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Sunday, January 23, 2011

It be a dreamin morning!

Good morning … this is me. We’re up at a good time. Well 45 minutes went past without much adieu, but that part was normal in getting up to the point medicine was taken and our omelet was set to bake! We’ve now turned on Enya and it’s about 6:15 A.M. and we are on the second cup of coffee. Only thing better than a Sunday morning is a Saturday morning – God Bless them!

Today is the big rivalry game between Green Bay and Chicago. We’re pretty excited and think it would be really something if Bears could pull this off. Then WE would be the ones going to the Super Bowl. I’d be all for that.

Jean and Janet … yes cheese heads sent me this yesterday …

***WARNING*** The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Chicago, IL and surrounding areas for Sunday, January 23, 2011. This

warning will be in effect from 2:00pm until 6:00pm. This Flash Flood will be
caused by the tears of Bears fans as they watch their crazy Superbowl dreams
fade away. Flooding will intensify as the game goes on. GO PACK GO!!

So we made up this reply :) hehehe

Were you aware that Chicago Mayor Daley has mobilized forces and placed National Guards around the city? He is not allowing cheese heads to melt over the perimeters dissolving figments of their imagination.

It stopped pretty much there. I guess points were made. I don’t think either of us would make or break or day as to one winning over the other, but it was nice to be remembered as one of their Chicago friends. Gotta love the WIS people! We figure we would be hearing it from Linda too, but she’s up in Green Bay and we’re thinking she doesn’t have a computer connection. We’ll catch up with her for sure. It’s kinda funny she’s in Green Bay and we’re in Chicago on the day of the big match-up. She’s visiting her mother with Tony.

So … what has been going on here?

I think we were pretty caught up yesterday. Let me look.

It seems that we had put up some pictures of the house that we are going to have to get back to today … I think we wanted to spend some time feeling our way through the rooms. I’m not sure if we’ve done this before, but it is an acceptable thing to figure out if there are new thoughts. We had talked about being cranky, but I think that subject was covered in enough depth. We were up to date with our household chores and for a change we were talking about work again. We haven’t been doing much of that lately. It’s this new work at home thing … we’re excited to set up our systems.

I think a good part of yesterday morning was setting up “Go to my PC.” We’re not sure we’re real happy with it because it seems to be bogging down a bit, but we have to give it a chance because we’ve already set it up on both computers and have paid for the first month. We’ll see. We discovered afterward the other one was “Logmein.” I’ve done both in the past, but not sure which one is the best one because it has been a while.

It seems we left off after having talked about work for a while that Rich was just leaving for his game. I think that was about 6:00 P.M. He didn’t get home until about 9:30 – 10:00 P.M. I don’t remember … oh yeah we were sewing when he got in - more of that in a second.

After Rich left we figured … oh yeah. It’s a second later Hehehe. Anyway we were at our computer when Rich left. We wanted to post the entry, and then we remembered to look for our pictures of the house on the blog. We didn’t find them so we figured we should do that, but primarily we wanted to get to the sewing because the night seems to go past so fast and then we find we haven’t progressed things. So we said good-bye to sweetie, posted to the blog, and then went into the sewing room. It seems it has been a day or two since being in there so we had to sit on the couch and acclimate ourselves again.

We started thinking we should have gotten the two new bins by now. So we looked outside the door and didn’t see them so made the executive decision to go downstairs to see if by chance we’d missed the delivery. BINGO! The two plastic bins were in a box at the bottom of the store. They are pretty big … almost fitting the entire width of the double closet. We are still able to stack them and then fit in the plastic upright kitchen garbage. I was glad for that to get it out of the way, but still accessible.

I couldn’t be more happy with the purchase … here let me show you.

Pretty cool, hmm? We figure that we could fit in two more of these under our bed, but then we would be separating the collection and we might be then gathering too much in the line of fabric without using it up properly. I’m really proud of this collection to me it means just a bevy of options. The bottom bin is for the baby flannel scraps, and then the middle two bins are filled with the things from CS’ bag and from the few things that we’ve collected from our own sewing. And, then the top bin has got the balance of my Grandmother’s scraps – the ones that aren’t in the living room. There is a little stash there only about six inches high.

