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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'd count this as a morning to be organizing :)

Good morning … this is me. We’re up to the part where we can write for a bit.

We’ve already written to Linda … we’re thinking she’s a little grouchy this morning Hehehe. Maybe it’s the diet … we are both on it as well we have other partners in Rich and in Linda’s friend Diane. To be fair Linda had a poor night’s sleep, so we’ll go gentle on her. She just figured out she’s been included in our “to-be-a-book” series. She didn’t freak out totally, so we’re in good shape so far :) Thanks Linda!

We’re feeling good about what’s going on so far this weekend. It’s about 8:30 A.M. and I’ve been up for about two hours and Rich has been up for about an hour. He’s watching his fishy shows, and we’ve just finished updating our Facebook and looking at a little mail. Not much there. In our regular mail though yesterday we got our piano books – I’m very excited about that. They are three and we’ve discussed them prior. The only problem was that I put a couple paper cuts on the tip of my main finger yesterday while opening the box. Pswhoo. You can imagine that’s causing difficulties here this morning. I’m a person that NEEDS her hands!

We put the Christmas table and tree away yesterday and we got the drafting table back in place, so this 1/3 of the living room has my piano keyboard, my computer, and my drafting table for cutting fabric. Pswhoo! I’m just so happy. I’m like in my own self-made playpen with all my favorite toys. Just so happy!

It’s hard to tell what I should be working on first, but we know that in the morning writing becomes first priority. The piano is like an in-between thing.

Yesterday we were working especially on Dr. Zhivago. It’s a nice tune and all the music is easy, but not greatly easy. I think one of the things I have to get over and help me out here if you can, but I’m not sure how to see both the treble and bass lines at the same time. How do real piano players do it? I was a bit frustrated too in that I got a little blood from my paper cuts on the piano book.

Man you gotta know that’s not how we want to treat our new prizes!

We’ve been working on a project now for the sewing side of things. My mother had sent my grandmother’s fabrics from long ago. Rich says he’s got all but one box up from the car. Right now it’s taking up the back part of our kitchen, but it needed some kind of organizing so that we could find places for it to be. So yesterday after fixing the table in the LR, we started again the cutting sorting projects.

We’ve got two plastic forms that are working real well for helping us to fold the larger pieces as to a regular size. They are mostly scraps like the kind CS collected and gave us through the plastic bags.

This picture is of the bigger pieces. It’s folded around the 6 ½” x 6 ½” square and then folded in half, so these pieces may look a lot bigger than they really are. I’m going to fill the bin – or, the 2 bins we’ve got and then probably keep them in the sewing room under the main cutting table. I had had the bins under the bed and we can go back there, but then the fabric isn’t as accessible. We’ll try to be arranging them by color shading via Jinny Beyer style. I love the prints.

We’ll have to keep them separate from CS though? I’m not sure. These prints are pretty old fashioned, but I suppose they are trendy too in some ways to what’s current. It’s a little different to be seeing so many reds. It must have been a favorite of my Grandma.

I’m so proud to have the fabric and we also got a couple of quilt tops that I’d like to see finished. I don’t want to take down their value, but I just love them because they were completed by my Great Grandmother. I’m just so proud that I’m following in her footsteps, and probably many before her. These are the two tops folded and then you can see my recent quilt in the background under the cats.

Wow. Just so many years involved … I feel like I’m as much a part of this history as any other and this is the one I want to contribute to.

CS and Marsha have quilted top pieces too, but CS has Marsha’s and has told her she would like to finish it for her. CS moves slow too so I’m not sure when that will happen. There is something very special in knowing that we have these pieces. I’m not sure how it will happen, but we’re thinking that were going to use the pieces to work into work with the Linus blanket project.

I’m thinking I talked about this too. I would like to pass some of it down to the girls too so those feelings are competing. There is one role model I really respect and that’s my friend Celia from Australia. She uses all the pieces extra and is making log cabin squares of her spare stuff and those will one day be put together. I almost have to do something like that on a weekly basis if we’re ever going to keep up at the kind of rate which is positive. I would like to do so much before the day I die. And, if I don’t get it done, I would like to at least organize it so someone after me either from the family or not can carry on.

It’s going to be a big deal getting to know these other local ladies that quilt in the area, I’ve got now Linda, the twins and Emily as quilting friends, but we are going to really need someone who quilts and is looking for fabric if something were to happen to us. As long as CS is around – she’s always got first claim to my stuff and my stuff is now just really old fabric of my grandma’s, but like the book and possible profit from there, we are finding that as long as you’ve got something tangible, you want to be passing it on. I’d love it if Cari or Nikki took up the quilting, but we can’t be sure that that kind of interest runs in their family too, or with them directly. I know, I know … plenty of time to plan, BUT …


Just so excited. And, it gets me back to thinking that we want to be finishing CS extra bag. Still a lot there. I am hoping that my arm holds out with all the cutting. We just have to be more productive toward the end of the day while we’re with Rich and he’s watching some of his TV. Lately, it seems that we’ve been falling asleep and not doing too much at the end of the day. I know I know … sleeping is good. Just its SOOO unproductive! YEEKS!

