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Friday, December 10, 2010

Suprise Friday night writing

Evening … we are writing at long last … it’s been a very busy week. It’s already Friday night and I think we last wrote like on Tuesday. I had to look that up. As often the case when I’m writing late, I don’t think I do justice. We’re going to look at emails in general and then may slip over to the Facebook entries to see if we can trace down the week. I think on Tuesday we were up to having written about having gotten a contact from Deborah Shelton from the Tribune. She didn’t get back to me this week, but perhaps by next week. I’ll give her a call to check on things on Monday if there is time. I also was talking last about the press kits. I haven’t had to do much thinking of them since having finished them. I believe I took just one quick peek Wednesday morning, but then one thing led to another and time was slipping away.

I’ve only made slight advances as to the work on looking up news for multiplicity. To be fair we are saving news clippings – or like a news reel of news stories day by day. But, we only touched on it lightly twice during the week. It is a project that sits pretty much toward the but I can’t worry about it too much because it is a big consumer of time. We’re trying to situate it so that we could look at stories when we are home at night and not doing much. Rich has been out all week so there was good opportunity, but we found ourselves sleeping early. Lately, he’s been waking us up about an hour or so after he’s been in and settled. I feel like we missed the party.

That’s been part of what Rich has been up to. He’s worked a few days, spent one evening with his son, and then he had the fishy party and now today is his private party with Bob and Doug his high school friends. I know he looks forward to that and it’s only once a year. This year HE’S not the designated driver, so we’re preparing ourselves for anything.

He left dinner, but I’d stopped and then wasn’t very hungry. He’d made a roast with potatoes and such. We caught that there was a little something wrapped in plastic, so then we were like, hmm let’s do dessert first. But, he said only after he left, so that made us like … aren’t you gone yet? It was good logic. At least we weren’t whiney when he left out the door. Good Ann!

We’d talked to Rich on the way home from work. He had forgotten to get the blankets, so we were going out, but there was a big accident on the expressway. What usually takes 20 minutes took two hours. Pswhoo. It was a long trip. It had blocked two lanes of traffic all the way to Chicago State street. Friday rush hour … that had to be the worst time to have an accident. The ambulances weren’t moving so we’re thinking no one got hurt … just that it involved a big semi-truck and something. Not sure. I was trying not to be the car that stopped in front of the accident to look. Damn … missed it all! Rich got the blankets all on his own.

One of the things that happened over the last couple of days, is that we started our new course. I think we told you it was 6 weeks, 12 sessions. It started on Wednesday at noon and then there was a second course assignment this morning. There seems to be like 8-9 students that have checked in to the discussion room so far. I don’t know if there will be more and one of them might leave. Maybe I should check into that for a second. I finished the Wednesday assignment yesterday and she had said that if you wanted your work evaluated you should post it in the room, so of course I’m going to do that. I WANTED to have some help and support, but I’m the only one to this point that handed anything in. Maybe it will have fixed itself by now. Let me go check that out.

Hmm, nothing has changed over there. No one has written in or responded to anything. This is when ya just gotta hang back and see how things go.

I had finished the Wednesday assignment I think I said that? And, I did read the material for Friday. I also checked out the supplemental, but I liked Wednesdays stuff better. The first time we got new locations I’d never been too that were resourceful and this time it was more like a few articles. I’m still looking forward. The assignment now is to make a spider web – basically and outline visual to get you thinking about brainstorming business ideas. I think I might do it in Word with the outliner. I get a little strange’d out with paper and pencil projects. I’m sure it will be ok.

She didn’t ask yet for the mission and vision statement, but we’ll try doing a little bit of that this weekend too. We’d already put one out while we were looking at the SMA course, but I know we’ll improve it with some new ideas learned. It’s a little harder because you gotta think through it and just hope that something inspirational happens inside you. I’m sure I’ll find something we like. The lesson stresses that you don’t force this one.

We’re to let it happen. That’s good advice.

I was also pleased that Carol the teacher left a couple notes. You know how we NEED complements Hehehe. Ok, well it’s a half truth at least – AND maybe a smidge more. We’re trying to watch out for that. I think one of the nicest things she’s said so far was that she looked at my book over on Amazon. That was a very high complement. She is a writer too AND I think one other lady in the course has almost written a book. I think she’s just finishing, so maybe the course is going to be a bigger advantage than even hoped!

