee because the cup is down in the car.

AHA!!! Rich is up … well yes we had to wake him, but he was pretty insistent he’d be the one bringing down the sewing machine and starting up the car. He’s such a good guy. I suppose there’s not much more to do except finish this note up and be getting on with my day. I don’t think other than the phone there is much else I have to be doing. Whoops … just got the call on gas. Yes dear. I will fill up. I checked the bank account to make sure I had enough … she looks good, but will still have to get Rich’s money in there. Maybe $400 in the bank and $200 cash – we’ll see how that goes.

Is there anything else? I don’t think so. We’re very excited to get on the road again. So until the next time … smiles away!

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