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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of the year ... shoot ... pretty must still liking 2010

Good morning. We are getting an earlier start on the day … it’s about 5 A.M. now. We’ve been up for an hour and have had our first cup of coffee. We read over our notes from yesterday, checked the email and then went over where we had left off from our assignment. It is on the competition. Normally, we have been looking at just the multiple authors who have been writing there own book, but because it was the end of the year, we decided to do a sweep of all the books referenced under multiples or dissociative Identity disorder (DID). There are about 273 books and we are up to about 80 so about 40% through. I am learning quite a bit as we are doing the work. There are also about 253 books on multiple personality disorder.

We are going to need cross checking them. I think most of the books will repeat, but it is worthwhile as an end of the year experience to get the complete list.

I guess that is what is mostly on our mind. There were a few nice surprises when we woke up in that Cari our DIL contacted us back and it seems she likes the idea of a special blanket. She’s going to check when her new work schedule comes out January and most likely before the next two weeks when her classes start again for a time we can get together to work on the new quilt. She mentioned picking out fabric, so we’ll have to be sure she knows that a pattern has to be picked out too. There are lots to do lots to do.

The other nice surprise was that Pat our old girl scout leader left us a note saying that she will be getting the book soon and is looking forward to reading it. AND, she passed on some love! Well you know me enough to realize that I just love that up like a sponge! Pat was my biggest role model when I was younger. I think we were together from 7th through 12th grade. It was a marvelous time with her. I don’t know what she’ll think of the book, but I hope it makes sense to her.

Hmm, Missy seems to have waked up since I went to get a fresh coffee … what is up with that? Much too early to mess around with all that! Maybe we just ruffled her feathers a little bit.

Yesterday we had kind of a long afternoon with the work on the Amazon list. I think we kept going until about 7-8 P.M. Rich got home about 5:30-6:00 P.M. He ate and then watched a fishy show or two, and then he put on “The Closer.” That produced some crabby Ann’s . We have been enjoying the show, but thought it was unfair for him to put it on while we were doing something else. We told him that was like a command performance to get me to stop working and come over and massage him. Well, he didn’t disagree, but there was some playful grouchy moods as we transferred from one part to the other so that we could get someone out who wouldn’t mind watching TV rather than do school and business work. I think part of that problem was that we have stern rules within the system as to the manipulation of parts. Rich knows better than that.

I don’t think we stayed up to watch a second show. We lost ourselves to whatever happens when one loses themselves and before you know it we were tucked into bed and Rich was happily reading. I haven’t the faintest idea of how long. The next thing I remembered was Chief gently tapping on my face because it was 4 A.M. and time for us to get up and feed the kitties. We’ve agreed on this time for quite a while. And, we will usually get up for such a nice pleasant waking of the Ann. I really would prefer to be up writing at 4 A.M. than other. And, were finding it makes a whole lot of difference waking up at the big computer rather than the couch computer. On that machine we have more tendencies to fall back asleep where over here we feel rather alert.

We did wake up this morning though with a headache. It seems we are getting them more often if we lay down for a bit on the couch like when watching the Closer. It seems though SOOOO comfortable when we are lying down to do it. We’ll have to work through that issue some more. Maybe a better angle of pillows compared to the straightness of the couch arm. Yeah that might work.

I don’t think we have too many other thoughts than these few expressed. When we are with Rich we are thinking pretty much just Rich thoughts. He talked about his day a little, but not a lot. There was something going on for him yesterday in that a membership came up in Bob’s fishing club. Rich has stated an interest in it, but he didn’t want to pay the full $3900 to do it. I don’t know, but that might be the general cost. I think it is driven up because so many guys want to join. I think that Bob had a special connection to this last one, or at least knew the guy. I think Rich is just going to have to bite the bullet. The group – 200 hundred fishermen own the lake and only so many memberships come up a year. ½ a percent ownership is better than no membership! Hmm, that couldn’t be so bad … if everyone paid $4000 it would only cost $800,000 to own the lake. Wow! That be quite the deal! Maybe my figuring is off.