During one of the days, we worked on a project for Joe. He wants a Tabard. I believe that’s what it’s called … this is what we came up with.
I’m thinking you’ll get to see the bigger version if you click on it 

I love the colors part a lot. The back is going to be all black and the binding will be black. It will be padded AND as Joe has requested that a special set of pockets be placed behind zippers on the top chest area so they will hold his guide book but not interfere with his ammo belt. There will be much more of this to come! It did take me some time to pull it all together and it eventually ran the gamut of three stores. My debit card failed me in the end though, so I’m going to have to put about $20 to handle the gray/maroon purchase from Jinny Beyer. I LOVE the fabric … some of the common stuff came from JoAnn Fabric and there was one other order put in for the black fabric from a quilt shop.

Ok, what else? There was something else as to being a sister … I’m not doing a very good job of it. I’ve asked to pull back again from the situation with CS. Dr. Marvin brought it to mind that it is how I survived childhood with the ambiguity that she presents. I used to get involved in school, scouts, volunteerism, sports or work. Anything I could do to get out of the house, I would adapt to. I was always in a position looking for adults and peers I could trust. It’s not a bad deal … and I hope for other people still kids out there that if they ran into trouble they’d also find an adult who was safe.

We have run into a situation with our first unknown fan that represents the same level of care. I know my boundaries and I can be strict with them. The person needs help and seems to have some of it but we’re thinking he’s still more in need of safe people wherever he lives to be helping him take care.

Sometimes kids that go through really tough stuff are forced to be more on guard. Still it has to be safe all around. I’ll hold a boundary and hope he makes good choices. That’s enough said of that … I don’t want to add to his troubles.

We watched politics a bit this week. The main part was that Obama went over to the GOP because he thought it was the only thing he could do to make something safe for his constituents. Basically the GOP was holding the people who really needed government support like the people on unemployment hostage until the GOP could force that the wealthiest people would get a tax break too. It’s a very large injustice and rightfully speaking the democrats were also enraged. They refused Obama’s motion from getting to the floor so it wasn’t considered. I don’t pretend to know the politics of things, but it certainly was the week for it.

We did a fair amount of correspondence with Linda this week. She stayed very busy though not ALWAYS out of her pajamas! Hmpf! She watched her granddaughter, did shopping, ate out, met with friends and in general seemed to have a very good week. When she wasn’t doing the above, she was facing off the projects in her sewing room. It was a delight to talk freely to her. She sure is a prize in our life. OH AND she was reading our book on her kindle! Good Linda!

Vicki had a tougher week in that she’s still waiting on tests for her heart. If they don’t straighten out this week, she’s going to need giving herself daily shots with a needle. AND NOBODY wants that! So we’re hoping everything turns out well there. We continue to pray for the troops. I don’t mention them very often, but you can’t sign onto Facebook without being reminded of all the Marine Moms. It’s a really good group.

Jewelz was a special blessing. We asked as a favor and she put in a special plug for us at Amazon. We don’t know if anyone else has finished reading the book yet, but because of her editing she knew what the book was and wasn’t.

I was extremely proud of her statements because I trust her to say what’s real in her mind. It is very complimentary.

One more friend note though we usually don’t do this … we wanted to say an official congrats to Margarita’s daughter Mirza. We’ve emailed back and forth with her a few times this week. She’s graduated and earned her Masters degree and she now looking for a new job. I’m so proud of the work she’d done … It was no easy feat. Congrats Ms. Mirza.

I wish I could say that more was happening with the book, well there was some stuff. We’re now on the Kindle AND we’ve downloaded it and it turns out fine, AND we got a couple boxes of books in the house. We also got a big box of the blankets. I don’t think we mentioned that yet. We got the box from the quilter that CS sent the quilts too. It’s a little frightening to look at the box, because the blankets are so big and unwieldy … on a couple of them the trim is so close to the edge that there’s really not a skirt on it.

CS sent them in as she did though – and most likely that’s because I didn’t give her any instruction other. I’m not sure how everything measures out, but we’re going to take it where it’s at and finish them up to the best of our ability.

Oh … yeah and the part of the delivery of books!?? That was just gravy. We had also gotten the box with the tape and the package with the book boxes.

We tried it out with Karla’s order today. She was happy to get the book like Linda was. Only the soft cover came in so there wasn’t too much to go out.

I should look at it tomorrow though and send out for the few that had ordered them. I don’t think we’ll send them out to Linda because we are serious about wanting to bring hers to her. I think the hard cover books should be here soon.

