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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

... And then Bill says ...

Good morning. This is us. Maybe it is not so great this morning, because we are going to want to get to work too. Today is a chilly Tuesday. It’s only about 25, but it feels cold and we’ve got a blanket on. It’s cold back in this part of the building anyway, because it’s just a wing, so just me and three walls of brick facing the outdoors, and through the open wall to the rest of the building you have to walk past a door that seeps in cold. Yeeks I look out now and it’s snowing too. That can’t be any good! Ok, admitting it … it still looks pretty.

We talked to my mother on the way to work this morning. She has an appointment she is going on with one of her friends in Duluth which is about 90 miles away. Her minister and the minister’s husband are going with too (he’s driving), so it sounds like a full boatload of support for Margaret her friend. I guess usually John used to drive.

She is going through a pretty good transformation. At this point, she is making a lot of calls. There are some left over from the funeral directly, but there are also calls to be making as to the business at hand of taking care of accounts.

Such as yesterday one of her decisions was to leave John on the checking account checks until the box ran out. I think this gives her a little more feeling of security. She’s working things out too with her garbage services and mail. She would need her wheel chair to get down the long driveway and it is too rough right now with snow and ice and people are really helping out and doing errands too like to the grocery store. I think she’s almost out of now the foods left over from the services and gifts and just has cookies left.

We reminded her of several things such as grocery shopping, household help helping her with laundry especially until it all gets caught up, as well as household help in general, and if she was getting to go out and to eat out. It sounds good so far. She had a meeting too of the church council at her place last night and she will go out do her volunteer job at the food shelter on Thursday. I’m thinking she goes weekly. She’s actually pretty busy. We also talked about Margaret going back home. That had to be done and as much as she’s enjoying the company, I would hate for her to become helpless and unable to be on her own. Margaret has other commitments too such as her friends around her apartment and volunteering three days a week at the nursing home. I guess getting old is no excuse for sloughing off.

This morning, we were up early enough, but didn’t get too much done. We did write a short note to Linda. It’s one of our wake-up things to do. We had been shopping yesterday and after a bit of studying, we came up with a purchase of some pink shelves. They match the curtain and are flexible in the arranging of 15 cubby holes with a 6” opening. They may be ¾ to a foot deep, it didn’t say exactly. We have in mind filling the space directly over the bottom shelf. I looked at it again this morning when we got home. I should be able to place six, then five, and then four squares and then do the same on the other side of the light but in the opposite direction. I’m real happy with that purchase. The cubbies are going to be for the cut pieces of fabric that you get from scraps.

Now that we have them coming in from CS and my Grandmother, we figured we better step it up a little. As to right now the space isn’t being very well used, nor is it attractive.

After we got moving around we came up with one more idea. It is basically stolen from CS, but we got four shoebox sized cubbies each with ten boxes. It is about 12x12x25, so it should fit the space perfect. It is a hanging kind of container that Velcro’s to the clothes rod in the closet. I measured this morning and it’s really good. We had enough for four across in the 50” of space, and because they were only 25” long, we had room in the closet for bulky stuff we’ve been talking about such as suitcases, cat carrying bag, fan, and table extension and garbage container. I thought it was very efficient use of space.

I feel like I’m getting carried away from myself as to expenses, but there was no way I could have seen suddenly inheriting ten boxes of fabric and other sewing odds and ends. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I just love the scraps!

Yesterday it took about two hours though to adjust to being home, and so I only got about 3 ½ hours to play. We split it between cutting fabric up front with Rich and sewing in the back on my own. For a while, we couldn’t choose, especially after adding in the thought that we should be doing homework. We’ve still got that part going on … we’re out of the habit of doing it so it’s harder than I thought to get started on it again. I think tonight was a deadline though, so we’re going to have to check on that. There’s a lot on my platter already including the writing I do here. Everything in my mind seems to depend on things getting written out both for a future book and because we feel very out of place if we don’t get things put down for the sake of memory. I can go a few days, but after that I start pacing trying to remember and taking up a lot of brain room in-between.

There … the meeting was rescheduled. Sister held off on Friday’s admin meeting because I wasn’t here and she told Rich it would be the following Friday, but yesterday Sr. changed it to today, today I called and said Rich wouldn’t be in until about 12 so she said if everyone is in and not too busy we can have the meeting about 1 P.M. That’ll take up a bit of time.

