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Monday, December 13, 2010

Short writing day longer working day

Good morning. Everything seems to be doing pretty good. The most important thing is that Thom is definitely coming back – at least as long as the weather is holding out. This is the best Christmas-type news there is. Thom put a note in Facebook today asking people to put in their claims for having him over since he doesn’t necessarily have a home any more. He had written something else in that he would be getting a divorce as soon as he could claim residency. That took a couple of months. I don’t want to hope so much that Thom might stay over, but we did put up a bid. We’re thinking he might prefer his Dad’s or Joe’s and Cari has already put up a bid too. I don’t know if he will leave his stuff at one place and then visit from there, or what exactly. We’ll see how the time goes and then perhaps take off some time to accommodate his schedule.

We left another note to let him know that Mon-Wed we could take off time. I wish I had the kind of money where I could take him out shopping, but that kinda thing isn’t going to be happening. I asked for some time over at our place, and I asked for a time that Maury and Joe could bring theirs and we could all meet. Getting too excited now … we’ll have to wait more patiently - it’s going to be two and a half weeks… Shh, shhh. We gotta slow it down.

Sister is supposed to be back. She’s with the group for chapel right now, but as soon as that is out we’ll go up to visit and see how things are. Pretty soon … I will be eager to find how her trip went. I’m thinking she might have gone to PA, but I didn’t ask what was happening or where she was going to go. Just know she’s been gone a LONG week. I think the time was well spent in there’s always something to be doing, but it is different with her here and not here.

I think that Rich is coming in today too. He had coffee at Bob’s scheduled for first thing, but afterward, I think he was coming here to make calls. I don’t know if he’s got meetings today.

Today might be a good day to get to the bottom of the stack on my desk. I think we need to make some calls for the press releases too, but might have a good desk day instead.

There we just went up to say hi to Sr. She seems to be in a good mood. She said she was eager to come back and that she had to work to go slower, and then work to go faster in coming back. Main thing is that she’s back. It’s just nice to see her. Pshwoo. Ok, there’s much too much excitement going on … We’re going to have to figure things out. Maybe if we make a list. That’s part of our new situation.

We need to be doing lists.

Ok, got that done … and we talked to Sr. about several things. We get to have the Gingerbread contest. She didn’t like the idea of me giving the staff money. She did say that they could go out and buy $10 worth of supplies and give her the receipts and she will reimburse. That’s a pretty good deal. There was only one staff who complained about going out do to the time it would take. I told her she could always take from here. The house can be edible or other. Sr. says that for the reward we can give the group who wins the opportunity to raffle for the houses and then they can bring them home. I’m glad sister liked the idea … She said that it hadn’t been done before so I think she liked that part. I was grateful that Imelda seemed to want to help. I thought it was beyond nice because she only has the group today. I said I’m sure that Karla would be overjoyed if she could help out. Karla would only have Thursday and half a Friday.

Good good … things are happening. I’ve told everyone about the contest now … Cathy was the last. She says she is making a clay house with M&Ms. Cool cool. I found the directions and a lot of pictures on line under this place saying it was the ultimate gingerbread house place. It was very well organized. I printed out all the directions and pictures and placed a copy on the staff dining room table.

Ok, there we put in a pretty good day. We took care of the gingerbread houses.
Sister decided that we should wait until the Thursday (Dec 23) before Christmas Eve. That way we’ll spread out the holiday and give people more time for their projects. That seemed like a good idea.

The rest of the day I took to care for our desk. I got everything sorted and it’s about 12.5% filed. We decided to cull the files while we were in them. Usually that’s a job for the first of the New Year. Works for me. We’re writing a new list of things to do too. Maybe we should update that on the Keep and Share To-do list, hmm? Be a good idea :)

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