I’m soooo happy with this arrangement. I tried to think later what got me to be doing this exact size bin, but I figured that it was because we already had the two bins from CS and they seemed to fill in the closet well. I like the transparency, and that it fit the fabrics so well without over-crowding them and that they were on wheels in case I wanted to get them into the living room or other, I could drive them in. I also like that it’s a good view of what’s in the box, that wouldn’t have happened with a slimmer narrow and more upright box. It seems to look good too as to the perspective of the cubbies on top … they match in proportion.

This is the newest picture of our scrap quilt in progress.

We got another row added. I soooo much enjoyed doing this … We started from scratch counting out the 1 ½ x 1 ½ inch squares and then we put one with one with 2/3rds the little stacks of thirty, and then we sewed on the last 1/3 to make a trio of squares, and then we sewed 2/3rds of the triplets to each other, and then finally sewed the last 1/3 to that to make a 9 square. Then we sewed the colored 3 x 3 inch squares to a plain 3 x 3 inch square – well actually 3 ¼ inch. We cut down the squares a ¼ inch to make sure all the ends were even. And then we sewed the ten double squares together to make a strip, and then we sewed the strip to the ones already sewn in place. There are ten colored/plain blocs to a row and we hope to make at least nine more rows for a total of 12.

I think we have just enough plain blocks for that. We cut out the remaining fabric and found we had 9 rows x 12 squares in each making a grand total of 108. That gives us ten rows, but we’ve used one and added that to the two three we already had – will make … hmm maybe that makes thirteen? Well at least twelve and maybe thirteen :) It will make the length 78” … plus one more row would be 84.5. The popular size is about 70 x 90 inches … that means if our quilt is 65 x 85 we can put about a 5” border on it. Wow. That’s pretty close! I’m really happy with the results. I’m more than ecstatic that there were just enough of the plain squares.

I know there will be enough of the colored squares, because we can always cut more of them – most likely from the 1 ½ x 3 ½ strips. Good Ann! We’ll have to think it out later what will make an appropriate border. But, we’re really happy the way the sizes came out. Oh, said that already? I must be then doubly sure of it :)

In the future, I will want to color coordinate some of the fabrics like using variations of red and green or something close to that. I might have to see CS or shop for the backing fabric. We ordered some batting for the twin size bed, but we are at a loss as to having big size fabrics in a variety of colors that are big enough for the backing. I’m leaning toward the usage of yarn to tie the blanket, but think we’ll have to get some yarn – we just have one skein in white. I don’t really want to mess these quilts up with stripling quite yet and I like the older fashioned look of the yarn corners.

WooHOO!! Baby is up!

AND, Vicki is up! We chatted for only a moment, but there seems to be comfort in the day hearing how she’s doing and knowing she’s right there around the proverbial corner. Good Vicki!

Rich is starting slow. It’s about 7:30 A.M. and he has poured his coffee and sat down to a fishy show. I think we are so well matched up in this regard. He is to fishing as we are to quilting and writing. I’d like to see him playing with the lures today though as he keeps talking about. I think he must sometimes like to think more than do. He has conflicts with resting as being much else other than watching TV. When he works, he really works and we’re so appreciative of him doing stuff like grocery shopping, cooking and laundry. Just we don’t like to hear him complain after the fact what didn’t get done … think that through at the beginning so you can get other stuff done too. We like when he is happy with his day.

Ok, then maybe a few moments with the new house dream? The house we’re looking at is more money and less room. I think we’ve mentioned this before … it’s like this.

Hmm, maybe we’ve shown you these kinds of pictures before. Let’s move on then, right?

Ok … pretty much centering on the new house … I hadn’t realized that it’s actually bigger than Denali. I’m not sure though Denali. Part of Denali is the basement as living space. It comes with walls in and carpeting. You have to build the bathroom down there though. If it had been no problem with location I might take Montgomery over the other two, but location is a matter for Sweetie – at least for now. BUT, I have to say in all honesty I am liking the Wildmeadow more and more each time I look at it. It’s like we said before, one or two rooms less on each floor, but it feels more cozy and ready for the size of just us in the house – Rich and me.

I think we’ve gone as far to set out that the living room will be my office, the dining room will be Rich’s office and the loft will be opened to the third bedroom to make one large 22x 12 foot quilting studio.

The part I had fun with yesterday was to imagine a little as to the usage of space. I decided first that we might be able to save some bucks by not doing the optional cupboard in the kitchen. This would need to be considered, but pretty much we are looking for a space for the two bakers racks. We might hold onto those and add a third, or we might one day designate them to the sewing room and instead add a china cabinet – not too fancy, but something to put formal dishes in. I don’t think there is a lot of cabinets in the room, but we’d have the butler’s pantry AND the regular walk-in pantry.

