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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a couple minutes and then jumping into work

Good morning … it is us and we’re just going to write a little bit. Then we are going to get back into work. We’re at work and having a harder time concentrating. So far we’ve been back in the office for almost an hour and a half and three staff has come in to chat. Some of it is about the clients, but mostly it’s about getting caught up. I think this is the kind of stuff that doesn’t happen when you are at home. It’s probably a good thing in coming to work. I guess I am part of the social fabric here. Make that four people. Sr. talked to me about one of the clients when I first came in. It’s an adjustment we’ll all learn with me being that much less accessible.

One of the staff was teasing yesterday when I ran into three of them in the lunchroom. She said that she was going to have a field trip to during the day to bring her troubled clients to my house to talk to me. She said she’d be the designated driver. I should have told her I’d put the coffee on. *silly grin*
Today is staff training day. I will want to start thinking soon about that. I know that the first day of the New Year we did the keypad on the computers, and then last time we talked about what they’re different levels were in working with not only computers, but with other electronic devices like phones. One of the things I was surprised at was how they didn’t know very many programs that would assist them in things they would like to do. I’m having the hardest time with them not working with the Word program. I think I’m going to bring some laptops into the client’s computer room where the three desktops are. All the new computers have Word 2010.

Ok, we’re back to the regular stuff … I think we’re going to make a lesson out of doing the Home Tab on the Word. That should be a fun lesson for them and take down some inhibitions on playing around. Maybe they can have some fun with it if they knew how easy it was to do the switches like the one above. We might have to look at one of the computers … we’ve got one on the writing desk to see if there are any new functions on 2010 from 2007 Word. I think it’s basically the same, but we might be surprised. Ok, good … then we’ve just worked out those details.

The staff is in Chapel right now, but I’m thinking that I will want to talk to two of them about their clients. I want to assure that they and us are on the same page with goals. I might have to look for one more staff though … it’s between two of them now that Karla is away as to who is doing goals with this particular client.

You knew basically what we were doing yesterday with our goals in cleaning up the annuals. We will need to continue that today. We did try getting some stuff out to CSO last night with the emails, but it came back as to being not deliverable.

I’ll want to get to the bottom of that today. Maybe if I ask them to send me an email first I can then get past what is most like their security clearance issues.

We did get done with two more sets and we started on two others, so we’re feeling pretty good about that advancement. So far we’re still on track for finishing the project by Tuesday next week. One of the staff is gone today, but we can avoid worrying through her clients. I would be satisfied with getting the two done we started and perhaps two more. We are up to … ok, got it. I think we’ll jump toward the end of our list and work on the two clients of one particular staff who seems most concerned about getting things cleared up. I’m pretty sure she is here today so I can ask her about the goals.

As to yesterday, we had a pretty good working day … beside the above we also got another meeting under our belt. It went pretty smoothly. The parent was a little defensive, but that might have been because there were so many of us here from the center. The trainer and I were there, but as well Sr. and the new psychologist on board here at the center. I thought the meeting was organized and balanced in conversation.

After we went home we discovered that our baby was not feeling good. He said that his back was hurting and he had a bit of a fever. He didn’t feel well enough to eat right away, but he’d made dinner of pork roast, potatoes, carrots and onions.

It was very good and he caught up a bit later. We watched fishy shows with him a bit from the couch, and then we asked and he said that it be ok if we worked in the living room on the cutting. I think he wanted to make sure we were close if anything happened or he was in need. In our home this is acceptable behavior when someone’s not feeling good.

He was drinking tea and we at one point set up the couch for him with a heating pad. He wouldn’t take a blanket, but he did accept the heat, so we figured all was well there. After a couple of fishy shows, we watched the closer, and then a couple NCIS, but the cutting only lasted until about 8 P.M. and then we gave him a massage. He was appreciative until we fell asleep early about 9 P.M. He teased us by moving one of his fingers as to how well the massage had gone. *Yeeks!*

This morning we were tired too even though we’d fallen asleep early. We got up with the kitties at 4, but we were back sleeping by 4:15 A.M. We slept until 6:30 A.M. when Rich had a very difficult time waking us up. We got then into the shower right away and was ready to leave by 7 A.M. Rich took his shower at 6:45 A.M. because he had meetings this morning AND I think he has a game tonight, so we’re hoping he’s doing ok. I think we’re supposed to call him in about ten minutes.

Maybe it is just checking in? It’s always different when someone isn’t feeling good.

So … we’re pretty much caught up. Hmm, we just got a note from Dr. Marvin reminding us that we’re moving the appointment up to 4 P.M. instead of 4:30 P.M. Shoot I would have forgotten that. We should leave at 3:15 P.M. so we left ourselves a note. We’ll try to remember and let Sr. know on one of the trips back and forth today.

There we just got in our Rich call … He’s almost to Springfield. He’s got meetings downstate because he’s being a good representative of the providers. He said it was ok if I dropped that news … silly Rich! His game tonight is at 4:30 P.M. so his meeting probably doesn’t run past lunch. He said he’d be home about 6:30 P.M. and the main thing of the call was to make sure we had our phone plugged in. I guess he couldn’t reach me on our cell yesterday.

Ok groups are back so we’re going to see how that goes. Be taking care!

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