So, we’ll still be wrestling with him on those thoughts, because someone else got the deal. It’s a toss-up if it went for about that or a little less. Rich said he and Bob heard different things from the guy that was selling it. He’s going to either take up what’s offered or most likely lose the deal. Poor Rich … he has a hard time losing the bigger bucks even though I think he has it. I think it’s a pretty exclusive club. I was there only once, but it was sure enough a lake. I think too … it would give Rich a place to keep his boat in the summertime other than at his Mom’s though I think he didn’t mind having it out back either. We’ll see.

I think it would mean to me a lot more fishing … in that Rich could be taking off during the day to fish or odd weekend days. Bob’s been fishing there in a tournament the last several years and he’s done very well for himself. I think last year he took first place putting his name up on the “magic” board. Good for him! And, I’m sure it is good for Rich.

Ok, then what’s next? This might be one of those old fashioned entrees where we talked about more than just what was happening. Well, at least the chronological information. There’s part of me jumping at the bit in wanting to go back to the project with the Amazon list, but there are parts a little stronger voting for the freedom of thought. That project is better for when we are feeling a little less on the tip of our toes.

I could say something about the weight. I think today we went an opposite direction in that we just weighed ourselves and we were at 296.8. That’s up 8/10’ths of a pound from yesterday and the day before. Maybe if we don’t eat anything before Rich gets up we’ll be better, but I’m not counting on it. We ate some berries left over from last night and there were mistakes made yesterday. One thing was that Rich put Fluff on the berries. We didn’t want them last night because they were frozen, but we ate the Fluff. And then because we were still hungry we had a tortilla roll-up with one piece of baloney and some salad dressing. We probably shouldn’t have eaten chocolate covered pretzels instead of lunch and we had a glass of wine. Ok, maybe these aren’t magic diet ideas. But, to be truthful that’s about how it went down. Rich on the other hand is skimming by because he isn’t eating breakfast and lunch. That’s a near impossible idea for us! Yeah … like we could do it … like I don’t THINK so!

Hmm, wouldn’t we like at least one or two more days of Christmas music? Ahh music! We’re going to try Charlotte Church Christmas music. And, you know what … we got up to change into lighter pajamas and we discovered that it is raining out AND thunder and lightning. Almost all the snow seems to have disappeared. There’s just a little ruffle left to each side of the driveway. Rich said that it got up to the 50’s yesterday. That would about do it. Hmm, that makes it a short season. Likely though January will bring back some colder temps. We cracked the door a bit because the breeze is friendly.

We are not missing work yet … I heard that Dr. Marvin is going to be off a week after next on the 13th. I hope we are going to be ok with that, especially since we skipped this week.

Just cleared off our screen from things that didn’t need to be opened, which is not the same as saying we have cleared off our entire screen. We are down to one Internet file with eight tabs open. We’ve got open our blog, AOL email, school, Facebook, our web page, our old (11-30-10) ranking of Amazon books, and two Amazon links one for DID and one for MPD. We’ve also got this screen – Word and one Word document for the new ranking sheet, plus our Rhapsody. Hmm, I don’t think we’ve told you that kind of information for a long time. Maybe we’re fishing. We WANT to be writing, but haven’t yet thought of something important enough to be writing on.

I’d like to say something toward the New Year, but I’m again not sure. We know that through Rich we have the goal of weight loss. He wants to get us both under 200 this year. I don’t think I’m as positive to that happening as he is. I don’t want to throw negative on the goal this soon. Just it’s going to be hard and need many concentrated hours. Both of us were on the cranky side last night around 7-8 P.M. when we are both usually having a snack. We didn’t want to believe that his fruit with or without Fluff was going to hold us over. Maybe going to bed early was the best result of that. Hmpf!

