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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh man ... I sure do have a good life ... just its busy

Good morning … this is me. It’s a little late to be starting this entry, but within realms of still being a Saturday morning. It’s almost 9 A.M. And, the good part? We already went to our WW meeting and we had a successful 2 pound lost – even. That’s pretty good I think, but we found ourselves still envious of other people who had lost more. Then I think well we’re only supposed to lose 2 pounds a week so that is actually a good deal. At this rate I’ll do my first 5% goal by the end of February. There, that seems fair, right? That put me at like 90 pounds goal by the end of the year. Yup yup I’d be happy with that! We are just going to need staying on the straight and narrow.

I think we start really feeling like we are losing weight when we get to about 265, but that is where we usually lose the diet. I’ll have to be more careful this time. That should be like the end of April – and will mark my 10% goal. Ok, good good.

We were up earlier. I think we originally woke up at 3:30 A.M., but then after getting up we snoozed for an hour, and then we were doing whatever Ann must do to not realize what she is doing and I remember taking the shower at about 5:30 A.M. and leaving the house at 6:30 A.M. to be ready for the 7 A.M. weight watchers meeting. We got Rich up about 6:15 A.M. so we could see him for a few minutes and then like barges in the night we passed each other as we came in and he left for his game. I should say games. He didn’t tell me he was doing four of them and wouldn’t be home until 2 P.M.

It’s not really a problem, but there is a sense of worry that he’s working too hard, and bother that he’s gone. I know though that he’d be restless if he were home and he’d want to be accomplishing something. So in this respect, maybe its is BETTER that he’s missing my morning! We’ve got STUFF to do!

We wrote to Linda already and we are waiting for her to wake up … She said this week once it happened at 8:30 A.M. Man that drive me crazy … Half the day gone by!

We’re thinking though she is compensating by burning the midnight oil.

I didn’t catch up with CS last night, but word is she’s moving to her MIL’s on her own, and she should have gotten in the building sometimes yesterday. There are a whole lot of thoughts there, but that’s harder to work out in the blog. I don’t know what’s happening, because the SIL was supposed to move in too. Maybe CS can catch me up on that today. I feel with her the same as my Mother that they are both on their own right now and it’s a good idea for me to check in on things. I know they are both independent women, but people need to touch base with reality by talking to others at sometime during the day.

My mother seems to be doing ok. She is on her own now that Margaret left back to her own place. I know she loves her dearly, but each of us need time on our own too. LIKE when fishyman is out of the house on a Saturday morning. WOOHOO!!!

Well, not saying that my mother is playing as much as we are, but it might not be a bad idea. She does her crocheting. Yesterday she said something about making lists so I have the feeling that’s what she’s going to do this morning. She has things to do before her shoulder surgery. She’s going in for an evaluation of that situation on the 20th, so I suppose then that is about Thursday? Sounds right.

We’re not for the idea at all until she gets household help in. She has someone now to do it, but she needs to give that person a call and start things out. I’ve seen her avoiding laundry and so we’re thinking she’s behind and that is something the other person can be doing. My mother might be feeling a little guilty here or perhaps it’s an invasion of her privacy, but there should be certain loads that she can let go of to the hired help. If it is slowing you down then there is some kind of problem that needs to be dealt with. I’m all for liberal accommodations.

You might have caught our pictures over on Facebook, and maybe we’ll put a few here. But the big deal yesterday was that we had seen before leaving work that Rich had signed for a couple of my packages. WooHOO!!! My pink cubby holes had come in. It took some pretty good patience, and a nick off my right ring finger, but they finally got put together. At one point we were giving Rich dirty looks for not helping, but then we thought that was never an intention to have him help.

Plus he didn’t have the time to finish the project and there was no way we were going to sit on it with it being so close on hand.

The plastic wasn’t as solid as I’d hoped, but it was strong and once the pieces got clipped together proper it held without bowing or swaying. I liked that part. I figured out the hardest part could be fixed by putting direct pressure points on the joints and that would happen after the back piece got put in place. I also found that we didn’t have to worry about pushing harder, as long as we heard two clicks. Maybe you have to be there.

The color is very pink and almost purple which is pretty wild for us. I thought often of my DIL and her love of the color pink. Pswhoo. It was bold! We ended up configuring it so that there were six boxes on the bottom and four boxes in the middle and on the top. It took up perfectly the length of the bottom shelf. We lost a box in the process to make it fit and one box had to be accommodated for because of the upper shelf bracket, but other than that it worked really well. I got in the lengths as if it were measured precisely.

