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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday slippin by

Good morning. This is us. It’s Saturday morning and it’s already about 10:45 A.M. Oh man oh man … how did that happen it’s now 12:15 P.M. and Rich is done with his shower so is going to ask about cleaning the closet. I was bothering him with that before. Comes around full circle – I guess the time thing is on us in that it has been going through Outlook processes again. Seems that we’ve been trying to figure out the differences between tasks and to-do lists and it seems most of that is that if there is a time on it (red flag of various colors) then the task, email or contact becomes a “to-do.” So, maybe the task is more for listing out things that have to get done globally, but you don’t flag or mark as a to-do until you want to literally fit it into the schedule.

Ok, we’re back. AGAIN. The day is zipping past us. Rich helped (did the major) cleaning of the front hall coat closet. But, I seemed to have knocked the rod and the whole bar and it’s hanger came down. He has to get more nails or something while he’s out shopping. Yeeks!

We were about as cranky as cranky gets when he was working in the closet. I don’t know why … there didn’t seem to be a good reason though I’m sure someone had a reason. Maybe it’s just because we are out of control when we need to ask for help. The closet had old cable wires, a bunch of Rich’s pictures and some of his officiating uniforms out of season. Plus there is folding chairs, computer bags and Christmas stuff in there. That’s pretty much it. It is not so big that it doesn’t get out of place easy when it’s there. Rich was compliant in putting the pictures against the back wall instead of the side wall cutting off entrance into the closet. Thank goodness for some niceties of life. Rich was my nicety.

I don’t think we’ve written for a couple of days. We’ve been trying to put in good time working at work. We had gotten so frustrated that Tuesday and Wednesday were off. It’s when we went through most the closets. Thursday we had staff training that I thought went well and Friday was the Thinking Group. Friday Robyn worked in our office so that was fun. We mostly worked, but caught up on a little chat too.

The staff training meeting was computer/electronic orientated. We’re back to inventorying them as to their knowledge and appreciation of that whole set of devices and equipment. They keep surprising me. During the client group, they requested a game again against men and women and we fell back to a familiar game of math. They stayed focused for most of the time – just losing the last ten minutes. I think that’s their normal endurance during the week, so right before a Friday afternoon when they are closing up for the week I consider it a good deal.

The big deal of the week was that we talked to both Sr. and Dr. Marvin and eventually Rich and we got permission to work two days a week from home. That means that we have to do everything possible trustworthy-like to keep the position. I am so enthralled with the idea and it’s just slowly coming over me.

I’m so afraid for the shoe to drop and Sr. to say it was a mistake. Lordy, PLEASE help me make good my commitments!

We were working on Qnotes most the day, but then after Robyn left at 4 P.M. We cleaned off the papers on our desk, finished the Qnotes, and then spent time scanning documents from the clients’ annual meetings, so I can work on them both Monday and Tuesday. We found ourselves cleaning out our old business brief case and putting things in it that I could want to look at.

We also set up the big computer so that we have contact with it from our home computer and other. It’s really cool. This morning then we worked on our private time trying to update and ready the outlook program. We’ve tried many times doing it from various means, but having the program on the computer – both computers without having to switch back and forth is the ideal. That way we can’t lose valuable information with the synching. We’ve done it so that in sync we’ve lost everything. Fortunately it was backed up, but it is NO fun losing all your contacts. This way too I can use all the aspects. I am going to have to study again getting the information through the Internet on a cloud – most likely Google. I also have a program that we’d tried using for this kind of information and unfortunately we got put off our game with that before it started. We are going to have to go through our bank account and get rid of some of the accounts that are no longer useful to us in our effort to find something that works for us.

I forgot … we were going to clean out our side drawer too so that we could have some of our business documents in there. Hmm, maybe we should try just using the briefcase though to keep things going back and forth and avoid duplication. Yeah that’s a good idea. THOUGH … that drawer could stand some cleaning out too! Ok, girl … enough for the week! We DO want to get to sewing. Rich is going to be leaving about 6:15 P.M. for a game, so I figure that will be the time we go to the back. Hmm, maybe before we were on each other’s nerves before.
Why were we so cranky? It was hard to wait for him to make accomplishments and we were pushy. He said so does realizing your acting out give you a right to do it.

Which of course we said, most likely! CRANKY! I don’t feel bad now. Maybe part of it was that we’ve been trying to pick things up and he was just hauling all this stuff out … I know that it was a process and probably was the one to suggest it, it’s just that it was making me feel terrible to see all that disorder. He was also seeing things that I wouldn’t like nailing down the extra cable cord or putting the coats on the front of the bar instead of the back. Little things like that … Yeeks and we were terrible. I know I’m going to have to make up for that and most likely it will involve him getting foot rubbed. I’m just impressed we can handle each other so well … as it’s happening I know we are cranky and he does … so there’s a little lite banter trying to play it off. It’s a system.

One way or another the house is picked up again … which for now means that the blankets are folded, dishes are in the dishwasher, and the kitty litter is taken care of. Well other stuff too, but those are the biggest violations.

There’s so much more to be accomplished in organizing ourselves so that we can work at home. Did I say before how important this is? I’m excited to get started.

There were only a few things that we’ve established in our mind as things we’ve got to do. We need to continue getting up on schedule and taking our shower so we can then get our medicine and dressed for various reasons. We want to be FlyLady appeasing, but we also want to be ready where Sr. might need to call and need me for anything. Most of it though over anything is that we want to do well and be no top of our game. It just seems the grown-up thing to do.

