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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wow That day didn't turn out like we expected

Good morning. This is me. We’re pretty excited this morning for several reasons. It was by accident, but one thing that happened this morning was that Rich went out before me and he discovered there was a screw in my tire and that it was completely flat. I’m going to have call Honda care in a bit to see if they will tow it to Tire Discount. We’ll see … one way or another it will probably cost at least $75 for the tire. I’m not so pleased with that part. Rich said that he deposited his portion of the household bills into our account yesterday … that’s a good thing our money had gone to pay rent, car insurance and other.

We don’t want to get really stuck on that. Something else is happening too! It is snowing!!! There were a few flakes yesterday, but this is the kind of snow that’s sticking and making rooftops white. There it IS starting to feel a lot more like Christmas. For the record though we’re playing Christmas songs yet to egg on the season.

Something that happened last night was that Carolyn had responded to my call and she had pretty big news. The soft AND hard cover books had come in at It was already exciting because it meant the book jumped over to their page for latest releases. It’s REALLY official now no going back! They are selling it for $24.95 for the soft cover and $34.95 for the hard cover. It’s just over the top news!

Carolyn is supposed to call back this morning in a couple of hours to work out the details about getting in money for the book insurance which is going to be about $650. I told her we could spend then like $500 for a book order. She will take about $35 to ship the 15 soft cover and 10 hard cover books that come with the service … so far I need at least 18 hard copies, but we’ll want hopeful 10 on the shelves … all in all then we’ll want to order 20 hard cover … how much is that? Shoot it will cost almost $400 … Hopefully less, but maybe that much. Ok, did the numbers again. I’m only going to be able to get about 10 hard and 15 soft covered books. So in total I will have 55 books and out of those books 24 are already spoken for giving me a balance of 31 books – 7 hard cover left and 24 soft cover left. Better call Carolyn and check this out.

We also called Honda Roadside assistance. They are going to come and change the tire, but it cost $60.00. I’m also going to then need to replace the tire. This is going to be expensive. But, at least we will be able to get the car to the Discount Tire place. Rich will complain later that he could have done it on his own, but he didn’t. He had said to arrange the car to be towed, but I figure changing the tire is less expensive. I’m going to get a call back to see when that will all happen. Ahh that was fast … Imens will be here at 11:10 A.M. (972-538-3424). It is now 10 A.M. I bit the bullet and called Rich … I just told him they were going to be out which he thought was great … I didn’t tell him the part of not having Honda Care FREE roadside assistance on this car. I had the card, but I guess it was on my old Scion. Just need to have it done. I can drive it over when he gets back so he can talk to the dealer. They’ll will say whether or not it can or should be repaired and which new tire to put on if it can’t. They’ll know about the tire rotation, because they serviced the car last. Ok, good … Now we’re REALLY ready to put that aside for a bit.

Need to get back to what had been more fun. I think we concluded the book ordering … we also called the bank. We’re good up to $1250 withdrawal, but we’re going to need doing it through our personal account. Oh that was something too! We got our first check payment from one of our online friends today! WooHOO!!! I’m going to be able to tell him that the book should be coming in faster than thought before. The arrival before was like January 7th-14th, but now it looks like we might get the book in hand just before Christmas. I still have to get it out the customer. I’m thinking I should order the boxes.

Ok, that’s done … we got 100 boxes at 21 cents each … with shipping and tax it came to $44.14. They are special book boxes I’d looked at before. The are 5/8” taller and wider than the 9 x 6” books and they can be folded to be 5/8” – 1 ½” in width so they will fit both soft and hard covers. I then ordered some tape and dispensers 3 rolls were as 10.96, but it was like $7 for shipping and $2 for tax. That’s what we get for wanting everything delivered. I have to figure that my time is worth some money.

Hmm 25 minutes early and the repair guy is here. He said if he can fix the tire for $20 and he said that it should last long than the tire – the tire is old. Wow … he fixed it. It’s got a plug in it. He said that’s what they would have done in the shop. I’m thinking instead they would charge me a new tire. He said that he would guarantee his work. I figured that even if Rich wants to replace the tire we just saved $40 in the process because the tire is up and ready. Well $35 because I gave him a tip so it was like saving 55%. I left a message with Rich, but he must be tied up. Nice guy though. He was a busy worker type. We’ll let it go now for a bit. He left a note with his name on it etc. He said to keep it handy. If it’s ok with Rich we’ll keep him in mind.

Ok, now can we get back to the business of Ann? Carolyn should call pretty soon when she gets settled in. I think she still has to do the costs and hopefully she’ll know that by picking up our phone message.

I’m being lazy in not finding the price. Hmm, maybe I should do that? $14.83 and $19.82 that be 15 SOFT - $222.45 + 15 HARD $297.30 + BOOK INSURANCE $649.00 +SHIP FREE BOOKS $35.00 + SHIP PURCHASED BOOKS$40.00 = TOTAL $1243.75, but I should collect $273 … There will be some shipping cost and my only cost over free books was $156.92 … So my profit is $133.96 minus shipping. Plus I’ll still have 31 more to sell. 24 x $27.95 = $670.80 7 x $37.95 = $265.65 Totaling about $936.45 that will go for next book shipment 100 books x $13.35 = 1068.00 – 936.45 = means I’ll have to put in another $131.55, but the shipment should bring a profit of $1,460. So minus the $131.55 – 1328.45 … I’m going to have to watch the discounting at 10% it would be only a profit of $1195.61 … Hmm, $1200 isn’t bad … Just it all gets reinvested back. *Sigh*

Ok, that’s enough about that … I’m sure every business person tries to figure out the profitability and costs of doing business. Harsh reality!

526,583 that’s our number for the best seller rank for the day. I’m not
sure if that meant we sold any books hehehe. We’re still in the top 6% … I’d like to think Amazon sells more than that a day.

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