There was a question last night though as to if I were going to move, because I felt so cold after being in a cold room all day at work. I couldn’t warm up under the blanket, so I hid underneath it totally for a while. I think I fell asleep like that … I remember Rich saying something about sleeping and it’s about then I realized I had been dozing. He wanted me to take the cover off my head so instead he put another blanket on me to press down and capture the warmth. That seemed to work. And, then to help me with the decision process of which room to work in, he added that if I stayed up front he would put on Closers for me. We’ve been watching that one together.

So, I cut fabric for a bit of time, though not particularly quickly. I tried to watch another show, but only got about half way through before I’d had enough and decided to go back and do some actual sewing. That was nice too. I had to figure out for myself what channel to watch or listen too. I’ve been trying this last week or so to be accustomed to more than tuning in to one channel. It is easier not to watch CNN when they repeat the same basic news story. Right now they are going on about the senator and other who were shot at a rally. Enough already!

The show I stopped at would normally be having be turning somersaults with my stomach. I watched one of those infomercial channels. They were selling a Singer sewing machine and serger. I didn’t have a spare $800 so there was no question in not getting it, but it brought to mind the thought that I could just get a lesser machine to do the stippling. And, then I wondered if the girls’ machine would do it. They have a very inexpensive Viking.

Oh my gosh … we’ve been away for a while, but one of the things that happened was that we found INDEED the girls sewing machine has an attachment for free motion quilting – that’s for the stippling. I can’t believe it AND … it was only a $15 presser foot. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before. This is going to mean I can attach small quilts. This is such fantastic news and the place I traced down that had the part ALSO have Viking 990 bobbins WooHOO!!! They were like 80 cents! This is just exciting me to pieces. I only have 5 bobbins so I will soon have about 25 more which are more than the thread colors I own, but will allow multi-loading when I’m working on the big projects.

The stippling thing is major. Before it was the only major thing I really needed that my machine couldn’t do. I saw too there were devises for the double foot thingy that keeps the top, squishy part, and bottom part of a quilt going through at the same time, and there was a walking foot which makes it easy to follow lines. AND there is a foot that does the stitch in the ditch which is about the same except it’s closer to the center. I didn’t ever know it before, but my Viking is a Prisma, which meant it uses the 2 level thingamajigs. I usually just call it my Viking. The other thing I found was that the girls’ sewing machine uses B level thingamajigs and their machine is called a Husky Star version of Viking and is labeled an E20. Wow! What you can discover with a little effort.

I’m pretty sure I spent all the money again. I’ve got about $80 in cash left and the majority of that is going to be for medicine. I ordered 5 of the 6 on the way to work today and they are ready to pick-up and I wrote Dr. Marvin about the 6th.

I don’t know if he could send me a prescription, but I’m thinking more that I will have to go in and pick it up on Monday. I think we’ll run out by Friday or Saturday. It is one that needs paper each month. Dr. M. won’t be in this week.

Linda wrote I love it when I get her notes. We had talked and she responded to our notes on organizing and sewing amongst other things. She says that three of the four of her friends are using WW now too so that’s pretty cool. She’s cooking for them on Thursday. I think one woman starts to organize and then others and others and others pick it up. It’s like saying “Oh yeah, I forgot.” You can imagine just hearing the word organize at this point is getting me all excited. I don’t know which of us parts are into reading or writing versus the sewing, but it seems to be a big draw for one over the other.

Shoot shoot. I forgot again. Monday is a day off. I didn’t think about that … we got an auto-responding message from Dr. M’s email. He’s got a back-up doctor Dr. Josh Nathan who is covering for him. We gave him a call and asked on his message if he refills prescriptions. It’s pretty long to go up to four days without it.

If he does give medicine I will most likely have to go in for it. I wonder if he can leave it out by security so I don’t have to pay $5 for parking. Oh bother bother.

Hmm, just finished looking over a document that will be discussed in this afternoon’s meeting – and Rich has come in. Do you ever wonder how we get things done in a day? It seems like things just go from one thing to another. Oh Oh … we just got a note from Bill he’s been paying attention to us and says that we should get back to some of the book work. He says it’s just a change of pace and that he’s enjoying the book. *sigh* The guy is reading me like a book! Hehehe.

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