So, what else has to happen? I think we’re going to need starting right at 7:30 A.M. Maybe we’ll have to get the work computer up and check in on the schedule. I think I would like to start by having the days tasked figured out before the day arrives. It seemed then that on the way to work and such we were thinking about what we’d be doing. That was happening more when we were writing before going to work. If we got everything from the day before done, we’d start figuring out the new time.

We weren’t able to be real clear on our tasks on Friday, but staying to 6 P.M. got us to be scanning ALL the annual reports and at least one day of the Qnotes so we could see if the goals were jiving.

I think if I were to think of it seriously now, we’d have to figure out whether we wanted to go by client, or by skimming the top with a single or double/triple set of tasks. The one task is to write the annual, the second task is to write the goal, and the third part is to write the goals and objectives. This isn’t done yet but we’re supposed to tell ourselves not to panic. So, making us stare at this now … what makes sense and will promote the quick efficient things to happen. I think we should keep the double and triple together … if we have out and have just worked on the document, then it will or should be no trouble to continue the thought process forward the third part is really not difficult just needs to be quickly put out. I know that when the state comes they will be looking for information that we have on that document.

So now we have to think about the annual and the 2nd/3rd part of the goal. Do we do annual next to the other? It seems that part of the annual is the goal (at the end). In one sense we have to have SOME completed files in case we get our choice as what to give them. But, it might be more efficient to take a run at the annuals over one day or two if necessary. I think that’s what I’m going to do … I won’t worry about the goals part quite yet. Just get one started so something whole is complete. I think making it a game we can do the buzz through.

We did well with the Qnotes in that all that we have are worked through as to rating, but they are not all in the computer in its final form. We think that is ok because at least the calculations are done that should be ok if we don’t get someone too detail-minded. At least it shows we are looking at the client’s complete work. We are however, missing one staff’s documents. I don’t know if she has anything done, but I know she’s relying on the part where she didn’t understand the goals. This is the same thing she says every time. You didn’t write it up.

But, even if I write it up … she claims no knowledge. It’s very hard to work with her in this respect. I am pretty frustrated with it so probably like too many other things we tend to avoid. BUT, this isn’t part of our new set of goals of working harder.

I don’t think there will be enough time to write letters home asking for missing info over the next two days, but we should get to it before a week is over.

Sister is talking about getting the circles group started again, but that it will only be for the top three groups. There is one or two individuals from the third group that could take part, but it will be a big group. We’ll have to see. I think Sr. is going to wait – hopefully until after the state inspection. She’s aiming for Thursdays … let’s see … 9:30-10:15, 10:30-11:15, and 12:00-12:45 … then we could have thinking staff training at 1:00-2:00 P.M. It sure be a meeting day, but if we did it this way, we could plan on not getting much else accomplished.

The only problem is that three people from the Leadership group wouldn’t be able to take part. There’s only one individual I would really worry about, but he tends to take over and over-represent himself in the group. One individual has trouble speaking English and the third person tends to sleep through groups. It’s not like any of them COULDN’T use the information on relationships.

I don’t know … think we’re leaning to have all the meetings done on Thurdays. That would give those teachers an extra hour to be working on their own things, but not to bother other staffs that still has their group. It would help too in that we wouldn’t be as apt to disturb groups from not having the meeting because of days off … If one group is missing a day they all are. We would have to have the Leadership group last because of the two people who work in the mornings, but I’m not sure which would be which of the other two groups. I think it will depend on who is having break when. They are around each other about 10:15-10:30, but I won’t want to be interrupted. I don’t think there is any way around it though unless one of the groups has physical fitness at another time that day so isn’t taking a mid-day break. Obviously 10:15-10:30 A.M. will work for one group … most likely Group 1. I think that’s their regular schedule. Hmm, now that I’m thinking of it? I wonder if Group 2 has their break in their room?

One more thing too - I think that Group IV has lunch about 10:30 A.M. I don’t see away around avoiding that. We are talking about sharing the lunch room for the meetings. It gives them some getting out with others so that’s not so bad, though I think having two groups doing different things is distracting as to the group working through eating time? I think they start to get hungry because food is being served to the others. Nothing can be done there. I’m pretty sure it’s the better room and it is Sr. approved.

Ok, that’s enough worry about that. We are still going to need figuring out what the groups will be doing. Most likely I will start the material over. Hmm, thinking that Holly is going to love this – if we have all the meetings before her 1 P.M. meeting because it will give them something to talk about. I’m not crazy about that idea, but it’s better than a bunch of meetings on Friday because they are already jam packed, AND on Wednesdays Mr. Hall has a couple hours of meetings which would have cross disturbed each other. Probably best all on Thursdays.

Ok, we’re back … can’t stay more than a few moments to finish up though. Rich came home and we’ve spent a couple hours together. He’ll be leaving in a few moments, but he’s catching one more fishing show before he goes. It’s speedy fast without the commercials. We’ve been having a rollicking good time and we had dinner together – I had chicken, potato and carrots, and he had beef, rice and green beans. This sort of night is halfway between new stuff and left-overs. I think we each got our favorites.

Hmm, he’s left now. Someone snuck an extra WW ice cream sandwich. *sigh* Ok, dear … let’s go sew ;)

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