After we got one done we rested a bit before starting the next. We had to clear off the fabric on the shelves to fit on the new stuff, so then of course, we had to find room back on the shelf/cubby for the cut pieces. It was soooo cool. There are odds and ends pieces, but for the majority – it seemed very fit and proper that we could be stacking the cut pieces by size and shape. We started in the lower right corner with 1 ½ x 1 1/2” squares because that is our smallest piece and it is the closest and most accessible position toward where we are sitting, from there we went to the left and then up.

It seems like every new piece of anything we bring into the room is like collecting gold bullion. After we got the pieces put together and the cubbies dressed, then we had to well beside sitting and staring at it for a while, we got to do then some work on sewing. I did notice that while sewing the focus is really just on the area directly in front of the lights on the three sides (cutting board side, sewing machine side, and ironing/transfer side). You know by now they each have their own light and that outlines a very nice space directly underneath and a little to each side.

I talked someone where else, but it is like having a work station and being an elf. When you are focused on your work, you don’t see anything else. The cubbies give the feeling as if everything is in arm’s length. It seems like that in general.

AHA and before we sit down for long, we went back and updated the other wall a bit too. It was looking very blank after having fixed the first wall. We hung up the pictures of the quilts on top. There is about 7 in the shorter stacks and 11-12 in the longer stacks. It takes a bit of time to do things in the room on the walls because you have to do it from the couch or high chair … always happy with the progression of tasks.

I’m going for the filled-in room affect. I like the thought of being in a workshop and having the things surrounding the control chair. The kitty? He’s a guard cat … don’t let his floppy look fool you. He knows jujitsu! One more shot? This is a favorite!

Cool, hmm? Feel like we’re at the post office and love every moment of it. Maybe this is a toss back from college. We had these little boxes with a double set of combination locks. I loved it! Plus my uncle as a printer gave us some stationary with our new PO Box number (109) on it. Now we’re sharing a PO box with Rich.

Instead of mail being scary now days, it is fun. Rich did a lot here for us in that he takes care of the bills from my account. It’s a lot less threatening going to the mail if there might be something just fun.

We are having a little hard time with the spending again, We did one more shopping thing. Ok, well like two … I know I know … this is hard for me too, so I’m figuring its painful to you too. How slim can she stretch that budget? And, is she REALLY going to make another book? With WHAT funds? Well, Ok those are questions beyond the scope of this note. I’m just going to put this down …

These are the two items. Obviously we are working on the below the scenes things. I HATE our laundry system now. It’s going to take some updating. I figure that we could fit this rolling bin in my shirt closet. The shirts are a little long and we might have to clean up the floor space some, but it should be better then what’s there. It’s got the four dividers so we can have one for towels, whites, darks and dry cleaning. That way it’s not all over the floor where it’s tough for me to pick up.

Rich does this task right now and when he does laundry there is too much of it to do at one time. I figure if we both just get in the habit of taking down a bag – see handles each time one is full, then it won’t be such a big deal on weekends, especially coming up because of all his fishing trips.

I’m hoping that if there was only one load at a time, we could do the three necessary trips to get one load, especially if it were a part of our physical regiment, because we’re getting so much more skinny. *Sigh* Ok, we do have these hopes. It has to be like the dishes in that I can do it as well as Rich. Reminds me we should do a sweep of the apartment to see what can be put away, hmm? BRB.

Good good. We did the picking-up. I’m thinking I might start the dishwasher too though it’s only half full. Maybe? It’s got the popcorn bowl and that should be ready for a couple late night sneaky people. We even went back and did the dishwasher. I think our counter corn eater likes to cook better when the kitchen is cleaned up and he is more likely to do laundry or floors too when things are picked up. We got to all six rooms. YAYY!!!

I think this might be an early return on losing weight and having done so well in going to WW first thing in the morning. I know my baby is going to be tired when he gets home, so I’m hoping he’ll appreciate walking into a nice neat place. Hmm, there is the question of the garbage boxes to go out. I took the wet bags with me this morning, but he said he was going to consolidate some boxes and take them down all together. Hmm, he DID teach me to be a shipping receiving clerk, Hmm? Well ok ok … we’re going.