I like the idea of one efficient use of space without necessarily spreading the food items all around the kitchen. If there is a place for dishes and pots and pans then really how much food can you store without being wasted? I think the big thing we’d be missing is that cupboards can be very beautiful, especially in quantity and depth. But, then we lose on diversity. If we were ever to get china cabinet we’d have to keep this space open. There’s a lot of really nice stuff out there. I think the space would almost be 8-9 feet. Big enough!

With the family room, we would keep it pretty simple because we’d take two options in that we want the fire place and the optional French doors into my office. The couch – three piece would go under the long windows on the north wall – the chaise is the closest portion of the the couch toward the breakfast room. And more toward the end – or middle of the room would be Rich’s chair. That’s it except we might put a couple wing chairs under the two windows on either side of the fireplace.

That be a good idea. We’d have to by them. It be good for guests, but not overcrowd the regular room. And then strange enough, we would keep the drafting table in our living room. It would go easily at an angle in the SE corner of the room on the other side of Rich’s chair. The TV would go over the fireplace. I would like a couple of plants – on the floor up to about three to four feet, but for the most part … the living room would be done.

We are seeing the picture above our couch now as going into Rich’s office. He’s got two walls it could go. We would need to let him decorate the room … it is 13 x 10’10” so he could comfortable put in a 6-7 foot desk. I think I would like to see those extra couple of walls ready to hold his fishy gear. I’m thinking primarily of the fishing lures since he seems to want to play with those. I could see some kind of bookcase/buffet thing. There might be some things worth hiding, but that be up to him. The one thing I know he should have is a desk, and probably he would want a TV in his room. Eh, whatever ;)

Trying to make the best use of furniture, I would keep my tall computer desk and I would have both files. I would put the tall desk on the long wall and on the north side of that and across from that on the east wall I would put the files. I would want a quilt above both of the files. AND I would like on the south side of the wall a 6 foot desk so I would look into the room with the bay window at my back. I would like a set of two chairs that match. One for both desks and then the one from the tall desk could be pulled over in front of the writing desk if someone like Rich were in my room.

Like we state before we like the open French doors, because then we could see and talk to Rich while he’s in the family room. That is still where he is going to spend the majority of his time. It looks like there is a double door space going into both of the offices. We don’t really need the formal LR or DR, because the breakfast and family room will be sufficient AND fancy enough to cover our needs.

This has to be a house we are comfortable in living with. Right now the dining room is the least used space in the house. We find ourselves eating a lot in the living room. Maybe it would be different with the dining room table between the open kitchen and family room. It might mean getting a new table and chairs – chairs that are more comfortable and something to match the new china cabinet :)

Maybe the two baker’s racks would go in the spare bedroom with a little desk between the two. We would also keep that closet clean except we’d get a couple luggage racks. AND, I really like the idea a small fridge and microwave in the room. I hate to think hotel room here, but that’s pretty much the right thing to do I believe to make guests happy. It would mean too having a TV in the room.

Hmm, maybe the baker’s racks will need to go somewhere else. I don’t see them holding a TV and you are going to need that space along with maybe a tall dresser and a small desk.

I absolutely love the placement of the laundry room between this room and the sewing room and opposite the Master bedroom.

As to the sewing room – keeping the same general format … I would do it like this … between the two north windows is about 8 feet. This is perfect for the width of my main table. I would have to reverse the difference between the 5 ft (60 inch table) for cutting with the 40” table where the ironing is because the loft on the right side is longer than the bedroom – opening now into the loft on the left.

There is a closet on the left and that comes into the room shortening it by a couple feet. I think the difference from 60 and 40” will be perfect. On the east wall, I would put the couch and on the west side of the room, I would leave up the ironing table. I would keep a similar thing in the closet as we have now in our back sewing portion of the closet. AND then, on the west, north and east walls above the ironing table, the long sewing table, and the couch – there would be walls built up like now – you know with the shelves? The only difference is that now there is only two walls where in the future there would be three walls.

Hmm, that would actually – in the corners on either side of the north wall – a perfect space for the two baker’s racks. It looks like that wall is about 3 feet, and the baker’s racks are narrower than that, but I’d probably put them on an angle. They could highlight special things. So that is that – 2 feet ironing table, plus 8 feet table, plus 3 feet couch would leave from 22 – 8 to 9 feet.

