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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ok ... need to do some catching up here ... maybe tonight?

We figured that we better write this morning because we are a little on the confused side. We’ve been trying to get on top of our projects, but things seem a little fluttery. We last wrote yesterday, but we hadn’t caught up on things from earlier in the week … the last time I wrote was on Sunday. That’s a lot to account for so we’re going to get to it straight off.

It seems where we left off was that we’d been working pretty hard on the web site. The last thing we added was that the eight sections. We’ve added a few things past that. First there has been a lot of activity as to the purchasing of the book … As of this morning there are 14 locations that we know of on-line to buy our book.

Besides selling it ourselves and through our publisher it is being sold in various versions at Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble among other smaller locations.

Nobody has the complete thing up … I think Friesen is the closest because they are selling all three versions. They sell the electronic through Powell and they are the only one so far to be selling the hard copy. Filling in all the small blanks come in periodically. Like we still don’t have up yet the Look Inside or Kindle.

In all, I couldn’t be happier with the process – it’s in the stores enough so that we are getting a copy of the first printed book in person tomorrow. We got it gift wrapped for Rich so we could gift him by surprise on his birthday Saturday. I’m going to need sneaking over to the mail first to grab the book, maybe. He won’t know what’s in there though because it is just addressed to the business. It should be ok. The hardest thing is not telling him it’s almost here. I’m terrible with surprises!

There has been a lot of checking around to find what we know. We’ve been Googling this week Ann’s Multiple World of Personality, Journal of Quite Frankly Ann, and our name. I don’t think I will know all the location the book is selling because not all of them are coming up on the search screen. CS was the one to tell me we’d made Barnes & Noble. We do know that we are also selling in Ireland and the cost has transferred to European forms of money. We’ve not seen other money symbols.

We opened a sub-page on our rate sheet listing all the different locations that the book is selling and what they are advertising for costs. They’ve gone either at the rate listed on the book or up to $4 less.

I was also excited this morning to find that Astraea has listed the book at their site. I sent them a note back with a free copy because it’s important for us to find out what they think whether it’s positive or negative. I’ve always known them to be very honest and they won’t risk their reputation on not putting out exactly their thoughts. I think they are pretty busy though so I’m not sure if they’ll be able to read the book for a while. They are the guys I think of when I think of multiples’ advocacy. Again … proud of their recognition and I put their site on the rate page too.

Another section of the web site I have added too was that I’ve been working on a news’ page. Basically, it is back to Googling, but we have been skimming the news and placing it into the online Paper Tiger. We had to order the service, but it’s very worthwhile having it on a cloud … too much switching back and forth between computers. We have listed about 30 items from our book and about 40 items from the Internet news. On our site we put a sample copy of how it aggregates data and we did the same, but using a key word. We used the word, “judge.” Like everything else it will have to be given some caught up time, but we’re putting it into our mental notes as staying current with the issues of multiplicity.

I haven’t analyzed thoroughly what’s been put out there which is part of what’s causing my confusion. There’s more, but that’s some of it. I have been discombobulated too because I haven’t been able to do a couple business things like invoicing because of having the wrong computers.

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