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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pretty good day

Good morning. This is me. We’re thinking we’ve got a little bit of time this morning. I had one headlight, but last night we noticed there were no headlights.

It was getting dark so Rich drove home with the high beams on, but he said we need to take the car in about 8 A.M.

We’d been up at 4 A.M. and lasted about a half hour or so. We were writing to Linda and figuring out our pp used because we went to a restaurant with Bob last night.

We didn’t get very far in that we were way over points and then we had to live with that which took us out of our parts … we got real cold and then had to go to bed again. We slept until just after 6 A.M. and then we took our shower and medicines and woke up Rich. We’ve been talking or more like listening to him for a bit, and now it’s now and it has already gotten to be 7:15 A.M. I’m not sure how the time got so spread out. I don’t think we were the sharpest tack in the pack though.

Linda had said she lost five pounds and that was just terrific! It was very exciting to see … didn’t feel so hot about our accomplishment … our points added up to about 65 where we are allowed 41. There are some extra free points for the week I hadn’t used yet, but the poor judgment call on food wasn’t a very good feeling.

We ended up throwing away the extra dinner. We had had tortilla chips, sour cream, hamburger, and cheese amongst the other stuff – veggies which weren’t bad. I wasn’t betting we could the container out and not go back so we sprayed it with Fabreeze.

Even saying this it sounds like a bit of an extreme, but we had to let parts know we were serious about not eating it. We also threw away the hard candy we’d talked about yesterday. We still have to throw away the canister at work. We have to be able to make these kinds of decisions if we are to survive here intact. We can be a good Ann just have to work at it.

So that about be our evening. We had a great time with Rich and Bob. They talked mostly about fishing, but they let me sneak into their conversation a bit so that was nice. Bob made nice statements about the quilt AND the book, so we were very happy to be thought of. I like it that each time we talk he says a little more about it or his experience with it. It’s such great feedback.

Ok, it’s me again … we’re in our last few minutes of work so we figured we’d take the break. We’ve been pretty busy all day and today was staff training. First though, we got to work late because we went with Rich to fix the car lights. He had a problem with us because we were so grouchy. He was pushing us faster than we felt we could go … so it was a moment by moment battle. Mostly we had fallen asleep again after he got up to do the shower, so then when he got out he wanted us ready and we weren’t even ready to be UP!

Rich had gone downstairs a few minutes before us and we stayed back to finish getting some coffee ready. Then I followed him over to the fix-it place. This one was a new one to me, but he’s been using it. He took care of the business and I went to sit down in his warm car. Then we fell into reading which calmed us down.

Maybe too because we had read our fortune and it said I was to let go of a grudge or a regret which was like an occasional nuisance because somehow were hung up with anger or guilt. I think it was talking about something we haven’t taken care of for the center, but we’re more afraid of that … and sister left me a note in our box calling me on it, so she must know too we’ve not done something right. But, anyway … I figured we had to let go of the crabby with Rich, so we fell to reading in our Alice Miller Kindle book. That was a good deal. Then Rich came out and said it be about a half hour and that we were going to pick-up mail and go to the bank. That seemed fine to me because we were in a better mood and all we had to do was sit back and relax. We read the book a bit and then picked up on Rich’s cues as to about when he wanted someone to talk to. He’s really pretty cool.

Then we went back to the fix-it place and Rich went in and then came out our car!

WooHOO!! I’d been ready to abandon it, but it had its bandage on and looked happier. The guy did remind me that we were out of gas. Yup … I wasn’t treating my baby right. Rich said I owed him $90 for the fix-up because they did my lights AND my fluids, but he said he’d give me a free tank of gas. Us, being us we asked, are you going to put it in for us too? WooHOO! We ALWAYS have to put it in and pay for it, so it was like a super nice thing. That put me in a good mood.

After that Rich told me how to get to the highway. I should have known, but get mixed up on streets. And then we went. Soon after we got there Sr. came in so we went down to her office to ask about a form we’d left there. She complained about not even getting a chance to take her coat off. Hehehe … sometimes we will do that to a person. BUT, this time Rosa was there and I’d sent her a copy of the form too, so since we started talking about it already, sister let the conversation happen. We started with Rosa discussing the ins and outs about the way things were being done. She gets the form in its finished form from the DSPs, and she had to teach me what she does with it next.

But, then in the process Rich came in so he had to be brought into the discussion too. He’s probably the one that started the form a dozen years previous in the first place and it had been his job codes, and this is part of his kind of work at St. Rose. But, Rich being Rich, he started throwing the negativity in like playing the Devil’s advocate. We expect that in him, but it’s never fun to go up against it. We had to do what we do in staying level headed throughout the conversation.

Later we told him as he again tried to dominate the conversation with what wasn’t going to work that he was running on one sentence after another in thought and that we couldn’t think any more because his form was dominating any possible means to think through the project together. We told him he was speechmaking. By this time of course we were alone. He did what we then expected started to walk out like then we could do it all on our own.