Split in half that would mean there’d be 4- 4 ½ feet between ironing table, table and couch – I love the way this all fits in. Just have to make sure to get someone to do the hanging shelves right away. I love the idea of having an extra 8” x 4” = 32’ of space for fabric. It would take me a while to do all that, but I’m pretty sure that it could be done maybe more to do with building a stash from scraps.

You could imagine that we had a real nice time placing this room … so now our mind is actively imagining out the scenario. As to hard space to work on we’re not getting too much more space, other than spacing of walk space which makes the room more comfortable and we’d be getting the ironing table to stay up. I’m comfortable with that I think I’ve got a perfect amount of space now.

There was a question as to facing the sewing machine toward the wall or outward toward the large open space between rooms. I decided for use of space it really has to face the wall which is really ok, because it will have the nice shelves above it with light coming in from either side. If I would had them opening in the back by the north wall, I would have lost that space as to shelving and its really hard to turn your nose up at 32’ of shelving. I’m wondering now, but I think the wall between the open bedroom and the laundry room – about the width of a closet – might be big enough for the design wall. I have gotten the Fons and Porter portable design wall, but that will be pretty much for over the closet when that is not being used. We should have something – nails or something to hang it. That board will be for putting together blocks on fabric – where now our board is more like a bulletin board.

The master bedroom is up in the air in that … it is going to need a King size bed and an amoir for a tv on the west wall. The bed would go on the south wall between the two windows and there would be nightstands on either side of the bed. And, then the there would be a wide dresser under the double window with a comfortable recliner/light on the NE corner of the room in the corner off the right WIC. The double door opens on the other side of the entry to the two WIC and they are opposite each other.

That’s pretty much it of the house … there is the garage which I would hope to leave clean enough to store the cars AND Rich’s boat, and then there would be the space in the basement. There is a notation of it being especially deep, but it really looks square. I think the larger room on the north side is about 37 x 14 foot, and then there would be a space about 12 x 10 on the SW corner and on the SE corner about 19 x 13. Lots could be done with that much space. I think the space 12 x 10 would be saved for storage. I’m thinking for things like kitty boxes, luggage, Christmas stuff and maybe extra clothing and blankets.

37 x 14 would make a hell of a den. AND, I think the 19 x 13 foot space should be a built-in spa. I’m thinking a nice sized Jacuzzi – with an attached, but separable bathroom. I think that is a wonderful idea! And, it would be exceptional draw to the next people moving in. It be really a matter of a fine art in doing the den area. It be inviting shortening the walls so they would be about two rooms 18 x 14, but then that takes away some of its beauty. Maybe I would have one 20 x 14 room for a private den with another fire place and I would use the other room 17 x 14 as a game room.

I’m thinking here that it the den could be really a theatre room? WOW! That’s a great idea! Maybe the smaller TV over the fireplace in the family room and a bigger one downstairs – now, the only question is do we close off the kids’ video room? Yah, I think so … It’s a matter if the kids are bigger and can be on their own or are smaller and need supervision. I’m thinking though as far as setting up theatre sound the 20x14 room would be the better deal. 2’ 4’ 4’ ok, I think first on the west wall is the TV entertainment center, and then TWO rows of chairs or combination two chairs and one couch … one set right in back of the other. That pretty much fills up about 12 feet of room, and then I would have a two foot deep kitchen set-up against the back wall It be nice to have a web-bar situation and a microwave for popcorn and such. There’d be a little two foot wall on the SW corner so I could have some plants across the bottom of the stairs. Left toward storage right toward theatre room, video room and super Jacuzzi room – oh man oh man!


I don’t know if we could get any better through the day. I’ve been thinking of just the practical things like the rooms we’d normally be living in, but downstairs it’s going to have to be called the playrooms. It’s the extra stuff people like Jacuzzi and special bath … I mean you could do a lot with a room 19 x 13 and then the video and media rooms! Wow, I was really worrying about making it a two bedroom house with a double loft, but I think this would make it valuable! Pretty sure these plans are going to cost about 100-150,000 though so we’re talking really about $4-450,000 total. We’re going to need getting real rich. Funny, Rich and I just watched something on Sunday morning about collectors. If anything I’m the collector of nice home designs. I think for a real enthusiast they would laugh though at having something so common, but shoot … just be so nice, hmm? What a blast the kids would have and grandkids in coming over. Maybe even their children. I just think life could be this good.

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