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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's a workaday world!

Good morning. This is me. We’re up and have showered and such, but not all the way to getting dressed. It is after 6:00 A.M. and we just woke up Sir Sweetie-Pie. We figure we’ve got about 45 minutes before we should be dressed. We wrote to Linda prior to the shower so figure it’s now about that time.

We have had a great couple of days since we started working at home two days a week. We stuck with the program and got more – almost an entire eight hours of work done on each day. It’s more because we hadn’t been doing that at work. I’m just so happy with the results. I was telling Linda, but we’ve figured out that it takes about two hours to get through each of the reports we are working at. We’re getting things together for the Individual Program Plan IPP cover, and then the DSP note has to be formalized, we are adding an addendum to the meeting, then there is the goals, and then the formalized two page goals and objective sheet, and then the closing signatures page. So six elements? We are also checking for the formatting so that all of it is straightened up with one another.

At the rate that we are going including meetings, we are going to be finishing this up we hope about Tuesday. We will consider a little work on it on Saturday if we don’t get eight more done in the next three days – leaving four for each Monday and Tuesday at home next week. We are going to need staying focused. I’m going to need getting something out to the parents too. We are going to want signatures and then to check dates as to formal papers, particularly medicals. I don’t think we’re too bad, but it’s about time we updated those records. We will have to see how it goes with the reports as to whether or not we could get the outgoing letters done too.

I feel comfortable with the means of getting everything done. So far we’ve opened two screens on our home computer so that one screen is the work computer and one is personal. Rich called us yesterday after he got to St. Rose and realized that things were happening on my screen. Yup yup dear … we’re working remote. We are not putting anything personal on that screen and we’re thinking that at least if someone came in to the office they could see that we were working. AHA! Yup it just is that way!

The advantage to working directly on the work computer – major advantage is that we don’t have to worry about transferring information back and forth from computers and using email and flash drives to do it. We also hooked up our home computer to the remote program, so we can get back to this screen if necessary. I think we are in good shape. We are being very careful too to not take anything out of our brief case that we aren’t working on so there’s not so much worry into packing things up from one end to another. I’m feeling pretty happy with the program so far.

We’re going to try really hard to close up by 6:45 A.M. too so we can get to work closer to 7:30 A.M. That will help us feel more productive. It’s also a good idea to keep showers and medicines and dressing and such on time whether we are at home or work for the day.

Last night we closed up around 5:00 P.M. and it was really nice to go from work direct to home direct in that it was only a walk to the fridge for dinner and we were just done with the day. We ate and watched CNN, but around 7 P.M. we fell asleep. By about 8 P.M. we were up and setting ourselves up in the back room. We figured that if Rich weren’t here – he was out at a game that we should be working in the back. It’s really the end goal to be putting together quilts … whereas cutting quilts is more a leisure activity for when just bumming out and watching TV with Rich.

About the time that we got to the back, Rich was walking in … it took only a few moments to realize that we both had separate objectives. We wanted to watch CNN coverage of the State of the Union address and he was going to want and mellow out with the shows he watches. That didn’t seem to be much problem, AND in the process, we got another row done with the quilting. We were telling Linda, we need to rethink our objectives, because we’d figured wrong with the colored quilt squares and the blanks in-between so that we are really coming in a half-length blanket short. We need to rethink the way our minds work here in this regard.

Basically it has to do with counting colored, beige, colored, beige etc. so that it’s really twenty rows across, where going down it’s in a zig-zag direction with the colored pieces so we would need twice as many colored pieces to count up to the 12-13 we were going for. There are a couple of options. We can short-suit our project and just use it for a wall hanging, we’re thinking that we could put it above the printer or piano, or we could tip it on its side and fill in the blanket with some other kinds of patterns (without the same beige), or we could … I’m not sure … must be something we can do to rectify that it isn’t going to turn out as we expected.

We’re not going to over worry about it now. One thing for sure … is that it is very pretty to our senses. I love the way the squares and such are turning out. I should have counted on this kind of problem in that with the fish quilt we were only 7-9 fish across, but like 18 fish down. Hmm, maybe Linda is going to work some sense into us as to figuring this kind of thing out prior to making final plans.

That’s pretty much it for the moment. We’ve got an annual meeting at 10 A.M. this morning and we’re going to need doing some typing of the notes when we get to work. It’s going to help in that we’ve already covered the basics in our blogging this morning from home, so maybe getting started right away at work has sunk in from trying to be productively on time at home. So far it is feeling great!

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