Done! Boy he’s going to get quite the deal if I get more domesticated by weight loss. Maybe we can compromise for a while and I just go down stairs for SOME of the clothes and then the others he gets. I still get tired by doing things. It sure would be something to get the kind of energy back that I used to have in the olden days. We opened the door and lit a candle too … candles seem to say you earned a “nice reward.” Kitty litter went down in the earlier garbage so we’re all good there. No there is no end to the amount of details I’m ready and willing to give you Hehehe.

AHA! Linda came by. She said we did good with the two pounds and we’re just easy enough by now to believe her! She’s going to look at a book for storage ideas for her closet, but for now she’s headed with gift cards to the fabric store. Oh man go Linda Go!

I think it’s going to be a couple more hours before Rich gets home. I will stop for lunch in a bit, but I’m thinking now we might want to toggle between here and some marketing ideas.

We had a very good talk with Marie yesterday after work. She called about the time we were putting together cubbies. She wants us to invest more time in marketing than in editing the second book right now and Carolyn agrees.

Ok … what was happening there? Oh yeah. We had lunch. That was a good idea. We had a turkey sandwich and a ¼ piece of melon. I forget which kind. We heard this morning at the meeting that we had to be doing the fiber thing, but pretty much they were calling things power foods and those were a lot of the veggies and fruits. I think part of it is that they are high density/low calorie, they are nutritious and they make us feel good. I’m not sure if I have that down yet in my head, but eventually I will. It seems that there is a lot of rhetorical stuff, especially the key components.

At the meeting, the lady … I just looked it up. She is Charmaine. Apparently she does both the meetings I’ve attended so far on Saturdays at 7:00 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. If I were going to go to another meeting, most likely it would be Oak Park – going north less than five miles away or going south about 8 miles Oak Lawn. It looks like in both those places they have a regular shop that has meetings every day. This is a good thing to know.

AHA! Just got a message from the Accountant. I didn’t know if I’d be forgotten.

I have to have a sales tax form sent in by the 20th. Maybe we can take care of that Monday. I sent them a copy of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and a small royalty fee. BELIEVE me … VERY small! I will make an appointment for the getting the taxes done. It should take them about ten minutes to do personal and business. I expect I’m going to need paying a couple hundred dollars. I hope they aren’t going to charge me that much though. It is worth it though to know they are done right. There’s a little discrepancy in that it seems Kathy the accountants CPA daughter – one of them has two emails. Yeeks. Don’t want to lose anything in the process. I don’t know how busy they will be or what it will be like, but I’m willing to have some confidence in them.

Hmm, this was Ann being silly. I had gone in the kitchen maybe for more coffee or something, but basically we ended up sitting in the back for a bit. Then we thought of something and followed through.

Marcia had called about going to a movie with her and Bob, and I needed to finish up some stuff here, but I told her we would call her back when Rich got home and talk about going out to dinner. She reminded me that it was Bob’s birthday on Tuesday, and that maybe we could do something, but he was in the background and reminded her that Tuesday was his bowling night … so we’re hoping we can go out tonight while Marcia is here so we can celebrate his day today.

The silly part? We were thinking how could we top such a nice quilt gift we’d given him for Christmas … Hehehe this was our solution

Giggling now - we are so funny.

Rich has gotten home by now too and now he’s rushing off to the store. There have been special birthday plans made. Bob and Marcia are going out to a movie, but we’ll meet htem around 6 P.M. for dinner. We’ve got our gift, and Rich will pay for dinner AND because the guys tease each other as they do … Rich is getting the ingredients to make a tofu cake. I guess Bob’s been teasing Rich of making him one of these for a long time. Rich is just going to call his bluff. It’s hysterical!

We looked up the recipe and it’s supposed to be very very good AND moist. I’m looking forward and I KNOW what’s going into it. We had to look up on line to see if Jewel carried it and where to find it. I know there are people shaking their heads because they’ve been eating tofu for a couple dozen years. But, everyone has his first time. Rich looked pretty sore, but he was motivated. I think he starts limping when he sees me because of these massages you keep hearing about. Is this psycho-social?

I don’t think we’re doing too much work. It is about 3:30 P.M. Maybe the thing to do is open the news section. I left off talking about Marie’s call. She was very inspiring though we weren’t able to put just a half hour in our writing and a couple hours into marketing. Couple hours for marketing aren’t bad, but maybe she doesn’t understand HOW many hours it takes to write. Part of it is just that we’re living our life as we go so there are things to write about. That seems to just make sense.

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