Ok, back to the work. We took this picture of the table as it sits now. The first stack is the size fabrics we’ve got in the container from the first picture, and then the second stack (still neat) is the stack from the 4 ½ x 4 ½” guide and then the last two stashes are from the pieces small enough to cut out the small pieces that will get stacked up for direct quilts. This table has been quiet too long.

There’s just so many more pieces to go through. Maybe I could make a life of collecting people scraps … there’s just something so pleasantly economical about it … *sigh*

Hehehe can you tell we rediscovered our camera. I was disappointed in how blurry the boys pictures were that were taken with our phone camera. I love the sharp shots of the Canon. It’s just a mini camera, but it’s terrific. I think we’re going to get back to setting up the batteries along with the batteries for the iPod and and Bluetooth headphones. Ok, can you see that we are like amped up? We’ve been splitting one pot of coffee with sweetie, so it can’t be that … You know we’ve even cleaned up the kitchen and started up the dishwasher. Yup yup life is just this good.

Hmm, one other thing that is very major? We went to our first WW meeting yesterday. How cool is that! We weighed in (with shoes) 298.2 pounds, I think on the home scale yesterday we were at 295 and this morning we’re at 294.0. Of course these second two weights are just with light pjs and no shoes. We’ve been comparing notes back and forth with Linda and she’s setting her goals too. We are very happy to be in this stage of our life. I can’t tell why it took so long to get behind this, especially because since the surgery we were down about 35 pounds. So, that is the weight we have to get back off, PLUS we have to go further. I figure that we have about 150 pounds to lose. They suggest looking at goals more short term though so were looking for our first 5% loss … That will be about 15 pounds.

So then logistically … our first goal is to hit ON the weight 4watchers scales 283 pounds. This would be terrific. By the 10% weight of 269.2, we will want to be back in the gym. I will be feeling great at even that weight …
Being at the WW’s place was pretty cool, though it was very crowded. It’s less than 3 miles from the house in one of the next town’s over on the NE corner of Wolf and 31 in back of the fast food restaurants. Yah I know cool. We’re going to the better location and it’s appreciative that we don’t stop in the other. It seemed like a small shop front though it was deep. There were a couple people at a crowded counter weighing in people – maybe 5-6 ahead of me and there was a lady who was roaming looking for people like me who didn’t know what the heck they were doing. She got me registered and she told me to go to the weigh in place and give this particular form to the people behind the desk.

As mentioned we were weighed in and then we were shown the next bigger room where all the people were meeting. There were about 100 or more people and a middle aged woman in the front. There was a whole lot of things to sell on the wall, and the chairs went out from the center and were wide, and then there were parts going back from the sides. There were people standing up, so we asked and received a chair. She had to go into the back room for it, but we would have never been able to stand.

We were late getting there and then was slowed down by the registration, but we listened to a fast past 15 minutes and it was told that there would be another meeting afterward for the new people. There were about half of us that stayed for the meeting. We figured some of those people were there because it was the NY, but also because WW has changed their program by a different Points Plus plan. I’m glad we came in when we did. They were very positive in saying you could come back to the intro meeting as often as you wished. Our meeting was 8:30 A.M. on Saturday, but next week we will try the 7 A.M. meeting to see if we can beat the crowd. We’re also thinking if we shouldn’t go to the 5:30 P.M. meeting tomorrow night. We’ll have to see. I can go as often as I want and we’re really paying for that.

I liked the woman talking … she seems to have been doing it for a long time and was business orientated, but fun too. She pointed out that two glasses of red wine were 2 points, three for three and four for four, and then she said in a higher more exuberant face – FIVE glasses of wine were FOUR points! She got a lot of giggles on that one.

There were little books and papers handed out that we read afterward when we got home. It explains the system with more depth. I think the rest is what people put into it, but the basics, are pretty easy to understand and manipulate. I like especially the part that fruits and most vegetables are free. WOW! All of a sudden they are my best friends! Sorry Linda!

AHA! Have I told you yet how domesticated we are being? I went in for the dish I made last night in the steamer/crockpot thing of baby carrots, onions and green pepper. I also add 99% fat free chicken broth … We’re REALLY sure that’s all free stuff! Can’t believe fresh fruits and most veggies are free! It was so worthwhile that we even microwaved it and set it off by a little hot sauce.