I think other than weight – writing the books will be the biggest deal. We’ll have to make sure to talk to Carolyn today if she isn’t already off. Hmm, I bet she is gone today. Today would be a holiday. Maybe we better put that thought aside - maybe next year?

Hmm, that’s a goal. Maybe we could ask Rich to take us to the store … or he himself go so that we can get a light for the piano. It is nice to pick up some music too. I wonder where we would go. I used to know of a Schmitt music store around here, but that was a long time ago. Ahh, would figure that Amazon would have music books. We just spent $57 on three books. We got Library of Easy Piano Classics (about 130 songs), The Ultimate Pop Sheet Music Collection (Easy Piano Edition – about 80 songs) and 150 of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever (Easy Piano).

So what’s that about 360 songs? Hmm, that should keep us busy for awhile.

Ok, we’re trying not to be over excited. I might go play the piano a bit now, but there are no earphones for that and there’s no light in that corner. I think Rich is going to let us use the $25 gift certificate from Target for a new light for the piano. He’s just so cool! Ok, ok … happy Ann!

Not so happy Ann. We just checked our bank balance. We had enough for the music, our rent, and our car, but there’s only $60 to pay for the $80 car insurance. I think we’re going to need asking Rich to pay some money in the bank that he still owes. $300 went to the kids (dinner and the last two), $100 should be for spending cash, that leaves $200 in the bank PLUS the $60 in there … I think that should be enough for the regular payments that come out of there, but there will be no money for the extras. I hate that when it happens. BUT, that is the way of a check to check bank account. *sigh*

Ok, we’re caught up again. I’ve got kind of a happy glow. We’re so happy to think of having music back in our life again.


Do we have any quilting thoughts? No, I don’t think so. We’re going to make time to work on Joe and Cari’s wedding quilt. I am looking forward to that now I think. I’m wondering though … maybe I should take down the gorilla quilt for a while? Hmm, if I do that I will never get it finished. Maybe I can still work on that too, but on the side. We might have to clean up one of the tables though either in the front or back if we are going to sew. Shoot. We forgot that we were going to look at the new EQ7 for a pattern for CS.

Pswhoo – we just were over at EQ7. We hadn’t installed it until now. We went over the ten main video’s It seems pretty much standard from what we remember from the last version. There is a part on help where it talks about what has been added since the last program. We’ll take a look at that after a bit. After we installed the program we looked around to see what we might pick up by skimming. I think it’s going to be good, though we are worrying that a lot of it might be too hard for us as to the sewing. For example we love the Mariner’s compass, but we don’t know how to do with the intricacies of the points and such. I think we’re going to need a few more lessons from somewhere before we get to that point. I think that Linda might be of help too in that she has knowledge about paper piecing which is some part of the more difficult designs. We’ll see, we’ll see.

I had started off thinking that we were going to do something special for CS, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m going to wait until we’re a bit more inspired. I need to figure out what would be special to her. I was looking at the alphabets to think through stitching in her name, but I’m not sure how all that is going to go … there’s a lot more thoughts to be thinking through with all that.

Better take it slow and steady. I want to do something really special, but it has to be within our realm.

Hmm good - we are back to listening to the music. We had turned it off for a while so that we could listen to the videos from the EQ7 program. Rich is up by now.

He’s been listening to his fishing show. It’s about 8 A.M. now. I think he’s checked into work and is just getting his day off to a good start. We haven’t been talking too much because I’m over at the big keyboard, and we’re not in visual contact. It seems to make a difference - especially since he’s interested in his fishy world.

Hehehe … that was unexpected. We had an urge and followed through in going over and giving our lover bee a special hug/hold. He’s such a doll! We got all kinds of snuggly feelings now from having touched him. We so much love our guy!

Ok, you … calm down, calm down. We aren’t getting anywhere real fast. I’d like to think of something seriously, but I’m not sure how well our minds are working … seems we’re a bit all over the place. Ok, girls. Concentrate. Where is it that we’d like to go … what is there to be thinking of this morning – hmm?

