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Monday, December 6, 2010

It was such a nice birthday!

Good morning. This is me, but we don’t have too much time this morning. We’re like starting late because we’ve been into Sunday morning with Rich.

There’s a bit of catching up and there is cleaning up and then watching the morning shows. I know that I’m going to have to get going real time here pretty soon, because Joe and Cari are coming over in about 2 ¼ hours. But, we don’t want to get up really yet. We’re having too much fun sitting in our little corner of the world … we just want to get into trying to figure out what’s been happening over the last few days it seems like we’re just one step ahead of losing all our information altogether. I saw that we’d written last on Thursday, but that might just be the day we posted? I’m not sure. I think on one of those days … it might have been Thursday we went back and tried to update where’d we been with the business.

I think the majority of the week was spoken to checking where we were with the book publishing … I think we’re in about 12 stores that we know about and we’re still in – at least the ones who appear when you Google the book title. The book is still in various versions and information. Amazon has the soft and hard copy and they’ve sketched in the Kindle. I guess that’s the first part. The other stores that are major are Barnes and Noble and Borders – I’m pretty happy with things so far.

We’ve had some outstanding meetings with the women of Friesenpress this week, the first with Carolyn and the second with Marie. Both covered business, but they also got into the discussions in general with multiplicity and how it affects the public. I guess too in how it affects us. This week Rosa found out about us in writing and with Rich. We don’t know how that all is going, but we know things are changing. I’m pretty sure if Rosa knows about it Imelda knows about it too. I did tell Rich as well that Karla knows about it too. I don’t think he really gave much more of an explanation other than it was to be expected.

We’re back … Rich and us were picking up and getting ready for company, but he has the hardest stuff. We did include a shower in there too. We’ve got some work left too we are on the third load of clothing being washed. It was the loads where there was folding. It’s a little hard concentrating. I am excited Joe and Cari are coming over … we’re going to watch football, but I will probably watch football with the computer. Rich is going to be making chili soon. This is sort of hard with so much housework and Rich has been making sure the living room smells fresh. That’s the cat’s part.

I like it when the vacuum isn’t on and we can listen to Christmas music. That’s the best part. I think he was thinking of getting a Christmas tree too, but there hasn’t been enough time today. I don’t like when people make you feel bad, because no matter how much time we put into it he finds something wrong. I think we have an ok place. It’s not like a house, but then again there is just the two of us. I’ve got the feeling his place is much more crammed with stuff. He said his apartment may be a little smaller, but there are six of them. It’s hard.

Maybe something a little more positive – you would think that someone who just wrote a book would be a little happier. It doesn’t seem to mean much to the people we know. Rich just picked it up and put it down and it was no big deal to anyone else either … not his family or our family or his friends.

We’ve had some friends on Facebook that have said good things, especially Vicki and Julie and CS and Linda have been pretty nice. I guess I don’t know what I’m looking for … we kind of thought that there was a before and then there was going to be an after and we would feel this big change in our life. I think I feel most excited by the Friesen girls, Dr. Marvin and Karla at work.

There we did some more work. It’s hard. I think it is harder for Rich, but he seems to think it is easier than us. I’ve got on our frowned face … hmm, that happened a little last night when we went out with Rich and Bob and Marcia. We were going out to a steak place and it was a nice place, but we had to walk almost three blocks so our back was hurting and then we had to walk back. We lost out adult parts. And it was made worse because there was some huge crowd on the local street in La Grange where the restaurant was.

We had to battle people with almost every couple of feet. We were trying to come out of it by the time for being inside again, but we had a hard time. I think finally Bob said something about getting a Margarita and then things turned around, though we were still being somewhat shy.

That was a big deal thing going out with Bob and Marcia and it was a big deal because we got Rich and us first class reservations on the Spirit of Chicago. We were seated at the main deck where the dancing and food was and we had Champaign and sat at a window seat just for two and there was a balloon for Rich’s birthday. They said his name a couple of times too which was nice. It was a very special time and the food was good and there were all the drinks as part of the service. I was being so happy and I think Rich was too. It was pretty miraculous. We danced one song which was special … it seems to be our speed. We were doing a lot of watching of these other people … there were a couple of guys who were pretty wild and showboat-like and then there were singers –from the waiter/waitress staff and of course a DJ.

WooHoo! We’re about done. It is 12:06 P.M. Rich says that we can sit down. I was helping him hang clothes while he was taking his shower and then I peeled four apples for the little apple pies Rich is making. I told him if Bob comes that I will eat the cake, but then he said he would. I’m pretty sure Rich’s apple pies are the best, but Bob’s cake wasn’t bad … just Rich is the guy WE sleep with so it makes sense his dessert is better Hehehe. This means though we’ve pretty much ready for company. Rich put out some trail mix so that was a good idea. He had it hiding so we wouldn’t see it. He’d be the sneaky bunny!

The game is officially on so we’re thinking people can come by any time. Rich has the chili on so we’re thinking it smells pretty good around here.

Kitty is looking suspiciously at either the flowers or the trail mix … so I guess we are like hostess AND guardian of the little table. I think we have to wait about an hour for the chili to be ready and maybe a couple hours for the little pies. Ok, I can think of something else then this, right?

I think we are playing the Lions. I don’t think Joe or Bob really get into football, but Rich and Cari do. I’m like in the middle … I like that it’s on, but usually I like it better when I got a computer out at the same time.

I seem to look up if the crowd noises are big enough.

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