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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Did Saturday morning just happen and now over?

Good morning. This is me and it’s still a Saturday morning. It’s a bit late into the day though. We’ve been writing to Linda so some of our thoughts will be redundant. It’s about ten to ten. Rich is at a game, he had to be there at about 8 A.M. and we were at WW at 7:00 A.M. Feel good about all that. I’ve got the schedule pretty much freed up until tonight when Rich has us scheduled to go with him to party with his fishy friends. This is the one meeting a year where the women are invited out. It’s a pretty good deal.

Rich was canceling the meeting, but I think he’s still wearing off his frustration with the guys. I think he had to miss events this year, because he was low on money, and now into the New Year they changed dates around so he’s saying he might not be able to go the first three months. He’s done some switching around to be with another club and he’d considered Bob’s extra club. I think we’ve written about all this though. I guess feelings have been smoothed enough that it’s going to happen. He tried to make up like it was my fault, but I stayed in the clear.

Whatever you want dear – it’s his group and it really needs to be that way.

At WW we got a new pedometer which was on sale for about $20. I thought that was a pretty good deal and it seems to be a nice enough one … not overly fancy, but sufficient and with some perks. The biggest difference with this one is that it calculates points plus for activity. It’s a really nice idea to have a pedometer although so far we haven’t gotten further than it tracking the 81 steps it took to make my breakfast and put away my dishes. Every step helps. It does the standard things too like measure mileage, act as a timer and keep track of pounds lost.

Nice! We’ll have to see how far we go during an average week to find how much more we need to increase to.

We’ve got family on the mind though now and we figured we might as well do it and then move on. I had just talked it over with Linda in that my mother told us about her will. I’m bordering here as to whether I can say this kind of thing out loud, but that’s been the nature of our conversations all along after all these many years. I like the part about taking the mystery out of it and that’s what happened last night. Basically, then what I found is that my mother and John did it like I have done with my family. I’ve already made it very clear all around that my three sons would each get 25% and Rich would get 25%. If something were to happen to him, then his 25% would go to his kids – so 8.3% each. If something were to happen to one of my kids then the missing 25% would get split between the two or however many remaining. It seems like a fair deal.

As to my mother though she has others she’s considering too. So with her the church gets 10%, someone named Tim whose been like a son to them gets 10%, my sister, myself and my brother each get 18% and John’s one younger son gets 26%.

That’s it all rolled up in a nutshell. No one is overly rich so I don’t think fortunes will be made, but it’s still a nice thing to know that you are considered. I think the part that made me smiles was that 18 was my lucky number because I was born on the 18th of July. So the part that makes things click into place took over and we’re feeling fortunate to be considered in the will and not having to wonder about it for the rest of my life.

My mother was a little tentative in talking about some parts in that the church and Tim combined were getting a little more than one of us, but we have to consider beside it not being our choice … that these other two people were the people most in their lives. I was around, but not real actively for so many years … again I’ll just take one of the grateful cards. John’s older son was not included because they thought he’d stolen money from them that was BIG money, but instead that “share” of it would go to John’s younger son. My brother hasn’t been a part of their active lives either, but as am I and CS … he’s still equally one of his mother’s children. I thought too that it was fair in that half the money about (54%) was going to half the relationship of John and Mom. I didn’t feel we had a right to any money in the first place … so then certainly just over 50% is more than fair.

I’m not going to tell this to my sister … we’re going to let my mother do that in whatever time she chooses. My sister is acting so strangely over her MIL’s will that I’d hate to see what she would try to do with my mothers. Basically the MIL had given more money to the sister than Mark, but the house was 50-50 and CS was distinctly left out of receiving anything because the MIL thought she wrecked her family. So no CS says she and Mark own the house, she’s got the MIL car, she’s got the MIL bedroom, she’s making the decisions on what stays and goes, and it’s been worked out the sister does not live at the house. My sister does. YEEKS!

I think my sister is feeling everything is as well as it should be, but she’s still not happy … she’s convinced the SIL to hand over an additional $25,000 because she got so much more than her brother, and then my sister noted that whatever is Mark’s is hers. The bedroom that was supposed to go to the SIL since CS had the main bedroom is now going to be CS sewing room and CS is complaining because the room is pink and there’s too much heavy furniture in her bedroom.

Ok, this is pretty bad of me isn’t it. I guess we’ve always seen things cut and dry. I get that from having read a lot of Honor Balzac. I loved the way he wrote in the finances, and entitlements and dividends and such. It kind of made things real clear … well she has 2000 some francs income a month or whatever … just the thing is that if people are to survive incomes are important. My mother is arranging so that she’s got income coming in too. She gets half of John’s pension, her own pension, and social security, plus she might take in some income from interest of something else. She makes it very clear that she has everything she needs and that her income is very sufficient. Because the house is paid … she’s really got nothing to worry about financially so I feel good in that she’s taken care of.

Balzac was also very clear when people were living beyond their means. And, it seemed to be a big part of history how people came about their wealth or poverty.

No amount was too great or too small to consider. Hehehe thinking now over the years we’ve told you how much we put into each piece of furniture, stamp, grocery or box of pins. Just we don’t see the secrecy about money. It’s like a number that says of itself I can turn myself into a bottle of water, or a penthouse.

We’re at the stage of our life … AND being without house so that we’re thinking that money must be part luck that we don’t have. My biggest concern is that we’re going to end up in a half room at a nursing home. I’m pretty sure we’d take our own life first. It’s a very big deal to at least have one whole room. I should be scared straight now, but feel we’re living on about the bottom level that I could live with. Every time we make a purchase I’m thinking how fortunate it is that I have this new thing.

AHA! It reminded me to open my front door! I had stopped downstairs on my way in from the meeting and there wasn’t a package there, but I was thinking that we were about due one. SO, I thought opening the door, maybe someone brought something upstairs AND WALLAH! There it was directly in front of the door. I think it’s the last thing outstanding that we’ve ordered. I got the insides for two twin and one Queen size blanket – I think they call it cotton batting. AND I got two packages each of two sized needles. Linda says she uses both so I will just have to figure out if one works better than another. Right now it’s all a mystery.

I’m thinking here our fortune is gained. I’ve got all the outside things as to top part of a several blankets, now we’ve got the middle parts, and it’s then only the bottom parts we might have to check into.

Maybe we’ll come back to right later. We’ve been of in Internet territory for a while looking up things like quilt shops and guilds in the area. We haven’t really found a lot we are interested in, but there was one thing … there is a guild just in the next town or two over. It meets for groups at the Lutheran Church we were interested in attending. They don’t give a phone number and they hold their active membership to 250 people. So, I’m not sure how filled they are already. We sent in an email to enquire about membership. We’ll see.

But now we’re thinking that we’re more interested in quilting than much else.

We’re even up to the point of considering Joe and Cari’s quilt. That be good, right? I think that when we are up in WI next weekend we are going to try and get a couple of kits we’d started … the one we designed with Dancers in the Park and the three we called our office trilogy … we had cut out the parts, but had gotten with them and others way ahead of CS. When talking to her about moving we talked a little about quilting, but not a lot … I think she’s planning on moving everything to the new house. I would like to get back these few things before she goes. Just nice to do them. MEANS maybe since its still young in the day – about 12:15 P.M. that I might get something important accomplished I think I’m going to try.

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