Well NATURALLY, that isn’t what we want either. It might take Rich and us to the end of our life to get over this specific communication problem, but one way or another the thing had started and prospered. Sister Theresa took the low road in that she followed the conversation others were having and then holding on to a few certain truths that were going to hold up the start, she said basically they are going to complain about anything new and then refuse to do it. So, then the plan was started to take things real slow with them. I knew sister to be right. The DSPs sometimes let there fears determine their actions. I suppose we all do, just for whatever reason, we’d gotten the bug to speed things up a little.

Rich had come into the administration meeting on Tuesday reminding the group that things were sooner than later going to go electronic, and this was then Ann saying ok, then this is what I’m going to do next. As long as we’ve got the staff training as one of our jobs … we figured how we could get it done. I usually learn something from the conversations we have as a group, but often I find that if anything is going to happen next toward what I want to do, then I have to consider all the problems being put on me. I really took in Sr.’s point as to not having to change things over night and so that became the mantra in working with the staff.

I told them it might happen in six months or two years or longer, but that one day it would happen.

I prepared for the meeting in that I took our form from the computer and through some mussing around got it to the three staff computers in Maria’s room. I also printed out and copied the form with numbers, so that each of the staff would have them. Then once the meeting began, I started with the few that were in earlier, and eventually we got through the whole group, but I’d brought in our keyboard and had everyone practice the home keys on the numeric keypad. It was a lively session in that there was learning so a lot of baulking about it. The main complaint was if I can do it this way, why do I need to change. And, for some there are more hesitations to doing anything on the computer that can be done by hand.

I determined in my mind that this was going to be the year of the electronics. In some form or function I would like to bring the computer into most aspects of what we’re teaching. It will be up to me to come up with some relevant planning, but for now we’re just holding the idea that it should be done. The DSPs sometimes get a little lazy, but I’d like to believe the majority of them like to learn. No one really wants to be behind, do they? Margarita was the most impressionable. She’s actually taking an excel class so working on the computers today was an excellent thing for her to be doing.

After everyone practiced on the keyboard in the staff dining room, we each went over to the classroom and three sat down at the staff computers and the other four sat down at computers with keypads, but that weren’t turned on. I was a little stumbly with it, but sooner or later, we gave them the sheets to practice from and we went back to make sure that the three teachers machines were adding properly the columns of numbers. I should have checked that part out first. After a bit everyone got a turn and it seemed to go pretty well, though not without complaint.

I told them that was what they should be doing – getting all their thoughts out on the floor and that over time we would all deal with them. I said I wanted to here all there reservations, AND it WAS a great thing for me to here. It’ll be mostly on me to come up with solutions and to break down some of their boundaries. I’d really like to do that this year.

I always like a brand new year. Like I said, I believe in the Staff in that I think given opportunity to get around the difficulties that it is better to work with them on things that are progressive. My thought here is that if they had to ever compete for a job with a young person they would be at a terrific disadvantage if they didn’t at least try. There are other things that maturity gives you that will shoot you ahead, but as to computers … we’re competing with younger heads.

I’d like to go down on the record at this moment while thinking of my three sons that each of them do more in-depth things with computers, but there is stuff I do that they don’t, and certainly none of them has written a book with one. See there ya go! Old person pulls ahead in this one instant. Ok, no, we are not working for the Pentagon, but still damn smart when we need to be. I want the DSPs to be proud of their own accomplishments this year. It means I will have to put more effort in directing them. Ok, ok … we can get lazy too.

Hmm, guess we have a few more minutes left. Sweetie rushed out of the door savoring his extra ten minutes lead, because he had to go home and make someone a dinner. That be US! WooHOOO!!!

We talked back and forth a few times with Linda today and she's cooking for her three best friends. She let us know when she finished the cake. I'm looking forward to hearing how it turned out. I thought it was going to be especially good for her on two accounts. The first was that she got her new computer and hopefully that would add to the discussion on where everyone was at with computers. And hopefully she'll let us know so we can prosper in our Ann brain. I don't remember if her friends worked or not, or did what with computers. I wish we'd had a better memory.

The other neat thing this year is that Linda bought 3 copies of our book to give to her friends. She wasn't sure which would read it or not, but it's really something flattering to behold - just the possibility of the two worlds mixing. I'd be like a quilter friend meeting her growing-up friends, or vice-versa. Just makes me gosh darn giggly!

Ok, so that's really, really the end of things for the day. It seems a little cold out there, but it will be nice because we are going home. Maybe we'll talk to CS again and then wait to talk to my mother tomorrow. By then she'll have her volunteer work for today to talk about. It seems a lot easier to talk to my mother when I know where she is coming from or who she's talking about. With CS it's more like her letting out compression in that she's pretty wrapped up in the MIL household and her part in it. It seems the sisterly thing to do. I wish we could help her expand her world, but maybe in getting to know Nancy and being in a different house she is expanding herself. It will be a new thing if she's really going to pack everything up and go live in MN. We shall see ... no telling how that egg is going to cook.

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