There was some time spent on the web site, in that we added sections for FAQ and one for Q&A from our readers. That was inspired by the ladies at our publishing house, but as well encouraged due to a 14 year old fan. He asked some great questions. We also added a few more bookstores on the list. We were happy to see some small changes, though still waiting on a couple things from Amazon. They don’t have the soft or hard cover book up and they don’t have the look inside feature. I don’t know how such a big place could get by in separating out so many different aspects of any one project, but we’re forced to wait patiently. It’s not going to get there any faster by me worrying over it, right?

There were a couple things that were happening at work this week, but the two meetings stand out. The first was the staff meeting and we talked about Christmas. The ladies shared different things that had been going on in their rooms and we went over a few new ideas that will have to go through Sr. Theresa. One idea was to make cookies, another idea was to go caroling, and the last idea was to have a gingerbread house contest. Not out of the eating stuff, but the stuff that you can buy inexpensively at the dollar store. We had determined that we’d give each of the rooms $10 – so it’s only $50 out.

I don’t know if sister will let that go by, but I’d have so much fun with it … It would be like us giving our Christmas gift. Everything has to wait her approval.

The thinking group wasn’t so special this week. I asked the Thinking Group what they would like to do. The first idea was to finish the movie, UP, but we had had to let that go back to Netflix, so they came up with the idea that one of the clients had brought a VCR in to show sister, so we did that one.

It was Rodger Rabbit. Boy that’s tough. I didn’t recall how sexual Rogers wife Jessica was. Pswhoo! There was some definite cat calling. I’ve got mixed feelings with that one, but done is done. Let’s hope that slides quietly in the background. Rosa did come in and say something too about watching it with her younger sons and not being quite ready for all the extra stuff and violence. They could really crash up the toons characters. It wasn’t supposed to hurt them though.

I’m thinking that I should be getting my medicine. Rich still isn’t in. It’s almost 11 pm. They must be having a good time. Doug almost never gets out because he’s so busy with his shop. Ok, you … go take your medicine … we dozed for a little bit, but I’m actually hoping Rich wants to go to bed tired tonight. Pswhoo. It’s like barely ever are we writing at this time. The paragraphs are shorter and choppier and go like a flicker from thought to thought. I’m almost scared to put real thoughts together, because in total it felt very overwhelming this week.

We spent about 40 minutes on the CS conversation and that didn’t allow for much else. We talked about borderline and narcisstic personalities. Maybe we said something about this already. He gave me something to read, but in general he’s saying it might be a good thing to pull back. In a sense with everything going on it would likely be the thing that tips our scales. Maybe we’ve been here already, but it has been like this all week. We keep coming back to it and trying to get it resolved in our mind.

Not much chance to talk about the ladies this week. I had communicated with Marie and she said that she’d get back to me early in the week about talking to someone from the press. That didn’t work out. I did call Carolyn twice both times I caught her being a bit down. I’m not sure why, but I was glad I lightened her load a smidge. The first time we called her to say that our books had come in and then the second time we called her because … hmm… I don’t know … she did know about the interview that we might have. I’ll have to think of that some more. I just remember one call, but I’m thinking it was two.

It was a good week, right? Oh one other thing that should be said. Sister Theresa was gone all week. It seemed to go ok without her being there. We stayed away from the front as much as possible. Kathy brought in cookies one day, and then Marie brought in Bundt cake – two kinds! The goodies were just that and we were appreciative of the treats. We stopped by in each of the rooms too and we got a tour of all the Christmas stuff, especially at Maria’s it was really nice and holiday like.

Hmm, I’m starting to slow down a bit. The medicine really helps. Hmm here some noise, maybe it’s Rich? We’re going to pretend we’re not here so we can surprise him. It’s either Rich or the next door people. I thought I heard something on the stairs … Shoot … it’s stopped. Oh it’s him… took him a long time to get up the stairs. He seems pretty happy … he’s discovered some of his Jack is missing though. He said something ridiculous about having permission … yeah than better leave me access way to the bottle of wine that’s been waiting for these books to come in. There in!!! So, stands to reason that needs to be celebrated out. Hmm?

I wonder how things will go next. Better be ready, pretty sure he’s going to say it’s late … It’s 11:30 pm late, BUT for the record it’s a Friday night, right? AHA! He’s going for some kind of snack. I’ve just bought myself some time. Hmm, maybe he’s just taking his medicine though. Why are we whispering. He can’t hear what we type? Right?

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