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Monday, December 20, 2010

Not much for Sunday ... Have a cold :(

Good morning. This is me. We’re in the sewing room now and it’s about 10:15 am. We’ve been up with Rich for the better part of a couple of hours. I had come down with a cold yesterday and had taken Nyquil last night so I was coming in and out of sleep, but he had his Sunday Morning show on so we watched that without resistance. Just now we’re in the back.

We checked out our normal numbers and we’ve made an advance with the book ranking. We were going down and had gotten to about one 1,800,000 and now we’re again in the late 300,000’s. WOOHoo! We must have sold some books! That’s a great feeling.

We checked the Trib for Deborah Shelton and it doesn’t appear that she’s written anything yet. I think she’s just got a lot on her plate. I really think she’s going to contact us one more time before she finalizes our story. I hope that we’re still of interest to her. I don’t think she’s done with her research yet, because I think Dr. M. would have sent an email if she had called him. He’s pretty upfront about those sorts of things. I can be patient.

We talked to Marie from Friesenpress on Friday and she had some tips for talking to Deborah and she also said that we should really hit the press releases today, but we’re not quite up to that. Maybe yet before the day is over, she is relatively young, but it is late for us to be writing and we have some of that discussion to go through. I don’t think we’ve written a lengthier piece for a bit.

We should write some on our whirlwind trip yesterday. We went to both Linda’s and CS. Linda’s was the longer of the two … we stayed from about 9:45 to 12:45. Then we got to CS about 2 and stayed until about 4 pm. We had coffee with Linda and we had lunch/dinner with CS. It wasn’t until after dinner on the way home that we were aware that our throat was scratchy and now we have a bad cough. Rich humored us though on the trip home and he got us a frosty to make our throat better and we drank a couple of bottles of water. When we got home, we changed clothes and slipped under a couple of blankets, and we slept for the better part of the night except the part where Rich made popcorn. We must have good nose sensors, because we woke up then, but fell asleep after sharing.

He got us to bed sometime in there – we had been sleeping on the couch.
The next thing I knew we were up about 3:30 – 4:30 A.M. and had written to Linda and then we fell asleep until Rich came in about 8 A.M. to watch the show. We got Nyquil last night and Dayquil this morning, so I’m probably not feeling the worst of it. I get really impatient being sick … so my thought is that we are already on the road to recovery. Yay ANN!!!

Being at Linda’s was very surreal. I was so happy to be there. She has the most charming house. It’s 2 story with two bedrooms downstairs, and upstairs there is a larger bedroom, bath and nice size loft. The downstairs had an open kitchen, dining and living room area and the living room was two floors so you come in and are looking up at the loft where Tony has the computer. It’s really nice. Linda decorates well and is the perfect hostess.

One of the next things you see beside the loft is some beautiful stain glass windows. It turned out that Tony made them. It’s really unique.

There is a lighthouse one over the big front window, a nice fishy one over the double fish tanks and this beautiful landscape one in the extra bedroom. Oh and that was another nice thing. Linda has her sewing room in the front of the house and the light is very cool! She has her sewing room set up in the front window so there is quite the view to be looking out when working. I felt very comfortable in her house and the majority then was spent with coffee in the dining area across the kitchen … there was a long divider/counter between the two rooms so it seemed that when Linda was in her kitchen proper she was on a stage. It was really comfortable and I liked it how the kitchen was longer along the dining room, instead of being at the end of the kitchen as in most places. It gave you the best angle on what was going on in the kitchen as you are talking to the cook. Sweet!

I took Tony’s chair, but Linda said it was only his chair during dinners. It was the best one because it was in the corner and you could look over to the kitchen and out onto the living room. Perfect view! We went in first and then when Rich parked the car he came in and Tony came down.

Tony showed us the glass and then went on to tour with Rich … he wanted to show him his special car out in the garage . I’ve heard Linda talk about it, but I just took a peek and figured it was man business. It turned out that Tony also made the wooden furniture about the house, so we’re thinking that between the two of them they are probably really “hands-on” literate.

There was a while that Rich talked to Linda and us and there was a time after Tony got off the phone that he talked to Rich and we just talked to Linda by ourselves. Everything that could be talked about got talked about and we just had the nicest time.

Afterward we went to CS. We met her at home, and then through a series of three to four calls, we ended up meeting Mark too at the restaurant. I was really grateful that Rich was there … it is a different kind of conversation with two males … like at some point they are going to be talking over football. Usually it is between the Packers, Bears and Vikings. There was a good amount of talking too about stuff that had been going on as to the result of Mark’s Mom passing. That was just stand to reason. Mark was the one who seems to talk the most which seems to frustrate CS and Mark clearly talked about things that were on CS mind that she was choosing not to talk about, but that just went on as it did.

The trip there, back and in the middle with Rich was very nice because we got to talk about our adventuring and about stuff that’s fallen to the wayside with Rich’s busy schedule. I was pleased with the conversation … only got frustrated a little bit and in general fall to holding hands.

It’s our status quo!

It was a very full weekend. Pretty soon we are going to take a break. We already took our shower. Maury has called and he and Rich and us are going to be meeting for lunch at some sandwich place called Potbellies ten minutes from here. It will be my first, but it seems to be a favorite of Maury’s and Rich says he’s familiar with it. I’d like a nice half sandwich and soup if they have it – seems good. I’m not sure if I should bring Maury his book or wait until we meet the following Wednesday. I think Maury is of the mind of getting it sooner than later, so we might just bring it with us. That be a good deal.

I’m going to need time afterward too to clear off some space so I can send out the other books to wherever they are supposed to be going. It would be nice if I got them in the mail tomorrow so they might make it to their destinations before Christmas. I don’t think that the post office is doing as much business as they would like. But, it should be busy enough.

We’ll have to talk it over with Rich to see if he goes for us, or if we leave for work late. We’ll see.

Hmm, doesn’t seem to feel like I’ve got as much to talk about as we were thinking. Maybe we could say some general things. Like I think we’re going to get Rich a phone for Christmas I’m really hoping so at least. He gave us a little trouble when we talked about it so that was like no good. We’ll talk to Maury about phones too. He’s really happy with the one he’s got and it’s got a nice swipe attribute, but I’m not sure if Verizon will have the same phone as sprint. I’m pretty sure Maury has Sprint like me. We’re sorta putting Droid X, Droid 2 and HTC Incredible to comparison. I still like Droid X better, but some of the reviews are older so I’m not sure if its still the best. Maury will know. It does have the slider and no extra stiff keyboard.

Ok this is going to take some time.

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