BUT, because I was in there Rich asked that I make him his eggs. I don’t know if I mentioned it yesterday, but we’re now making Rich and us 2 cheesy omelets each morning. This is breaking open our bank of cooking talents. I just have to wait 10 minutes and the little $15 machine does the rest. We got it from Walgreen’s and it’s a GREAT deal! But, then it was like ok, ten minutes … Rich then wanted toast and coffee, AND the dishes were washed (WE did that!) and needed to be put away.

This is just like huge. I’m so proud of ourselves. Flylady are you listening!??

It’s about 10:15 A.M. now … Rich is done with his morning show and is back to
fishing. And, he doesn’t even have his computer up yet. We talked to him and he said that he was figuring out money owed to him yet for summer games. I’m thinking it’s probably too late for him to collect, but he’s saying he can’t find a numbers sheet which means it might be already completed. *Oh Well!*

We were looking at the sewing room yesterday and we figured that we could add some more supports to the top shelf and then combine both shelves with CS packages.

Rich will give us help in redoing the shelves to give them to double the support with white brackets. He’s going to be leaving at noon for a baseball meeting.

He’s pretty frustrated because he had to deal with Comcast and only took care of half the problem. He figured out the sluggishness of the TV, but didn’t get to figuring why the Wi-fi from the computer is running so slow. But, by then he’d used up all his frustration points. Feeling bad for him. He wanted me to do it yesterday, but it’s hard when you don’t understand the problem. It happens after someone hands you a remote, and in this house its not often!

Yesterday Rich had a game that he left for about 4 P.M. maybe even earlier. We had already moved the table back to its original space giving us our corner and before he left we were into the cutting. As mentioned we got the piano going and then went back to the cutting. I think there was at least 1 ½ shows watching while not doing anything, but we were in our fall asleep on the couch position. Not much happening after that.

Maybe then we should go back to figuring out what was going to happen in the sewing room. I think the big white stuffy blankets things and white pieces like sheet backings will go up on top to the left and all CS stuff to the right. I need to make sure with Rich it will be good enough. Those are the things that we don’t use every day. We need one spot for the books and threads and that is happening on the short middle shelves, but then we have eight more mid-size shelves in blocks of four on either side of the room. I think that the two lower on the left are going to remain open for stacking the cut pieces from the scrap fabric. That is where I want it. I will probably have to have at least one section if not two sections for fabric that is bigger than the smaller pieces tucked away in the containers. So, lets plan on that fir the 2nd two long sets of shelves to the right. You need to stand on the couch to get here. On the upper left 2nd set of double long shelves is my series of wicker baskets. They are slight out of reach, need tip toes to reach. I’m going to need figure out what to put in those baskets.

I know one little on has safety pins, and the other odds and ends. I might be able to combine those two or put that stuff in the plastic drawers under the table. I would like to empty the third drawer from some of the bulky stuff so I can put stray papers and patterns somewhere. One basket is empty and I would like to save that for the current projects I’m working on … there’s another mid-size wicker that is holding left over fabric from the double fishy blanket project. Maybe we’ll work that through our scrap project like we’ve got going on out front. I don’t really want to separate old fabric from new, I would like to work on that more with color and texture. There are some smaller decorative containers and doo-dads that can be put wherever. I’d like to have something in them in case the girls came over and got snoopy.

We put all the colored pencils, markers, crayons whatever back to top of the file cabinet next to the drafting table. I like that part.

Hmm, we just went in and took a good look around this time not as fluttered as before. I think the wicker baskets are going back where they are on the upper left 2nd shelves. I of the smaller wicker baskets has tracing plastic things … two a wide and a tall wicker can go for the first and second projects we’re working on – just to help clear the table. I think there are three more smaller containers and those can float for a bit. Extra storage of stuff, I suppose.

Third drawer needs to be cleaned out – mostly table skirts for the tables. They can go to the fabric shelves. Then paper from the thread shelf can go down there.

The First and second drawer is the bigger and smaller “stuff” drawers for all the little stuff that needs to be hidden, but that is FOR sewing. I decided that I’m going to leave all four shelves on the right in both the 2nd and 3rd positions both sides for fabric. The regular stuff will go across both sides on the 2nd shelves and third shelf will be for flannel fabric from my grandmother’s stuff she has a lot of stuff precut. And then the 3rd shelf right will be for smaller fancier collections of rolls and bars of fabric, and maybe more for some of our knick-knacks.