Cool … we just got some more coffee for Sweetie and us. He’s doing something with his phone. I’m not sure what, but he seems pretty intent. We snuck in one more kiss. He’s just so loveable!

It seems that of late we are more process orientated than anything else. We’re having a hard time letting our thoughts drift. Hmm, maybe if we thought of our book projects some. We need to be getting a little farther ahead as to the next book. I wonder where we last left off. I’m not sure where we last saved the new edition. Maybe I should look on this computer to see if we’ve got it saved. The next idea would be to look at our flash drive. I haven’t any idea where we last left off. Maybe I should look, hmm?

Ok, think we’re on top of things. Well sort of … our mind has been a bit turned inside out. We didn’t remember how the 2nd book ends. It’s got all the stuff about the bad web sites and we were just in and out of a knife incident with Dr. Marvin. That makes us feel a bit racy. It seems we’ve gotten one of the last copies. It looks like we haven’t really worked on it for two entire months. It’s about time to start again if we’re going to do this by the time taxes come in.

We’re going to hope that we have enough to cover it. We’ve got about $4-500 more as to having money for this last month without school loans. It is going to be quite a shock not having that money available again to us.

I think we’re going to know how much is in our Friesen account by mid-January, but I don’t think we have access to that money until the end of March. It’s like mid month for the posting of the amount from the end of the month prior, but then I don’t think they pay out until the quarter ends. I’m thinking the first amount will be from $25 - $100. I don’t want to think more than that for fear of being disappointed. It will be some extra money going for the 2nd book and that is what we need to be concerned with.

One of the things I’ve learned from doing the lists from Amazon is that some of the books that have been in front of us on the ranking are books that have been out several years. The average of the 10 autobiographical books ahead of me after just going through the first 80 books has been in the system for 5.2 years. I don’t want to use that as an excuse because there are like 3other books written in 2010, but still even with those included in the average – most books up there have been around longer. In this group at the 80 mark I’m the newest book by a couple of months. We’ll see … just have to be patient to find out how we turn out …
Just that I can’t let the current standing put me off the game. We should be working on the second book.

Maybe if we come up with some kind of schedule. We want to continue with the list and have that included as part of our assignment, edit book #2, get a light for the piano (Rich), and do some sewing on Cari and Joe’s quilt. I suppose that would mean that we’re not going to get much further in our writing for the moment. Well, wait … shouldn’t we be able to put something into the writing as to it being the last day of the year? Just that we wanted to publish three books this next year … that’s a pretty ambitious goal isn’t it?

I think we’re going to need going back to doing some marketing with Marie, but it seems that we’ve laid low over the last two weeks. I think its ok as to being the Christmas season. Hmm, that’s something else we need to do. We’ve been collecting news on Multiples, but haven’t done too much with it. AND, we have to do a business accounting for the end of the year. This last one should be done sooner than later so we have something to turn into our business accountant. Ok, make a neat list Ann …

1. Complete our last day of the year blogging entry (5 - 9:30 A.M.)
2. Work out a light for the piano (9:30 - 9:45 A.M.)
3. Complete business journal for the year (9:45 – noon)
4. Complete the ranking list from Amazon (assignment #6 of 8) (noon- 4 P.M.)
5. Edit book #2 (4 P.M. – 6 P.M.)
6. Write out some news articles for multiples (6 P.M. – 8 P.M.)
7. Start the wedding quilt again (8 P.M – 10 P.M.)

What to do about Bob and Marcia? Shoot shoot. Rich wants to go out to dinner, but to a movie too? I’m not so much in favor of that. Going out to dinner takes one of these tasks out or makes something shorter. It seems like the edit book part is going to be the task immediately short-suited. Why, oh why isn’t there more hours in a day? Well, time is a wasting. Better get to it, hmm?

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