Under the left table is a big bag of scraps to be cut and then we’ll stack both smaller fabric collections on top of each other and to the right there is our books (the one’s we produced) and the regular side small suitcase on wheels – our black leather for when we go out on overnights or sewing trips, and then there’s a stack sitting on their edge of cartons for the books. These things are under the ironing table. We decided too to keep the tracing table down on that same table. It takes up a third, but doesn’t interfere the ironing and will in proximity make it that much more handy for tracing.

I really have appreciated the work we’ve been doing one the girls stuff. There’s still a roundtable for ironing. I might bring that out to the spot in the living room, and leave under that the flat fold-up ironing cloth. It gives more space, but I trust it less heat wise. I will then clear up most of the stuff on the cutting table in back with the exception of the cutting boards and scrap buckets. Then the table for TV, sewing maching and sewing machine plexiglass should be on the bottom of the U table. I still have to clear up a few things on top of the fridge so there is only the small sewing machine, and by then things will be pretty much in order.

I think we do want to put something in the very back part of the L-bend to keep kitties from using that as a disposal, but because it’s a square blocked by the two sets of table legs, It’s not real easy to get to. I think we’ll try to see if the sewing machine suitcases can be fit in there by rolling out the shelves.

AND then! We need to get back to the closet. I think all of the new boxes can be accommodated, but to move up and out, we’re going to need arranging better some of the stuff in the closet.

Yeeks that was back to scary. Rich’s clothes take up 2/3rds of the closet – both the back right closet and the middle part. On the left side is suitcases and the kitty traveling box. There is no reason why the suitcases and the traveling container can’t fit under Rich’s clothes which are only half length. It seems he’s got some bricks (shelf blocks) in his section with a suitcase and a cooler in the middle. Up on top are a few old computer parts that are mine and a section of pictures the kids made for me or that were collected while they were small. Maybe I can put them in the dead section at the bottom of the L. I think the one box on top is Rich’s and there’s some curtains which could go in the upper closet of my bedroom until that gets cleaned out, maybe a few more odds and ends, but it could all be Rich’s space.

Pswhoo. That was a battle. We just went over things with Rich before having lunch … lunch was only 5 PP (PointsPlus) in that we had a turkey sandwich and it included free grapes. I feel full so that’s a good deal. I put the extra carrots in another bowl so Rich could use the slow-cooker for roast we will have tonight.

He has to go to a ball game meeting this afternoon and will be leaving within 15-30 minutes, but he’s now eating and has a turkey sandwich too. Good took care of points. I’ve eaten 11 PP and Rich has had 13 PP because he had extra bread. Thing is he’s got 40 left and we’ve got only 30 left, BUT he’s got more he can eat to stay in his straight and narrow. Whoops and there he goes out the door. He had garbage to take down, but we’ve got more we’ll be putting in that room soon.

Rich and us stayed in the back room until we’d figured things out. He doesn’t want the pictures under the table, because he thought they could come to harm from the cats. So after he comes home, he’s going to take the pictures down and clean out the front closet floor to better place them and his pictures under the clothing against the back wall. I don’t like them now because they are going across from left to right and blocking off the walk-in closet. He says that will be his chore, and he will help me with the shelf going to the top right of the sewing room when he gets home … again all CS quilt kits will be in one place. I think we got done figuring all that out with you, but were up to the closet.

He says that he only needs the top part of the closet. So we’ll throw out the old laptop computers and plug-in thing and put the lace curtains in the front bedroom closet, and take care of the few other things. He said to put just a few suitcases in his bottom part, but he’ll use more floor space there for shoes and slippers and such. The stuff that’s going across the top is his fishy lure plastic containers and he’s also going to put stuff that’s on my side of the bedroom closet along the top in there too so he can keep his stuff together.

He said that he wants the back closet for the bulkier stuff, because everyone needs a space like that. It will be the space for the cooler, kitty carrier, fan, big suitcase, table leaf, and maybe some folding chairs. He says there would be room for one or two big shelves if need be. I might hold him to that for run on sewing space. But that will be in the future. I’m going to throw a few things out like the 3 farm chairs and move the bricks from Rich’s closet over. I suppose I could keep the farm chairs if necessary. I’m thinking of having enough chairs for guests using the table … like when my granddaughters came over. We’ll see how things fit when straightened out. That’s my job for the afternoon. It shouldn’t take more than a half hour though.

It’s about 12:30 P.M. now … thinking of the mess in the kitchen. I think I have a few extra shelves in the kitchen so I might want to plan that out. Maybe I can put out some finished or at least top finished pieces. That be a little decorative and get them off the coffee table in the living room. There were a couple more small pieces found in one of the boxes. I’m thinking if I could at least take down CS stuff to the left – high chair that I could start moving around some of the other shelves. Hmm, it seems like the majority of this is just getting started, not one of my favorite tasks. Ok, we can do this, right?!

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